Saturday In Asheville

When we visit Asheville on a sunny day in the early spring, everyone’s positive energy seems to flow. People smile and nod or even stop to chat with strangers. It’s lovely to enjoy a break from the cold weather and gray skies. Blossoming trees, greening earth, and new flowers make you feel like walking through a storybook.

We escaped into the Grove Arcade to take a break from the windy streets outside. Many others had the same idea.

The Grove Arcade is home to an eclectic variety of restaurants, unique shops, and an outdoor artists market. The shops offer everything from furniture to books to crystals and artisan-made jewelry. Intriguing items from all over the world can be found here in this more than 100-year-old shopping mall.

Our purpose for visiting Asheville on Saturday was to dine at a restaurant we recently learned about from the blog reader. The Golden Fleece, located in the Grove Park Inn’s shadow, is a delightfully quaint restaurant offering many locally sourced menu items.

We arrived well ahead of our reservation time so that we could visit the Grovewood Gallery. The Museums open in April, but the Gallery and grounds were a delight.

The restaurant is on the right as you enter the Historic Grovewood Village.

George is the chef at The Golden Fleece Slow Earth Kitchen.

I always order Brussels Sprouts when offered. You can order À la carte here! (As separate items, rather than part of a set meal.)

We shared items from the menu, including Branzino (a European Sea Bass from the Mediterranean) filleted at our table by our waiter, Matthew.

That tiny skillet holds a cauliflower casserole.

The shared dessert was a Phyllo Tower with fresh berries.

The day’s look included white jeans by NYDJ here and a dark navy cashmere sweater from Everlane here. My shoes are Rockport Total Motion Salima in Dove here. My orange handbag is by Dooney & Bourke here. The scarf kept me warm later in the day. Referral links in my post may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

I hope spring is arriving where you are too!

  1. Susan—love your outfit. It’s a classic look but easy to put together. I notice you’ve purchased many of the Everlane cashmere sweaters recently with the crew neck. I remember reading that you said a crew neck is not your best style to wear because the neckline mimicked your face shape-round. Many times you’ll wear a necklace or scarf to give the illusion of a v-neck but this outfit you did not and I think it looks fine. I’ve been avoiding crew necks ever since you brought that to our attention because I thought I had a round face also. Crew necks seem to be the most prominent neckline out there and that has greatly narrowed my possibilities. After seeing you in today’s post, I’m thinking I should reconsider. Any explanation or comments to clarify what has changed in your mind?
    I’ve read about Everlane on other blogs and feel they have fair prices for cashmere sweaters and they come in several colors. I’m petite with a shorter torso and longer legs. I’ve been hesitant to order because they don’t come in petites. What’s your opinion on their sweaters working on a petite body?
    Thank you for your fashion guidance. We all appreciate your hard work.

    1. Note that the neckline on these sweaters still allows my collarbones to show. The main reason I wear this style of sweater from Everlane is that it keeps me warm without being too bulky. (Most of your body heat escapes through the top of your head and at your neckline.) I do not wear bulky items on my top half because that is where I carry most of my weight. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer I can return to my V and low scoop neck tops. Thanks for your comment.

  2. I love everything about this outfit! You look fabulous! Also the orange handbag is very eye catching!

  3. Looks like another perfect day! Miss that area so very much but hubby’s health has curtailed travel. Great to see you and Mr. Mickey enjoying spring in that area.

  4. Brussel sprouts and the cauliflower casserole-YUM!
    I liked the top and pants with AND without the scarf. You are the epitome of simple clean elegance. You balanced the light and Spring-ness of the white jeans with the spare lines of the black 3/4 pushed-up sleeves of the top.
    You got me to sighing with envy about the clothes and laughing about seeing the chair sitting rabbit and the two climbing the ladder. Are the bunnies climbing up to be robbers or down to be elopers? Makes me wonder.

  5. You look amazing…your new hairstyle is so pretty and the outfit is one I can copy with my current wardrobe. Can’t thank you enough for the fun journey to Asheville. Art, good food, and a warmer day. Who could ask for more.?

  6. Beautiful post!

    Echoing Ruth’s query, could you give us the center back length of your Everlane sweater? I believe you said you wore a size medium. That might help us petites decide on whether or not to risk a purchase.

      1. Oops, I did locate a body length and sleeve link on the size chart at the Everlane site you linked. That should help.

  7. There are so many good restaurants in Asheville. We ate at the Golden Fleece a couple of years ago. At that time it was very much Greek inspired. We enjoyed the food and the ambience. It felt like eating at Grandma’s, only my grandma did not cook like that. Our absolute favorite In Asheville is Curate. It is the one place we always return. If you haven’t been there you must put it on your list. It does require a reservation, it is always very crowded and sometimes loud but the Chef’s creativity is worth it.
    I enjoy reading about your travels as much as I am inspired by your clothing choices.

  8. I do wish I lived close to Asheville. I love the area and the Biltmore is always wonderful to visit. I have been enjoying your blog very much and has been very helpful in dressing my inverted-triangle body. I am your height, but I also feel “short” when wearing cropped pants, so I have decided not to wear them either, as they don’t flatter. Your tips about packing have also reiterated what I have always done; pack with a limited color palette with the idea of each piece going with several items, or it doesn’t go. Thank you for your great fashion tips.

  9. Susan, thank you for the link to the shoes. Were they comfortable to wander around in most of the day? They’re lovely!

  10. Thank you for letting us see so many lovely parts of the country. Loved this blog and your clothes were perfect.

  11. I am collecting ideas of places to see & things to do when visiting Asheville. Thank you for all your great posts!

  12. You look fabulous in this outfit. I am new to your blog and look forward to your tips in building a classic wardrobe.
    I noticed you are wearing this beautiful orange purse at your waist. I’m petite, busty with slim legs. I prefer a small cross handbag because it keeps my hands free but I don’t think that is the most flattering style for me. What are your thoughts about which style of purse to carry?

    1. Ideally, your bag should be small and structured and carried in your hand. The style I have in these photos has alternate straps so that you can make it longer or remove it altogether and use it as a clutch.

      1. Thanks so much. I am loving your classically chic style! I’m ready to buy a new purse with color that will add some punch to my outfits.
        I love the beautiful scarf I purchased and thank you so much for the additional one you sent. They are of such good quality! Now on to rereading your posts to see how to wear them with style.

  13. I love this outfit on you! I am traveling to England this month and have learned so much from your posts! We have very similar taste in fashion and I have picked up pieces to layer. My latest purchases are a pink faux leather bomber jacket and a navy tweed Chanel style jacket! I can’t wait to style my new pieces with my collection of scarves I purchased from your site! I love your posts. Thank you for showing us how to look great after 60!

    1. I take some of the photos of other subjects, Mr. Mickey takes many of the pictures of me. Other times my young cousin, Elizabeth stops by after school and shoots photos for me.

  14. It is amazing how much difference just adding a scarf makes. It looks like a different outfit. I would love to visit there. Thank you for your pictures. They inspire me to dress my best especially after observing the difference between you and the average shoppers. Neutrals are the key I think. Although I will never give up my lime green corduroy shirt. Our high today is 72

    1. I noticed the difference of Susan’s well put together style and the other shoppers as well. She is always so well groomed and classy looking. And wearing pants and sweater with a scarf does seem very doable. Thanks you Susan for all the tips to detail that you point out! Now onto rethinking wearing my go to blue denim while I’m out shopping wardrobe staples. Our area is very laid back when it comes to dressing and I often hesitate to step out looking different. I think that’s a personal attitude adjustment I need to make. Whew this blogging is heavy stuff 🙂

  15. I really love your style! I am 68 and transitioning to a different style, such as yours. I have one question, since I am a new follower, what state are you in?

  16. The Grove Park Gallery and the Golden Fleece restaurant are just fabulous…and of course the Grove Park Inn itself is a “must see” when in Asheville. I love that there are two historic and stunning spots (the other being Biltmore) with such distinctive and different architecture. Thanks for sharing your Asheville outing!

  17. Thank you, Susan for your timely blog. I flew in to Raleigh to visit my cousin who had planned a stay for us at the Grove Park Inn . When I showed her your blog she was excited as she had never heard of or been to either the Gallery/Golden Fleece or the Grove Arcade so we had to o both. We loved the museums which were open and the gallery (ended up with purchasing sone decor) and ate at the restaurant both for lunch and dinner. Not overly inpressed with the restaurant (though better than the hotel’s) but it was good. My lamb was not prepared to order as I ordered medium and it was rare, the phyllo dessert came without fruit (they ran out), the brussel sprouts while good were not stellar compared to others i have had, but the soup was superb and the wait staff very personable and efficient. We did meet the chef and mentioned your name as a referral. We enjoyed the Arcade in town and Chocolate Fetish around the corner. It was a wonderful day and I was glad to find something unique for my cousin, Thanks so much for the tip,

  18. Susan, I love your style but years of foot abuse have left me unable to wear stiletto type heels. Do you have any suggestions for a substitute that would still look dressy and stylish?

  19. Dear Susan, thank you so much for all these nice photos. Its a way for me to visit as well. In Mauritius we do not have so much places to go apart from the lovely beaches.

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