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After a few days of styling my most recent haircut, I decided I would like even more taken off. I was back in Sam’s chair yesterday to get an even shorter look.

Standing in the rain doesn’t make for great-looking hair, but it was the best light at the moment. The coat is about three years old from Fabrizio Gianni. The shoes are by Calvin Klein (also old). The Samoe bag was from Finley House Couture in Blowing Rock at least three years ago. The jeans are from Chico’s. The scarf was a Christmas Gift. The wine-colored blouse (below) is a Portofino blouse from Express. The coin earrings were purchased several years ago in the shop at The Martha in Abingdon, VA.

When I told Sam I would like a shorter cut, I researched and found this picture of Sharon Stone on Pinterest. I like this style because it is short, and yet it has movement and softness to it. My hair is much too thin and fine to have a spiky pixie cut, and I certainly don’t want a blunt, harsh looking cut because that can look much too masculine. It’s a good idea to give your stylist a picture of the style you have in mind because your words can mean something entirely different to them. When I look for a picture of a new style, I look for a person who has a cut that appeals to me, but their hair texture and face shape needs to be similar to mine to get an idea of how that look might work for me. The side by side pictures of the cut I wanted and the cut I had helped me analyze how the new one might look with my face shape. I know that my hair will curl some when the humidity returns, but there is still enough length to avoid the dreaded gray poodle perm look.

Before and After the newest cut.

I use Beautycounter products, including the Volume and Shape shampoo and conditioner. I am wearing the sheer lip color Currant in these photos. You can find Beautycounter products here. I am a Senior Manager, so I will receive a small commission if you buy from my links.

We are going out to dinner to celebrate twelve years of dating tonight. I’ll share an update and the results of my attempts to style the new haircut on Friday. Cheers!

  1. Well Susan, believe it or not, I have shown my hairdresser photos of you and asked for your hairstyle! Your lovely silver do suits me perfectly.

  2. Love the new cut. It looks neater but also edgier.

    It’s all about how we manage at home isn’t it? I find short hair harder work for me, but at the same time I’m awfully tempted.

  3. I do the same Susan, I print pictures I find on the internet (of styles I believe would suit me) and bring them with me to my stylist’s appointment. I always bring two similar styles and ask them their opinion of which would suit me best and if my hair would do “that”. Some styles are great, but might not work with my hair type. Two weeks ago, I went from shoulder length hair to a pixie with side bangs. I love it. It’s not “stiff”, it’s not blunt, it has movement and most importantly, it has style which I lacked before. I find that sometimes, shorter hair makes one look younger too! Bonus is that it takes me minutes to style in the mornings!

  4. The new haircut is very flattering, Susan! Your hair looks neat and classy, and the style is very flattering to your face. I am on my way out today for my new ‘do! I’ve already had my complimentary consultation, and I am very excited to see the outcome! – Yes, I took two pages of pictures so we’d be on the same page. He liked my selections! After all these years, I know my hair pretty well! Ha!~

  5. I like the new cut – the length on top with shorter length around the face is very flattering and a better shape.
    Nothing worse than that odd place of being in between too long and too short and I think you found the right balance.

  6. Love the shorter version! From the pictures, it’s difficult to tell that your hair is fine and thinning. It always looks good. I took my iPad in to the hairdresser’s complete with several styles I downloaded from the internet. Tasha, my stylist, told me why some would not work. The new style is much better than the halfway-down-my-back “style” I had previously. Miss Karen is spot on…we need to be able to manage our hair at home.

  7. Hi Susan!
    I know you didn’t ask my opinion, but I think the new haircut works for you because you have such an enviably beautiful round face and lovely features. The only thing you need is a little more height/volumn at the crown! Have a great time and Happy Anniversary!

  8. I like both haircuts. They are not little old lady styles at all.
    The black FG coat looks wonderful in combination with the jeans and black boots.
    You make a rainy day with gray gloomy skies look goooooood!

  9. Hi Susan, The shorter cut is very youthful on you. If Marilyn Monroe had lived a full life, she would have looked a lot like you! Fantastic!

  10. You are really undergoing a metamorphosis for spring, Susan. Well done!

    I think that this long, cold winter (still -18C here today) might inspire transformations here,too. It’s time for lightness and brightness.

  11. Long time follower, first-time commenter here! Your new hairstyle looks stunning! I thought the other new one did as well! Since you mentioned styling it, I wanted to let you know about a hair styling tool that has literally changed my life – the Infiniti Pro by Con Air Spin Air Rotating Styler/Hot Air Brush ––1inch-spin-air-brush/675. I have been using it for about 6 months now, and I will never ever go back to a blow dryer. Frizz, which has always tormented me, no matter which blow dryer, brush or product I used, is no longer a problem at all! I could go on and on about its virtues, but suffice it to say that now, every day is a good hair day! There are many tutorials on YouTube, many retailers carry it, and it is often on sale. There is a bit of a learning curve involved but the results are so worth it. I now actually look forward to styling my hair because I know I will have a great result. I cannot recommend this highly enough!

  12. I like your older cut much better than this new one. Your old one is soft and feminine, and looks lovely surrounding your face. This new cut has just hardened everything up.

  13. I like this hairdo ‍♀️ better. You can do this easily and it is still soft and you could use your length. Way to Go!
    Joan Stone

  14. Love the short hair cut could even be shorter makes you look younger. You are fair have you considered a two tone blond, hair color darker at the roots to a delightful blond?? Just a comment. Sandra Almy

  15. Susan, is this the bag you are carrying? Samoe Style Black with Cinnamon/Tan Trim Classic Convertible Handbag 9.5 x 10.5 x 6 The one you are carrying seems larger than this. Sharp looking bag and looks like it would hold lots of “stuff” in separate compartments.
    Thanks for your input.

      1. Love the bling bag also, just have to go special place (maybe tonight for anniversary celebration)to use it. Such fun! Happy anniversary hope you had a wonderful evening.

  16. Susan, I love reading your blog I recently went from an all one length bob to a layered look very similar to yours. To get more volume I dry my hair using a 4 inch round brush. I also blow it the opposite direction from where it naturally lays. I have fine hair but still a good amount. Also my hair has silvery gray with darker grey undertones. Let it go all grey when I turned 60. I am now 68. You are a beautiful example for all of us “After 60’s.”

  17. Love your new style! You look lovely and hopefully it will be easy to maintain! Enjoy your special evening with Mr. Mickey!

  18. Love the new “do”. Always enjoy seeing your blogs. I have an apple shape..larger bust and thin legs and not much behind! always hard to find clothes that look good on me. You are making me rethink my wardrobe. Hope to get the closet cleaned out soon! Thanks for helping!

  19. Love your new cut and style. Looks very nice with your face shape. You and I have the same cow licks that dictate how the front of our hair has to be styled. In ages past I have had stylists think they could persuade the front of my hair to be different but the next morning the cow licks won out. Now that my hair has thinned with age the cow licks are even stronger. Are you finding that true too, or have you found a secret to managing them? Love your blog and your personal spunk. It is an encouragement.

  20. Hair looks great! I bet it would also look good cut like Beth Dali, Style at a Certain Age, on You Tube.

  21. Love the cut! I have a similar one but I went shorter in the back so it’s off my neck. Much cooler.

  22. I just cut my hair in a similar style but been having trouble styling it. How do you style yours? Thank you!

  23. I actually like both cuts! The nice thing with your newest do is I believe you could still create the same sassy look in the first cut, only shorter!

  24. Susan it’s an ok cut but I believe it’s too short for you. Looks a little harsh and is aging. The before look was much softer and more flattering and you looked younger. Nice thing about hair … it grows

  25. Question: Susan, what age is too old for leggings. I have some weight and my legs are.curvy rather than thin,

  26. Not bad but I like your”before” better. It’s a little fuller on the sides and that looks (I think) fabulous in you. I think you can still bluff it out a little bit and make it look fuller on the sides. Try it! And let us see your results!

    1. Keep in mind that I have a full face already. When there is full hair on the sides, it adds to the width of the face. A more slenderizing hair shape for me includes height at the crown and close on the sides, not too short in the back. (Oh dear! That sounds like a mullet!)

  27. Thank you, Susan, for all the helpful tips. I love that you post enough to keep me engaged. Always something new!! I love your new bright color, coral, too. Did you also try the turquoise? That is more Me. Thank you, Monet

  28. I liked the recent cut but loooooooove the new cut. The first one was great but the second cut is just fabulous. (you always look fabulous though 🙂

  29. Hi Susan, I’m new to your website and I wanted to tell you how wonderful I think you are for providing the detailed information that I so often wish that I could ask women that are so admirable with that well put together look. I am 66 years old, and have been a caregiver for 10 years for my husband and while he looks stunning (I trim his beard and keep him looking great) I’ve forgotten myself and didn’t know where to begin. Leggings were my first mistake. Thank you. You are an elegant lady and a great example. Michele L.

  30. I liked (both of) your new haircut(s). 🙂

    If you don’t mind answering, what is your take on Botox and its use for women “our age”?

  31. Susan, you know your hair, but it doesn’t look thin at all. I have been told by hair stylist that I have good hair. It is fine, and fairly thick. I have a spiky pixie cut now. It is very difficult to get past the pixie stage. I think you did the right thing by getting it cut shorter especially for the summer. It will grow back so fast. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Gorgeous, as always! I forgot to tell you earlier that my Beautycounter order of the Facial Mist came last week, and I love it! Thanks for introducing me to this great line of products and especially to this wonderful facial mist. I’d been looking for one, not finding it, and this was exactly what I was looking for — even better!

  33. Loved your hair the way it was. But…looking forward to seeing how you are really going to style it. Post some pictures soon. I’m sure as lovely as you are, it will be gorgeous and change my way of thinking. But after all….it’s your hair and up to you how you wear it… I have very fine thin hair due to chemotherapy so I can only put it up….or wear it in a semi bob shape. I’m sure your next pictures will be exciting and you will look fab as usual…


  34. My question does not relate to this blog but is concerning another blog entry you did a few weeks back. I think you mentioned an appointment with your personal stylist. How does one get a personal stylist? How does one get a personal stylist who has an affinity for their client’s preferred look? What qualifications does one look for in a personal stylist? I really have never even seen an advertisement for a personal stylist. I have tried a personal shopper at Nordstrom. That’s just a fail. I have tried one at Saks and that was a little better but not much. I am curious. I like your new and newer haircuts.

    1. That must have been a different blogger or perhaps I was referring to my hair stylist. I have never worked with a personal stylist. What are your goals? I may be able to recommend a book or site that might be helpful to you.

  35. You mentioned your hair is fine – my hair is fine and falls “flat”. How do you style your hair to get it to always look so nice! Thank you!

    1. My hair has some natural curl to it, so if I blow dry just the roots with a vented brush and let it finish drying naturally, it holds up pretty well. If I dry it thoroughly using a round brush, it lays flat in a most unattractive away.

  36. I have a great stylist and she is great with color. I have not let my gray hair show yet, and I get many compliments on my hair color. I had about an inch cut off last week and it is the same length as yours. I have many Chicos clothes in my closet. I am 82 and proud of it. Most people don’t believe me.

  37. Love your new hair! Congratulations to you and Mr. Mickey on 12 years of dating. You both always look like you are having so much fun!
    This is off topic, but have you ever done a Beauty Counter video on the products, skin and makeup as well as hair, that you use and how you use them? I would love to see that!
    Thank you for sharing; you are such an inspiration.

  38. Take care. I see on the weather channel that the snow is really coming down in Blowing Rock. We get that here in Northern Ontario , Canada but not so much where you are.

  39. Susan, I love seeing your pictures and reading your posts. I am never satisfied with how to do my hair. However, yours always looks great. I have a squarish face shape and a high forehead. Thank you for your encouraging and informative blog.

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