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Long-sleeve tees in white, black, or navy are a year-round priority in my wardrobe. I wear them often under jackets or with the sleeves pushed up in warm weather. So, I’m always happy to find high-quality white cotton tees with a slight scoop neck.

The tee I am wearing is here; unfortunately, it is not available in white at this time, but may be back in stock soon. Similar white jeans are here. The denim jacket is old from Talbots, but here is a similar style. Similar suede booties are here. A similar bag is here. Before I consider wearing white jeans or suede footwear, I always check the weather. Sunday promised no puddles or slush.

I often reach for my freshwater pearl lariat necklace since it is the perfect choice with smart-casual looks. I found it here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) The beautiful watch is here. I’m also wearing my favorite no-show socks found here. I would never wear a tee without my favorite bra here.

Thankfully, Mr. Mickey agreed to share his photo. He looked so sharp in his navy camelhair blazer that is more than twenty years old. A silk pocket square adds a touch of elegance to any blazer. The look began with a navy long sleeve tee, so he is also a fan of soft, comfortable first layers. Next came a blue and white dress shirt, topped with a blue half-zip sweater vest and a burgundy cashmere scarf. Most items are by Polo Ralph Lauren. We spent Sunday with family and friends and then stopped for takeout vegetarian food.

Your comments and questions lead to some helpful conversations. Thank you to blog follower Prue Batten for asking me to share the best tees.

One short sleeve option is by Everlane here. It has a relaxed fit and is made from 100% organic cotton. It isn’t so long that it hugs the tummy or the backside. Here is another style, and here is another option for short sleeve tees.

I avoid short sleeve tops since they create a line that brings too much attention to the bust. Additionally, if you layer over them, the sleeve always shows through or causes lumps and lines under the jacket’s sleeves.

The best long sleeve tee I have in my collection is here. The fabric is not see-through, and I wear them year round. Here is another option for long sleeve tees. You will find lots of choices for essential wardrobe items here. I am also pleased with the long sleeve tees I purchased here and here.

When I shared my Health Routine post here, several of you asked for recipes, books, or videos to help with preparing dishes. So, today I’m sharing three of my favorite sources.

Food Impromptu found here produces high-quality cooking videos that are easy to follow and a pleasure to watch. I learned more about prepping ingredients for various meals through the week from Lisa here. A recent cookbook purchase is ‘Forks Over Knives’ here.

  1. I, too, have several long sleeve and three quarter sleeve tees from both Talbots and LLBean. I especially love the pima cotton tees from LLBean. They wash and wear beautifully! Thank you for the tip about short sleeves and the line across the bust. I will keep that in mind as I begin to review and purge some older tops for spring/summer. Enjoy your day!

  2. The search for the perfect scoop neck white T is daunting, thanks for your tips and suggestions. While I don’t have this particular cookbook, I was introduced to Forks Over Knives eating plan nearly a decade ago and have greatly enjoyed their food choices!

  3. I agree Susan. I have purchased these Talbots Pima cotton tees for years. They are definitely the best for quality fabric and durability. Just add one of your great scarves and you’re set for any occasion!

  4. I really love the pearl lariat necklace you wear regularly. I can’t decide between the tan/beige cord or the ivory one. I’m curious to know which one you chose. Thanks for a great post!

  5. Thank you for your information on tees. I wear a simple tee almost daily and am always looking for ones that wear and wash well. I noticed as I’m doing a closet clean out that I have to replace some of mine. So, just in time!
    I’m sure you and Mr. Mickey turned heads. I had to show my husband what Mr. Mickey was wearing. He’s always interested in classic looks too. We’re headed for a rare evening out to a play tomorrow and he’ll use Mr. Mickey’s outfit as a guide. Best to you both!

  6. You look just perfect for visiting and getting take out. I really like the suede cord lariat too. Very pretty. Mr. Mickey looks dapper too! You are so lucky to have each other. I really enjoy your posts and look forward to them. Thank for the recipes too. I am going to put this posting in my file. Have a wonderful day stay healthy.

  7. Always love your blog. You look so wonderfully “put together” and classy. And Mr. Mickey, well, extra spiffy. I wish more men took the time in their appearance!

  8. Fab post Susan! Your look today is so nice & Mr. M is indeed dapper! I bet lots of ladies would like more dapper men wardrobe tips for dates with their handsome guy! My hubby likes a men’s site he found on wardrobes that offers tips and he has enjoyed it for years. Mr. Mickey could be on it as an example.

  9. I have enjoyed your blog for years!
    Have you ever done a blog about bras, if so I must have missed it. I am intrigued by the Shapeez line. I have worn Walcoal underwire bras for years, however I find they are wearing out very quickly. I like the idea of the long line bras, but can’t imagine that they don’t ride or curl up. I love the idea of a smoother line though! I am 5’6”, weigh 148, and wear a 36DD.
    Do you wear the long line….also do you step into them, or put on over your head?
    Thank you,

    1. I step into it like pantyhose and pull the bra up by the body (never the straps). I did a post about undies here. If you wear the panty I mentioned in the post over the hem of the bra, they never roll or ride up.

  10. Great post, thank you. What size do you wear in tee shirts? I do not like them tight but if they are too large they look sloppy. Also, do you wash and wear them without ironing?

    1. I wash the tees in cold water and take them out of the dryer after about ten minutes. Then, I hang them on felt hangers to finish air-drying. I iron them if they have a crease, but they don’t often need it. I buy them in size medium.

  11. You’re looking fabulous, as usual, and Mr. Mickey is Mr. Senior GQ.

    I’ve found Talbot’s long-sleeved tees to be a perfect tee for me. The material, the shape of the cut, and the way they hold up through gentle washings makes them a favorite of mine. In addition to the black and white ones I have, I got one that is not quite navy last season. I think they would call that navy, but it had a bit of peacock blue in it. Great color, at any rate.

    And a good time to stock up on extras is when they send you those lovely coupons!

  12. Susan, I always think you do the ‘white t-shirt’ so well so thank you for this post. I’ve bookmarked all the suggestions I liked and will have a little online shopping for our rapidly approaching Australian winter.
    I use short-sleeved white t-shirts in winter the way others might use thermal, singlet/vest underwear. I always use a slightly thinner fabric which means as a layer under a winter knit, the sleeves never show a mark. Also, I rarely wear a pale coloured top knit in winter – usually navy, taupe or grey, so the heavier colours and knits act as barrier to the line. I dislike being hot inside in winter and the short sleeve beneath a winter knit fills that brief. Let’s face it, for outside, we can wear delicious padded jackets and vests, woolen overcoats and such.
    Thank you again for such a timely post.

  13. Good morning, found your site over Christmas and am hooked. Cleaned out my closet and am amazed at what I have left. I’ve always bought outfits and never mixed and matched. The light has gone on. I’ve been purse shopping more than once buying smaller bags now that I’m retired, next is shoes. Visited Talbots this week, I think the USA stores have better selections than Canadian stores. Have a great day.

  14. Because of you, I have the same necklace and I adore it. I, also, am a fan of the Talbot’s tees – long and short sleeves.

    I want to thank you again for helping me pare down my wardrobe to the classic pieces and combinations. It is still a work in progress but getting there.

    Looking forward to casual spring and summer styles.

  15. Really enjoyed this tee post. I buy my tees from Talbots and Chicos. In summer, I like to wear an elbow sleeve tee to cover the upper arm. Having a perfect white tee is essential.

  16. Hi Susan,
    I love starting my day wandering the mountains with you and Mr. Mickey, especially when you spend time in the Banner Elk area, one of our favorites. Not having been there for a few years, I’m keeping a list of a few places you’ve mentioned for our next visit.
    I admire your classic style, and enjoy reading about how you put it together. You are so kind to share all your sources for quality clothing. One of my favorites for excellent quality T-shirts is Lands End, particularly because they also offer tall sizes- I am 5’10”.
    I purchased the pearl lariat necklace that you are wearing I this post, and I love it. It gives just the right amount of polish to an otherwise just casual outfit.
    I look forward to trying some of the healthy foods you’ve written about – thank you for that also.
    Stay well!

  17. Thank you so much for your valuable and versatile info Susan. I learned so much from your posts and I’m still learning!

  18. Susan,
    Thanks for your suggested source(s) for long-sleeved T-shirts. Talbot’s recent clearance sale was amazing. I purchased two sweaters that were out of my price range prior to the markdown and can’t get over how lovely they are. They are timeless and I look forward to enjoying them for a long time. A big dfference between “Meh” and “Wow”.
    Kohl’s was my go-to for the t-shirts but the quality just isn’t the same anymore.

    Food Impromptu video is another appreciated addition to your post.

    Thanks again!

  19. Thanks so much for sharing your excellent shopping,fashion and lifestyle advice! I look forward to every post!

  20. Another great OTD to wear! Thanks for all the best ideas. So great to see white jeans, spring is coming and clear days means it’s time to wear them again. I always enjoy your posts. Happy Valentine’s day to you and Mr Mickey!❤

  21. Susan, I have followed your blog for many years and always appreciate what I learn from reading here. I wonder if you would talk about how you style your hair each day. I remember, several years ago, your hair was a bit longer and curlier and you discussed how you styled it. I love your shorter look and would love to know if you blow dry your hair now and what products you use. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for following along all these years. I blow-dry my hair on the low speed and high heat in every direction to give it lift. I finish with downward angles to smooth out the hair so that it doesn’t have any bumps. I avoid styling products and have even stopped using a round brush for drying. Here is my shampoo and conditioner. I don’t wash my hair every day, and I only use the conditioner about once every two weeks. If I have flyaways, I spray this hairspray in my hand and use my fingers to smooth and arrange the unruly parts.

  22. Susan, the new Talbot’s denim-jacket-with-ruffled-neck (at the link) is going to look outdated in only a couple of years. The classic denim jacket you are wearing in today’s photo will last for years without going out of style. That example sums up so much of your advice: buy classics!

  23. I love your hair in the Best Tees. You look fabulous! Thanks for all the tips and suggestions. I’m loving them all.

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