Summer Pants Lengths

Most of the USA is having warmer weather now, so the various lengths of pants are coming out of storage. It’s a good idea to be aware of where the hemline ends on your leg. I aim for the most narrow part just above my ankle when I am wearing straight ankle pants. Flare leg crop pants should also end at the most slender part of the leg.

Longer flare leg pants (palazzo styles too) should almost cover your shoes. The hemline of your pants should never bunch or puddle on the top of your foot. It looks more current in warm weather to show the ankle bones in slim-fitting pants, rather than wear them to the top of the foot as we did when we were younger. (I don’t wear shorts or capris.) Capris are not very flattering because they stop at the widest part of the calf. I am wearing my shortest ankle pants in these photos.

Now that we’ve discussed the bottom half, let’s talk about the most comfortable, smoothing, slenderizing bra ever!

Visit and use the code FIRSTTIMEBUYER10 for a $10 off discount entered at checkout.

This is not a sponsored post. I genuinely enjoy sharing great products and ideas with you. These are the smoothing longline bras I wear every day. The Ultimate slimming smoothing bra!

That’s Staci above, showing you how she looks with a regular bra and a Shapeez bra. (She is the creator of Shapeez bras.)

  1. I am always interested in makeup tips for us older ladies…. want to look as good as I can as I age.

  2. With warm weather coming, I’d like to see a segment on flattering swimsuits for older ladies ! They’re so hard to find !

  3. I have lots of jewelry- very nice yellow gold, gemstones, etc in addition to an obsessive collection of fine costume jewelry (Chico’s, Coldwater Creek,etc) that I have collected over the years. I am careful to wear one statement piece at a time and not over do it. Do you wear gemstone jewelry? If so, could you give styling ideas? I have followed you for 2-3 years and greet each post with anticipation. You have changed my shopping habits and helped me further define my style. Thank you so much!

  4. Susan, really enjoyed your dressing room post at j jill. Would like to see another similar post from Chico’s, Talbot’s, etc

  5. I would love to win the Shapeeze, Susan!
    One topic I. Interested in right now is how to dress for a long flight.
    Thank you!

  6. I’d love a tutorial of some sort on how u style your hair. I love it short. I also have wavy hair that’s short.

  7. More on hot weather alternatives to shorts/capris please! Also tips on keeping cool and fresh in the summertime! Love your blog! Thanks

  8. Good Morning Susan,

    Like you, my skin coloring looks best in cool colors. I’d really enjoy having you discuss in detail how colors from the wheel can be added into our daily wardrobe by knowing the different shades that would compliment us. I look at the color wheel and sometimes wish it was broken down in more detail. Some shades of blue work for me and others don’t. Understanding and having your blog to refer to would be great for so many I’m sure.

    Thank you again for all the wonderful posts you do, I realize the work involved in putting them together is time consuming. You’ve been a inspiration to so many, including myself. I run my own business from home and always make sure to be presentable to the world and my family every day. Thank you!

    1. I’d like to see an in depth tutorial on your Beauty Counter skincare routine, when and how often you use the products, if not daily.
      Hope that makes sense! Thanks

  9. Your outfit today gave me inspiration for my own, as it often does! I would like to see a blog post on how to stay fresh in the heat of the summer when you are traveling all day on foot, as in Europe for example. I often must default to wearing Birkenstock sandals because they are SO comfortable for walking around and they have made them more attractive (colors/patterns/bling/thongs or strappy styles), but I find it hard to feel glamorous and “put together” when touring. When we are young it doesn’t matter so much but when we are “of a certain age”, we simply look wilted, ragged, and haggard. Any tips? (P.S. I love the smooth back and do like the comfort of Shapeez but being petite and “ample” I wear the Silkee short.)

  10. You always look great & stylish. I would like to find more petite pants & tops. Thank you for sharing with us on looking our best.

  11. I totally agree with you on the length of our pants…..especially the older I get. I NEVER wear shorts or capri pants!! AND……I ❤️ the Shapeez bra’s! I found them through your blog! Thank you for that. As always, you look terrific in everything you style for us. I’ve gotten so many good ideas since I discovered your blog!!

  12. Would love to try the shapers bra. I would love to have you talk about what jewelry styles work best with different outfits.

  13. Sue, some things I have learned from you have changed my life! (LOL) but seriously, these bras took the torture out of the process for me. They are the only ones I buy. By the way, the other life altering thing was My Fair Lady and your scarves. Their flair jackets are now a staple in my closet and people always comment on them and your scarves are now part of my signature look. Perfect for the office. Keep up your amazing work. Sadly, in NY it is still kind of winter, but looking forward to a nice spring! Fondly, Jackie

  14. I really need a better bra….I’m going to check into these because the results are amazing! As for what you could blog in the future, casual wear for summer is a good topic. Especially in the south….I live in west TN and it gets extremely hot sot that sometimes we “slouch” and it’s not very flattering. thanks

  15. I would like to hear more about Skin care. I have dry, itchy skin now that I’m older. Also, the skin on my hands is noticeably thinner. Amy advice would be appreciated.

  16. I would LOVE to win the Shapeez Bra! I’m a “fluffy” 65+ who lives in a beach/resort area. I deal with some back issues and have some interesting back rolls that I would like to hide with one of these Shapeez Bras.


  17. I was prompted to try the Shapeez bras after learning about them in your previous posts. I searched them out and on a recent trip into Minneapolis went to the von Maur department store and was happy to be fitted in a long Tankee. It truly is all you have said. Although I don’t wear it every day, I find it perfect for creating a smooth back line and trim tummy when wearing knits, close fitting tops and slim pants. I was surprised how comfortable it is. Many thanks for introducing us to Shapeez.

  18. HI Susan… I had breast cancer 25 years ago I would love to try a Shapeez bra. Since have chemo therapy I have very sensitive skin so I have a hard time wearing anything with polyester. Would you please address how to stay cool in the summer with natural fabric clothing.

  19. Hi Susan, you are looking great! I have one Shapeez which is not comfortable for me. Do they have any which are not underwire? I wasn’t able to find any. I do love the slimming effect it gives. Thanks, Angela (PS just took advantage of Beautycounter Friends & Family sale to stock up!)

  20. I only have one of these bras so don’t wear every day. I love it and hope to have more in the future.

  21. Susan, I love your blog. I have been reading your blog for about 9 years. We are the same age and I find your style closer to mine than any of the other blogs I have found. I love getting up on MWF to see what you have to say. I also enjoy tagging along on your dates with Mr Mickey. You do look like you have fun. I would love one of these bras to try.

  22. I would love one of these bras but had already gone to the website when you talked about them before and all seem to have underwires. I’m afraid I have too much belly and when I sit it pushes the bra up. They are fine when I stand .

  23. I don’t wear shorts or capris either, or sleeveless tops or dresses. We moved from Michigan to Florida five years ago and I haven’t found my new style yet. The summers here are brutal and it’s hard to dress modest and not wilt when you walk out the door. Maybe a post on breathable fabrics, loose tops that are cool yet stylish, pants that look summery. The style in the Vero Beach area is very casual and women seem to dress for comfort rather than style. I like to look put together but always end up feeling over dressed and out of step. Love your blog, thank you for all the great style tips.

  24. Hints for hats ! I really do not like to wear them because there is no solution for hat hair. However, in East Alabama sun; especially Auburn football games, a hat is a necessity. But to me they are hot, the big floppies make me look short and squat. My go to is still a ball cap style with the longer bill to protect me from sun and glare. What is a 67 year to do ?

    Love your pics and advise.

  25. Hi Susan!
    I love your clothing choices, but I need long length pants. A lot of the items you have, I can’t get that way. My legs are too long for a lot of the ankle pants. They hit me way too high above the ankle. If there is anyway you can feature clothing that will fit me properly I’d appreciate it.

  26. I have struggled for a long time finding the right bra. I have been professionally fitted by personal at Dillard’s and at Victoria’s Secret. They all want me to have underwire bras because of my size. I hate them. They are uncomfortable and I’m 64 yrs old and my breast seep out the bottom. Ridiculous. Then of course you still have the underarm bulge and the back bulge because they have it has to be tighter so the breasts don’t seep out the bottom.
    I would love to try this bra. Looks like it might solve my three issues. Thanks again

  27. Love your blog. I am interested in ideas for what to wear to a 5pm wedding this spring. The invitation says “black tie optional”. Are lighter colors appropriate? Are there options besides a dress?

    1. Take a look at I always suggest their website because they have a large selection of dresses and dressy pantsuits/sets appropriate for attending a wedding or mother of the bride or groom.

    2. I would like to see a post about things that make your life more convenient when you travel (like a roll up water bottle). I always enjoy your ideas.

  28. I eagerly look forward to your posts — they are so helpful! Thank you for the Shapeez bra suggestion. I am anxious to try one. We live in a very warm climate. I would like to see some attractive alternatives to sleeveless blouses.

  29. Hi Susan,

    I am always interested in makeup tips & flattering swimsuits for older women.

    I would love to win a Shapeez bra.

  30. Hi
    Now that I have found you I follow all your postings. I am working on cleaning out the closet and setting it up on your suggestions.
    My suggestion for a future discussion topic would be: what colors should I shop for that would compliment my coloring which is warm not cool. The colors that look great on you I tend to avoid since they do nothing for me. Black, Navy or Red near my face make me look sick! Haha
    Would appreciate help in designing a wardrobe with the basic pieces in the right colors.
    Thank you for all your great ideas I have learned already from your site!
    Kathy Peterik

  31. I really enjoy reading your blog. I’d be interested in learning more about your exercise routine and also about makeup tips. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the tip about the length for ankle pants. I am in my seventies and was not aware that they should be shorter than I have been wearing them. Thanks for all your posts. I have learned so much. Just packed for a week trip from Florida to New England and used your ideas for capsule wardrobe. I would love to try a Shapeez bra.

  32. Hello Susan,

    As I’ve stated before, I love your posts and since I began reading them, I have successfully implemented many of the topics you have blogged about.

    One thing that seems so simple that I’m having difficulty with is the front tuck of tops and shirts, but mainly shirts. They always seem to look messy or make my stomach look more pronounced when it isn’t. Do you tuck and smooth the front of the shirt then pull it up slightly? Or do you leave it completely tucked in? I just can’t get it right or figure out what I’m doing wrong. You make it look so effortless.

    1. Hi Lisa. Thanks for the comment and question. I have found that the front tuck works best with lower rise pants. I tuck the front in and then lift my arms over my head to loosen it up a bit. I have almost stopped doing the partial tucks.

  33. I would love to see a blog on white blouses and tops. With summer coming upon us the crispness of a white blouse is so classy! Love your blogs!

  34. I would love to see a column now and then featuring a petite, mature model in real clothes and with tips about fit. Most mature, petite women slip over into frumpy (or dumpy) with ease, because so many of the petite clothes are not current. This is a problem with which I struggle.

    Would love to try a Shapeez but most shapewear is too long for me, causing roll-up (I have a tummy). I am sure Shapeez has a bra that addresses this problem but there is no local retailer in Northwest Alabama.

  35. Susan, I enjoy reading your blog. I would enjoy hearing more about your skin care routine as well as makeup tips. Thanks

  36. I would love a post about dressing in hot weather. I know you don’t wear capris or shorts and I get it. I know they are not flattering on me, either, but everybody wears them in the summer! My son lives in Japan so we go and visit often and they don’t wear capris there, either. I’m always fascinated on the fashion there. They wear cropped wide leg pants and lots of linen since it’s so hot there in the summer. Also, lots of dresses and skirts. I’m trying to figure it out. They are also small, petite people and everything looks good on them! Linen gets so wrinkled but I might try it this year. Maybe a blog post on how to wear linen? Anyway, love your blog!

  37. Susan, I would love to read about choosing the correct color of shoes to match different pant colors. For example, my legs and feet are very pale and when I wear black pants and black shoes I feel like my feet really stand out (and not in a good way).

  38. Do you have ideas for what to pack for a cruise? We are going on our first cruise and I need ideas on what to pack for formal and casual smart dinners. Thanks!

    1. I packed pieces that were light airy comfortable and worked with each other. Different accessories can change the look. I took a simple red dress last time to wear to formal dinners. The jeweled sandals I wore with it also worked with the other looks I wore for more casual meals.

      1. Thank you so much. I look forward to your posts and have gotten lots of good ideas forom you. I’ve been wanting to try the Shapeez Bra. Hope I am lucky enough to be a winner!

  39. Susan, is it appropriate to visit the ladies room immediately upon entering a restaurant or a building for a function to tidy your hair. I live in the southwest and we have lots of wind. I don’t feel put together if I have wind blown hair, but I feel uncomfortable heading for the ladies room so quickly. Also could you remind us about checking for “Headrest Hair” before exiting the car. I’ve also heard it called “recliner hair”. Thank you.

  40. Topic idea – what to wear to a theme park or fair during the heat of summer while trying to keep up with the grandchildren.

  41. Hi Susan, I sent an email about the giveaway and just wanted to say that your blog has really helped me find my style. Thank you.

  42. I am going to try NOT to wear capris this summer. I never wear shorts anyway. But it’s going to be a challenge here in the Rio Grande Valley

  43. I would like a post on how to care for cashmere sweaters, especially as you store them away for the summer. I hesitate to buy them because I don’t know how to care for them.

    We’re supposed to be 82 in Atlanta today. Yea!

    1. Cashmere can be hand-washed and rolled up in a towel to press it dry. (Never wring or scrub.) Use a gentle detergent and squeeze clean water through the sweater until there are no suds. Lay flat on a towel to air dry. Never put your cashmere in the dryer. They can be dry cleaned also.

  44. I think something that could be shared is the mental difference between the reality of my body/shape showing its age (50’s) and what styles I actually like.
    I am petite but now am rather curvy pear now, but when I was younger and thinner I could wear the styles I liked without much thought. Now, sometimes I feel just silly. The style that I really enjoy is a boho beachy or gypsy like. My head is stuck at somewhere around 25 but my body has moved on!
    How can I grow up to look like you?

  45. I would love to win the shapeez bra! I usually wear shaper panties and then a shaper top, so having all in one would be a dream! For blog topics, it’s vacation time and although I know you’ve blogged about what to pack fairly often, how about something that is how to pack for flying and longer week+, how to pack so things don’t end up looking like a wrinkled mess, really practical toiletry bags, how to pack less and make it look like more outfits, etc. I know friends who find they are able to travel with just a carryon, but with the TSA rules, my cosmetics and toiletries exceed that quart bag and rule out carry on for me.

  46. Would love to try a Shapezz bra, after all your praise for them I’m sure they must be great. Living in the U.K. I cannot find anything similar but will be visiting New Orleans, Memphis and Nashville in Sept so I hope to find a shop somewhere along the way. Thank you Susan for the time and effort you put into your blog you are a great source of information on how to dress with style.

    1. Thank you for all of your suggestions for dressing appropriately but not frumpy. I would love more hairstyle suggestions for those of us who have fine, straighter hair. I would love to try a Shapeez bra!

  47. It’s all in the details! A recap of your tips on accessorizing from head to toe perhaps. My favorites from your blog: Shapeez, of course! And learning about proportions.

    I believe you mentioned scarf magnets and I would like a visual on how to use them. Also, I discovered I can wear brooches AND protect the fabric better (one or two plastic backs), not sure where I read about that. Some ladies use fabric to prevent damage. I even struggle with placement of brooches, especially with a scarf added.

    Conversation piece ideas would be fun. Most ladies will customize the general idea for their unique style. Incorporating what we already own by using our accessories or updating hats, sunglasses and costume jewelry.

    As another lady mentioned, styling white blouses. Or any shirt or top with a collar. I’m thinking what a great clean slate for spring/summer accessories. Also, how to use cute summer totes. I might purchase one to put my 3rd piece and scarf in. What tips and tricks do you have for being organized and prepared with a summer tote?

  48. Hi, Susan,
    Wow! Would I ever love another of their super-wonderful bras!
    My subject : please address how we shortie seniors with high waists and grande spare tires yet wear petite 6-8, can wear your gorgeous scarves , looking longer and stylish

    Because of your pics, I am trying to consider the above-the -ankle pants for summer in Houston, Texas

  49. I would like a post on bathing suits, I would like a solid color black , flattering with no sparkles, no cut outs, no gold buttons etc. one without a low cut front that you could actually swim in. I have a wrap style that’s nice but still too low cut. I had to pin it. I’m in my 60’s I live in Florida and I swim. I also kayak so a post for active wear for our age group would be fabulous. My friends do wear shorts because it’s so hot here. I just got back from Disney visiting my grandchildren and it was 90 degrees. Thanks for all you do.

  50. I tried Shapeez because of your comments and now have two. Love them. I would love to have your comments on a swimsuit that is not too frumpy, but still covers everything.

  51. How to choose a jacket for layering- cut, style, color, length.
    How to choose which color/style of purse with your outfit.
    How to choose which color/style hat with your outfit.

  52. I LOVE my Shapeez! Best kept secret. You are such an inspiration to me and I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Would like to see more on hair styles and makeup for 60+ readers.

  53. I’d love to see you do some “make-overs”!! I know some of the women have talked about other body types that they have, (and for me personally, I’m pear-shaped), so it would be neat to see you take some of your good friends or sister or Mr Mickey’s daughter or whomever, and do their make-over! We all like to see transformations!! Just a thought!!

  54. How about incorporating your basics into special occasion clothing? I rarely need something for a special occasion but do a couple times a year. I don’t want to spend a fortune on something I don’t wear much so thought you might have some ideas for something that would be flattering and special and you could use with basic skirts or pants. Thank you!

  55. Hi Susan-
    Can you talk about outfits that can go from really casual like walking or food shopping to restaurant-ready? I’m Often doing chores or want to take a walk before/after meeting a friend at a nice restaurant and I’m either painfully overdressed or look sloppy casual. Do you always have flats or sneakers in your car?

    I’ve been enjoying your posts for quite a wile. So much of what you say is obvious—- once you’ve said it! I’m working on getting a taller look (I ‘m a bit under 5 feet).

  56. Thanks, Susan, for showcasing the Shapeez bras! I have loved the idea of a longline full back bra to offer good support for the girls, plus contain those soft rolls. I feel like I’ve conquered my lifelong struggle with weight using Weight Watchers’ plan (10+years at goal weight), but being a full busted inverted triangle gal who just turned 66, there seems to be a fair amount of soft tissue to be contained & smoothed, even at 5’6″ & 147 lbs. The longline bras I’ve tried on have never fit well in the front or even been available in a size that accounts for a full cup size together with a ‘normal’ band size. I’m at least tempted to give Shapeez a try if you feel there’s a size right for me.

    1. Please contact the folks at the website for Shapeez. They are trained to help you find the correct size. My best fit choice is always my knit shirt size plus my bra cup size. (Medium DD for example)

  57. Susan, as with so many other things, I discovered the Shapeez bra because of you and LOVE them!!! I would love a post on planning for a trip overseas that will include “serious” walking in warm and cool weather, casual and formal evening wear and (sigh…) a 7-hour plane torture. BTW, my husband has started referring to “Susan” whenever he sees me in a new outfit!.He won’t admit it, but I think he appreciates you also!

  58. Morning Susan. I have been letting my hair go grey to my natural colour. I have noticed how my makeup looks quite dark and artificial (its a colour I have used for years) also some colours that I always loved to wear do not look good on me any more. Have other people had this problem and how do you transition into this new phase of life. I know you have probably covered this topic before but now I am at this stage of change I think I need a refresher.
    Kind Regards
    Janne Bradley

  59. You are a mind reader. Yesterday I was looking up an older post about pant lengths. My request would to continue this topic with more photos and more examples. Love your blog!

  60. Susan I adore your blog, have been following you for years and feel like we are actually friends. I would love to see a bathing suit post as bathing suit shopping gives me severe anxiety. Please consider me for the Shapeez give-away. Thank you so much for all you do.



    PS Please enter me in your contest/giveaway.

  62. Susan, as usual your blog is very useful. I am 5’4″ ( which means sometimes I’m a petite, sometimes not). My “to to” for pants is Chicos Juliet style; in those I take a regular as opposed to petite. They are more like regular (not ankle) on me and I love them! Keep up the good work. I’d like to see several options for swimsuit cover ups, including using your 51″ scarves.

  63. I LOVE my Ultimate Pretty Shapeez bras. It is all because of you, Susan, that I wear them. I checked their website and was lucky enough to find a store that carried them. This made it nice to go in and try on to determine the correct size for me. I never notice the underwire. There is no more pulling up straps or tugging on the band around the back. On top of that my husband comments on how nice and slenderizing I look under a t-shirt. Thank you again for all you do!

  64. I would love to know what to wear to a summer wedding (August). It’s on Long Island and I don’t know if it’s inside or outside. I have learned so much from your blog and have eliminated many items from my wardrobe. Thank you!

  65. Susan, I so enjoy your blog! I would love to see a post on cruise wear for the over 60 gals (almost 70!!). My husband and I will be celebrating out 50th wedding anniversary next year and are planning a Caribbean cruise with our family. I don’t want to have to take an overload of clothes but want to be dressed nicely.

  66. The discount code did not work for me on the shapezz bra. Looks very comfortable and would love to buy it. Also, shipping is $8.95 which seems very high for something this light weight.

    1. Please email the folks at Shapeez. They gave me the code yesterday. The bras come beautifully packaged and stuffed with tissue inside a box so that the cups do not get crushed.

  67. Hi Susan, I have been reading your blog for years and it is still one of my favorites! I love how you combine colors, which gives me ideas on how to style my outfits. I’d love to see more casual dressing posts, but still look stylish. Thanks for all your tips and tricks, always looking forward to your posts!!

  68. How about something along the lines of :
    Not keeping your 80s hair style or clothes
    Not wearing huge platform pole dancing type shoes to work if you are over 40
    Get rid of old lady beige pantyhose
    Mom jeans and big white runners….yikes
    I see so many fashion faux pas with women in their 50s and 60s.

    1. I try not to tell people what to wear or do. I show what works for me and explain why. Hopefully, readers can get inspiration to make some changes to their choices that are comfortable and versatile.

  69. Would enjoy seeing a post on tops to wear to exercise class. Most of the sport tops are sleeveless or short sleeve and nothing I would wear.

  70. Hey Susan,
    I like the shape bras link you posted. However I have a very hard time with a bra. First of all I have one small breast (that was cut away due to cancer) thank God I still have some breast left. And on the other side I have this large breast. Next I have a small muffin top and on top of that a hiatal hernia. Every bra I wear rolls up and stays under both of my breast causing me a lot of discomfort. Because of the hiatal hernia I can’t wear anything tight. So my question is are these bra’s really tight? And if I ordered one can they be returned? Thanks for helping me.

    1. Please check with for the return policy, but I do think you can return them if they don’t fit. They also have other styles that are short and some that do not have wires. They are not tight. I never even notice my Long Tankee or the Ultimate (the two styles I wear most often).

  71. Susan I look forward to each new blog entry, and have learned a good deal from your examples.
    However I do struggle with cost, not being able to buy cashmere, dooney handbags, or a variety of good shoes. My challenge would be for you to put together a 3 season capsule wardrobe (which should cover almost every climate except deepest winter) for a mature woman, for under $500. Underwear is not usually included in capsule wardrobes, so I am hoping to win the wonderful Shapeez bra (they are available here in Canada) as it too is not in my budget. Thanks for considering this request,
    Ann Lee S, (age 76) B.C. Canada

  72. Susan, I’m a long time follower and enjoy your blog. Your wise advice has helped me restyle myself. I would love to try Shapeez. Thanks.

  73. Hi Susan!

    I enjoy your fashion blog and getting ideas from what you put together. We are seeing more fashions with tops tucked in or the front tuck. There was a time when every top I wore was tucked in and now I rarely tuck in my tops. Can you give suggestions on when this looks the best. Another interest I have is comfortable walking shoes and sandals to buy for trips to Europe where a lot of walking will be done.

    Thanks so much!
    Have a God filled week,

  74. Hello Susan, I’m having a hard time trying to scale back on my clothes. I try and clean out at the start of winter and spring but it seems I still have too much. My problem is I am a big rectangle with average bust and long legs. And as far as the scarf goes shorter around my neck is not good I have to leave it long. As a few other woman suggested swimsuits are just not fun to buy…any good places to purchase them from.

  75. Dear Susan, you look particularly glowing and attractive today. I don’t know if it is a particularly happy day for you, good lighting or good make up!
    I’ve been following you for a few years and really enjoy your advice and examples.

  76. Hello Susan,

    I love your style. I am divorced and 60. Could you maybe do a post about how to meet men and dating? I would love to have a Mr Mickey in my life but don’t know where or how to begin! Or if I have the courage!!

    Thank you

  77. Hi,I really enjoy your blog….you give me so many ideas. to mix and match some of my clothes I already have. In the past I’ve had everyday and church clothes. No more, I’ve decided I need to wear it all because my “church” go out of style and hardly worn. Hope that makes sense! I would like more ideas on mixing old with new.

  78. I would like to see your take on bathing suits and brands for us over 60 ladies that aren’t frumpy.
    Also more on the Beauty Counter products. I love the ones I have.

  79. Love your blog and would love to hear your ideas about hair color as we get more mousey but not fully gray and additional ideas for choosing travel gear. I am a Summer (back when we all had our colors done) and do not look great in black or red, so would like more color options presented. Thanks!

  80. I so enjoy your fashion information,especially the one about taking a photo of yourself and then criticing the outfit. It helps me weed out bad choices in my wardrobe. I recently had breast cancer surgery that included a lift. I like the perkyer look but it seams that my midriff show more. Id love to try out the Shapeez Bra to see if that helps my bulge.

  81. I also love your blog and style! I’ve learned so much from you over the years it’s amazing. I too would like to know about bathing suits.

  82. Good morning, Susan!
    I’m a new subscriber after following you awhile back on Fifty Not Frumpy.
    As a 5’1′ mid sixty lady I’d love, love, love to hear your advice for pants, casual or dressy,
    Many thanks and keep your colorful, handy tips coming for us to look sensational.

  83. I would love to try the shapeez bra. Could really use something to flatten the rolls around my waist. I love reading all of your fashion tips and visiting Asheville is on my bucket list.

  84. I really love the idea of the Shapeez, but would think it would be really uncomfortable in our sticky, humid weather here in South Florida. I might try it next winter when the temperature gets a little less tropical again!

  85. I’m a teacher and would love to have a post about comfortable shoes that also look great. I have one pair of Tieks but not sure they are worth the money. I need to look professional and comfortable!

  86. Are these bras difficult to put on? I’ll need to measure for sure because my normal bra size is 34G so not sure what will fit but shapers I’ve tried are generally really hard to get on. Seems like this might be, too.

    1. Put these bras on by stepping into them and pulling them up like pantyhose. Never tug or pull on the straps. Gather up the fabric of the body to pull them on.

  87. I would like your comments and suggestions on BELTS. When to wear them with, what and why, what lengths, what widths are best with what, what colors, and why. And when to wear them over the top and not through belt loops?

  88. Susan, I love learning all your tips on style. I would like to learn more on dressing for the hot summers. I live in Georgia at the coast so humidity is intense. Long pants would be okay if I could figure out a cool fabric. I do wear slim fit bermuda shorts. Also a subject on how to dress for the beach! Thank you for all you share by blogging and the wonderful photos.

  89. Hi Susan,
    I agree with all your ideas but am curious about florals in tops. I see you have polka dots on today. I might have missed a post where you discussed not wearing them though. Do you believe they make us appear larger? Also, is the Shapeez bra too hot for summer? I roast, lol.
    Thank you!

    1. I rarely buy prints. If I do, they are geometric repeating prints such as stripes or dots. I do not find the Shapeez bra to be too hot. I never even think about them when I’m wearing them.

  90. I would like for you to write about the Beauty Counter line. I am interested in what makes it different from other brands. I am especially interested in cruelty free and natural or organic lines

  91. I would love to see you style outfits with “comfort” shoes, like from The Walking Company. I can wear most of their shoes. Others have bunions and other foot problems too. It’s hard to look stylish and be comfortable too.

  92. Hi Susan,
    I’m 61 and recently began enjoying You have made me rethink my clothes and shopping strategies! I, too, am looking at retirement in a few years. I live in Upstate New York where the winters are long, snowy, and cold, but we love getting away to the ocean for R&R. I do not wear shorts or shorter dresses and skirts due to very bad varicose veins, so enjoying the ocean poses a stressful situation. I am not a swimmer, though. Do you ever travel to the beach, and if so, what do you wear or would suggest someone like myself where? (I am only 5’1” and a chunky size 8P pants/medium to large tops). Would you please consider doing a blog on beachwear?
    Thank you and please continue!

  93. Thank you for your wonderful comments and helpful advice. I will be turning 75 the end of this month and trying
    to find a comfortable bra has been the bane of my existence lately. Had open heart surgery two years ago and bras after a few hours seem too tight and annoy the chest scar.
    I agree with the other ladies that information on what style of bathing suit to wear would be extremely helpful.

  94. I have a suggestion for an upcoming article! What are good lengths fof tops for short women with larger hips? Longer loose tunics make me look and feel shorter and squattier.

  95. I really enjoy being introduced to new brands, stores, vendors and non-frumpy products for those experiencing Age Incongruity Syndrome, whose minds say we’re about 40, but whose lyin’ bodies assert we are north of 60. This bra is a perfect example of what I mean. Eileen Fisher and French Kande would be two examples of brands which have been more than adequately covered already.

  96. Hi,
    I would love some information on buying a good white tee for summer. Also anything dealing with beauty counter products. Love them,

  97. Thanks for a great post. I would like to see a post about different shoe options with short ankle pants:
    – when it’s still chilly, when you want to dress the pants up, when you want to take them to a casual level. I’m still struggling with these issues. Even it the photos were just of the bottom 8 inches of your feet/leg. Have a great day!!

    1. I am enjoying the scarves i purchased and receive many compliments. I’d like a blog on packing a European approved carry on suitcase for a Rhône River cruise (8 days) with 3 extra days at either end of the trip for visits to the starting/ending cities. I’d like to reserve space in my personal item bag for small purchases in Europe! We’re considering a fall trip. Thank you’.
      Please enter me in the Shapeez drawing.

  98. i would love you to blog about Jewelry – necklace lengths and earring shapes and length based on our face and body shape.

    I love your blog and I think you and Mr Mickey are adorable together. I have a my own Mr. Mickey and you two remind me of us.

  99. I fell in November and broke my hip. My toes were affected and now my foot is inflamed and swollen. I don’t know if this is permanent or not bit I’m going to have to rethink my shoes for a while. That’s hard for me cause I am a shoe fashionista. I love heels. This is killing me but I have to be reasonable. You’re able to find shoes you can wear that look good. So a shoe blog would be helpful for me. Thanks. I love your blog.

  100. Suggestion for a future **I am going on a cruise for the first time. It is to the southern Caribbean in January 2020. Ideas for what I should pack. There will be two formal nights. Thank you

  101. My topic for a new blog is “Clothing material(s) that is not hot, that does not stick to your body, and does not accentuate your size.” and where to buy tops that fit this description.

  102. Susan, good info about ‘length’ of slacks, but I daresay that down here in Texas, I must contemplate wearing Capri length on some of the hotter days (and there are many!) I think my coolest alternative is always ‘summer skirts’ but skirts have not been easy to find in the last few years….And no, I don’t mean ‘pencil skirts’ as at age 70 yrs., I don’t find that look flattering. Skirts are ‘coolest’ and I will continue to look for more of them, but will need to pull out the Capris if it’s nearing 100 degrees. Agree, though, that they are not the most flattering look!

  103. As someone who has just entered into her sixties, I’ve learned that we can still be beautiful and stylish at any age. Age is a privilege not everyone gets to enjoy, so let’s embrace and make the most of it at all ages. You show us how to dress appropriately for our age, while still being stylish. Your personal style tips and advice is truly inspiring and I am so glad I discovered your blog and look forward to all of your posts. I would love to try a Shapeez bra as the photo above looks totally transforming! A suggestion for a future topic I would be interested in would be summer sandals – which colours and styles to wear with varying lengths and styles of pants and dresses.

  104. The subject I would like you to blog about is the appropriate work out outfit for women over 60.
    Thank you!

  105. Susan you do provide a challenge. I enjoy your posts and usually always finds some advise to take away. Following you has been a learning experience for my own retirement wardrobe. Interestingly, lately, I’ve wondered how you take care of your shoes. Keeping them sharp and new looking. Especially the tread on your tennies.
    Thanks for everything.

  106. Great info on pants length. – I stopped wearing my comfy and versatile tees because of clinging to bulges I’d rather did not show. Going to a larger size just looks sloppy. Hopefully a Shapeez bra could be the answer to my prayers!

  107. Susan, love your blog. I am now hooked on Beautycounter…would love for you to share your beauty routine.
    Also, interested in nail colors (mani, pedi) especially as sandle season approaches!

  108. Hi Susan!
    I do enjoy reading your blog and always find something to think about as I try to manage my wardrobe.

    My question is about dressing for Canadian weather. Since our weather is long winters in coats, scarves and hats and messy boots. We get all excited about spring (which is SO short) before we jump into hot weather. Your blog focuses on wonderful layers. However, wearing jackets or too warm sweaters can be bulky or just too hot under our down coats.
    And yet, we never know what the temperature will be in the restaurant or person’s house we are visiting. Some are too hot and others, yes you got it, too cold.

    Anyway, I hope you will give some thought to my question. Probably not a question for April but in a future blog.

    Many thanks!
    Peggy Ann (from Oakville,ON)

  109. Hi Susan,

    You are my go-to fashion advisor, and I have a question for you! I am close to 60, 5’8, athletic/in good shape, and am attending an OUTSIDE wedding in late June (in Richmond, Virginia!!!!). It’s quite possible it will be extremely hot and humid. The wedding will be held at an outside venue (lovely park) and the reception will be outdoors as well (roof top bar). Parents of the bride are very close friends, and the mom of bride is wearing a long dress. I think I would prefer knee length myself.
    I think I will need wedge type sandals due to walking on grass/parkland….but I am in a quandary as to what type of dress!!! Suggestions?!!?!? HELP!
    Thank you so much. You always look lovely and you have such a warm, friendly way about you.

    Take care!!
    Kim G.

    1. Check Nordstrom or Dillard’s for appropriate wedding guest dresses. They have a wide selection in dressy pants sets or dresses in styles from formal to garden party appropriate. This Paris Blue dress would look great with nude wedge heeled shoes. (You are correct to wear that type of heel for an outdoor event.)

  110. Would like it if you would cover the topic of shoe options for ankle pants and cropped pants, especially for women our age. Photos online usually show them with stilettos (which are uncomfortable for most of us at this age for any length of time) or ballet flats. For those of us who need more support for walking, it would be great to know some other options.

    1. I look for shoes with more support and a low block heel. (Such as the loafers I am wearing here.) I also wear low platform shoes or wedges. Neither ballet flats (no support) nor stilettos work for me now. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try to do a show pairing post soon.

  111. Susan
    Great info on bathing suits & summer pants lengths. No capris or shorts? I am mulling this over, but since I realize how classy & put together you look I know I should donate them all, as soon as summer is over! I will see if I actually ever wear them, even if just for gardening.
    Keep up the excellent posts. Yours are the best of all on Pinterest to my way of thinking.

  112. Ok, why not talk about growing out hair to natural grey!! Yours looks very nice, but the transition was probably not too difficult since you are blond. I finally have most of mine grown out. I found a lot of ideas on Pinterest during the transition. Love your website, you have my taste in clothes. Wish I could find your scarves!
    Fran from Michigan

    1. My natural color was a medium ash brown, but I colored it for more than thirty years. (I started to turn gray when I was in my teens.) When I turned fifty, I said, “Enough!”. I used a temporary color a couple of times and kept it short during the growing out phase.

  113. I really love your hair. Is it naturally wavy or do you achieve that through curling, etc. I have let my hair go gray but am still wearing it in a longer bob with no bangs and it’s making me feel old. I’d love to try a new hairdo like yours but not sure my straight fine hair would hold. You look great, by the way!! Good job.

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