Sweet Summer Giveaway

Finding balance when dressing for the seasons includes the weight and color of jewelry, shoes, and bags. Rattan, straw, and wicker are among the long-standing favorite materials for summer accessories. Leather always seems too hot to wear or carry in summer.

It is a delight to be able to return to Friday date nights and dinner at the Blackthorn. We’ve missed visiting with friends and dressing for a night out.

I was excited to wear my new shell and rattan earrings, so I put together a floaty summer look. The raffia shoes, woven straw bag, and rattan earrings complement the silk ruana and column of white. I’ve never been a fan of showing lots of skin, so I always enjoy wearing lightweight fabrics that provide coverage.

The handmade and dyed silk ruana was a generous gift from Cybele Boutique here. The tank is here. The pants are several years old, but I got them here. The shoes are from last year. Similar shoes are here.

The lip color I am wearing is Girls’ Night here. I apply it over lip liner and then blot, reapply and blot again. The goal is to stain my lips so as not to have excess travel into lines. My skincare routine is here.

The bag is my hero purchase for this summer. The only Sofia bags I could find online are here and here.

The earrings are now available in several very lightweight rattan styles here. (Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) I chose these because my stretched lobes benefit from a post style and shells are always a summer favorite. I look for earrings designed not to show the piercing.

My talented friend, Suzanne (the designer behind Beauty In Stone Jewelry), is once again allowing me to give away one of my favorites. You can win your choice of rattan earrings from the site here. Comment below to tell me which style you would like to win to be entered in the giveaway. I’ll announce the winner next week.

Some of the shopping links on my site will allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The photos were taken at the entrance of the Blackthorn Club.

Happy Summer!

  1. Love rhe rattan earrings with pearl. Great summer look. I, too, change my bags from leather to straw or raffia for summer.

  2. Hi Susan- Happy Summer to you. The blue shell rattan earrings are very cute. Would love to wear them to upcoming outdoor gatherings.

  3. Good morning Susan. I love your look today very much the wrap Is just beautiful. If I am lucky enough to win the earrings I would love to have the blush pearl and rose gold pair. Please thank your friend for doing this and thank you for showing us her wonderful website. I hope you have a fantastic weekend !

  4. Everything is beautiful! Your outfit! The flowers! The earrings work so well with your accessories and outfit! I love the orange bag! I can’t wait to share a pair with the lucky winner.

  5. I would love the aqua color rattan ear rings, very beautiful,

    Thank you the chance to win these ear rings!

  6. I love your outfit as always and your rattan earrings are beautiful. I love the ones on her site that are two tone rattan, labeled C in the picture.

  7. Hello, Susan. The Blue Shell Rattan earrings are gorgeous. I’m so happy that you and Mr. Mickey are having Friday date night again. Take care, Kathy.

  8. They are all delightful! The aqua shell would be my choice if I am lucky enough to win! Love your look. So lovely and summery!!

  9. These earrings say “SUMMER!”. I have a similar pair of the natural rattan. But I’m drawn to to freshwater pearl on the wishbone wire pair. I think they’re timeless. I’m working on pairing down & going with pieces that are classic. Thank you for your guidance.

  10. I would love to win the rattan earrings with shell, Style A. They would be the perfect compliment to my summer wardrobe! Thank you, Susan and Beauty in Stone.

  11. You look beautiful today. I love the exact earrings you are wearing. I live at the beach and they would be perfect! Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!

  12. Love the aqua with rattan earrings. Very summery! I bought the pearl on horseshoe wire earrings you featured in a post before and love them! Wear them all the time.

  13. I love these!!! I prefer the all the same color rattan ones (style A) with the rattan disc and drop. They are all darling and thank you for the discount code!!!

  14. I would like to be entered in the earring giveaway. I would prefer the white shell rattan ones you wore in your last blog post. Thank you very much.

  15. Hello Susan! You always look fabulous! I love seeing all your ideas and how you put together such a beautiful look. I love the tear drop earrings with the mother of pearl on top. A great look for the summer. Thank you for your opportunities!

  16. Thank you to you and Suzanne for offering this giveaway. All of the earrings are beautiful. My favorite is style A, the 2″ double hoop rattan earrings.

  17. Susan you look lovely! What class you have!
    I love the white rattan earrings, so fun for the summer!

  18. These are lovely, and so summery! I like the airy teardrop shaped ones, style B. I love her style and designs!

  19. Hi Susan. Your tips are always helpful. I like all of the earrings, but the white and rattan are my favorite. Thank you for your website and ideas.

  20. Susan, you continue to be my inspiration. My husband and I are enjoying dining out on weekends once again after a long year of not going out at all. The earrings are beautiful and I loved, loved the turquoise stone. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. What a great designer. I love the pearl and rattan. By the way, you look spectacular in the the white pants and colourful ruana. Inspiring once again.

  22. Such a summery outfit. Lovely earrings! My favorite is the blue shell. Thanks for all the wise advice.
    I’ve learned so much from you.
    Happy summer!
    Becky King

  23. Hi Susan- Happy Summer to you. The shell rattan earrings are adorable. I would love to wear them to upcoming outdoor gatherings.

  24. Lovely outfit. .
    I like all the jewelry styles.
    The earrings… probably the drop ovals with shell or just the light rattan.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  25. Love the elegant summery look that you are wearing today! Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair of earrings from Beauty in Stone. My choice would be the style you are wearing, with the gold stone.

  26. Love your blog!!!! Like the style of these earrings, especially the white shell and rattan.
    Keep the ideas coming

  27. I love this look on you! The silk Ruana is amazing! I bet the rattan earrings are light weight which is what I need. I love the white shell and rattan that you are wearing! Always love your blog!

  28. Thank you for the chance to win these earrings. I love the ones you’re wearing, Susan, with the white shell. They look so summery!

  29. Love your outfit, it just says summer! I would like the earrings you are wearing in the gold. Hope I win!

  30. I love the blue shell rattan earrings. Thanks for offering them.
    They transport me away to summer at the beach!

  31. The ruana is stunning and so are you! I am slowing enjoying being out and about again. Although I’ve gotten to be a home body over the past year. It seems to be a habit.
    I love the combination of shell and rattan. The shell rattan in white/light would be my choice if I happened to be the lucky winner. Thank you for offering the opportunity. So fun to see you dressing up and enjoying your social activities again.

  32. Susan you look amazing. That color looks fantastic on you. I wish I had your sense of style. Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your yard. Wonderful job.
    All of the rattan earrings look beautiful. I could never pick just one. If I am lucky enough to win, you pick one for me.

  33. Hi Susan – great site and nice to see your smiling face there.! I love the rattan shell pair in aqua. Thanks for doing this and I hope you continue blogging!

  34. Hi Susan,
    You look so nice in this outfit. I looked at the Beauty in Stone jewelry site and I like the all rattan earrings in the light color. I feel that they will go with casual as well as dressy outfits. I am going on a cruise in August and I feel they will go with many of my casual daytime as well as dressy evening items that I am taking. I have a paisley caftan that they will look super with. Thank you again for your website. I look forward to your entries. Have a blessed weekend. Susan

  35. Stunning outfit, love this color on you! The rattan earrings with the pearl is my favorite. Thanks for this lovely giveaway and the inspiring posts!

  36. I love the rattan and pearl earrings! Would love to win them! Thank you! I really enjoy following you and reading your posts.

  37. Thank you! I really like the teardrop earrings in natural with either the shell or the pearl—not picky!

  38. So glad you’re able to be out and about! Love the ruana – I’m investing in more of these – look pulled together on video calls and comfortable, too. Love the earrings you’re wearing – they’d go with so much! It’s hard to find summer styles that aren’t huge and dangling and look too youthful! Thanks!

  39. Happy summer to you. Love your outfit and the earrings you are wearing. I enjoy your beautiful nature pictures.

  40. What a fun summertime giveaway! The pair you are wearing, the Rattan Shell Earrings with white shells, are perfect for summer.

  41. The rattan with shells earrings personify summer and would be perfect to wear at our reunion in August. Thank you Susan.

  42. Rattan earrings with blue shell will be a perfect choice to accentuate my natural white/blonde hair!

  43. I’m with you! My favorite was the rattans with the shell in white! Thanks for allowing us to enter your give a way. Pat

  44. If I may ask, what is the brand of sandals you are wearing in these posts-I have been looking for something just like them. Thank you, Karen W Parsons

  45. I love the rattan earnings with the aqua shell…nothing says summer like the color aqua and nothing says the sea like a lovely seashell. When coupled with the rattan, you have the perfect summer earring!

  46. Thank you for a fresh perspective on summer dressing up. I would love to win the rattan and white shell earrings. I live near the beach in SC and these would be lovely. Linda B

  47. Susan, you look lovely as always. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos! I’d love some of those earrings;)

  48. Wow Rhe earring are beautiful and she is talented. Perfect assessors for summer. My favourite are the ones with the blue colour.

  49. I just love the same style that you are wearing. I’m like you -stretched ear lobes I prefer a post type earrings!! Love the white shell – will go with so many summer outfits!! Thank you

  50. Thanks for the lovely giveaway Susan! I would love the white/rattan shell earrings. Thanks so much!Joanne

  51. Hi Susan,

    I’d like to be entered in earring give away. I like the ones you are wearing.

    Thank you,
    Shirley Bridgford

  52. I love the Rattan with Shell earrings. Also enjoy wearing the light weight ruanna, which I have in several colors. Thank you for your elegant style suggestions.

  53. Hi Susan,

    I’d like to be entered in earring give away. I like the gold rattan earrings.

    Thank you,
    Shirley Bridgford

  54. I had to laugh when you said your ear lobes were stretched. At least I’m not the only one with this issue as I’ve gotten older. I can’t wear hoops anymore. They were my go-to earrings for years. I would love to be considered for the giveaway. After looking at the color choices I would love to have the same color earrings you are wearing … Rattan Earrings Shell Color in White. Thank you for your consideration!

  55. I love the rattan earrings in aqua. Aqua is one of my colors along with brown. They are beautiful and so different than any of the other rattan earrings I have seen.
    You look lovely Susan. I too am so happy to enjoy dinner out again and dressing up is a big plus.

  56. Beautiful outfit.
    Modest and so “ summery”. I love the rattan and white mother of pearl earrings.

  57. I’d love to have Style A of the intertwined rings as shown on the model wearing a hat in the second row on the website. Many thanks!

  58. Susan, thank you for showing us another lovely outfit and for giving one of your followers the opportunity to win a unique pair of earrings. I like the style that you’re wearing, also with the white shell.

  59. The rattan earrings are all beautiful, but I am partial to the shell ones that you chose. I live in Florida, so they would be perfect. Thank you for sharing her designs.

  60. Your outfit looks stunning and elegant, Susan. Thank you for offering the earrings. I prefer the White Shell earrings you were wearing.

  61. I love the natural rattan earrings with the pearl tops! You always look so stylish and chic!

  62. Love your outfit, love the earrings, all of them lovely, especially the pair you’re wearing.

  63. Susan, I love all the looks you put together and discussing how to dress to accentuate our best features is very helpful. I would also like to add that the photos you take of the places you visit are so very enjoyable. It’s like taking a mini vacation. I’ve been to Charleston on a couple of occasions and did not know about Magnolia Plantation, and because of your photos I intend to visit the next time I get out there. I’m landlocked here in Colorado but everyplace I vacation I try to find gardens to enjoy. Thanks again.

  64. Love the fresh water pearl on the gold wishbone!! Hope I win these!!
    As always, I enjoy following your blog Susan
    Peggy Ann

  65. Please enter me for a pair of the same earrings Susan is modeling in this post. I never thought about how to cover my drooping earlobes, just often choose not to wear earrings to avoid the drag! Thanks for another great tip, Susan.

  66. You look lovely in your red ruana. I love #2 the rattan with the pearls. Good luck everyone, have a nice weekend.

  67. I love the lightweight earrings that you are wearing. They would be perfect for my vacation at the beach in Gulf Shores!!

  68. I would have a very difficult time choosing just one style, but I think my favourite would be the style C ones under the Rattan Earrings With Pearl or Shell CHOICE tab. They are all very lovely.

  69. OHHHHHHH…I love style A rattan earring. Such an informative blog entry. Thank you so much!

  70. I love the gold rattan earrings! They are stunning. Your styles are always on point and I use a lot of your ideas in my wardrobe!

  71. I would love to wear a pair like the ones you are wearing! I love anything rattan. You look so summery.

  72. Hi Susan! Simple but elegant outfit and the earrings so compliment the look. My vote is for the white/natural earrings. Thanks for the giveaway and Suzanne too!

  73. The earings are beautiful! It will be so exciting for any of us to win a pair. Thank you for this chance to have a piece of jewelry that is new and says ” summer is here” I love the rattan and gold pearl!

  74. My favorite style of the earrings is style A, with the pearl and rattan . Your ruana is beautiful.

  75. My favorite earrings are the white/pearl color. Just beautiful. I love your outfit. The red RuAna is exquisite. So happy you have returned
    To your date nights! . Happy summer to you. Rita B

  76. I would choose the same earrings as yours. I love them in the blue colour as well, but I’d choose white because it’s the most natural looking and would coordinate with everything.

  77. Each style is very refreshing. The white shells on light rattan are my very favorite! The designer is quite talented. Thank you for the opportunity and thank you for her generosity.

  78. All are very nice but my favorite is the drop, freshwater pearl and rhinestone.
    Your outfits and jewelry always look good on you.

  79. You look like the picture of summer and I like the mention of Hero Pieces. I took you advice and no longer buy unless I have a plan for long-time use. So many items in my closet are seldom worn because I thought they were such a deal at the time. The earrings that your wearing are different from any I have seen. Pretty and unique. I was surprised that the prices (went to the link) are so good. Yours are my favorite since they go with any color.

  80. I would love to have the earrings you are wearing, Susan! Hard to choose – they are all beautiful!

  81. These look lovely on you! I’d choose the same style as you’re wearing – white shell with rattan disc with the hole in it. Thank you for this contest!

  82. If I don’t win the blue shell on light rattan I will have to buy them. Your giveaways have cost me lots of money!

  83. Hi Susan! I really like Style A of the pearl or shell choice on a wire earrings I have a short neck, so I like to make my earrings longer – which seems to give me a bit of a visual and vertical line to my shoulders. I could be all wrong about that – but I like it well enough. I’m on the lookout for a rattan shoulder bag for summer and glad to finally be getting out for some “real” shopping here now in California. Thank you for all the tips and updated looks you bring to us.
    DeeDee Stephens

  84. I love the white light rattan earrings and have purchased from beauty and stone per you’re recommendation previously and the quality is wonderful !
    Thank you for a chance to win!

  85. What a lovely outfit and your prefernce for earrings that do not show the piercing in such a fantastic idea – thank you for sharing it

  86. I love the rattan earrings style B with no shell. I do love wearing shells in summer especially in a necklace. Your silk Ruana is gorgeous. Enjoy summer!

  87. Nothing says summer like jewelry that sports a shell in its design.
    You look stunning in this outfit and I am sure Mr Mickey was beaming from ear to ear on your date! Enjoy the summer and stay cool!

  88. Hello Susan,

    The Beauty in Stone earrings I would love to win are the rattan earrings with the hole in the middle of the rattan and the pearl color shell. The identical ones that you are wearing in this Sweet Summer Giveaway promotion – casual yet elegant.
    I have admired your taste since I first stumbled upon your website and have tried to emulate your style, which seems to suit me. My wardrobe is less complicated and easier to navigate and any purchases I make are the best I can afford.
    Thank you for your selfless advice and suggestions.

    Kind regards,

  89. Oh I love B a pearl. Those are simply lovely. I love the whole outfit especially the silk wrap so ethereal. I’ve been to the Blackthorn years ago wonderful. It’s wonderful to get out and about now but I’m still distancing some just a habit now…

  90. The earrings are so attractive. I’d love to win the Rattan Earrings (with the circle in the center) in white.

    Thank you for your wonderful blogs.

  91. I love the idea of mixing casual with dressy. The pearl with the rattan is perfect to go with spring and summer florals and even beach attire. My favorite is white/light Rattan. Susan, I have really enjoyed picking up fashion tips from you, and Beauty in Stone jewelry is gorgeous.


  92. Lovely outfit Susan – including your unique earrings!
    I have a question about your hairstyle. How do you keep the section over your left eye from falling forward? Do you use hairspray? Because of COVID lockdowns, I haven’t been able to get a haircut for months and my hair has become out of control. I hate my hair falling into my eyes so, at the moment, pin it back with barrettes (not an attractive look!)! I’ll appreciate any advice you have. Thanks!

    1. When I blow the front of my hair dry, I lift the roots at the crown and the front with a round vented brush and dry those parts first. The side-swept bangs will fall forward sometimes, but it encourages me to stand up straight and hold my head high. I rarely use spray.

  93. What lovely earrings for summer! It’s difficult to choose, but I like the handmade wire Style A earrings the best.

  94. Love the Blue/Light. I’m a big fan of blue in my wardrobe! New to your newsletter. You’re so informative and classy.
    Enjoying all your insights!

  95. I am a new subscriber to your blog and am really enjoying it. Love the outfit. You look amazing. I love the earrings that you are wearing. I hope that i am the lucky one.

  96. I just love those rattan earrings! Please enter me in the drawing. I live in Florida and could wear those year round! Thank you Susan.

  97. If I won my choice of rattan earrings from Beauty In Store Jewelry, I would choose the B style.

    Roxann ♥️

  98. Hello Susan, I’m not even sure if I’m eligible as I live in UK but the earrings are so perfect for summer I thought I’d give it a go! All the colours are lovely but if I were lucky enough to win, I’d love the style and colour you’re wearing – the natural hoops with white shell – they would go with so much. I may not get to wear them in a holiday setting this year but there’s always next year!

  99. I love the rattan earrings that you are wearing, Susan! I too like to wear a lightweight ruana to cover my arms in the summer. It provides coverage and yet is not too hot.

  100. Love this look. The earrings are beautiful and so summery. I love the blue and natural rattan earrings. Thank you for the chance to get a pair for free.

  101. I love the rattan earrings you’re wearing in todays post! I never thought about it until now, but I can’t wait to remove jewelry halfway through the day because they just feel heavy!! I’ll have to look for some lightweight summer pieces.

    Thank you so much Susan.

    Susan Gainfort

  102. I love the rattan hoops with blue shell! So pretty for summer. Thank you for the beautiful summer look ideas.

  103. I love the earrings you have on! I’m ordering them now.
    I hope I win. I would get another color shell or give my daughter a pair.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  104. I am a man who enjoys reading your posts. They always brighten my day and “carry” me until your next post.

    You look so stylish in today’s offering. Thank you, too, for wearing the heels. You are the most stylish woman I ever have seen in heels. You are simply exquisite in them and in every way.

    Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Sunday and a pleasant week ahead.

    I eagerly await your nest post.

    Warmest wishes to you.

  105. Dear Susan,

    If chosen, I would love to have the rattan with pearl earrings.

    Many thanks,
    Jane Cooper

  106. Love ALL your posts!

    And Giveaways are always fun! My choice is: Style A, rattan & shell on french wires 🙂

  107. Wow. The earrings are so unique and something that I have never seen before. As I looked the decision was harder to make. I would love to win the rattan earrings style choice B. I like the two colors of the rattan and that they dangle.

  108. The rattan earrings with the white shell look great on Susan with her color hair. My hair is much darker and so I would opt for the blue shell color with the rattan.
    Thank you!

  109. Love the ones you are wearing, the other styles seem too big for me. I have purchased several things from Susan and have worn them on many occasions. You look wonderful from your date night.

  110. I think you made a good choice with the earrings you are wearing. Love rattan in the summer, and they would look great here in Beaufort!

  111. I love red on you! I’m so happy that you and Mr. Mickey are able to return to the places you love! My husband turns 70 next week with some health challenges; we are hopeful to return to our favorite places by Christmas. I look so forward to having someone else cook for us!

  112. Hello Susan, thanks for the chance to win the rattan earrings. I love the aqua colored ones. I’m happy to have found your site.

  113. Susan, you look especially gorgeous in your summer outfit but you always look beautiful.

    I would absolutely love to win the same rattan earrings you are wearing with the pearl top.

    As always, I look forward to your blogs.

    Have a blessed day.

  114. It would be delightful to win any pair of this lovely earrings; however, I think the pearl/rattan would be my choice.

  115. I love the pearl rattan just like you chose; my earlobes are the same. Guess that accounts for many years of wearing earrings.
    I so enjoy your posts and all the info you give to be stylish as the years pass. Thank you so much. So glad you recovered from COVID as did I. We are blessed people.

  116. Very pretty summer outfit with the beautiful and colorful silk Ruana. I like the earrings you are wearing. And thank you for the tip about lipstick application and woven,rattan accessories for summer:)

  117. I am always on the lookout for earrings that have impact, but that are light. Heavy esrrings hurt my ears. I’d love the rattan oval hoops with the shell at the top.

  118. Beautiful outfit! The definition of casual elegance. I like the same rattan pearl earrings that you are wearing, since they would be so versatile.

  119. I love the Rattan Earrings with Blue Shells. The Blue SHells remind me of the ocean. The shades id blue are impressive!

  120. What lovely flowers! And thanks for always inspiring me to dress up! I really like the shell earrings. The blue color is lovely and I’d pick them if I had the perfect dress. However, being a bit (too?) practical, I would go with the gold shell as I could use them a lot more often! Thank you for always posting your lovely surroundings!

  121. Love the earrings just like those you’re wearing. I love everything I’ve purchased from Beauty in Stone!

  122. That is a gorgeous summertime outfit! I love the white pearl/rattan post earrings and would be delighted to win a pair!

  123. Would love to win rattan earrings with white shells. Your hints are so helpful. Enjoy reading your posts!

  124. As always, your outfit looks lovely. I really like the “C” earrings you’re wearing. They lie close to your earlobe and won’t swing back and forth, like most drop earrings. Your blog is refreshing and inspiring, and is always a treat to read.

  125. Hi Susan,
    The rattan earrings with the blue abalone-like shell are my favorite. They remind me of San Diego, CA beaches. Thank you for your posts, I look forward to them every week. I truly think “red” is your power color, it transforms you!
    Christi Sachs

  126. Love this easy yet elegant look! And those earrings are gorgeous! I love the Rattan and Shell in style A.

  127. Hi Susan
    Your posts are so inspiring to me as a 65 year old woman. Age appropriate, stylish choices are your trademark and I’ve learned about new boutiques from you I have otherwise might not have located.

    Should I be selected to win the beautiful earrings, I prefer the natural white shell design you wore. Thank you and keep up the great posts.

    Paula Brooks
    Oklahoma City

  128. Love the earrings, in particular the white shell colour choice you are wearing, Susan. Due to hairdressers being closed during the pandemic for so many months here in Toronto, I now have reverted to my natural white/grey colour. I think these lovely earrings would be a nice complement to this change!

    I enjoy all the many ideas I have used from your terrific blog.

    Thank you,

  129. Hi Susan.
    Thanks for posting the photos of the beautiful flowers. The colors are so vibrant. You look beautiful in this outfit. I would be happy to wear any of the rattan earrings. The one you are wearing look so nice and have a warm weather vibe.
    Thanks to you and your friend for this giveaway. She offers beautiful pieces.


  130. You truly look royal amidst those beautiful flowers! I love the rattan look for summer and any of those A B, C, or D choices would suit me just fine. Isn’t it nice to get back to doing the things we love.

  131. I am trying to maybe purchase kimono. Can find it, but don’t know how to purchase things. What web site do I use to maybe purchase ?

    1. It is a link to an individual artist and not a big corporation. She and her family make these one-of-a-kind ruanas. I bought my first one in her tiny store located in Lewisburg, West Virginia. You may contact her via the Direct Message system on Instagram. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a website.

  132. Very disappointed with this posting. Too difficult to find out information on this ruana. The Website is not user friendly. I prefer postings that go directly to a site which posts the item prices. I am suspect of a store that I’m unfamiliar with where prices aren’t posted or one is compelled to give their email address. I am a new subscriber because I like your style and previous postings of outfits were more easily used.

    1. It is a link to an individual artist and not a big corporation. You may contact her via the Direct Message system on Instagram. She doesn’t have a website.

  133. I love your entire look. It is great for summer! The red ruana is perfect!

    All the ear rings are so cool, but my fav is the gold colored shell with the rattan.

    Thanks again for what you do, Susan.

  134. I love the red ruann look! Red to find similar on Missouri with the hot weather.
    Thanks for your help.

  135. I love the earrings! I would love to have the same ones you do. She’ll on light rattan. My sister and I read your posts regularly. We’ve learned a lot! Thank you

  136. The earrings are beautiful. I would love a pair of white shell/light rattan. I really enjoy your blog!!

  137. I would like the white rattan earrings. They would go with most all my summer outfits.
    I have purchased many of Beauty in Stones jewelry, because of being your faithful fan and how you present the jewelry on your bog. So if chosen to receive the earrings would be an honor.
    So again I want you to know how much I love your blog, and learn and get so many inspirational acknowledge from your talents. Thank you, Joan

  138. Love a pair of earrings exactly like yours! I live in Blowing Rock, NC so I would look very stylish. Thanks for the tips!

  139. The earrings are lovely! My choice would be the white ones just like yours.
    I have purchased several pieces from Suzanne. The quality and service are wonderful!
    I enjoy your posts so much- thank you.

  140. I would like to win the rattan earrings with the blue shell. They’re beautiful. You look lovely! Thank you.

  141. Beautiful post to enjoy on a Sunday morning. I saw you in this outfit on Facebook yesterday and thought how lovely you looked. I think the earrings you are wearing would be the perfect choice among the styles. It has inspired me to be on the lookout for something like this. They would be perfect with the RipSkirt Hawaii order I received yesterday in Maui Moonlight or any of their skirts. Thank you for this opportunity. What a fun giveaway!

  142. I have ordered pieces from her site per you’re comments and would love a chance to win the white shell and light rattan you pictured. Thank you

  143. Susan, I love your floaty summer outfit, and the earrings are beautiful. I would love to win the ones with the blue shell!


  144. First of all, you look stunning as usual. I love the accent with the all white basics. Wow. As far as the rattan earrings go. I think I prefer style A. So simple but so different.Perfect with any color this time of year. Thanks for starting my day as I dress for church this AM.

  145. I would love a chance to win a pair of the rattan earrings! They are so summery looking and lightweight! I love reading your blog. It’s been very helpful to me and your style is elegant!

  146. Susan, I would be thrilled to win the earrings you are wearing in the photos. I don’t think the lip color you are wearing is one I have seen before, but it is so lovely on you. Thank you for the tips regarding the application process. Your outfit is beautiful and I suspect you received several compliments. Wishing you continued good health and many more Friday night date nights!

  147. Susan, All the earrings are light and summery! I would love the white shell with light rattan earrings.

  148. I would like the same style you are wearing which, after looking at the website, I believe is style C.

  149. Susan, love your posts, they inspire me to embrace being over 60 with classy and chic looks and tips! Love the style A Ratan earings they can go with anything!

  150. Rattan and white are such a pretty combination. Suzanne is so creative. I love the set you are wearing and would enjoy wearing them here in Florida!!

  151. I love your blog and all the timeless articles and information!!!
    Quite honestly, I WOULD LOVE ANY PIECE should I be chosen!!!! They are beautiful!
    Thank you so much!!!!

  152. I love the rattan rattan earrings with the white shell.

    I live in British Columbia where we are experiencing a heat wave……forecasters are calling it a heat dome and we’re certainly not used to 40+ degree temps.

  153. I love the ruanas! I especially love the blue one. Every time I see you wear one I think….I’ve GOT to get one of those!!

  154. The are all beautiful but I would choose the rattan shell in blue. Thank you. Great post as usual!
    Thank you, Susan.

  155. Hi Susan. I love the Rattan Earrings with Pearl. They look like something that would be perfect to wear to lunch with my friends. Great conversation starter! Happy Summer!

  156. Such a lovely outfit, your ruana is pretty and makes your eyes pop! Love the Gold rattan earrings. Enjoy each and every post.

  157. Susan,
    I love your sense of restraint, intentional buying habits, and dedication to best quality, approachable style. You inspire me daily.
    I love, love the close rattan earrings with the natural/white shell, priced at $30.00. Great for all face shapes and very tidy in its profile,
    These earrings would be delicious for brunch or marketing on a weekend…so polished!
    Be well…..Bea

  158. Love your blog. You have excellent taste and I appreciate your advice on different body types.

  159. Susan:
    Your floaty summer look is perfect for a warm June dinner out. Love the color choices.
    If I won the earring giveaway, I would select Rattan earrings in white/natural. Thanks for today’s inspiration!

  160. Happy Summer! All the earrings are lovely; I would choose the freshwater pearl and rattan on the silver French wire.

  161. Hi Susan – I LOVE all the vibrant colors in this post! One day I hope to buy a beautiful ruana, very flattering. I am very appreciative of you and your friend for this offering! For versatility, I would choose the same as you are modeling. Take care!

  162. I love the fresh water pearls with wishbone earrings. They are perfect for summer white wardrobes!!! Looks very light weight as well!

  163. I like the rattan shell earrings that you have on.
    I am entering to win them.
    I love the way you dress and show us how to look fabulous no matter the weather.
    Thank you!

  164. The pearl earrings on wishbone wire are lovely as styled by you! Love them!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  165. Hi Susan,
    As usual you inspire me with all of your posts. I have bought several items from Beauty In Stone and am very happy with them..

    I would like the oval shape rattan with shells. If I don’t win I may have to buy them.

    Mary Ellen Todd

  166. This is a beautiful look for you and put together perfectly. I never knew what a ruana was until you introduced it. I always like something on my arms also. My pick would be the “Freshwater earrings” that have the pearl still in its shell. The flowers are gorgeous.

  167. What a sharp, crisp outfitt for summer, yet enough coverage for the cool air conditioning in stores or restaurants. So colorful! Thank your for this opportunity at a giveaway. I like the pair you are wearing.

  168. You look absolutely lovely! I’d love to win the earrings you are wearing in the white/light color. They’re so pretty and summery!

  169. I love the earrings you are wearing! Many thanks for helping women to age gracefully and stylishly!

  170. I would love the rattan white pearl earrings. Just perfect for my life at the beach. Thank you for your fashion updates.

  171. I love these statement earrings–the Rattan earrings in Shell/ Post (selection C). They are unique, light in scale, and very wearable (without being too large and heavy). Your outfit is so lovely and a great demonstration of these earrings.

  172. I LOVE the pearl and rattan wire earrings. They are prefect!
    Susan, thanks so much for your blog. I always look forward to your posts!

  173. Love the summertime look of the rattan earrings! I prefer the “gold” shell! Love your style! I’m 5’2” & have shied away from the flowing, ruana style…..what are your thoughts on the longer length on women who are not tall & willowy ?

    1. I am 5’6″. My tip is to keep the rest of your look slim fitting and one color. I also wear heels or wedges to make my legs look longer when I wear a longer ruana. There also shorter ones available.

  174. The red is stunning! The rattan earrings with pearl are my favorite. Thx for another giveaway!

  175. Sadly, as an Australian reader, we miss out on giveaways and even to buy as sometimes we cant get them shipped. But dreams are free and universal! The aqua ones are my total joy.

  176. Gorgeous outfit! All the earrings are beautiful, but I especially like the white shell on light rattan.

  177. I would choose the white/natural earrings. Thank you for your posts. I enjoy your style of dressing.

  178. I have never owned rattan earrings. They are fun and different. I would like to win the double loop ones!

  179. I love your elegant outfit for going out today!
    I would love to win a pair of the shell/rattan earrings with the shell the same color as the rattan. So beautiful!

  180. I love either. Style. I so enjoy reading your blog. You have inspired me to dress with style in mind. Thank you! My name is Michele Buckley from Belleville, Illinois.

  181. Hi Susan: I have been a fan of your blog for about a year or so. I so appreciate your down-to-earth advice. The bright ruana you are wearing is a stunning choice for you! The earrings are the perfect complement to your outfit. Thank you for sharing your style and a part of the country I do not know well.


  182. Love the rattan earrings with the shell.The ones that are teardrop shaped.
    I love love your
    Your ruana, bag and total look is stunning.

  183. The ruana you are wearing in the pics is just gorgeous, the colour just pops! The earrings just shout summer, and I would chose similar ones to the ones you wore. Once again, generous giveaway. Thank you Susan.

  184. Good Morning Susan, oh how i would love to win the rattan earrings you have on with the natural shell color. I visited the site and saw a lot of pretty choices. I’m like you though, I don’t want to stretch the holes where my earrings go in, so I’m very careful with the weight of my earrings. 2 summers ago I bought a set of 4 rattan earrings, a blogger mentioned they were lightweight, NOT true. I had to immediately give them away. thanks for keeping us stylish! Amy

  185. Loved the shell pattern, They do remind me of summer and an all too brief visit to Charleston, SC

  186. I LOVE these earrings for summer! So stylish and go with everything! My favorites are the Rattan earrings, style “A” with pearl or shell (these are a dangle earring). I also love the two-toned tear drop earrings but don’t think they are part of this give-away. Will definitely order if I don’t win!!

  187. Susan I so look forward to your posts. My favorite by far. It really is great to be able to get out again, after this past year. I would love the rattan earrings, the color works with my wardrobe and my coloring.

  188. Love these rattan earrings! I’d love to wear any of them, but am partial to the oblong ones without the shell. Thanks for continuing to expose all of us to new and interesting pieces Susan!!

  189. Your photos look like the flowers arranged themselves just for you. Your outfit looks gorgeous. I think I would like the white shell and and rattan earrings because they are so versatile. They are all so pretty. Thanks for the delightful giveaway.

  190. Hi — I love your Ruana, so summer-y! But I loved it during your holiday post last winter also.
    My favorite colors are turquoise and purple and I see the rattan earrings are available in turquoise.
    Would love to be the recipient of this pretty pair!
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  191. I would love the same ones you are wearing! What a lovely summer wardrobe addition they would be.

  192. Doesn’t it feel good to get to start going back out again? So glad that you and Mr. Mickey are enjoying your date nights once again! My husband and I are doing the same.

    As for the earring, choice #A is my favorite. I wear a ponytail in the summer, and I think the drop earrings would be really pretty!

  193. I like the white shell and rattan earrings you are wearing because they will go with almost anything, add a beachy, summery vibe to an outfit and would be a great style and size choice for my hair cut! They truly are unique!

  194. Happy Summer, Susan ! I love this look. You inspired me to purchase a wicker handbag and I’m loving it.

  195. I love the light rattan earrings with the Pearl shell! I would wear them to a summer retirement party in August!

  196. The rattan Beauty in Stone earrings are a perfect summer choice! I think (?) I like the A-post earrings, all rattan, on the display of four styles – A, B, C, and D. Love your ruana too!

  197. Awfully generous of you and tour friend to offer a give a way. Thank you. I do not have pierced ears so I would give them t9 my sister-in-law who’s birthday is coming up. She wears dangly earrings ngs so the dangly pearl or shell rattan would be the ones I choose!

  198. What beautiful and unique earrings. They are all lovely, but I would choose the white/natural post pair.

  199. Love the ruana colours! Suzanne’s earrings are so nice & summery. I love the light rattan & white pearl post ones!

  200. I just found your blog this morning on Pinterest. The name grabbed my attention – I’m also a Susan who is over 60! Lol! The photography and styles shown are lovely and really make your blog special. The earrings that would be the perfect gift for me are the blue rattan shell earrings with posts. I look forward to reading your blog again.

  201. Just loved everything about this post! I ordered the Rattan Earrings in Aqua/Natural today and thank you for noting to use the code towards the purchase. I can’t wait to receive them. They will look really nice with the Maui Moonlight skirt I recently received from RipSkirt Hawaii that has aqua in the print of the skirt. Sandals and perfect handbag at the ready! Thank you for the inspiration and all that you do.

  202. How fun! Love to read your lovely blog Susan! I would choose the white post as they would be the most versatile! Thank you!

  203. I just got to Beaufort SC and saw this blog. I love the earrings you chose. They are beautiful. I looked but they are 30$ per earring? But thanks for the discount. Still I can’t afford them

  204. Hi Susan! I enjoy your posts and the beautiful pictures. It really makes me want to visit that part of the US and now that travel is starting to open back up again I hope to plan a trip to that area. I like the earrings you show in your post. Post not clip on.

  205. The white shell post earrings you are wearing are my favorite. I just stumbled across your site today. Thank you for the fabulous inspiration!

  206. I would love to add the blue shell rattan earrings to my collection. I just purchased the white ones! Thanks for sharing this talented designer.

  207. I don’t know if the giveaway for the earrings is still available but I love the rattan with shell cover. Susan your blog has been such an inspiration to me. I now use counter time products and follow your health and wellness blogs too.
    thank you!

  208. The photographs are stunning in their composition and clarity. Kudos to you and Mr. Mickey I would consider framing some of the outdoor vistas.

  209. Tough choice, but I think the white shell on the light rattan is my choice. They are all so beautiful! Such a talented designed to see the absolute beauty in nature. Thanks for sharing her with us Susan.

  210. I like white top and jeans with the red scarf and red clutch bag like to know where you can find these .

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