Tank Dress 5 Ways #5

When an item is so versatile, you can wear it alone or in combination with many other things in your wardrobe; it is considered basic. Classic neutral basics can be combined with more showy items to create countless looks for every event in life. If too many of the pieces in your closet are colorful prints, you may have trouble putting together a look.

This week, I showed some examples of how I style a simple crepe tank style dress. Today, I am using the tank dress as a beach/pool cover-up. This is also my favorite look for the hottest days of the year. I wear a hat, sandals, and a simple dress to allow airflow and to remain fresh-looking even in the heat.

The sandals are from Aerosoles a couple of years ago. Similar sandals here. The hat is by Scala here. The tote bag is old. Similar tote here. The earrings are from J.Jill. Links in these blog posts may generate a small commission for me at no extra cost to you.

The examples on the blog this week included the same long navy crepe tank dress worn in five different ways.

  1. This series was brilliant Susan!! It’s too easy to get into the habit of only wearing an item one way. I love that you inspire us to get creative with our wardrobes. Thank you.

  2. Looking at the 5 photos, I note that you take a basic, simple dress and go from most dressy (evening) to increasingly casual, and finally, to pool coverup! Wow. You certainly do “wear it well”!

  3. I have loved reading all of the different ideas for wearing this dress! Have a great weekend!

  4. This was a fantastic series of posts! I have a very similar tank dress in black that I got years ago at JJill. It will get so much more wear now that I have so many ideas on how to style it. Thanks so much!

  5. this set of 5 ways to wear….this has been one of my favorites, and very helpful also. but the best look I think, was the second way, with the green/ blue sheer kimono type topper. absolutely love that outfit!!! thanks so much for this series.

  6. Bravo! Informative series on how to wear a basic piece 5 different ways. Gives me a lot of food for thought on how to organize my wardrobe going forward. I now see mistakes in purchasing items that aren’t so versatile. Enjoy the weekend!

  7. I was inspired by this series to order a maxi tank dress in navy, although with a bateau neckline (which flatters my round face and narrow shoulders better.) Already have some ideas of different things to do with it. Thank you!

    I notice that your handbags come in a wide variety of sizes. By the time I gather up my wallet, sunglasses and case, reading glasses and case, compact, tissues, lipstick, cell phone and keys, there’s no way I could get away with some of the smaller purses you use. I would love for you to address in your blog how you determine what you’ll carry in the different size bags.

    1. I always carry a small bag for evening or if I am going to run a quick errand. If I am going out for the day, I take a large bag with everything I think I might need.

  8. Susan, can you wear a belt with the dress? I was thinking that you are 5 inches taller than me, so although I love the longer dress, I would be sweeping the sidewalk with it. Although I could roll up the dress over a belt, no? I am 63 inches high and still would like to wear a dress like this. The series was something I looked forward to each day…keep up the great work.

    Also, I bought several scarves from you; could you show us different ways to wear them with a coat? Thanks…Linda

    1. Hi Linda. The dress is effortless to hem, but yes you could wear a belt with it. I will be wearing a scarf in almost every post when the weather turns cool again. I try to fill in the neckline with a scarf without looking like I am drowning in it.

  9. Thank you for all of the work you put into this helpful series. You inspire me to put a little extra effort into being my best!
    Mary Lou

  10. As everyone has commented, this was a very useful series. I’m hoping to continue to retrain my thinking to less can really be more! Thank you for all the thinking you do for me!

  11. The importance of basic, simple dressing cannot be overstated. The accessories and jackets can be changed up and it is like a new outfit! And packing can be simplified when everything goes together. Well done, as usual, Susan. You are a tremendous help.

  12. You are so inspirational! I love how you styled this dress so many different ways. I’m now looking at my wardrobe in a new light. Thank you Susan!!

  13. Loved this series. I have recently bought your crepe knit tops and pants in navy and I can see that they too can be styled in the same way you styled the tank dress. Thank you for these good ideas and for the quality knits you sell. I intend to wear them for a long time.

  14. I have always loved that dress. But if I wearing a maxi or midi dress is must be made of lightweight cotton. It is 104 today here is Dallas and anything I wear must be easy care and have plenty of air flow.

  15. I really enjoy the series you do and find the photos at the end showing all combinations especially helpful. To follow in others footsteps thank you and your team for all the effort you put in and the ideas you come up with.

  16. I love this series…………I recently “decluttered” my closet to the tune of 3 48″ clothing racks worth of clothes taken out. I still have plenty of clothes to wear. My friend, Pam, made me try on everything in my closet – she loves to help her friends clear out their closets, so we call it ‘pamming’ ! – so everything fits, I love each item, I have about 5 accent colors (red, orange, yellow, turquoise, sea-foam green) to go with my neutrals (black, cream, camel, taupe). I can pick almost anything and it ‘goes’ together. I’m in the process of going through my scarves now and “weeding them out”. When we were finished, I turned all the hangers in my closet backwards – as I wear an item, I put the hanger back in forwards. I can already see there are additional items I’m not wearing, and the things I wear all the time. I look forward to your style tips and travel photos………..2 of my favorite things ! Connie Briggs, Anderson, SC

    1. Congratulations for your serious closet clean out. I appreciate you writing about it since it encourages the rest of us to follow suit.

  17. Thank you Susan!
    I too, loved your posts this week. I think the suggestion to do this every season was a great one!
    So appreciate all your lovely posts!
    Blessings! Judith

  18. I have loved this series showing multiple uses for some of your anchor pieces. As I approach retirement…this sort of thinking is certainly key. Thanks!

  19. Susan, you are a magician with accessories! Fortunately you have the photos to prove that it is all one dress because the 1st and the 5th photos are radically different. Thank you for all the time, energy , and effort you spared us to concoct this informative series.

  20. Loved this series. We are hoping to go on a cruise in 2020 to celebrate on 50th Wedding Anniversary and these type of series will help so much with planning what to wear and pack!! I have, in the past, over packed on our cruises and don’t want to do it on this go-around!!! Thanks you for your great ideas!!

  21. Susan I love this navy blue tank dress. I’ve looked online everywhere and can’t seem to find one close in style. Any ideas where I can purchase one like it?

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