Rock and Roll Roots

I was in my twenties during the 1980s, so the rock ‘n’ roll influence still fuels my most authentic looks.


Head to toe black with a red or blue touch was my uniform and remains a constant for me. Big hair, too much jewelry, and linebacker shoulders, I have let go of, thankfully.


We often dress appropriately for work, the event, or even to please who we are with, but when it comes time to get dressed for you, what do you wear? My confidence level is highest when I am wearing unique high heels, a dramatic jacket or top, and a lot of black.


This is my look. I rule my world from atop my high heels!


The cold shoulder mock neck dress is by Clara Sunwoo, and I got it at

The leggings are by Hue, and I found them at Dillard’s. The old clutch bag is by Nine West. The shoes are by BCBGeneration via Dillard’s.


  1. The outfit is great as always. I too love my heels and find them more comfortable than flats.. There’s power in those heels at any age!!

  2. Love the heels! I used to wear heels every day until I fell and broke my hip. So sad now I can only wear them for special occasions. So now I find unique flats that draw attention to my feet when I go to work. Each day the kids at school still check to see what I have.

  3. I Love the top and shoes!!!! I will be trying to copy this look!
    Have a good weekend and thank you for always looking your best!

  4. Susan – you look marvelous! I took your advice from one of your previous posts and got an new pair of kitten-heeled, pointy-toed shoes. High heels kill my feet. I’m 48 and love your looks and advice. Thanks for sharing your style! Your before and after photos are just incredible and your story of revival and survival is so wonderful. I’ve been clearing out my closet and changing my way of thinking – thanks to you!

    I have some follow up questions after fully reading your old blog and watching your videos. I’m wondering if you have any advice on shapewear? Do you still drink lemon water everyday? Do you still eat your power breakfast of grains and fruit? Has your makeup routine changed since your video? What do you think of knowing the “right” colors to wear – seasons of colors? Thanks!

    1. I do stick with my clear vibrant colors most of the time. I do drink lemon water if I remember to buy lemons. One full glass upon waking before coffee is perfect! I do have my power breakfast almost every morning with whatever fruits are in season. I am always tweaking my makeup. If anything is different is that I use even less now than I did in the video. I wear bras by Soma and sometimes the Ultimate from I have a really good shaper from Macy’s that I wear when something is clingy. It can be worn with my own bra.

      1. Do you remember the name of the shaper? I have not had much success finding a shaper that is relatively comfortable, but still does its job.

  5. I LOVE all your heels Susan and feel exactly the same when I wear mine. Although I do occasionally wear my cute flats, the lines and silhouette of whatever I am wearing markedly improve (along with my confidence)when I wear my heels!

  6. Wow – great look for you. I love your topic today about how we usually know what to wear for work or occasions but knowing how to dress just to please and honor yourself is so important. I am a bit (ok quite a bit!) older than you but still am so interested in self presentation and style. Maybe even more now because I think it is vitally important in feeling your best and living life to the fullest.

  7. Yesssss! You look so confident, sexy, and happy! I still love black, boots, silver and a rock vibe when I get to dress like I want! Lol about the leaving off the big shoulders, hair, and excessive jewelry

  8. I would like to order this dress. Can you tell me what size you are wearing? I think I remember your weight and height from a previous post. I believe this is the same dress iI saw on the KL and Hoda morning show. Kathy Lee was wearing it in green.

  9. You look amazing! Love your style and sense of humor! Just found your blog and I look forward to reading it every day!

  10. Hello Susan,

    You could be the elder sister of Emmanuelle Alt! So beautiful, tasteful and just You. Gorgeous!

  11. Wow! Great look! I usually am not a fan of the cold shoulder look at all, but this top on you, I like. Perfect necklace. Love all of your shoes, and every time I see a great pair of heels I think of you. I no longer can wear heels comfortably so I wear flats or lower wedges.
    I am going to try and pin this post today and pray it works. Still no luck with yesterday’s post. Is anyone else having this problem?

  12. You look so great! I’m also a “rock’n’roller” and a “rebel” with a cause! I love your outfit.

    Have a nice weekend.

  13. Dear Susan,
    You look like a million bucks from head to toe. I’m grateful that you are continuing your blog into your new decade. It’s very inspirational. I also appreciate the time, expense, creativity, and energy you spend so wisely and well for your readers.

  14. Wow, Susan. You sure show that 60 can be very sexy. Well done! When I dress for myself, I try to channel a little bit of French flair. My outfit may be tailored, but I love to have a wonderful, colorful ballet flat or a great statement necklace to add personality. I love the shoes you wear, too. Very fashion forward.

  15. You’re my Shero! I’m 47 and known for rocking the high heels,leggings, long shirt, vest type of look. I design and make all of my own Jewelry so accessories are never a problem. Everyone knows I love a good shoe! I plan to wear my high heels until….You look fantastic!

  16. Susan, I just discovered your blogs and spent three hours reading and enjoying your photos. I absolutely love your fashion sense and finally have someone to emulate. This is exactly what I needed at this point in my life. Thank you!

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