Part II

This post is Part II of the Perfect Weekend. Since we were only spending a few hours in Abingdon and then coming back home the next morning, we didn’t pack extra outfits. I did take the trusty gray cashmere sweater I got from J.Jill a few years ago. Not all cashmere is the same. I have worn this sweater countless times over the past couple of years, and it has not pilled or lost its shape at all. (I am not affiliated with J.Jill, I am just sharing my sources.)

We stayed at The Martha in Abingdon. These photos were taken in the lobby area as we were about to leave the next morning. We enjoy the decor, the old building, and the grounds so much!

I have been on a small handbag kick lately. When I visited the Little Shop in the hotel, I bought three inexpensive fun bags for spring. This is the tan and white one, but I also bought a red one.

  1. I own the J.Jill sweater in a light camel, I am wearing it today. Lucky you for being at The Martha. I hope to spend a night there in May on my return from Hilton Head. I had so many lovely evenings there, while I was a student at Sullins College. My date and I would have dinner and see a play at The Barter Theater.

  2. I love how the scarf and bag colors tie in together. Wearing the scarf also brings interest to the neutrality of the gray sweater. Very cleverly put together!

  3. I bought a yellow cheap bag last summer and really enjoyed using it more than I thought I would. It adds a great pop of colour to a neutral outfit.

  4. You look very nice. Have you ever considered a pixie, ala Judi Dench? I think it would look great on you.

  5. I have been on a “small bag” kick lately and I feel somewhat liberated as I usually carried large purses. Yours are particularly fetching!

  6. Susan, your last picture reminds me of one we took of my mom in front of a lamp. She looked like she was wearing a Pilgrim’s bonnet. I thought you had a unicorn hat on at first! The candle is on top of your head! Love your tips. I just bought a rose coloured sweater like the gray on from TJ Maxx.

  7. I also have started using smaller purses. I have found that the bigger purses are too heavy for my shoulder after I pack everything but the kitchen sink into them. The photos from your weekend were lovely.

  8. I didn’t notice the unicorn myself, too funny. Love your hair tucked behind your ears Susan, I think suits you well. Karen

  9. Susan, your bag is darling. I have found that when traveling, I carry a tote (usually when flying) with lots of things, magazines, books, things too big for a small crossbody. However, when you reach your destination, small crossbody comes out and goes everywhere! So handy for wallet, lipstick and small essentials. BTW, your new hairdo is fabulous on you!

  10. Beautiful outfits as always. Just love the little bag. I had a very similar one quite a few years ago.

  11. I have that same gray cardigan, but I love the way you wear yours with that lovely scarf. I’m going to find one to suit my outfit, too! Thanks!

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