The Bohemian Style Personality

This week, I am sharing my interpretation of the diverse style personalities. This project may help you identify and clarify your style personality, which can be very useful as you are getting dressed or shopping for something new. At different times in our lives, we may embrace elements from each of the distinct style personalities. Those of us who grew up in the late sixties and early seventies probably wore Bohemian styles if we wanted to fit in. Peace, Love, and a VW Bus were the life goals shared by many of us.

The Bohemian or Boho enjoys a mix of patterns and layers. There might be fringe, more than two prints, lace, and several pieces of jewelry, all in the same look. Embroidery, fringe, gathers, lace, and prints are among her favorite design elements. Sandals or flip flops might be her daily shoe choices. Her hair is free and natural and often longer. Putting on makeup may never be something she considers doing.

Today I am showing you my take on the Bohemian Style Personality. While I rarely wear a print on my body, an embroidered handbag is one of my favorite accessories to add bold color and pattern to a summer look.

The magical thing about jeans is that they can work for any personality. I am wearing my favorite ankle jeans from Chico’s.

Nothing beats a soft cross draping V-neck black top with three-quarter sleeves. This top was sent to me by Covered Perfectly. It can work for any style of personality as well. Did you know that a V-neckline makes you look taller, and three-quarter sleeves make you look slimmer?

Get a 20% discount on up to two items at Covered Perfectly with the discount code FNF20 at check out. There are many great styles to choose from, and the discount will apply on up to two items; after that, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 FREE special.

I hope you are enjoying this project. Have I covered your style yet?

  1. I would imagine that most of us are a combination of a few style personalities, and it is how we mix elements from each that makes up our own unique style.
    I describe my style as classic with a twist. The twist being bold or sophisticated or minimalist or elegant or sporty. A true classic would be too conservative for me, so I always have to add in extra pizazz.
    Thank you for doing this series of posts Susan.

  2. The look today is not unlike the natural you presented earlier this week. In fact, the purse and shoes are really the only things different. When I think of boho, I think of the long tunic type dresses with the old hippy love and long unstyled hair. Of course those hippies had to grow up so this might be their look now. This has been a fun series and as I commented Monday, you’ve already nailed my look perfectly. Peace πŸ™‚

  3. Just ordered the shoes and thinking about the top. Love this series! Next up: how each different style dresses for casual, business, and dressy occasions?

    1. I’ve gotten hate mail over the jumpsuit and people have unsubscribed because they don’t bother to read the words. I may not try anything so earth shaking again. πŸ™

      1. Oh Susan, ignore them and focus only on those of us who are eager to learn from you. A huge percentage of learning what works is discovering what doesn’t. I’ve saved a ton of money because you’ve shared what didn’t work well for you.

        I’m loving this series and really appreciate that you’re posting more often than in the past. As you’ve mentioned, so much information has been covered in all the years you’ve been blogging. Many people would become bored and stop blogging.
        Thanks for not becoming one of those. Your email is the first one
        I read every time.

      2. I felt like replying yesterday that everyone needed to take a deep breath (but then I didn’t want to start a storm). You very clearly prefaced this series of blogs by explaining that you were showing different styles. Not every style will appeal to everyone and some of them may not even by YOUR own style, Susan. But I find this list of blogs quite enlightening and very interesting, as all your blogs are, and I am sure most of your faithful followers feel the same way.

  4. Please continue your project. Hate E-Mails and unsubscribing are just another way to express jealousy or envy. If you start a new project, different naysayers will pop up.
    I like that you share your knowledge – and I don’t care if you are wearing a jumpsuit or not….anyway you rock it
    Thank you for all the work. Catia

  5. Love you blog, Susan. Been following you since Fifty Not Frumpy!! I appreciate everything you write about! Haven’t seen my style just yet – I’m sure it’s coming.

  6. Dear Susan. So sorry to hear about the hate mail! What is the matter with people??? You’ve been quite clear about what you’re doing with this series and it’s been fun for most of us as well as helpful. You’re very generous to share all this information for free and in my opinion the only comments you receive should ones of thanks and encouragement! I will never understand why some think it’s ok to share negative comments and remarks that they haven’t been asked for. Have a blessed day and ignore those who would try to make it unhappy.

  7. Oh Susan, I am sorry. Please don’t let unkind people discourage you. There are many of us that love your posts. Breathe deep and enjoy your day.

  8. Hate mail over an outfit someone doesn’t like….how sad! If someone unsubscribes over something like that you’re better off without them. Don’t be afraid of being adventurous because of them. Those of us that love you and your blog…and really read it,will always stand by you. ❀

  9. Hate mail comes from people who swim in the shallow end of the gene pool. Good riddance – after you sort the wheat from the chaff, you end up with folks who consider you an inspiration – I know I never miss a blog. I loved this series and would like to have you branch out into discussions of different fabrics that are breathable but are great fashion as well. Remember seersucker? Of course in Canada we have to wear fur-lined bras, but you had some great ideas for under garments as well. Keep up the great work – we all love you!

  10. Regarding the comments on the Dramatic Style post, it was clear that some folks either didn’t read very closely or just didn’t get that you were showing an example of a particular style. Reading is fundamental! LOL

  11. Oh Susan, how awful for people to send hate mail over a garment! I thought you looked good in the jumpsuit. Although it was over the top! I’m loving this series. It is fun and informative. I think I’m classic with a retro, Pacific Northwest vibe. I would not wear exactly what you wear, because I’m considerably shorter and have a different figure than you. I read your blog because you inform me. I learn new ways of thinking about myself and how I can improve. I now have natural colored and styled hair. I wear my make up in a natural way. I was looking to further my pursuit of a healthy diet and have adopted a nutritarian diet for most of the time. Anyway, you have done that for me! Thanks again!

  12. I agree with the comments here – I love this series! Who on earth would unsubscribe based on a jumpsuit for god’s sake!?!?! Those people aren’t putting themselves out there, taking chances, and continuing to evolve the way you are – Keep up the wonderful posts!

  13. Hi Susan
    Been following you for a couple years now but this is my first comment. So sorry about the hate mail and unsubscribing. Just don’t let it stop you. Am loving this different styles series. To me you are a lovely elegant southern lady who helped me love fashion again after a major weight loss and lifestyle change in my sixties.

  14. Because of YOU Susan. I now have a closet of basics. There is nothing in my closet that I don’t like, or can’t go together in one way or another. You were such an inspiration on how I selected clothing based on my figure. I must say tho..I do enjoy winter clothing more than summer. I love the layering I can do in the winter. Dressing in the summer is more of a challenge. But I do enjoy my white Chico pants all summer long. I can’t thank you enough Susan πŸ™‚

  15. Loving your series on diverse personality fashion styles! Fun to see and very helpful too! You have been very clear on the series you are doing….Unfortunately, there are negative people out there, and what they say says more about them than you! Hope you do not worry about the negative less than1% and realize that 99.5 plus percent love and enjoy your blog learning much about fashion after 60!! Appreciate so much you sharing your knowledge of fashion with us plus the travel tips! Thanks so much and keep doing what you are doing!!!…

  16. Thanks for this great series. Please ignore the petty people and their negative responses. There are so many more of us who truly appreciate your efforts.

  17. Great series! It is clear you are offering options on different looks and illustrating them. So sad that people are reacting negatively. Keep doing what you are doing – you are great at this and love your blog.

  18. I am truly enjoying the different styles. I hope you will cover something for the classic style. I think that is what I consider myself – if you post something in that style – I may think differently. πŸ™‚

  19. Haven’t seen my style yet. Loving the series taking tips from everyone. Yesterdays style is my dream style just not brace enough to do it

  20. I simply LOVE your blog and this fun series is “exciting!!” Please do not let any negative comments linger in your mind. We all have opinions, but something that is hurtful needs to ignored!!! Let them (and those that give them) go!!!

  21. This is a very interesting series Susan. And, wonderful that you are even wearing the different styles to show us. As others have said, please disregard those that are unfortunately, leaving negative comments. Sometimes, they don’t read what you have written and either ask the same questions, or ignore the intent. You very patiently sometimes answer the same question several times in the Comments section. If some of the readers leave your blog, well, maybe that’s a good thing!
    I believe I am a natural style with some classic thrown in. Keep it going!

  22. A while back I paid for a style consultant to help me with my wardrobe choices. I was so disappointed that when I struggled to complete the questionnaire on my perceived style type she got quite terse with me and said “don’t over think it!” I saw this as a fail on both sides particularly after I was put in the Classic box when my answers went across all but one of the choices. I’m even querying the colours too as I think they have closed down the range too far. So I’m truly grateful for your take on style choices in this series. Many thanks.

  23. Like many others who have posted here recently, I am really enjoying this series. We are all different and I love seeing your interpretation of different styles! Don’t lose heart, Susan. There will always be people who have to be negative. Judging from the many positive comments, you should keep taking risks! I think you are fabulous!

  24. Oh, my goodness. Today’s outfit is almost an exact copy of what I’m wearing today. I wore the late 70s look back in the day, and recall that it was jeans and T-shirts, so apparently I’m still living it. However, the jeans are slimmer and the T-shirts are nowhere near as tight. My retro platform sandals would have fit right in back then.

    This is truly how some of us 1970s girls look today. I never did wear fringe and headbands, nor did any of my friends.

  25. What happened to “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at al!” Good grief, people, this is fashion not brain surgery!! I like this series. I ‘m enjoying the advice, the ideas, and the risk-taking. Most of us appreciate you, Susan, and the rest need to lighten up or hush.

    1. There are some photos with some of them. I will try to get more this weekend. The rayon one is a favorite. It runs large, so even though the sizes are by numbers, I would consider them small (4), medium (6), large (8) and extra-large (10). I am wearing a size 4 in the photo shown on the site.

  26. Susan….I am appalled that people are sending those negative emails….and unsubscribing…u am so sorry. I very much look forward to hearing from you…I totally enjoy getting your emails! Way to many of us are sending positive thoughts your way….please don’t take those naysayers to heart. Thanks again for taking the time to write to us…

  27. Oh dear, I like all of these styles so far. So what do I do? Try to be appropriate for the occasion, make sure that the proportion and fit of my clothes are right for my 61″ frame. Following your posts helps!

  28. Susan, so unfortunate for you to experience this negativity, I love your website, blog posts and most of all your guidance and individuality! My closet now is stocked with basics and many options so I look my best! All thanks to you, march on as you have many loyal followers! Have a glass of wine!

  29. Please be yourself and continue on with your series of different styles. It has always been a pleasure reading your comments to help us all dress. Positive subscribers will tell other women about your blog. You are very gracious to share all the beautiful pictures and places you visit on the weekends. I’m from Oregon and its quite different in summer weather and we usually have no humidity. We dress in lots of layers to stay warm or always bring a sweater or light wind breaker coat for the evenings can cool down quite a bit. Thank you for all your hard work to do the blog we appreciate it.

  30. Susan, I enjoy all of your posts so much. I have a work wardrobe and a ‘real life’ wardrobe. As I approach retirement (9 months and 8 days, but who’s counting?!)and think about what I will keep and what I will let go I am finding inspiration in your posts.
    The unkindness that masquerades as ‘Speaking one’s truth’ is more and more prevalent. I hope you can ignore the negative comments and the pettiness and know that your blog is something quite special!

  31. Dear Susan, I live in Australia and absolutely love your blog, your style and your kindness
    The amount of work you put into this must be huge and very much appreciated.You have been such an inspiration that I thought I might learn how to blog. I must admit that I am now having second thoughts. We have just seen a program on trolls and how they operate and it has scared the life out of me. I can’t thank you enough for producing such consistently high quality photos and such varied topics. I look forward to your blog and it is always the first and best one I read. Your information has been of tremendous help and I never want you stop. Don’t be restricted by a few ‘haters’ they would love to limit you because you are so successful. The best thing to do is to continue to be your beautiful self and ignore these very sick people, what a very sad and limited life they must lead!
    Warm wishes, Carol

  32. You look fantastic in this look (and nearly every photoshoot you do). I’m surprised there’s no necklace with this one. (That bag is to die for!)

    You are my inspiration – losing the weight, reminding myself about posture – you’ve even got me practicing how to stand for photos, so that it becomes as natural as you make it look.

  33. You state here that you rarely wear print tops. Is there a reason? Do you feel print makes you look heavy & prints do not? Just curious.

    1. I rarely wear prints because they are memorable and they limit combination possibilities. They also do not “feel” right with my personality. Solid colors feel more grounded, and prints make me feel scattered.

  34. Hi Susan! I ordered the purse and it arrived yesterday. I love it! Question on the shoulder strap, did you cut yours off? in your picture it appears to just be a clutch.

      1. I loved the pom pom’s on the strap and didn’t want to lose those so I added one end of the strap as a zipper pull. It’s even cuter now! πŸ™‚

  35. I love different styles but Boho is what is closest to my heart now. I used to wear bohemian (gypsy) clothes when I was a teenager but working for 42 years didn’t allow me to wear free spirit clothes. I try to incorporate a bit of classic, a little trendy and also, of course, my boho clothes.

    If I had to choose only one style that would be it.

  36. Hi Susan,

    I’m so enjoying your site and tips!

    If you get the opportunity, I would really appreciate if you could offer some suggestions to those of us “shorties” that cannot carry off long tops etc. I’m 5’2″ and carry a “few” extra pounds. I love your style very much… simple, understated and elegant! I would love to know how I could share your style tips on my shorter frame.

    Thank you Susan and please continue your inspirational suggestions!

    Kind regards,

    P.S. If you ever need a “short” model for your site, I volunteer myself!

    1. If you are petite, which means you stand less than 5’4″, the best tip for looking long and lean is to wear one color from head to toe. Proportion is most important for you. Never let your sleeves nor your pants be too long. Always show as much of the length of your leg as possible. Never wear anything including a neckline with a horizontal line. V-necks are most lengthening and face flattering. Thank you!

  37. Not quite. I call my style “ecceltic”. Myself and others never know what I might be wearing. I like to change my style daily or even during the day. Not sure why I prefer to do this but perhaps I don’t want people knowing what I will be wearing. I also change my colours often. I change with the seasons as well. I like having fun with clothes and accessories. I think I’m bit of a shopaholic but I do wear everything I buy.

  38.’s nice but I wouldn’t call it boho. In my 60’s I do struggle with this because many boho clothing is made for much younger women. I don’t like the boxy or pheasant look for myself but I do love flowy feminine pieces that are a bit more elegant. So elegantly boho has become my style. It takes a bit of work…but it fits my personality. Thank you.

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