A Blazer and Jeans

A blazer over a pair of jeans has been one of my favorite fall combinations since the nineties. The elements have become a little more sophisticated as I age, and thoughtful styling is more important.

Today, I’m sharing the styling tips that have been most helpful to me:
Blazers should close, even if you intend always to wear them open.
When I wear a long blazer, such as the one shown here, I always tuck in the top or wear a belt over it since losing the waistline under another long layer always makes me look shorter and broader.
If the blazer is oversized, wear more fitted garments beneath it.

Necklaces should rest comfortably over your neckline above the bust. The necklace is long, so I slipped the toggle through one of the links to make it shorter.

All of the elements in my look are more than a year old, so I will share links to similar items. BlazerJeansCamiBag – Shoes here and here. My lip color is Plum: True Berry here.

Mr. Mickey also wore elements purchased a few years ago. Here are similar items to his. ShirtPantsLoafers.

We wore these casual looks to enjoy a drive through the mountains and a late afternoon meal at Antler’s Bar in Blowing Rock, NC. The rain had stopped for the day, but the temperatures were only in the high sixties.

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  1. Might be a casual look but both of you are always classy and neat from head to toe.
    Thanks for the reminder that you can easily shorten a necklace by hooking lower in the chain.
    I always struggle trying to wear necklaces with a v neck or a button up shirt.

  2. Another look I’d be comfortable wearing every day. I know a v-necked top is slimming, but I tend to wear boat-necked knit tops under a blazer. Your slim jeans give this outfit an edgy look which is very flattering on you, Susan. You and Mr Mickey are a spiffy pair!

  3. Hi Susan, after reading your blog for several years, I can now see how exposing your collar bone, part of your arm, and ankles, plus wearing nude color shoes, makes your look more flattering! I am thankful that you have taught me, and so many others, these styling tips. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I have followed your column for years and can’t get over how much younger you look with short hair! Plus, the last two outfits have been so youthful…very inspiring.

  5. I love this blazer/jean combination ! This is my “uniform”! But I normally wear booties in fall and winter and loafers in spring and summer. I rarely wear heels anymore although I love them but it is an issue with balance so I wear shoes with heels shorter than 2”. I am trying to lose 25 Covid lbs. lost 12 so far in two weeks. I am semi retired but very active in different organizations. Love your area of Tennessee and N Carolina. I live in Texas and we are still in the high 90’s. Looking forward to fall! Thanks for your tips! They are always useful!

  6. You look great in this and in the other photo the other day with the jeans and the gray sweater top and Mr. Mickey always looks great!

  7. Susan, you look so chic and classy as usual! At age 66 I’m finding too that more simple styles and better quality are very important.

  8. Thank you for sharing your pasta recipe last post. Can’t wait to try! Continue to live a beautiful lifestyle and have fun, you & Mr. Mickey!

  9. I love the background. There’s just not anything more classic than a black blazer with jeans. I usually wear loafers but boots are great too. Or sneakers now that I think about it. I wish I could wear heels but being careful is more important than being cute at a certain age.

  10. Susan,
    Thank you for making my day. You are stunningly exquisite regardless of the outfit you select. You are certainly beautiful in your blazer and jeans.. You have given my day a lift. Hope you and Mr. Mickey have a splendid weekend.

  11. Hi Susan,
    Always love your classic look. Was wondering if you would put together an out for air parable?
    Would also be fun to show what you would pack for a week in a carryon. My week away will include two
    days in Vagus as well as national parks and so will need a mixed bag.
    Thanks for all your tips.
    Judy O

  12. I am coming to really appreciate this look of blazers with jeans. It is classy, yet can be casual. How to style our clothing pieces that we wear with it was exceptional helpful. Great tips.
    Thank you again for your on going education for many of us baby boomers.

  13. These last two looks you’ve posted are in my favorites category! So casual and yet modern. You do modern so well susan!
    Question…. I have a pair of shoes I want to wear this winter and I cannot go without socks once the temp drops to 65° and below. They are camel in color with a vamp that is a bit higher than a pump but not as high cut as a loafer. I have trouser socks the same color as the shoes and do wear my jeans past the ankle in winter. I wouldn’t have even considered this when I was younger (smile) but thinking at 70 I can get by with it. What is your advice on this Susan?? Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi Susan, I love your tips! Question for you: If you’re wearing a shorter jacket, would a longer necklace work then?

    I’m short (5’2″) so do what I can to appear taller. People are always surprised when I tell them my height; they
    think I’m taller. So, I must be doing something right, though not consciously aware of why.

    I generally think shorter tops and jackets or those hitting mid-hip look better on me but love this look on you.
    I can see that the belt, the V-neck, and the shorter necklace with the long blazer works to bring the eye up so maybe that would work for me, despite my height.

    I ordered the Lariat from Beauty in Stone on your referral. Considering my height, when would it work for me to wear it long?
    Thanks much, Linda

    1. Vertical lines from open jackets or necklaces and V necklines, and even pointed-toe shoes can make you look taller. Wearing shorter jackets and sweaters that show the full length of your legs and wearing one similar color from shoulders to toes also helps make us look taller than we are.

  15. Such a great look! Casual yet chic, accessorized perfectly but not over-accessorized. A smart look that isn’t matronly. Love it!

  16. I use this trick to keep the sleeves of my jacket up,
    1) scrunch up the sleeves a bit
    2) use a rubber and or a hair scrunchy to secure in place (not tight please),
    3) arrange the sleeve around it to cover the band holding them in place.

    Hope it works for you.

  17. Love a blazer with jeans. One of my go-to outfits. with the top tucked in, it gives the illusion of where my waist once was. lol. So happy that you and Mr. Mickey are still out and about.

  18. Hello Susan
    You are very creative with your clothes. Thank you for the tips. Do you have a recommendation for non slip ankle winter boots. I just moved to the East coast and I’ve been trying to find affordable boots to wear grocery shopping and church.
    Thank you.

  19. Hi Susan. I have some questions about handbags. How many handbags you own? Does it get annoying to move items from one handbag to another or do you have a trick for that? If you have limited room to store bags and a limited budget what one or two bags would you keep to go with everything?

    1. I have more bags than I need, but I have been collecting them for a few years, and some of them were gifts. I keep my items in small zipper pouches in different colors of leather. I know what items are in each, grab only what I will need for the outing, and then add it to the bag that complements what I am wearing. If I only had room for two bags, I would look for a small to medium-sized tan one and one in black.

  20. I have very broad shoulders and so many blazers have shoulder pads . I think it makes me look bigger – your thoughts please.

  21. I have followed your blog for a few years now and have really enjoyed so much about it. Increasingly I find myself feeling a bit frustrated, because you model clothes with shopping links, but more often than not the links are not to what you have on. Why is that?

    It would be very nice if you linked to clothes that are currently available so we at least have a chance of purchasing an item we admire on you. Additional links to similar items are then a bonus.


    1. Instead of shopping for something new every week, I focus on making wise buying decisions and using creativity to put together appropriate looks for the retired life I live now. I only buy things I plan to wear for a few seasons in numerous ways, so of course, you will see repeats, and they may not still be available. I encourage creativity instead of constant shopping.

  22. What a great, flattering look! I like to wear blazers with jeans, too. It’s comfortable, casual-yet-dressed-up, and works with the basic pieces in my wardrobe. I love your shoes! Beautiful color and style.

  23. Hi Susan, as always love your outfits. Could you please give an update on the style of shoes you wear with different outfits these days . I now find that in my 70s I need comfortable shoes with arch support. Sneakers with arch support are ok for casual jean outfits, but would like something more dressy but comfortable to wear for dressier occasions. Thanks

  24. Hi Susan,

    I always love your beautiful, put-together looks! In an effort to try to establish some basics in my wardrobe, I recently purchased a navy blue blazer similar to the one in your photo in your “Blazer and Jeans” post. I am wondering if there is a “correct” length that someone should strive for in a blazer? I am about 5’3″ and am about a size 18. I purchased the Ralph Lauren sweater blazer in a size 2X and it does seem to fit me well, but I am wondering if it might be just a tad too long. It comes to the end of my fingertips. Since I am already height deficient (haha) I don’t want to appear even shorter. Should I wear it with dark denim to give a longer, leaner look? It was fairly expensive ($200) so I would want to return it if getting a shorter blazer would be more flattering. What are your thoughts?


    1. Cindy, your best blazer will end where your legs bend at the hip. Your goal is not to cover the length of your legs. Wearing one color from top to toe is another way to look taller and leaner.

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