Scarves In Summer?

Scarves have been my favorite accessory since I was a young woman. I wear them all year round and never fail to take a few with me on a trip. I have always been glad that I did.

A scarf can pull together solid neutrals into an elegantly finished look. It can keep the cold air conditioning off of your neck in restaurants.

A scarf can be your best makeup. How? Think about an older man wearing a crew neck tee shirt. As we age, we look much better wearing a garment with a collar or scarf draped around our necks or tucked inside the neckline of a jacket. The silky fabric of an elegant scarf near my face makes me feel well dressed, even though I might be wearing jeans and a tee.

We had so much fun making this video for you! The jacket and girlfriend jeans are from Chico’s. The white tank is from White House|Black Market. The bag is from Express. The Gianni Bini shoes are from Dillard’s last year.

  1. Pretty look & snazzy car! Great video, loved the ending; lol! You are really good about wearing your sunglasses too…trying to do better here. Do you just grab a pair for the day, or is there a method you use in choosing which sunglasses for your outfit?Glad you had the giggles makibg the video..very Grace Kelly! Enjoy your day, Susan!

  2. What a fun video. You looked like a million bucks driving away (the car didn’t hurt either). I went shopping this weekend and had you in my mind. I questioned everything I looked at and thought of my current wardrobe. I asked myself if it was something that would go with what Was in my closet and so forth. Thanks for keeping me on track. I ended up purchasing just one cardigan and two tank tops. The cardigan will be great for all the layering you’ve taught me and the tanks will go nicely under jackets that I have purchased based also on your advise. Thanks so much!!!

  3. I channeled you over the weekend! I wore a short black leather jacket with a bright pink lining that I have had for over 20 years and feeling it needed something, put an equally old Pucci scarf with the same hot pink running through it under the jacket. It looked great and allowed me to wear a scarf I think I wore maybe twice although it was very expensive when I bought it. Thanks for such great tips!

    1. Love your great tips since I also love scarves. I don’t usually wear them too much in the summer but I think now I might start. I need a convertible.

  4. A fun video! Don’t you look chic! I especially like the scarf looped around the purse strap. Just adding some color until you need it for a little warmth or to keep your hair from getting blown. I wear scarves frequently around my neck. They keep the chill off while upping my outfit style points. I find mine in a variety of places and I like all kinds and shapes. It is surprising how a simple scarf can make a pair of jeans and tee look so chic. I think it’s important to have a stylish shoe on too. There are so many comfortable shoes that look stylish these days. No reason to stick with an athletic shoe because “it’s comfortable”. Using your advice!

  5. What are girlfriend jeans? How do they differ in cut from boyfriend jeans and just plain jeans (slim, straight, flared)? Thanks.

  6. I forgot to say how very nice your hair looks! I can see why you put the scarf over your hair for the car ride!

  7. Great outfit, and I agree — scarves are wonderful, any time of the year. Thanks for the tips on how to wear them. I really like the shoes you have on in with this outfit. I notice you’ve worn this type of lace-up sandal in other posts. Are these still available, or can you recommend something similar?

    1. I find this type of shoe very comfortable because the weight of your foot is evenly distributed over the length of your whole foot. Not just the ball of your foot. Look for caged sandals to see similar styles.

  8. I love lightweight scarves for summer because they protect my neck from the hot sun. Necklaces are out, because I must wear sunblock at all times. There’s no better way to ruin jewelry than to get 30 SPF mineral sunblock on it. Inexpensive scarves can be washed, dry-cleaned, or even discarded if they become stained. So yes to summer scarves!

  9. This was great information! I am in my late 50’s and at times still have some overwhelming “hot flashes” so I have been avoiding scarves for the last 18 months or so. I usually dress in solids so I have dozens of beautiful scarves that I miss wearing. But what a wonderful idea to tie it to my purse! Loving your website! <3

  10. Oh my, I just love your video! Again, I’m asking: how do you select handbags for your outfits?

    Thank you, thank you.

  11. Great post as always. Love your tips. I have a red Mercedes convertible but worry the hair mess when going out, so top mostly up. You have the answer…scarf. Hope you just did the parking lot run as the seatbelt was not fastened 🙂 Or did I miss it? Thank you for all your fun posts.

      1. Of course I knew but thought some might mention the seatbelt.
        Car is awesome and newer than mine. You always decide the great things to talk about. How do you decide when to buy? I have brands I love but wait for sale as in Eileen Fisher on Rack. French kande does not go on sale. Ever. I won’t buy because of that. I only buy sale. Mark ups in clothes and makeup is enormous. I know from contacts. Just my thoughts.

        1. When I have been admiring something for a few weeks; I may put it in my cart and wait for it to go on sale. If it is a classic, basic that I know I will wear over and over again, (like a French Kande necklace) I will choose carefully and then wear the item often. There are still a few items in my closet that I bought during weak moments. That is why my items keep showing up on my shopping site. Impulse buying never seems to work, but that hasn’t stopped me.

  12. What a fun video! Lightweight scarves in summer are perfect for keeping the annoying cold air conditioner drafts from freezing me out. In summer I like to leave them untied. They add a bit of color, movement and flow to my outfit.

    You looked like a movie star with your scarf and dark glasses and that sexy convertible. I don’t have a convertible, but I can’t tell you how many times I have been caught out in suddenly cold, windy weather and have saved myself from an earache by wearing a scarf tied just like you did in your convertible. Next time that happens I will have to imagine my Ford Taurus is a beautiful, shiny, sleek convertible.

  13. Very cute video! Love your new haircut too. I sometimes wear the small vintage square silk scarves that are just large enough to tie around my neck. They give me a bit of much needed color around my face but are too warm to wear in the southern summers. The small silk scarves would also look cute tied to a purse. Thanks for the idea!

  14. Love your video and hope you keep making more of them, Susan. I’m just finishing up packing for an eleven-day trip to the UK – Cornwall, Devon & London – and just wanted you to know that I will be wearing your super-comfortable crepe pants for both of the long plane trips there and back (not to mention while I’m there). I’ll also be taking several of the scarves I’ve purchased from you recently to brighten up my mostly black travel wardrobe. Looks as if it will be significantly cooler and wetter there than it currently is here on the coast of NC, so those scarves will earn their trip by keeping my neck warm and adding a little style to what might be eleven days of wearing my raincoat. And my new black-with-white-polka dots rain hat. I might be damp, but I’ll try to make you proud!

  15. You have really inspired me so much recently and since your email is one of the first to arrive every morning(when I’m still in bed sipping coffee) you also influence my choice of clothes for the day!! I’m in the midst of ridding my closet of eternity scarves…they don’t look good on me…live and learn, right? I like be the Mercedes-Benz SL 550 in the video…I work at Mercedes-Benz of Cincinnati!!! Thanks for all you do to keep us in good taste with fashion!

  16. Love your video ! Thanks for making me chuckle. You look very stylish no matter what you’re wearing ! Keep making videos !

  17. I too have been a fan of scarves for over 30 years now. I moved to Arizona years ago but refuse to give up wearing my favorite accessory! Thanks for all your great tips.

  18. Cute video! I have a lot of scarves, but mostly winter ones. I’ll need to be sure to pick up one or more for summer. Thanks!

  19. I’ve not been successful wearing scarves. It seems that they are either too bulky or too long. What size scarves to you recommend? Rectangular or square?

    1. I wear 35″ square scarves sometimes, and at other times I wear 51″ square scarves for fashion and to keep warm. I sometimes wear cashmere wraps and larger scarves to keep warm when it is freezing.

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