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If you have been reading my blog for a while, you already know that I mostly share how I wear a few good quality basics on repeat. This navy cashmere sweater is about three years old. I’ve worn it three times already this month.

Last week, I wore the sweater with white jeans and block-heeled loafers to have dinner with friends. I filled in the low neckline with a small silk scarf. The lip color above is Girl’s Night here.

On another recent cold morning, I wore the sweater over a white tank top and jeans to visit the grocery store. (Sorry, no picture of that.) Lighting makes all the difference, so some photos don’t turn out with enough detail to tell a story.

On Sunday, I wore the navy sweater casually with jeans for another visit to Antlers Bar, the oldest continuously serving bar in North Carolina. I’m holding a fifty-one-inch square scarf from my now closed shopping site. I always take a scarf, sweater, or jacket with me from mid-September through mid-May.

Antlers Bar opened its doors in 1932 and has served beer and liquor (more or less legally) since then. With the most recent renovation, Antlers Bar is a balance of modern amenities and rustic nuances. We love to see the amazing collection of local pet photographs spanning 15 years. Bistro Roca is the fine-dining part of the restaurant, but we enjoy the casual neighborhood ambiance of the bar area.

A bottle of Scarpetta Prosecco Brut (Vintage Sparkling Wine from Prosecco, Italy) and plates of favorite items to share makes for a lovely casual afternoon.

The house-made smokey pimento cheese and herbed Boursin cheese are delicious. The lobster roll on a delicate buttery bun is excellent.

The bread pudding changes daily, and the cheesecake for the day included fresh berries.

We enjoy visiting Blowing Rock, NC, and the surrounding area for the history, diversity, beauty, and cool weather.

Grandfather Mountain is 5,945 feet above sea level, so it often wears a cover of clouds or fog. Its earliest snowfall on record was on September 10, 1964.

The late summer flowers at The Eseecola Lodge in nearby Linville are always a delight.

I have several cashmere sweaters that I handwash and lay flat on a towel to dry. They get softer with each year. Similar items to those I showed you today are linked below: Jeans, here and hereSweaterScarvesBagsShoesBootsSunglasses.

Recent outfits are here. Shopping links on this website may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

  1. Thank you for all the time you spend on this blog. I have followed you for years and have learned so much! Lately I have been focusing on the shoes you choose and why you choose them. Today I plan to add a new pair (or two) for fall.

  2. Happy birthday Susan! (the 13th, correct?). You don’t look at all your age, yet always stylish and appropriate. A real inspiration to us all.

  3. Hi there

    I am a knitter and I recommend not using a towel with your delicate sweaters. It can make them smell fusty and it can take longer to dry. I suggest using knitter’s drying mats or even children’s playing mats – the kind that lock together and have a textured surface.

    I use a gentle wash like “Soak” then roll up the garment in a towel to get rid of excess water. Then I spread them on the mat to dry.


  4. It appears you had a wonderful day on your birthday. You have so many beautiful places to visit and enjoy some delicious food.
    I always find it instructional to see how you style a simple outfit. Attention to a few details takes it to a wow level. Thank you for continuing to share your life and style with us. It has helped me tremendously to weather this lengthy pandemic.
    Have a beautiful year! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday Susan! I enjoy your outings so very much, especially since our area (Ontario)is still somewhat restricted. I also really love all the tips and combinations you use for your clothing on all your outings. The “pop” of colour (recommended by you in a previous blog)of my red purse really made a difference in a navy and white combination I wore recently. I received many compliments on an outfit I had worn before, yet the only difference was my red purse, with a navy, white and red scarf tied on it! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into your blog, particularly listing stores where we may find the same or similar items.

  6. Good morning Susan! Oh I love the beautiful photos you shared! I’m not able to travel like I’d like to and your excursions bless me 🙂 I appreciate the info on cashmere. I have never owned any but hope to some day. I like that you said they get softer with time. Susan, would you consider doing a post or series on weight loss? Once I reached 50, it seems impossible to lose the weight I need to lose. I’ve tried many things. Any direction would be beneficial and I wouldn’t hold you accountable for whether or not it works for me :)) I’m just trying to get back to walking in small steps after illness.
    Thank you and keep it up! Really look forward to and enjoy your blog.

    1. Skip a meal each day and/or use a smaller plate, never take seconds and try to eat more vegetables and less bread. I find the less I eat, the less I want to eat. I hope this helps you reach your goals.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! I don’t know how I missed your special day this year! I am so ashamed.
    Hope you had a joyful day with love all around you!! Hugs!

  8. Happy birthday dear Susan !
    I am very grateful for your inspirations about style , eating healthy ,adventures and much more !
    You are a treasure !

  9. I am envious of your cooler weather. It is still hot and dry where I live. I enjoy your blog and have followed you for a long time.

  10. I love cashmere but I find that even the expensive cashmere sweaters pill. Any tips for the pilling problems? I usually dry clean my cashmere sweaters but I am going to try to hand wash them like suggested. Thanks.

  11. Happy Happy Birthday. I really enjoy your blog. I have been following you for several years. You look beautiful and I like your simple style. I really have to get working on shoes.

  12. Thank you for yr postings!
    Adore navy blue in sweaters, pants, dresses, etc!
    You always look appropriately dressed for the occasion in pretty, yet practical, outfits.
    Have you ever thought about posting a list of clothes & shoes that most 60+ women should have, especially if they are retired or planning on retiring?

    1. I have shared some tips about what I’ve collected and how my retirement wardrobe has changed. Of course, the list would be different for each person, but I believe you need a few tops and bottoms in light, medium, and dark colors that flatter you. If the materials and colors can be mixed and matched, it allows you to create nearly endless outfits. Pieces that flatter your shape and fit your lifestyle will make getting dressed for any event easy.

  13. I am trying to convince myself that I can wear cashmere in Central Florida. I might can wear it for 3 months at the most. How do you store your cashmere sweaters when not able to wear them for several months. I continue to love your blog and all your posts are so informative.

  14. I love to see your outfits and how you put together classic pieces in different ways. Using 1 piece such as the sweater and paring it with different pants certainly change the look of the outfit. Please keep up that line of blogging. Also, I vacation in the Blowing Rock area several times a year, but am not familiar with the white church. It is lovely, but where is it located?

  15. Happy Birthday Susan! You look lovely in your 60s. Enjoyed the flowers! We used to do day trips like you but COVID changed that in AZ with it so bad so we still focus on home spruce-ups and are keeping future travel ideas in files for future fun! I enjoy your trip posts as love your scenery. Green!

  16. Hi Susan, what fun to see your story today as my husband and I were just eating at Bistro Roca last Monday night. Don’t you love all the framed photos of people’s beloved dogs! And it’s nice to visit Blowing Rock before it gets overrun with the leaf lookers. I am still enjoying your scarves and it’s nice to see them again in your posts.

  17. I’ve always looked forward to your blog over the years. It’s like a friend dropping in to visit. Beautiful photos and I have learned how simple basic pieces can wow just as much as the latest thing if you know how to style them. I do appreciate the straighter leg pants and pants that hit at my waist. It’s been hard to find them these last few years. Fashion sooner or later circles back to common sense. Out with skinny ripped jeans.

  18. We visited Blowing Rock recently while camping at Roan Mountain State Park! We love Roan Mountain, a beautiful park and campground! We then went to Warriors Path State Park. Enjoyed walking around Jonesborough but I did not do feel well that day and stopped and got a Covid test on the way back to our RV and tested positive so our trip was cut short! But love your are of our state!
    Wish I could wear cashmere but it just makes me itch within minutes of putting it on.
    Happy Belated Birthday! You are looking lovely as always!

  19. Happy birthday!
    I would love to know how you keep your scarf in place inside your V neck jumper (Aussie here),mine always work their way out or move around .

  20. Hello Susan. Can I ask, how do you store your jumpers. On hangers or flat in draws?

    Your pictures of such delicious looking food is making me hungry.


  21. Thank you Susan. I love the pictures of surrounding areas and a little history too.

    Enjoy your cooler weather.
    Patty V

  22. Hi Susan,
    I haven’t eaten anything yet today and your blog is making my mouth water. I would travel just to have that lobster roll! The desserts look divine as well!
    Love seeing your easy “looks” and your travels.
    I’ve never worn cashmere, as I’m allergic to wool, but I’m curious if you have any readers that are allergic, but have found cashmere workable? The sweaters are so beautiful, it would be worth the investment if I could wear them. Thanks!

  23. Susan,

    I love the look of cashmere sweaters but I cannot wear them, I have an allergic reaction to them. What are some alternatives?

  24. Susan, I just love how you share all the beautiful pictures of your outings. The only place I’ve been in North Carolina is Pine Knolls for the wedding of my nephew who was stationed at Camp Lejeune. The Pine Knoll Aquarium was a beautiful venue for the wedding. I must look into some of the cities you write about and expand my horizons travel-wise.
    The sweater is gorgeous. After checking your link I found that it also has some stretch to it. That is a big plus since the lower-priced choices tend to bag and get out of shape. I will seriously consider purchasing it since it’s classic.

    Glad you enjoyed your day and thanks for all the great posts.

  25. Happy belated birthday! Thank you for sharing link for a similar silk scarf. I was able to get it at Talbots in Canada and I love it. Told my husband it is an early Christmas present to myself!

  26. It’s amazing how the cut and length of those pants give you such a long and lean look. I think I’ll be ordering some today!

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