The Dramatic Style Personality

The Dramatic Style Personality wears current, sleek, modern, or even futuristic clothing with flair. She wears sophisticated structural pieces that are almost architectural in design.

Chic, polished, or urban are often words used to describe her. She wears all black or black and white often. There are minimal colors (all of them bold) in her closet, and she only wears high contrast outfits. She is unique and stylish but not a slave to fashion. She may wear clean-cut classic pieces, but one item or detail in an outfit will stand out as unique and on-trend. She will often wear dark sunglasses with a bold red lip. Her hairstyle is always sleek and modern. Accessories may only include one dramatic piece. This personality loves sleek, shiny, reflective surfaces.

Her look is always modern, tailored perfectly, and her priority is attention-commanding styling. She wears sleek pointed toe boots and shoes that are unique with high heels or bold platforms. She often wears jackets with interesting details with slim-fitting jeans.

If she carries a bag, it is structured, of high quality, and makes a statement. When this woman enters a room, her dramatic look and regal demeanor command attention. She has tremendous confidence.

Many thanks to Connie, the designer of the IC Collection. She sent this cold shoulder jumpsuit to me via for this project.

  1. Such a nice color, but this falls into the “never would I ever” category. To begin with, my 60 year old bladder would make this a nightmare to wear anywhere. Beyond that, I’m not a fan of whatever is going on in the back; I think it would be prettier with a sleek back. Susan, you can pull off just about anything! I love love love your bag!

  2. I just have to say WOW!!! I love this look. What fun you must be having doing this. Whenever I’ve tried one of those style personality quizzes, I always get dramatic, bold or sophisticated, which I guess is why I relate to this so much. Well done Susan.

  3. Well, look at you! You have achieved the “dramatic” personality you described with superb results. From the hair down to the toes – love it on you! Brava!

  4. Superb! And if you want to add a little drama to your look, I would suggest wearing that color blue. It looks wonderful on you. I like a bit of drama in my look, but don’t fit the description perfectly. Is that a zipper on the front of your jumpsuit? Love it. I think zippers add a little edginess to an outfit when strategically place. My favorite LBD has a zipper up one side and a zipper on one shoulder. I wear structural earrings and little else with it and always feel great.

  5. I LOVE this outfit….not sure there would be many occasions in my life that I could pull it off but if there were it would be way cool. I do also LOVE the shoes and those COULD be pulled off often though 🙂

  6. Love the color of this outfit, not the style. You have the unique ability to pull off many looks and stand out with each one! This is a interesting series. Thank you.

  7. WOW you took on the Dramatic personality perfectly. Love the color of this jumpsuit. You wear it well! What a fun series I’m looking forward to seeing what other personalities you will introduce us to.

  8. Oh Susan, this is the first outfit I don’t like on you! It does nothing for you, especially the length. Even your beauty can’t make this outfit passible. Sorry!

    1. This week, I am showing you photos of me wearing different looks to give you examples of the different style personalities. Some of them will have nothing to do with your style or even my style.

  9. Such an exquisite look!! Perfecto!! I am short and unable to wear most of the pieces you style but I do enjoy following your blog every day! Your styling and makeup tips are much appreciated!

  10. Love you hair. It looks sexy with those earrings. Beautiful shoes and bag and the color of that jumpsuit is stunning. But not in a million years would I wear that outfit. The pants are a prime example of everything you have taught us not to do. It makes you look twice your size on the bottom with those “ruffles” down the side. IMHO, not a great look for that classy lady we always admire.

    1. This week, I am showing you photos of me wearing different looks to give you examples of the different style personalities. Some of them will have nothing to do with your style or even my style.

  11. You are beautiful but this outfit is NOT. Wear it at home. I had a jumpsuit once and learned immediately that going to the bathroom in a public restroom is impossible when wearing it.

  12. YIKES! Send it back. You have much lovlier dramatic outfits in your closet and what kind of shoes would compliment that jumpsuit? I had to wear an abduction brace which was more flattering. This is a Don’t.

  13. The shoes are in perfect balance with the jumpsuit. Aces! Any details available on the shoes?

  14. Oh — I love this, all of it, from the jumpsuit to the platform sandals, which are perfect with the ensemble! I would love to know more about the shoes … where did you find them? Big cheers for this one!

  15. Your head and shoes are beautiful. Also like the bold blue. Though the style is not flattering. Looks like something from a runway show that would never be worn on a normal woman of style.

  16. I love the sleek hair style on you much better than the curly. That royal blue color is beautiful on you. You look good from the bust up, don’t care for the bottom part! I give you credit for being bold enough to wear it tho! You are a pretty lady and can get away with it! 😉


  17. That was my style personality in my 20s and early 30s, when I was still ultra thin and had my natural flaming red hair.

    As my life changed to suburban mom, so did my body, hair and clothes. Do I even have style now? That’s why I’m here, to relearn at this stage of life.

  18. Very dramatic & different! Need to appreciate the artistry of that design. Your shoes & bag are a cute yet edgy pairing & I do like the way your hair looks,esp in the shot from the back.

  19. Hi Susan, I think the front zipper looks a little strange,it should have a more finished look. Love the color, and as always you look amazing! Sarah

  20. So looking forward to the next posts. I’ve worn both while working to define my true self and feel certain I’m mostly Classic.

    While providing such great photos, you’re teaching us that even though someone as stylish as yourself can certainly wear every style and look ok, it’s when that style truly fits our personality that we shine.

  21. Sorry but this is a no go for me…you are going from a sophisticated, classic look to a trendy 30 year old look and it is definately something I would never consider wearing. Way too young for a sixty year old!!!

  22. This is lovely, I’ll bet it is even better to see you move in it. Susan, what do you think of the jumpsuit? Would you wear it again? What does Mr. Mickey think of it?

  23. This outfit is not my particular style, and I’ve been following your blog long enough to recognize it’s not yours either, but I think this personality project you’re doing is fascinating and I applaud you for showing different looks that will appeal to a wide range of women, regardless of age. It may also encourage women to branch out a little and try something new, as you’ve done here. It is a striking look. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Actually, I really am not sure how this outfit will sell. It has an unusual line which, on the average woman, like myself, a big square, won’t look good.

  25. What fun this jumpsuit is! And what’s the point of fashion if you can’t have fun? I hope I never get too old to try new things. Thanks for demonstrating these different styles in such a lovely way. You look great in all of them.

  26. All right. For those who are tough…..Lighten up on Susan. She is classy all the way and is working it to get responses but some are way rude.
    I anchored TV news for nearly 30 years….and was also a reporter and producer.

    First came the snail mail which took a few days…then the immediate email. Most every viewer who wrote was kind and complimentary.
    However from time to time they criticized my looks, makeup, clothes, what I said and did..I had breast cancer and got comments about that. I volunteered hours of my time to dozens of agencies….and while nearly all were thankful, there were still ugly remarks.

    ….and still there could be those who criticize constantly. . I have to say I suppose I am capable of doing the same. It is human nature. I have caught myself. But take a second…. breathe and think about what you accomplish with criticizing. I had people tell me I don’t look as fat in person as on TV…. That I should take my ugly face and dress and horrible voice and get lost. It takes a bold person to go out in the world and expose themselves. Not easy. I finally quit after nearly 30 years….I travel the world now!!! I Left a good job and raises but circumstsnces were such. Love yourself and your neighbor and it will all be ok. The good thought for today

  27. You as well Susan. Let it be, as this is your venue to state your thoughts and show them as well. Let the responses come but hard as it is, just try to remove yourself from the negative. It is not easy.

  28. It is very different BUT i like your classy look….this is too pajamalike…too much fabric and from the back it is all so baggy.

    I will remain with you and your class!

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