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For more than twenty years, I’ve been a devoted fan of J.Jill clothing. My favorite gray cashmere cardigan, white linen cardigan, navy casual jacket, nude sandals, gray sneakers, and three pairs of jeans are from J.Jill. We have a new J.Jill store here in Johnson City, so I decided to stop by to check out some of the latest trends for spring 2019.

Several people have emailed me to ask if I would be buying the new cropped flare leg pants. I always try to keep an open mind about new things, but my first instinct was that this style would not flatter my shape. As you can see, it is a great look when it is styled to elongate my torso above.

The tops above and below didn’t serve me well because they pull across the bust, and the neckline is too high.

The pants are not a style or pattern I would wear often, but they are cute and very comfortable. I like the black knit top below with them more than the top above.

It was great fun visiting with the gals in the store. They were accommodating but never overbearing. Lisa brought many things for me to try on and suggested accessories and sizes. The store was impeccably clean and bright. Even the other customers were friendly and in a good mood. It was such a pleasure shopping there. The Johnson City store is in the Peerless Center on North Roan Street.

The Wearever Ultrafine V-Neck Jacket (above and below) will be the perfect piece for cool summer evenings — the soft pale pink (blossom) works with almost every pant and the tank I own, including my two basic tank dresses. The Emilie Full-Leg Crops (above) surprised me the most. I didn’t think I could wear that style at all, but I like how they look with block heel slingback shoes. If you guessed that I bought the jacket in blossom and the black linen full-leg cropped pants (shown above in olive), you guessed right. I am wearing an extra-small in all the pieces from J.Jill.

J.Jill is a woman-owned company that’s been around since 1959. They offer misses sizes, petites, women’s sizes, and talls. Founded in 2002, the J.Jill Compassion Fund is committed to providing support to community-based organizations that help disadvantaged and homeless women become self-sufficient.

Visit the J.Jill website here or drop in to visit one of their stores. They have more than 270 of them now! There is no (pending or past) compensation to me for this post. My only purpose in sharing these images is to show you the spring trends I wanted to try.

I am showing you my own clothes (all more than a year old) which I wore shopping and running errands. It is still cool and breezy here.

Gray cardigan sweater tankjeansbagsimilar shoes. (These referral links may generate a small commission for me at no cost to you.)

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  1. In the first picture I initially thought it was an all in one pants suit, it flows so well with the matching top.
    I’ve never thought flared pants would suit me but might give them a try.

  2. I love J Jill. I shop in their Wyomissing Pa store. The sales girls are always helpful and friendly. I find your blog very informative. You always look great. Thanks for what you do.

    1. I find most of this not as flattering as your own clothes, sorry! I guess I just don’t like the cropped pants look, on anyone really. I have shortish legs and no hips or waist to speak of, and they don’t look nice on me. However I did pick up a pair in the black Chico’s Travelers fabric and had them hemmed, just because they are wrinke-free for travel, more covered than my usual shorts or skorts for summer, and are actually very cool and comfortable. Sometimes comfort trumps flattering for me. I wear them with a shorter fitted top and sandals and still stay cool.

  3. I bought a pair of wide leg cropped pants last summer in white cotton and was pleasantly surprised at how much wear I got out of them. I found they looked best with a shorter, fitted top and a slight wedge sandal. I’m looking to add another colour this summer. What fun to try on new styles and see how they work for you.

  4. Thanks for showing the crop pants. I’m 5’ tall and would never even consider them, but seeing how you styled an elongating look puts them into the maybe stack.

  5. I also like to shop in boutiques like this, where the inventory isn’t so crammed together, you can browse without killing your shoulders pushing and pulling hangers to see items. Many of my coworkers like to treasure hunt in the discount stores, but i would sooner do it my way, which is to stalk the Chicos website, put items on my wish list, and patiently wait for a coupon or flash sale..sometimes i win, sometimes i lose!…I will admit to when I have a lot of time on my hands to visiting consignment shops.

    1. Susan, thank you for a shopping post. So glad you mixed it up. Would like more if these. Glad you ventured outside of your comfort zone. Looking good!!!

      1. Susan, I would love to see more of these types of segments in the future too. It’s wonderful to receive your insight on what works, and doesn’t and what you look for….

  6. Love the looks, the red and pink tops were a bit boxie on you. May fit a thicker waisted girl better.
    I really like the checked pants, looked sassy.

    1. Thank you for showing us several styles of pants and tops. I think the slim leg pants still look the most slimming and that is what I have to do. I carry so much weight in the bust and stomach that i have to create a slimming image with my overall look.

  7. Wow, I love all these looks! Especially 1 and 3 (guess it is the bright color). I love the way you tried something new. I, too, bought one pair of (modified) wide-leg pants the other day. Tricky, being petite, but it is a fun change. Enjoyed the shopping trip with you!

  8. I buy most of my clothes from JJill since they offer tall sizes. I was excited to see your take on the new styles. I’m not sure the cropped wide leg will work with my long legs but they look great on you.

  9. I agree with all your comments above about the styles and how they look on you. It also says to me “you need to try on before you buy!” I hate to try on but being 4’11” requires I try to see how the style flatters my petite figure. It doesn’t help that I’m a 36DD through the bust! Thanks again Susan!

  10. I love the checked pants with the black top on you. I wear a larger size than you and feel I can’t pull off the lighter bottom half.

  11. Hi Susan,
    I really enjoyed reading about your experience shopping at J Jill. Please treat us to another shopping excursion again.

  12. Your Pinterest posts are new to me. I so much appreciate finding your candid photos and discussing how it works and does not work. Your color palette works with your skin tones and hair (remember Color Me bBeautiful- now you know I’m in the appropriate age bracket☺️) Some of your tops seem to pull across the bust line. Overall the choices you make are classic and flattering in fit, color and age appropriate. Looking forward to seeing more posts.

    1. I have shopped JJill for years and love their line. I don’t have a store near me ( closest one is 2 hours away) but my girlfriend who lives in that area and I often meet for lunch and then shop JJill and Talbots. I do order online and have never been disaapointed. I love the pink cardigan so I think I need to place an order…. Susan, you look great in the flared pants!

  13. I love the jacket in blossom, but I was wondering what the fabric is that it is made from? On first look, I thought it was a knit cardigan.

    1. It is lightweight knit (95% rayon and 5% Lycra® spandex knit) but J.Jill calls it a jacket. I gave the exact titles so that you would be able to find it in the store or online.

  14. I love looking at your pictures. I’m almost 73 so need to see the trends on other folks. The long, loose on your calf pants and not too pointed shoes are flattering to you. The tight on the calf pants are equal to the tops that pull across the bust. The very pointed shoes make feet look too long. Thank you for all your suggestions and pictures.

  15. I love this post, and you look great in the black cropped outfit! I guess we should never say never! Thanks for the informative blog. I share your classic style aesthetic and get many good ideas from your posts.

  16. Susan, you are a gorgeous woman who knows what flatters her. However, I have to disagree about the cropped pants. They just cut a gorgeous long line in two. But to each his (or her) own, right? #youdoyou

  17. Susan, the cropped flare leg pants and the checked pants look great on you. We should all be more willing to try new looks. Also, wearing the appropriate shoes helps us to see a look the way it was meant to be worn. Nice choices!

  18. This was a surprise. I don’t wear crop anything but love the black full crops on you. The check ones are very cool, too.

      1. J Jill sizing is way too big! I cannot really shop there as I am 5’6 and 116 lbs. sometimes the petite x-small fits, but often sleeves and lengths are too short then. It’s a shame, they have lovely, age-appropriate items (I’m 62). Wish they didn’t think everyone was larger and needed vanity sizing

  19. Dear Susan,
    I’ve been following you for several years and even purchased a tank and pants from your line. I learn so much when you explain how things work for you, or don’t work for you. I only wish I had Susan Street to help me dress when I was younger!

  20. I loved the checked pants and orange top on you. The pop of color was much more fun than the expected black top.

  21. The ones you favored look great! I have to admit, though, I love the houndstooth and orange. That would be my pick! I’m more of a pear shape (s/m top and m/l bottom). I often wear ankle pants and kitten heels to work but I don’t think I could pull off the wider crops – it would be a little too much on the bottom. Thanks for showing us all these looks!

  22. I actually like your own clothes the best of all! That said, that olive and blush color combo is inspiring! I may try that! As to the cropped wider leg pants, I’m 5’2″ and know they would make me look stumpy, no matter what! I’d rather do an ankle pant or a slim capri. I liked the black and white ones best of what was shown. Not sure about the tie front crew neck top, though. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide!

  23. I like J Jill as well, but your store is certainly a lot larger and more appealing that the two stores that I have available here in Charlotte – both are essentially mall stores and are pretty crowded with tables, merchandise displays, etc. However, they are both very popular with customers. I see a number of women that appear to me to be in their late 50s and 60s and older – a testimony that these stores fill a need. I may have to try those cropped pants. I was sure they would not work for me, but with a heeled shoe as you mention, they might work!

  24. I love J. Jill brand. They wash very well and look expensive. As someone with long legs I appreciate their tall size pants.
    You look fantastic in the outfits you modeled. Thank you for showing us the new style pants. I was wondering how they looked.

  25. You should buy the checked pants and black top. They looked good on you.You are so good at the fashion mode and an inspiration to us all. Thank you for all your help. Do you miss VJS . I miss you there very much. But I am glad you are happy doing the fashionS for all of us. Keep up the fun and help us look sharp like you please.

    1. I’m still available to answer questions and help out with anything that I can at VJS. Thank you for your kind words Barb. It’s always nice to hear from you.

  26. Susan, your examples of what worked and what didn’t are helpful. Styles, color, proportion, fit all contribute to the success of an outfit. It takes work, but you found a winner. You look great in the black column of color and the soft pink jacket.

  27. You look wonderful in all the outfits, but the first image with the black cropped leg pants and blossom v neck sweater is spectacular. Just lovely and very flattering.

  28. I love J Jill. Their clothes are well-made and if you take good care of them, they will last for years. I’m finding that most of the clothes I buy now are from J Jill and Chicos. The big department stores like Macy’s and Dillards overwhelm me.

  29. Susan, I am eyeing that black dress you are standing next to. Love that style for summer! Heading to the website now. The crop pants look good on you but I do not wear them. I’m barely 5’5″ and rather wider than you. I’ve just never enjoyed how I look in them although I must say, the black with the pink jacket looks great on you!

  30. Susan I love love love the black and white print pants and orange top on you. I think you’re wrong. They look great on you. I think you should reconsider purchasing that outfit!

  31. The black cropped pant in first photo, shown with a black top and pink over, were very flattering I thought! also the black/white check pant and black top looked very nice. I feel I learn something from visiting your blog and appreciate having you there! ann lee s, Vancouver island, bc, canada

  32. You look fantastic in the black check pants and black top. A bit déjà vu for me as I wore the identical outfit yesterday to dine at a rick stein restaurant with my husband to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary. Makes me look quite slim and that can’t be bad. My brand of pant in Australia was Sportscraft though. Wish we had your great shops here but Sportscraft is my go to here

  33. Hi Susan, lovely to see how different styles and colours of tops change the look. This article really demonstrates how versatile just one pair of pants can be. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all your tips and advice with us. Have a great weekend

  34. even if you didn’t buy…i really liked the pale pink sweater with the olive green top and wide leg cropped pants – very nice color combo that i would have NEVER tried. Thanks!

  35. Thin fabrics cling to my back. I can reproduce your great looks but I do need to make small changes. If I’m not wearing a cardigan or jacket, I will choose a blouse and avoid the knitted tops. Oh, to be smaller on top! That particular blessing turns into a curse as you get older. I Love your blog.

  36. What a difference a neckline, belt or layering makes to make you look longer & leaner! I think I’m getting it finally! Thanks for the before and after. Love the checkered pants outfit on you.

  37. Hi Susan, I have been following for a long time and enjoy very much your blog. Can you please tell me which size are the pants and tops on the first photo? Thanks and keep posting!!!

  38. I’ve bought several shirts, pull overs and cardigans from J.Jill recently. I received a catalog on the mail and was sold right awaY! Their clothes are on the pricey side (for my retiree budget) but such amazing quality and modern, flattering design make them well worth every penny.

  39. I have recently discovered J Jill through your blog, and I love it. I live in Canada and we don’t have J Jill, but we spend the winter in Florida and I love the store in Sarasota. I have been trying to put together some basic layering pieces in the basic colours that you often wear. I was thinking that I would love to see a blog that would talk to us about what basic pieces we need to put together a comfortable wardrobe. I have a closet full of clothes that almost fit, almost work, but are not quite right. Do you think that would be a good subject for a spring wardrobe basics tutorial. Thank you so much Susan, I anxiously await every new posting. I also love the J Jill scarves. Thanks so much. Marian Boudreau

  40. J Jill ankle stretch pants have changed my life. I’ve worn them for years. Super comfy – super cute and go to the opera or the zoo or work in them. Great for travel and packing. I wear them with your scarves all the time. I wait for them to go on sale and stock up! Wash great but I never put them in the dryer.

  41. I recently purchased the jjill cardigan/jacket in the blossom color. I love all things jjill. My only issue is because of health issues I can’t wear cute shoes like the sling backs.

  42. I’ve been thinking about getting those checked pants. I had some a few years back and I wore them a lot.
    I don’t like orange and black together, all I can think of when I see that combination is Halloween. They’d go fine with red or a jewel blue.

    I like JJill. They’re a poor gals Eileen Fisher — comfortable clothes in neutral colors, cut for women who aren’t models.

  43. I’ve lost a good bit of weight and need to start rebuilding my wardrobe. Can you suggest what basic pieces I need to buy first? I love your style . Thank you for naming the stores you like to shop . Do you also shop online?

    1. I do shop online because we don’t have a local Nordstrom or Dillard’s. If I were starting again from where you are now, I would buy a pair of jeans, a pair of black pants, three tops in neutral colors that I can accessories and wear with the pants. When I was losing weight, I lost three sizes, so I bought some of my transition pieces from sale racks or even the Goodwill. When I could no longer wear them, I donated everything back to the Goodwill (or the Women’s Shelter).

  44. Hi! I live inWinstom-Salem, NC and we have a JJill store. I love everything! Thanks for the post! Dellyn

  45. Susan, it’s been fun seeing you in all these fashions! I turned 75 last week, and talk about looking for the right clothes for my body type now, it has gotten harder since my waist has increased size. ( I am working on it by playing more Pickleball). Your look and fashions look great to me. I am going to Mt. Pleasant today where I have a pair of white linen straight leg cropped pants at Jill’s on Hold. They are on sale, so hopefully they will work nicely. Just an observing opinion..I do think the straight legged pants make a slimmer and younger look. The wide legged ones remind me of the 70’s when we wore the wigs, and I looked like Marlo Thomas! Oh, the gauchos were in, too!

    Do keep me on your emails, as I will enjoy your blog. It is my first blog! If you care to, you can see my 75th birthday dinner with my husband.
    Sincerely, Karen Gaston

  46. I was talked in to buying a black jumpsuit, with flowy legs, when I was shopping at JJill,it has a sleeves upper part,
    What cani buy to cover my shoulders, an be comfortable?

  47. I really like the black top with the black and white check pants. Years ago, I had a black top that I wore with a slim, black and white houndstooth check skirt. I loved the outfit. On you, that look is kind of unexpected and playful, which I find quite charming.

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