Date Night

Cold weather has returned and brought more rain, so I wore layers for date night on Saturday.

The first layer included a silver-gray cami top and black Nic+Zoe ankle pants from last year.

I draped a black Carlisle leather-trimmed ruana from a few years ago over a jacket by Raison D’etre.

The grommet detail box bag came from T.J.Maxx a few years ago.

The boots are a few years old. I don’t buy heels anymore.

Mr. Mickey took me out to dinner on Saturday evening, but we made a day of it as usual. We took a long drive through the countryside as we made our way to Abingdon, Va. We enjoyed a delightful dinner at Sister’s American Grill, located in the Martha Washington Inn.

  1. A perfectly beautiful look. I was just thinking this morning that we had not seen Mr. Mickey in awhile, and he looks quite dapper!

  2. What a nice post to start off Monday morning. I greatly enjoy your blog and following along on your adventures. I am older, shorter, and heavier than you, but I find that I can adapt many of your suggestions. Seeing Mr. Mickey is also a special treat, and I love seeing his so very classy wardrobe. (Which fits, because he seems such a handsome, classy guy). I hope you will consider showing some of his choices if you are ever looking for a blog idea. I have a Pinterest board called Fashion/Style and it has a sub-section I call The Men’s Department. I have recommended your blog to a number of ladies, and I hope you know how much it is enjoyed. Not to mention, I greatly appreciate the lack of political commentary. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey a lovely Valentine’s Day.

  3. Mr. Mickey sends his thanks for your comments. His choices are always classics that he has owned for many years. We did go shopping for the hat recently. It serves to keep him warm, but he looks very handsome in it as well.

  4. Enjoyed your date night and fun to see the inn as well. Absolutely great picture of the two of you and having a fun evening into the bargain. The French Kande necklace is artwork to be sure. Thanks for the uplifting adventure in the midst of the heavy weather season.

  5. Love your sunglasses. I have a terrible time finding sunglasses that will cover my eyebrows, but not look huge. Any suggestions?

    1. I look for a large slightly cat-eye glasses and in softer colors such as taupe or gray. 55mm is the size that works for me. Knowing what works for your face shape and color helps to narrow the selections. Try on styles at places such as Sunglasses Hut to help you figure out what size works best for you.

  6. Susan, thank you for the lovely scarf you included with my basic crepe top purchase. I wore them both to run errands that afternoon. I look forward to reading your blog daily. It is like getting a letter from a good friend.

  7. Loved the whole post and thought that hat couldn’t be more perfect for Mr Mickey! Thank you for all your hard work and your generosity in doing this blog!

  8. Susan, I love how you’ve put this outfit together. It’s the kind of style I like for myself as well. The jacket seems to end at just the right spot on your hips that is most flattering.. I love the leather trimmed ruana too.

    I have a short waist, hourglass figure, and long rise. Choosing the correct jackets that are not to long and not too short, as well as the correct shade can be challenging. Belts don’t seem to look good on me either – they make my rear end look too big because of my short waist.

    Please instruct if you have any advice on what us gals should or should not be looking for based on our body type and vertical type (long waisted vs. short waisted, long legged vs. short legged). For instance, I never wear pleats or folds in a dress because they make my hips look way bigger. I look best in an empire waist dress or a plain sheath which seems to even out my uneven torso.

    I’ve always been puzzled by the words “balance” and “rule of thirds”, or “cutting the body in half”. I just can’t visualize it. Perhaps you can post some examples of poor balance or good rules to follow when we are trying to optimize our body shape.

    Thank you. I enjoy your blog very much and think you have some of the best material and photos out there. You very much have a sense of style that is rarely seen online.

    1. Thank you! What a great compliment. If you are on Pinterest, please visit my board (Styling Tips) I share everything I come across that might help explain the points you mention and more. Click here for that board.

  9. You and Mr Mickey are adorable !! Don’t you just love it when your man likes to dress up as much as you do. Mine does too ! Anytime he gets the chance to wear a tux he does ! It’s fun, too, when our mates like to “fine dine” and enjoy the finer things of life, even tho’ some of them are as simple as a drive to the next town to dine or “antique” or shop.

  10. Lovely outfit! I have a question about your necklace. The website indicates its a 16 inch chain but yours looks so much longer. Did you do anything to make it appear so? I don’t care for 16 inch necklaces but like them the length of yours in the photo.

  11. Susan, I love the silver cami and think you wore it in another post. It caught my attention then, also. I see it is from Express and I am not familiar with their clothing. How does the sizing run? Is it true to size or does it run small? It looks lovely on you and I think I would use it a lot. Thank you for sharing your time and talent to help make each of us better versions of ourselves!

    1. The Express pieces run true to size. The reason I like those camis so much is that they fill in bodice without adding bulk to the arms when I wear a jacket. I want a slim look, but I don’t want the material to cling to my middle. The camis from Express are often double layer or a loose-fitting fabric that gives me the sleek look I’m after.

  12. Susan, you look so beautiful! Love your outfit so much. I’m slowly but surely learning from you. The heels look stunning on you too. Thank you for sharing with the world.

  13. Susan, I love the greys you’e been wearing near your face and the bits of color. I am same age and coloring as you and I, too have found that black no longer looks good near my face. I love that you are always willing to change and move forward.

  14. I, too, was going to ask about bra with the cami. With my luck I’d be perishing in the heat and dying because I couldn’t take the jacket off. Strapless bras are the pits to try to find. I recently found your blog and have been loving it! We’re headed to China soon for a vacation and I cannot wait to try out my new look as a more fashionable 63 year old me. I purged my closet by over 50% and mornings are so much nicer without that awful “I don’t have anything to wear” start. Any hints about the sizing at Express?

    1. I have purchased jackets, jeans, shirts, and cami tops from Express and I am almost always happy with the fit. I wear a size medium on the top, but I buy a large in shirts that button because I want to avoid the gapping at the bust.

  15. All of a sudden I have not received your last two posts (the walk with your sister and this one). I haven’t done anything differently and there is nothing in my spam folder….weird.

    1. I’m sorry you aren’t getting the notices. I checked to make sure your subscription was confirmed. It is. Please let me know if you don’t get a notification the next time I post. I’ll try to find out what the problem is.

  16. What are the under garments that you recommend? I can’t remember the name, but know they are not spanx. Thank you in advance.

  17. Hi Susan, can I ask why you no longer wear high heels? I would always wear them, but lately I can’t walk as well as I used to. I am almost 5′-3″ so I need all the height I can get. I also have short legs so flats (on a size 8 foot) look clownish.

    Any advice?


    1. I continue to wear the heels I already own, but I won’t buy more. I limit heels to date night or business meetings, never for daily activities. Look for comfortable pointed or almond toe shoes with at least a bit of a heel which gives them a visible arch. Completely flat shoes with round toes only look good on tall women with slender ankles.

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