Date Night

Our tradition of getting dressed for our dinner date on Friday night is one that we both enjoy immensely. It’s a lovely way to wind down from a busy week and finalize our plans for the weekend.

A three-quarter sleeve jacket is perfect for transitional seasons. I found this one on sale at White House Black Market last spring. I can zip it up and wear it as a top or open with a tank. A similar jacket is here.

Occasionally, I look through the end of season sales for classic pieces. The pants are from Stein Mart a couple of years ago. I’ve worn them a few times, but they have not held up well. Higher quality pants are here. I’ve learned that if I invest in better quality items, I can wear them for years and look my best each time. It’s smart to keep the cost per wear in mind. The pair of pants that cost $134 and are worn many times for a couple of years are less expensive than the $34 pair I wear only three times.

The shoes are here. I found the box bag at T.J.Maxx. Here is another cute style for the evening. The silver bracelet was a long-ago gift from Mr. Mickey. Here is a similar one.

We have enjoyed countless excellent meals at Gourmet & Company. It was our first date night destination more than thirteen years ago. Do you celebrate special times at a specific restaurant?

  1. My dear Susan Love from Athens Greece. You look ultra chic.Congratulations.I never miss a post.Love Connie

  2. I just had an article pop up on my phone this morning about how people who manage their money well invest in quality over quantity. Thanks for your tips on how to assemble a classic wardrobe that works for every occasion. I enjoy shopping and browsing but follow your advice to shop with a list rather than making impulse buys.

  3. Hi Susan, I agree with the previous two ladies you do look very chic and again even slimmer now! I think you are having a really good hair day here too, strange how hair can look quite different comparing it to your last post. Have you been to the hair dressers again or trying a new technique?

  4. Hello Susan, it’s a pleasure to see you again! Your styling is great. I would also wear everything …
    But I’m worried about your feet. Do not you feel cold?
    Greetings from Germany! Helga

  5. You look as amazing as ever. I do enjoy the occasional dress up too. It’s a happiness booster. I hope you continue to enjoy your date nights and weekend time together. Thanks for the continued inspirational outfits you share. So many great looks and ideas.

  6. Love your look today and agree that you look even slimmer. My question is about the link that took me to a gold bag (and other choices). My coloring is the same as yours and I wear my hair mid shoulder and it is about your color. Would you wear gold accessories? I don’t but I still own a lot of good gold jewelry.

  7. The outfit is sensational! Can you give tips with the similar classic simplicity that can be achieved with different shapes. You are blessed with height, and narrow hips and broader shoulders. Do you have suggestions for shorter and curvier, or shorter and rounder ? Same pallets with what proportions?

    1. Accentuate your favorite bits while not drawing attention to others. If you have a rounded tummy, wear a jacket or tunic that skims your body without adding any bulk to the middle. Details at the shoulder and around the face will draw the eyes up and help to balance narrow shoulders visually. Wear jackets and tops that end with curves or diagonal lines below your widest section. If your bottom half is larger than your top, wear lighter colors above and darker colors on the bottom.

  8. Susan, you hav inspired my dressing style over the years. Because I share your coloring, your color selections have served me very well in defining and editing my wardrobe. Thank you so much for the effort you put in to share with your bloggers. Because of your recommendation, I’ve purchased a number of Covered Perfectly tops and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, ordering pants on line has not proven to be doable for me. I must try them on for fit before I purchase and avoid shippings costs if they don’t fit.

  9. You look so Sharp in this outfit.
    I totally agree with your statement about buying better pants. When I was so working and dressed daily, I always purchased good lined wool for winter. Unless I changed sizes, I planned on using them approximately 10 years with a once or twice a winter cleaning bill. That really is about $15 per year.

  10. You look lovely as always. Just wondering if you could do a photo shoot on formal dress? For example wearing a dress to a wedding. Thank you.

  11. Lovely to keep your relationship alive with dress up date nights. So important on both sides to be well mannered enough to care about each other and create the environment for the relationship to flourish.
    We are downsizing in retirement and enjoying memories as we discard “stuff” and keep only our best loved things and clothes. For our son’s 50th birthday we gave him 20 old tshirts of his we had collected over his lifetime. For our daughter, 5 pieces of family jewellery resized or remade for her.

  12. You look so elegant! I can’t wait for colder weather which we probably won’t get here until November on the coast. I love adding a third piece like a jacket or cardigan. I don’t have many winter pieces that may only get worn once a year so I depend on layering to keep warm.
    We do have a favorite place to eat but it’s far from fancy. It’s a drive up where you sit outside under umbrellas. It’s not the healthiest food but we don’t go often. It’s just a place we ate at a lot when we were young after playing a round of golf. My husbands high school football coach still runs it. Nice memories.

  13. Love your shopping advice to buy quality classic solid pieces that interchange. I remember you telling us about slow fashion. I had to research that term but it stuck with me.!I do also like to shop at Steinmart and Marshall’s but selectively. I bought that jacket too and wear it over a black shift style dress for meetings.

  14. We got married at our favourite restaurant and we still go there for all our special occasions. One year the owner gave us a hard time for showing up a week late for our anniversary dinner! (we had both been away for work) We always dress up and it makes the event more special. We don’t do date night as often as you do, but when we do, I use your tips to create a special look from my existing basics. Thank you again for your generosity in sharing with all of us!

  15. Susan, I’m interested in your ability to pull off wearing a gray jacket with your gray/white hair. Since going gray/white I have avoided gray tops because I think they wash me out. Any thoughts?

    1. I look for cool grays in the same silvery tone as my hair, and I wear bright silver jewelry or a colorful scarf with gray. The marled gray or yellowed grays are never flattering on me.

  16. I look forward to each and every email I receive from you Susan. You are such an inspiration to me. To me you are a classic beauty. I love your style and tips and certainly all the photos of you and Mr. Mickey. It’s wonderful to read how you nourish your relationship together. I cannot afford the brand names you wear but it is fun to imitate and buy my clothing, shoes and purses that look like yours at a lower price from different sources. I am 84 yrs old but still exercise by walking each day, eating nutritionally and still maintain my figure, nails, hair and teeth. Keep up the good work. I admire you. You are a wonderful example of a person who takes charge of her life to make it better and succeeds. Best wishes for all that life can offer you. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

  17. I’ll be visiting Johnson City for lunch at Gourmet & Company in a few weeks and then on to Boone and Blowing Rock. Are there any other shops in these three towns we must visit. Love your shoes.

    1. My favorites are C. K. Raggs & Co, next to Gourmet & Company. The Dande Lion, Inc. is at 4501 Tynecastle Hwy # 12, Banner Elk on the way to Boone. Finley House Couture is at 1121 Main Street, Blowing Rock. Enjoy your visit!

  18. You look so elegant. I always enjoy seeing what you are wearing, where you travel , and what and where you are eating. Your information is always a treat. My favorite restaurant is one that is a bit upscale with cloth napkins and white tablecloths (even at lunch) , pleasamt staff, interesting food, easy parking and most of all quiet so we can hear each other when we talk. As always, I send greetings to Mr. Mickey. P.S. Today I am wearing one of the blouses I bought from your shop. It is a favorite.

  19. Hi Susan,
    I bought 2 pair of the straight leg pants you used to sell in black and I love them so much. Now I’m so sorry I didn’t buy a navy pair – do you know of a source for something similar?
    Thanks so much!
    Anna Taylor

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