Tweaking My Style – The Follow-up


Some of you asked to see a picture of the pants with the new top when it arrived. The proportions are much better with this shorter banded top because it is more fitted and shorter. Wearing this top with the fuller Palazzo pants cuts my body in thirds instead of in half. I will save all my beautiful long tunics to wear with slim leg pants and leggings and boots. This shorter top is also by Clara Sunwoo via ShopMyFairLady.


When the top ends under your tummy, it hugs and draws more attention to it than if it stops at about halfway. The same is true with tops that end below your bottom. We may feel that we are covering it when, in fact, we are drawing more attention to it, especially when we are wearing a lighter color top. Study what you see other people wearing, not to criticize them but to learn what looks nice on a body shape similar to yours. I do this a lot. It is the best lesson of all. When I see a lady who looks great, I break apart her look in my mental notes to learn what made the whole look so pleasing to the eye. Balance and proportion, along with color and textures, are almost always the magic combinations that make the look a winner.

Below is the original post in its entirety.

I will be the first to tell you that I am not a professionally trained stylist. Some of my combinations are better for my shape than others. As I publish this blog and see pictures of my looks almost every day, it is obvious (afterward) that some silhouettes work for me and others, not so much. I share all of that with you here because that is part of the learning process, and we are in this together.


We recently attended a meeting at the dinner hour held in an event facility on a friend’s farm. It certainly wasn’t a cocktail party, so business casual was appropriate. I have been asked what this means for women many times. That seems to be a moving target for us. Given that the weather was still hot and the event was conservative, I wanted to dress for comfort in the heat and look appropriate.


Here are the reasons why I wore what I wore this evening. First, I knew I would be spending time standing in the grass, so no high heels. What pants are cool to wear when it is hot and look good with cute flats? Palazzo pants! I love this style by Clara Sunwoo from ShopMyFairLady.

My struggle came with what to wear on top. I am not comfortable wearing just a tank top; however, those are the only plain shorter tops I own. After trying on ten different tops with the pants, I settled for this Clara Sunwoo top because I ran out of time. While I love this top and have worn it many times with slim leg jeans and heels, it is a bit too long and full to wear with Palazzo pants. The best look for me includes either monotone (one color from head to toe) or broken by a horizontal line in thirds, never in half. If my legs were three inches longer, I wouldn’t have to be mindful of these rules.

I hope that sharing my successful looks and my not-so-great looks will help you learn what works best for your shape. Try taking a selfie every day for a week to help you figure out what outfit combinations look best on you. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and frankly, my mirror lies to me every day!

ShopMyFairLady is one of my all-time favorite sources for great-looking pieces that I can wear for years to come.

    1. Yes, the second top. I have used that mid strategy for years with a pant that isn’t too tight or knit and holds in pretty well. Nice colors on you.

  1. I agree with you that where a top ends is very important. This is why but I often try petites sizes when I shop for tops. Does this make sense? No, not for bottoms. I need a 32″ inseam. I need a high rise in pants, because I’m long in the torso. My high-waisted pant look is someone else’s “natural waist” look. Sometimes the more generous fit and proportion of a plus-size bottom works for me.

    For tops? Yes, petites sizing works in some instances. If my size doesn’t look quite right, I’ll try on the same top in petites. This may mean going up a size, or not. It depends on the style, cut and proportion. I like tops that end at my high hip, as I am pear-shaped.

    Tank top armholes can be tricky. This again is where petites sizing vs. misses sizing comes into play. Three-quarter sleeves are myvusual choice. They’re an easier fit — so much more versatile for year-round wear. I can remove my jacket or cardigan indoors in winter without being cold.

    It’s really important to try on different sizes and silhouettes, especially if you’re between sizes, or if your top and bottom are different sizes, like many of us.

  2. What a difference. The previous top while very nice was too long and the wrong shape for the palazzo pants. Now the outfit looks great and flattering.

  3. Perfect illustration of this so-important point about silhouette. Thanks!

    Did you mention the name of the banded top? I’m not seeing it and having trouble searching for one in my favorite store (Nordstrom). I’m thinking that type of top would look good on my pear shape with the black maxi skirt I’ve been avoiding because I’m not sure how to style it so it doesn’t make me look dumpy. May have been an unwise purchase, jury is still out. 🙂 But I WANT to wear a maxi for certain occasions.

  4. Thank you for posting the fix and explaining why it is better than the original outfit. It does look better with the new top. Palazzo pants are a gamble. You got it right.

  5. So happy to have found you! Love your style as my personal style is very similar and I love the ideas to tweek my style and where to find clothing that works for me.

    Thank you!

  6. Hi Susan! I actually like both looks – I disagree that the original pairing doesn’t work – the flowiness of the tunic and the pants works together for a breezy look. Love your new site! Lisa

  7. Hi Susan! You read my mind. I was thinking the first top might look better if you had worn a belt over it to accentuate your waist. But the second top…even better! Following the fashion suggestion that if you wear something loose fitting on the bottom, your top should be fitted, etc. I enjoy your blog and admire your story. Here’s to the sensational sixties! I’m 66.

  8. I have the dress in this same design as the top with the sleeves cut out. Love Clara Sunwoo. I can dress it up or down by adding a shawl/cardigan/jacket and a great pair of heels. Looking forward to wearing it with black tights and booties this fall. P.S. The fabric is comfortable and washes well.

  9. Wow, I can really see the difference between the shorter top and the longer top! Yare right, the shorter looks much nicer. Thanks for showing us that!

  10. Love the new site. What brand are the flats? I’m struggling to find flats in soft leather. All my favorites are wearing out. Thanks much.

  11. Hi Susan, I think both looks are lovely. I have learned so much from your blogs, I appreciate the elegance, appropriateness, and fun you put into your style!
    It is such a gift to have you share your talent and experience.
    With a grateful 54 yr old heart and changing body,

  12. I usually wear a medium size. Do you recomenend me to by a s size of this kind of pants? Thank you in advanced.

  13. Thank you for this post. I usually also prefer the ‘long over lean’ look, but for the warmer days palazzo pants are more preferable to wear than tight fitting skinny jeans. More airy. But as you said, it can be a tricky silhouette to master. Maybe you can create more beautiful examples for us for wearing palazzo pants and the correct top without looking frumpy. I enjoy reading your blog daily.

  14. I have recently been reading your blog, which I absolutely love! Since I see the Myfairlady coupon code says Fall16, I’ll assume these pics were from last year. Nevertheless, I totally see how the length of each shirt changes the whole look. And yes, a pic is worth a thousand words!

    I thank you for sharing your life, great fashion ideas, and fabulous pics with me.

    Elaine Lamb

  15. I’m 61 and have a 26 inch inseam and am only 5 feet tall. I have muscular arms and big thighs. I have an hourglass figure. I love palazzo pants but I wonder if it won’t make me look squatting? Tunics look terrible on me too. I don’t even own a pair of dressy flats! I love your outfit. Do you think I could wear a style like this?

  16. I’ve been following you for years and try to find clothes to wear like yours. You are my inspiration and I like the good and not so good version to choose from. Keep up your show. Thank you.

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