Seeing Red


I have been searching for the perfect red jacket for a long time. This IC Collection jacket might be the one!


Our busy social life often calls for dressing for dinner or a special event. Having the perfect jacket to wear over my ubiquitous black tank and black pants makes getting dressed much easier. I often only have time to freshen up my makeup and throw something on before I have to be on the way to a function right after working all day. Standing in my closet stressing about what to wear when time is so limited is something I try to eliminate from my life.


I have always known that red is a good color for me, but I didn’t wear it for a long time. The reason is that when I color my hair, it always takes on a brassy tone after a few days, no matter what the stylist does. That brassy tone clashes with red and pink, so I didn’t buy those colors for many years. When I let my hair grow out to its natural gray/silver tones, it felt great to slip into a red top again. I have become acutely aware of the colors I use on my face or wear near it, not to wear jarring color combinations.


When I wear red, I choose only a true red or brownish tone red lip color and blush, no pink, coral, or plum. I wear less and less makeup as I age. I find that skincare rather than coverage and color are much more important now. Note also that I do not wear any color on my lower lashes or line under them in any way. That creates a very harsh, unflattering look for me. I am also careful not to extend my eyeshadow past the eye’s outer corner and never put the darker color too close to my inner eye area. As we age, that inner corner has a deepening shadow already, so that is where I put the lightest color. I never put shimmering shadows high on my brow bone or any area other than maybe the inner corner near my lash-line. Wrinkles that shimmer is never a good look!


Wearing red gives my spirit as well as my complexion a lift. I love the flattering high-low cut of this jacket, and the fabric is fabulous. It falls smoothly across my body and makes my legs look longer than they are.


The necklace is one that I purchased last year at S.M. Bradford on Hilton Head Island. The suede heels are from Saks. The clutch bag is old, likely from Stein Mart.


The IC Collection jacket is from my friends at ShopMyFairLady.

All words and styling are my own. I no longer accept products to review.
  1. Susan, love the red jacket!!! I have a closet filled with different jackets and you can definitely change your look very easily with this technique…..Thanks for all your tips and suggestions!!!

  2. My doctor has what he calls his “red jacket theory”. Basically when he is treating someone for depression, he notes what they are wearing during their office visits. When/if they eventually show up wearing a red jacket (or tie for men) he knows they are on their way to recovery. He says red shows strength and confidence so their treatment is working. As always your look so classy and put together.

  3. You look fabulous in red, and you are nudging me gently toward trying to grow my natural hair color out. If only I had your blue eyes and fair skin too! Oh well, the point is to learn about and work with what we have, right? Love the new blog, and I am finally on the list. Thanks to you and your web designer!

  4. Good Golly Miss Molly! That red jacket looks fabulous on you. This is a very sexy look for you as well as classy. You seem to have embraced heading into your sixties by adding more color to your wardrobe.Good for you. I am 67 but feel like I am in my 40’s. I have no intention of dressing like an old lady when I don’t feel like one. At the same time I want to look classy and be dressed appropriately . Would you share your makeup tips with us again? I love the color you use on your brows. They look so natural. I quit coloring my hair a few years back and am blessed with long, thick, silver and gray hair. The colors that I have found for my brows are too dark and unnatural looking. Any suggestions. Lovin your new blog and have to say I admire the way you have changed it up. Very modern and easy to follow. Have a great week.
    Miss Charlotte

  5. Have you ever used silver shampoo for grey hair? My hair is white and I use this shampoo to avoid my hair turning yellow. For me it works well!

  6. I personally do not love red – actually I’m just not a jewel tone or red color fan (except that I am a StL Cardinal bball fan but….). Needless to say, even though “I” don’t like red I have to say this outfit above on you is absolutely fabulous …. in fact, it might be my favorite outfit “on you” that you’ve ever posted. The red with your skin coloring is awesome!!!!! P.S. I DO LOVE the style of the jacket with the longer bit in the back.

  7. You absolutely sizzle in this gorgeous outfit. I love the unusual necklace with it as I am a big fan of interesting jewelry. I am such a stickler for coordinating lipstick and blush to my outfit and think this makes such a difference in whether a color works for you or not. Thanks as always for the wonderful tips and advice you give!

  8. I love this look. I have been looking for red tops or jackets for this fall also. I appreciate the make-up tips for when wearing red. Very well thought out. The tip about no liner on the lower lid just became apparent to me recently. I was watching a news show and one of the older ladies had dark liner on the lower lid and it looked awful! It really did age her. The other things I love about this outfit is that your necklace is red like the jacket. It adds great texture and shine to your three-color scheme…red, black, and silver! I noticed you are not wearing earrings. I was wondering why? Love your blog and look forward to it.

    1. I rarely ever wear both earrings and a necklace. That would be too much going on around my face. Wearing too much jewelry and matching my handbag to my shoes was something I was doing that aged me.

  9. Thank you for saying that you let your hair grow out. I am so tired of people saying that women with grey hair have “let themselves go”.

    This strikes me as a sexist term for women, because no one would dare tell a man to his face that he has “let himself go” because he has grey hair. Oh no, men are called “the silver fox” and other complimentary terms.

    Aging is a natural process and we have the right to age gracefully, just like men. We will get a few wrinkles along the way, too, The double standard means that women are expected to resort to unnatural attempts like surgery to look younger, then criticized for vanity if we do. Women should not be judged for whatever choices we make, which seem to be “wrong” in the eyes of others, no matter what.

    Thank you, again, Susan for lighting the way. We be true to ourselves!

    1. I love what Prairie Poulet said! All so true. Susan is like my big sister of style and life and I adore emulating her class & elegance. ❤️

  10. Looks wonderful on you..nice details front & back! A perfect red jacket..check! Congrats on your new site. So glad you are continuing to blog! Thanks for the book recommendation on FB, plan to ask our library to order as it sounds really good. Just finished a book called Still Life with Breadcrumbs..enjoyed so much..thought of you as the book’s main character just turned 60 too!! Best wishes!

  11. What a fabulous jacket. You look great in this and I so agree about your tips on makeup, less is definitely more as we age.

  12. Wow, you look stunning Susan. Love your blog and thank you for sharing so much with us which helps us to creat our own versions of your outfits. The only problem I have is finding similar things in the UK.

  13. The hem on that jacket is very flattering. Like many women I’m widest at the low hip/upper thigh and jackets that end right there do me no favors. The curved hem is nice because it lets one wear a shorter jacket, avoiding the “I’m hiding under a coat” look, but the curve means you don’t have a horizontal slash guiding the eye to the widest point.

  14. Wow Susan, that looks great. I did find a red long length knit coat that unzips to a shorter jacket last year and hope to wear this year. I too let my hair go gray two years ago. Love the Blues, Greens, and Reds. Thx for sharing with us on your journey. Belinda Green (in South Louisiana)

  15. Great red color and lines on the jacket. The vendor should use shots of you in their online catalog — you really rock the look!

  16. Love everything about your jacket. It drapes beautifully at the back. I couldn’t identify the material though. Is it a crepe type?

  17. Susan, you look positively beautiful in this outfit. The red is the perfect shade for you! I love your hair natural and styled this way. You are gorgeously classy!

  18. Susan you always look stunning but today is my favorite. This red jacket is so gorgeous, the perfect color for you.
    Thank you for all you share!! EM

  19. The necklace was the bow on this beautiful red and black gift package. Whenever I wear read and black together, I feel powerful. As Tony the Tiger would say, “Susan, you look GGGRRRREEAAT!”

  20. Hi Susan,
    Love the red jacket but unfortunately does not come in petite.
    Do you think they will add woman petite to their line?

  21. I love the jacket and as one other commented, you should be the model in the add, looks much better on you. One other note of interest to me is the way you wear your necklace. With the stand-up neckline, I would have worn the necklace tucked under the collar, flat against my skin and I know I would have been very frustrated with the way the thing lay. I never would have thought of putting it over the lapel. It looks so much better that way. We learn all the time. Thank you.

  22. You look beautiful! What is your lipstick brand and color? I think we have similar coloring and it looks very soft and not to bright. Thanks!

  23. Dear Susan,
    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog. It has given me more confidence in choosing styles that suit me. I read them all and appreciate the tips. You always look lovely and well “put together” as my mother used to say. Thanks again.

  24. Gorgeous jacket. I love wearing red as well. I would love your opinion – I will be attending a gala that calls for “somewhere between cocktail attire but not quite black tie. Do you think this jacket and your black crepe pants would fit that?

  25. I also loved this jacket and ordered one. I am in Oz and it has just is even better than I expected after travelling all that way I can wear it out tonight without needing ironing it is great for travelling and has no creases. Very important for me. I lead a busy life and need to grab something from my closet that I know will look decent and run. Thank you Susan, love your blog.

  26. Outstanding idea! Kudos to you for embracing what WILL be truly the best years! Looking forward to seeing some more classy, head turning looks from you! Again, THANK YOU!

  27. I found your website thru Pintrest. I simply adore it. I follow it almost everyday.
    The information you give is invaluable. I’m in my early 70s, but everyone things I am around 60. I am on a limited budget since I am on social security, so any suggestions would be helpful. I don’t know which state you live in, I’m in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. I have a question for you; how does one find a good hairstylist & makeup artist?
    Thank you in advance for any info you can give me.
    Charmaine Frisch

    1. If you see someone who has a hairstyle that you like, ask them where they get their hair done. If you go to the mall and visit one of the makeup counters in a department store, they are very happy to share tips with you on how to take care of your skin and apply makeup. Thanks for visiting!

  28. Absolutely Fabulous! I really enjoy all of your commentary , tips and personal “sharings”.. Anxiously look forward to new segments..

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