Fall Trends

Remaining current without becoming a fashion victim is a reasonable goal at any age. Today I am showing a few fall trends to jazz up the basics.
Faux leather pants or leggings are now considered classics. Fall is the perfect time to wear these options. Pairing long tops, sweaters, and jackets with slim-fitting pants and flat shoes or short chunky boots creates a flattering silhouette. It’s always important to get the proportions right. For a while, I felt that leggings were no longer an option for me, but if they are completely opaque, not too tight, and worn with very long tops, they can still be appropriate for casual attire.

Long cardigans are showing up in almost every fall story this year. This Clara Sunwoo soft sweater knit long sleeve cardigan is from My Fair Lady. The long black tank is by Clara Sunwoo. The faux leather leggings are also by Clara Sunwoo.

The key styling point is to play up the casual, comfortable aspect of leggings and always wear them with a very long top. Here I’ve paired them with gray slip-on reptile embossed platform sneakers by J SLIDES. Animal and reptile prints are stronger than ever this year. Some of the referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me.

The scarf and crossbody bag worn as a shoulder bag adds softness and color that flatters my face.

The styling tricks I used to make this look work for my shape include keeping the inside color one long column. The neckline falls about four inches below my collarbones. The scarf is folded on the bias and worn long and straight. A scarf tied around the neck with the knot to the side is very popular right now, but that is not a good look for my face shape. Customize the trends to suit you. I pushed up the sleeves and wore oversized sunglasses to add my personality to this look.

I’ll show you how I styled another fall trend on Friday.

    1. I often wear leggings or soft jeans and slip-on sneakers with a long tunic or a tank with a cardigan. I work from home, but I tend to be very active all day. I find this look to be comfortable and I am dressed to go out for a walk or run an errand if I want or need to.

  1. The “shine” to faux leather leggings would make them a no-go for me. It emphasizes what I prefer to keep quiet.

    I do note nearly all the cardigans are the long length for fall; I have purchased some but still prefer lower hip length on my petite frame (when I can find one).

    Your last post with the scarf kimono was ingenious and I plan to try it!

    1. I am also a petite. I have found that the shorter cardigans sometimes cut me off and make me look heavier. A longer cardigan with leggings can give me a leaner look. Have you tried petite sizes in the longer cardigans? They are usually shorter in length and have better proportions for a petite frame. I have especially had good luck with the J. Jill brand.

      1. Linda, I have purchased some longer cardigans in the petite length and am pleased with them, especially when worn with jeggings, because the proportion is right and my bum is completely covered. Styled right, they do give one a leaner look. I was not referring to a mid-hip cardigan but to blazer length cardigans (about 27″). I just like a choice, as not all my pants work with the long cardis.

        When I do purchase new clothes, I most always need petites and get very annoyed at the stores that don’t carry them. One may be able to adjust one’s weight but height cannot be changed. So many stores
        just don’t seem to care, and I do not order from them and “make do.” I am particular about what I wear.

  2. Susan,

    Earlier this year you mentioned in a post that you no longer planned to wear leggings. Partially based on your blogs, I had purchased about 6 pairs of leggings, and after reading that post I wondered if I was now too old to wear them. I am encouraged by your post today. All but one of my leggings are a heavier fabric that is forgiving when it comes to hiding “imperfections.” Your outfit looks beautiful, and now I feel like it is okay for me to continue to wear my leggings!

  3. Thank you for styling the faux leather leggings. I’ve been looking at them for a while but wasn’t sure how to style them in a way that would look appropriate on a 60 yr old. If possible, I would like to see you style these with a short or tall boot. I’m going on a girls trip to Chicago in late October and I’m thinking I would like to wear these leggings. Thanks!

  4. I find the leggings trend is not a friend to those of us with heavier legs. What is the fall trend for those of us with heavier thighs? I can tell you it is not complimentary for us to wear leggings or even the slim leg/ankle length pants. I’m still in the barely boot cut pants to keep the leg elongated. It’s just not what they are selling right now. Love your blog and find it helpful…..just not the leggings.

  5. Your outfit is so cute. Leggings seem more wearable than they used to be. Not as tight, not as thin. I am not a fan of long cardigans but yours looks great on you.

  6. Love this look. For reference, could you say what size you are wearing in the leggings? I wear a small in the crepe pants on your site, but was wondering if I should maybe order a medium in the faux leather leggings? Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. Love this look! Definitely something I would enjoy wearing often, as I am usually in the casual mode during the weekdays! Thanks for sharing!

  8. when i wear my HUE leggings that look like jeans with a long top, i always get asked if I have lost weight!! I think it’s working!!
    I have not lost but prolly gained 5+ pounds.

  9. Susan, I love the more casual look, styled up a bit. You look lovely and stylish . Four or five days a week I’m in leggings because I’m in and out of yoga or dance classes throughout the day or evening. Once again, you’ve given me some things to think about. When I head out on those days I don’t look nearly so nice. LOL

  10. Hi Susan! I loved your slip-on sneakers so much that I bought two pairs of Keds that were similar. Do you have any advice for breaking in shoes? Currently, I have bandaids on the back of both of my heals because they are torn up from wearing these cute sneakers for just a short period of time! I have heal pads inside back of the sneakers and wore hidden socks. Neither helped. Any suggestions?

    1. Sometimes you need size up if the shoes run small. Try shopping for shoes only at the end of the day. Put on the thickest pair of socks that will fit with the shoes. Aim a hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds, while wiggling your toes and bending your feet inside the shoe. Keep the shoes on while they cool down. If you need more room, repeat the process again. Read the article here for more tips.

  11. LOVE this look on you! I have searched everywhere locally and familiar online sites to find a long tank that would make this sporty, youthful trend possible for me to wear. Thank you for exposure to current trends in good taste! ~Gail

  12. Susan, I am petite and full-busted. I often feel that longer tops make me appear to be even shorter … is this my imagination, or are leggings and long tops just not the silhouette for me? Thanks!

    1. Proportion is always most important for petite ladies. Go for a shorter cardigan that ends at about your fingertips. Since you are full-busted, mostly wear dark colored tops that skim your body but do not add volume there. V or scoop necklines will look best on you.

  13. Thank you Susan. I take you advice to heart, then adapt and apply as best I can.
    I am 60, very petite, have an oval face , busty with a bootie! I have decided to access my wardrobe and fill in the gaps ( weed out as well) with good basics. Then, a few targeted fun additions. I was guilty of buying “ cute” stuff , then never having anything to wear! Too many disparate separates.
    Andree Sandahl

  14. Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas. I am going to be 69 this month and felt like I needed to do something with my lack of a wardrobe. Finding your site was a wish come true for you completely cover how I want to dress. The big difference is that I am only 5’2″ and 101 pounds so I have to make some slight changes but not many because I am also high waisted so pretty much your ideas work for me. I also have beautiful silver hair and fair skin so black and white looks best on me. My accent colors are silver grey colors and a rose color leading towards burgundy. Enough of me for now. Please don’t stop writing your ideas and showing your great pictures and videos. Love, love, love them.

  15. I love this look! And the touch of color. I don’t think I would have the courage to wear the faux leather leggings though. This is just terrific!

  16. Susan, I know you’ve posted the answer to this question before, but can’t find it right now. I want to order the black crepe straight leg and tapered leg pants from your site. My waist is 29″ and hips 37″. I seem to be between small and medium – which would you suggest? Many thanks.

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