Bright Colors

Shades of blue have always been my most flattering colors because I have blue eyes. A blue top with white pants is one of my most effortless warm-weather outfit combinations. Do you have an ideal color combination that always works for you?

My long silvertone necklace is from Chico’s last year. Similar here. The handbag was from Express a few years ago. Similar here. The shoes are by Franco Sarto here. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.

If my brow makeup looks more natural these days, it is due to the Beautycounter brow mascara I’m using now. Have you noticed that most brow colors go on your skin, leaving the hair light and visible? I love how this product also brings individual hairs into the game. I brush on the Soft Black here and then use a clean spooly brush to remove any excess. Epic!

The photos of me are by Mr. Mickey. We shot them on the ETSU campus and at The Blackthorn Club later in the day when we had brunch. The blog post for Friday will share how I use inspiration from Pinterest images to recreate similar looks using what’s already in my closet. Have a beautiful day!

  1. Susan, still having problems when you say you got something “here” and you click on it, it takes you to a screen that says “API.shopstyle” at the top but it never shows a picture. Any idea why?

    1. If you are looking at my blog from your phone, you may be having trouble with an internet connection or may be that it is just very slow to connect. I’m not sure why else this might be happening.

  2. Your brows always look great! I remember your fabulous “brow you-tube video”. I use clear brow gel first, to “tame” the unruly hairs, which works well as an adherent for the brow powder I brush on afterwards. Your look today is lovely and reminds me that just yesterday I bought a new pair of white pants (similar to yours) and a sweater set that has blue in it! (For any petites out there, my pants were the Cotton Ankle Wonderstretch Pant from Nic & Zoe.) As usual Susan, you inspire us with your elegance, taste, and wisdom.

  3. Hi Susan, that is a perfect color blue for you. I like the pewter shoes, you are wearing. Do you find the man made material comfortable, and durable? Thank you again for sharing. Pat

    1. Love that daffodil! My annuals are beginning to peep open too! Love the blue top. I struggle with white pants- I feel like I don’t have the body for them! Haha! Love your shopping philosophy and thinning down of our closets!

  4. Susan, you have a gift to know what looks good together and you also recognize the beauty that is around you. I love that you added the yellow flower. It is so cheerful. As always, say hi to Mr. Mickey and thank him for helping with the pictures.

  5. Bright colors have always been good for me. Aqua is my favorite but I do well with rose, yellow and blue. I have never been fond of the earth tones on me unless they are rich deep shades. It is so nice following your blog. When I search for spring clothes I am disappointed when the torn jeans and short skirts appear. Not for my age group.

  6. The blue looks lovely on you I am wondering if you would ever wear the same color slacks with that beautiful top

  7. Hi Susan the blue is stunning and I absolutely love how you’ve accessorised the outfit. You are an aficionado when it comes to turning clothes into an outfit.

  8. I believe a straight leg pant rather than the wrinkled,calf hugging pant leg is much more flattering on you.

    1. These are straight leg pants. Many people from our generation believe that wearing long, loose-fitting tailored pants looks better, yet it can make us appear stuck in a different time. I’ve heard young people refer to those pants as Grandpa pants.

  9. Susan, you look beautiful in that blue. I look forward to reading your blog. I love that you have such an optimist outlook on life. You see the beauty in the world around you. I was wondering if at your lowest time in your life if you ever considered antidepressants or counseling? Do you practice mindfulness or read books that help you maintain such a positive attitude? You always offer such great advice on fashion and food that I figured you had advice on staying positive.

    1. I try to look on the bright side of every situation. It serves no purpose to waste energy dwelling on the past or what could have been. Look forward to every new adventure and keep an open mind to change. I do not tolerate medications of any type well. Self-discipline and concentrating on what brings me joy has helped me tremendously during the lowest points of my life.

  10. I am new to your site and enjoy seeing your choices. Could you possibly do something showing how people with a Walmart budget and are short in height can look nice too? Sometimes when we have a budget that is small we just don’t try.

    1. Please read the blog post for tomorrow. I address how to make the best use of what you have and also how to make better and more budget-friendly choices in the future.

  11. And here I thought you bought a yellow Jeep Wrangler! Personally I am going back and forth between a lime green one or yellow. Hmmmm choices, choices . Love the blog and that color you are wearing!

  12. This is a comment on Monday’s post about the Everlane cashmere sweater and how it would fit a petite. I usually take PM in a sweater; I ordered the Everlane in medium and it arrived today. It is a lovely cashmere and a nice weight. The sweater fit me in the body (could not have gone down a size), and the sleeves would work with turning up, but it came to the tops of my thighs (tunic length). Not a good look at 5’2″. So in answer to your reader’s question, while this look is gorgeous on Susan at 5’6″, I doubt it would work on many petites. I will be returning.
    There is a $6 restocking fee. Hope this helps someone.

  13. Love the color combination. It is one of favorites also. Are you wearing any hose or hidden socks with your outfit. I am uncomfortable wearing shoes without some kind of hose or socks but think a bare ankle looks better in the spring….don’t know how to do that with neutral shoes. Easy to wear matching black,brown, or navy in the winter.
    Your blog has helped me transition into my retirement years.many thanks

      1. I had bookmarked the SheecSocks when I first read your recommendation some months ago. Got them last week and they are simply the BEST no show socks. Love them. Thanks.

  14. Susan,
    That is a genius idea, putting mascara on brows so the hairs actually show! Wow. And it works. Had to rush in and try it. Perfect. Just need a dark brown mascara. Do you “fill in” your brows in addition to using the mascara? My son is getting married next weekend, and I have spent the week trying makeup. Now that you’ve taught me the colors I need to be wearing, it dawned on me that I might be wearing the wrong colored makeup, particularly eye shadow. And, yes, I was. Wow, what a difference the right colors make. And now I don’t mind lipstick. It always made me feel like a clown. But the right shades really make my entire face brighten up. Thank you, again, Susan.

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