The Moto Jacket

Classic basics are pieces you can wear over and over again in many ways. My top, three-quarter sleeve top, and simple crepe pants in either the straight or tapered leg are the pieces I reach for at least a couple of times a week. They can stand alone, but they are the perfect backdrop for any style story I want to tell. Today I am showing you a look that includes another modern classic piece for fall, the biker or moto jacket.

A favorite piece to wear when the air becomes a bit crisp is a moto-style jacket. The traditional biker jacket may seem too edgy when offered in black leather with studs, zippers, and pockets. Still, some variation of the biker or moto-style jacket is a modern basic for many women. Whether it is linen, denim, or faux leather, or suede, it can be a great addition to your classic wardrobe.

This jacket by Clara Sunwoo via Shop My Fair Lady includes a limited number of subtle gold zipper details and a rich cobalt blue, very soft and comfortable knit fabric. I can also wear the jacket open with jeans, a tee, and loafers to create a more casual look. That’s the beauty of basics; they are hard-working pieces can you can wear dressed up or down for any occasion.

I played up the jacket’s gold zippers with burnished gold and black clutch bag and added a couple of goldtone pieces of jewelry. I rarely wear heels other than out to dinner these days. My suede pumps are a few years old. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. I have bought your crepe pants , and , I LOVE LOVE them ! I wear them a lot they are comfortable ,do not wrinkle and look great with anything I put on with them.

  2. Susan, you look stunning in this outfit! I wonder if it would be too ‘matchy’ to wear this colour jacket if I’m planning to wear my flats in the same colour.

      1. Thank you very much for your helpful response! You’re so kind to always respond to your reader’s questions.

  3. I have stocked up on your crepe pants and tops in all three colors because I love them and am afraid that they might not be for sale a year or so from now. That often happens with shoes, bras etc. and I strike while the iron is hot! They can be worn at any time and wash well. Thank you.

  4. I have worn Chico’s pants for what seems like forever. Can you tell me the difference in looks between the Travelers pants and your crepe pants. If I wear a 3 in Travelers what size would best fit me in your pants. I am a very faithful follower and very appreciative of your blog and have learned so much. Therefore, I am very interested in shopping from your site.

  5. This color and outfit looks fabulous on you! I love Moto style jackets and have a number of them. They work so well for so many outfits.

  6. Susan, I love your blog. Is there anyway you could offer petite in your pants the have a slit in the hem? I just noticed a diamond on your left hand! Do you and Mr. Mickey have plans?

    1. I have mentioned foundation garments many times. I wear the vanishing edge style from The best bra on the planet is The Ultimate from Undergarments should always give you support, fit properly without binding, and should not show under your clothing.

  7. This is exactly the way I like to look! I so enjoy all your great advice and love a very well put together look. I just love heels and do wear them often. I always wore heels when I was working and students today always comment on how I looked. I never had many behavior problems and still believe in part it was due to a professional appearance. Today everyone is way too relaxed and many don’t care or blame it on not having money to buy nice clothes. I love that you stress cleanliness, exercise and doing things that make you happy! I love reading about the lovely places you visit and we live very similar lives in different parts of the country. We love a quiet, clean home, wonderful friends and enjoying our life together. Thank you for your lovely pictures, kind advice and for living a healthy life. Much happiness to both of you!

  8. Hi Susan,
    I love your blogs, I am 66 years old and I find your style very tasteful yet very much on trend.,
    It’s such a shame I can’t realistically buy., as I am British and live in the U.K.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Susan! The picture of your beautiful clutch shows how smooth the backs of your hands are! Do you work on this area, or does it come naturally? I would love it if you would include tips on keeping this sometimes overlooked area as best as it can be. I am starting to get faint spots, and a faint beginning of the crepe look on the backs of my hands and wrists. It diminishes my enjoyment of wearing the beautiful rings and bracelets I have accumulated. Yours look so nice!

    1. Thank you, Mandy. I stopped getting out in the sun while I was still a teenager. I treat my hands, face, neck, and bodice in the same way. Cleanse, moisturize, and protect since these are the areas we notice the most.

  10. Do you mind telling us what size Moto jacket you were wearing? My Clara Sunwood tops are size small. Would I need a small jacket or size up to a medium?
    Thanks for your input!

  11. I am going to have to try your crepe pants. I am hard to fit is my only hesitation. My question is should I wear the tapered or the straight leg? My hips and thighs are my largest area, yet I would not consider them to be overly so. I am 5’8″ and weigh about 155 pounds. Do you have a return policy?

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