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Change is not always welcome. I choose to remain open-minded and flexible. Experiencing a new destination, dish, or even a new route to an old favorite can add to the joys of life.

The temperature in the mountains is always much cooler than in Johnson City. On Saturday, we took a new route around Watauga Lake to reach our destination, Vistas at RedTail Mountain. I was happy to wear a jacket again. This one was from Stein Mart a few years ago. The extender tank is by Clara Sunwoo via My Fair Lady here. The white pants by Kaari Blue™ were from Belk last year. The I.N.C. Kivah sandals were from Macy’s last year. The sunglasses are by Balmain.

A new hairstyle is an excellent example of embracing change. I want to wear a hat every summer day, but that would be too predictable and boring. My summer hair is unruly because it is often very windy here, and the humidity changes everything. I keep cutting my hair and changing the style to combat Princess Leia puffs I get every summer. A roundish face does not benefit from a rounded hairstyle. No product will keep the puffy frizz at bay without giving me a helmet head. Change is coming.

A longtime favorite handbag is the classic quilted chain bag. The structured style and medium size are perfect for daytime or evening, casual or more dressy looks.

A life change is most certainly on the horizon for our dear friend Chef Peter Lawson, the Chef-owner at Vistas Land & Sea Grille RedTail Mountain Resort. He will soon attend Le Cordon Bleu, London as a student in the Grande Cuisine Program. Le Cordon Bleu’s highly acclaimed Diplôme de Cuisine is a classical chef training course that offers the most rigorous and comprehensive program in French culinary techniques and international cuisine available today.

That’s a view of Watauga Lake, surrounded by mountain peaks above. Clouds low on the horizon cast an eerie shadow across the sky at sunset on Saturday as we made our way home.

  1. Have a beautiful week Susan! I like DevaCurl products – especially the Supercream for my frizzy hair.

  2. What a terrific article and the pictures just incredible. Loved the outfit and thought you looked so pretty. The jacket really works and I love cooler weather. Wish your friend luck in his endeavor; the food would suggest he already has massive talent. Thanks for my armchair travel!

  3. I love the details of this jacket , and I love your hair in these pics!!! Thanks for sharing your life

  4. Love the outfit, and I wish it was cool enough here for that third piece. As it is, I am wearing dresses because they are the coolest thing I can find! Would be interested in knowing what you do with your hair–mine is only tame-able in the winter months, when the humidity is down. I suffer from the puffies and frizzies too–if I let my hair dry naturally people would run screaming! So I resort to blow drying, which is not good for the hair all the time…

  5. So enjoyed this article! And ordered the handbag!!

    I’ll definitely be suggesting to the hubby we visit Red Tail Mountain. He will love that beautiful golf course; I will love the gorgeous scenery!!

  6. So enjoyed this article! I love that jacket and hope to find something similar someday. I’m so interested to follow your hair journey because I think that my hair is quite similar and I’m hoping to learn from you, as I have learned so many other things from you. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your postings!

  7. Your lovely French Kande necklace looks exactly like the Saint Benedict Medal. The Saint Benedict Medal is a Christian sacramental medal containing symbols and text related to the life of Saint Benedict of Nursia, used by Roman Catholics, as well as Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists and the Western Orthodox, in the Benedictine Christian tradition. The medal is one of the oldest and most honored medals used by Christians. Just thought you might like a little background information!

  8. A long time ago someone said to me “The only constant in life is change.” I laughed, but over the years find myself thinking how true that is! I like to tell myself that I embrace change easily, but while that’s often true, really I don’t always. Sometimes it just annoys me 🙂 And hair. Erk! I’ve been growing mine out a bit & have been happy with it, even in our humid west coast climate. Then the weather got hot & my hair just felt (& looked) heavy & lifeless. When I was younger I used to be able to get away with a ponytail in hot weather, especially under a bike helmet, but that does *not* work at 60. So I recently had it trimmed back & gave up on “style” & just let the wind & humidity do whatever it wants. When we’re on the bike, I just finger comb it when I take the helmet off. Sometimes the only choice is the path of least resistance! Love, love that blue jacket with the white jeans, btw. The whole outfit looks smart & sassy & fits your personality perfectly, which I think is the secret to finding that balance between accepting fashion limits based on one’s age, & trying too hard to fight it. Aristotle’s Golden Mean Applied To Aging or something 🙂

  9. Your outfit in today’s post is fantastic,and you look lovely. Best wishes to Peter. I hope he enjoys the shift in his career.
    Regarding hair: having discovered the Babybliss rotating hot air brush, and falling in love with it, my daughter sent me one for my birthday. I can’t believe how easy it is to use, and my hair no longer frizzes. Best of all, you let your hair dry naturally (about 90%) before using, so less damage.

  10. I have found some great products for frizz control from the Living Well frizz brand. I use their conditioner, spray styling lotion, and occasionally their humidity shield hair spray. Also, we went to the Red Tail Resort last year based on your recommendation. The food was awesome!!!

  11. Love your enthusiasm for every day! Everyone has their favorite hair product and I am no exception. As a sister curly haired woman I love Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. I purchase mine from Ulta. I apply it to wet hair, let it air dry, and finger comb or rake any clumps or stiffness. Keeps the frizz non-existent!

  12. Great outfit! I would like to try your short over long combo idea. Are you wearing the long or mid length extender tank?

  13. Love this outfit on you! Very updated, stylish and sharp! The jacket has a bit of edgy to it that really makes your outfits pop.

  14. You look very attractive Susan. I love this combination.
    And how true about the changes. They can be a big challenge to us but keep us flexible. Somewhere I read we should go to a new place once a year or try to do some new activity or to do something in a different way.
    Enjoy your outings.

  15. Sometime when you are in Mountain City why not try Subas Restaurant. It’s on the right before you get to RedTail coming from Johnson City. Excellent food.

  16. I have found I can not heat dry my hair in the summer. Even with keratin, my hair will frizz with heat. If I let it air dry, it is curly but not frizzy. The more humidity, the tighter the curl. I feel like I can’t “style” it because of this. The shorter I cut it, the curlier it becomes. Plus, my face needs a little length on hair for balance. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  17. Everything looking perfect as usual. Great clothing choices, delicious looking food, fantastic scenery. What else do you need. All the best for the chef’s career.

  18. In agreement with Carol above, your pendant is similar to the St. Benedict medal, a Catholic sacramental. If you are not familiar with St. Benedict or the medal he fashioned, do a Google search and read about him and his twin sister, St. Scholastica. The Benedictine abbey at Montecasino was the site of an important battle in WW II. Interesting information and also interesting that your French Kande necklace reflects its influence.

  19. You look fabulous. I love everything about your outfit … especially the jacket! If you ever decide to sell it, please let me know. By the way, I ordered the French Kandi necklace.

  20. Susan,
    Thank you so much for the fashion show,
    I really enjoy the out fits you wear. And your inspiration for us older ladies. Have a blessed day

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