Spring Cleaning

The Goodwill stores in my area are now well stocked! I’ve been cleaning my house from the attic down to the wine cellar, editing every drawer and closet.

The weather here has been dark and rainy for weeks, so that means photo shoots have been a bust lately. (The falling rain is visible in the photo below.) We will try again today. Never give up!

I may be wearing the cutest look ever, but who would know when I have to bundle up to my chin?

The jeans are by Liverpool Jeans. The short boots are by Marc Fisher. The Italian leather carryall bag is a few years old.

  1. As it Is fresh in your mind, what strategy did you use to decide what to (easily) eliminate from your wardrobe ? Also any tips for putting it back in an organised way ?

    1. If I haven’t worn it in a year, it isn’t likely I ever will. If the item no longer serves my needs, it goes. It was a matter of looking at things realistically and understanding that the only reason I was keeping it around was that I paid so much for it or that it was like new. If I’m not using it or enjoying seeing it, why keep it?

  2. I no longer donate to Goodwill. The CEO makes in excess of $750,000./year. I’ve chosen to donate to Salvation Army whose CEO makes less than $150,000./yr. just my two cents worth.

    1. I also donate to a women’s shelter, Good Samaritan, Haven of Mercy as well as other Charity Shops. (I mentioned Goodwill because everyone is familiar with it.) Thanks for sharing your info.

      1. Great article! I frequently shop Goodwill myself using your style tips and looking for quality items that fit my budget.

  3. Good morning Susan, How interesting, as I also went through my closet I also took a large amount to Goodwill I guess great minds think alike. Rainy days are good for Spring Cleaning or cleaning in general. I’m helping raise my toddler grandson and it’s hard to do when he’s around so when he’s having visitation with his dad is the best time for me to go for it. Have a great day ☀️

  4. Happened to watch Mike Rowe’s “Returning the Favor” on FB; the episode featured a woman near DC who heads a non-profit called The Bra Fairy. It’s now nationwide “Support the Girls” and accepts donated bras for homeless and needy women. Lots and lots of donated bras.

  5. My humble opinion:

    Your absolute best, chicest,smartest, and sexy, elegant hair look was when your hair was shorter with height on top, sleek and close to your face on the sides, (even pushed behind your ears if you want to keep it longer), with a shaggy, shattered close cut bottom where those pieces kinda stick out from the sides of your neck in the back. Why? You carry weight in the lower part of your face, so height and a little width at the parietal ridge counter balances that. Sleek sides add no more width to your ample cheeks and a tight,shattered, piecy length that either comes around your neck and/or sticks out from the neck area, counter balances your long neck. Go back and look at those photos when your hair resembled this look, smashing!, and they jump off the page. I also think that a little darker, cooler color weaved back through would keep you from looking too monochromatic. Mono is not a good look on you…again, my humble opinion.
    My best,

    1. I always think Susan’s hair looks smashing but, just wondering, Jacqui are you a hairdresser? You sound like you know your stuff.

  6. I started my cleaning and purging too. Got 4 garbage bags out the door this morning. More to follow. Also bags to other foundations around our area for resale. Feels good to get it out of the house. Don’t know how some of it landed in my basement but now it’s out.
    Enjoying my new scarves. Took both of them to LA on a trip and needed them since it was cold and raining. I felt very elegant wearing them. Thank you again for choosing the right one for me.

  7. I think January is a great time to begin purging and organizing, as we are inside anyway. One place I donate is through my church’s clothes closet for needy. Most communities have local charities, such as women’s shelters, that desire gently worn clothes. My cleaning lady gets a lot of my best items (she has a large family). She loves to tell people she gets her clothes at “Cheryl’s Boutique.” One of her friends thought she was serious and came to her asking where this shop was located, as she couldn’t find it! Also, her sister knows what day she cleans and “drops by” her house that afternoon to see what her goody bag contains. I never charge for anything. I am not rich but I have been blessed and delight in passing my blessings on.

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