A Weekend In Waynesville

We each own a small business, which means we can rarely get away for more than an occasional couple of days. We don’t have much time for travel, so we look for small towns or a unique Bed & Breakfast to visit, which can be reached after only a short drive.


Last weekend we spent some time in Waynesville, North Carolina, exploring the town, eating in a great new restaurant, and staying in a more than one-hundred-year-old Bed & Breakfast.


The parlor of the Windover Inn.


An antique sign from the early days of the Inn.


Don’t you love a huge front porch?


I forgot to bring the camera on our first evening out on the town. So I can’t show you pictures of the fabulous dinner we enjoyed at The Chef’s Table but rest assured we will remember to take photos the next time we visit. We loved everything about this fine dining restaurant.



I wore a black crepe tank and pants from Yon Design. The long duster is from White House|Black Market. The silk scarf is from Celeste’s in Blowing Rock, NC. The shoes are old from Nine West.

I’ll share more pictures from our wonderful weekend getaway later this week.

  1. I really love the pictures of the quaint towns and areas you and Mr. Mickey explore. Living in New York City, I find that seeing these places is delightful and so restful to the eye. Shorter trips like these sound perfect to me so I hope you and Mr. Mickey continue to take them.

  2. I get your emails, and I see your posts on facebook, but I don’t get notifications for them like I used to. Either I just happen to see them or when I get an email, I search on facebook. How can I fix that?

  3. I just love a long duster – so elegant! And I do believe there is going to be a huge increase in scarf sales due to you 🙂 Another great look on you Susan.

  4. Dear Susan,
    I am enjoying your foray into scarves. Thank you for taking us in a new direction on your new website. I am totally loving the bigger print.

  5. The duster seems a perfect solution as an outer layer but also to bring an outfit together. It looks a very fine yet heavy fabric that slims the body beautifully – is it a silk jersey, Susan?

  6. Hi Susan,
    Just an FYI but I have posted comments to a couple of the last posts which do not appear in the comments section. I know you check all comments before posting but I do go back to see if they ever appear and don’t see them. Is there something I can do about that?

  7. My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last year in Waynesville and stayed at the Windover Inn. We also at at the Chef’s Table! Great location for a weekend getaway!! Love your blog and love your style, Susan!

  8. Hi, Susan. I don’t know where else to post this. I’ve been trying to subscribe, but twice I haven’t gotten the link to verify I want to be on your list. I keep checking my spam folder, but nothing. 🙁

    1. I am sorry but some Outlook users have told me they are also not getting notices. Please just visit the website a couple of times a week. I will continue to post as often as I can and I’ll be opening a shopping cart soon!

  9. I love your website! You have an extraordinary taste, classic with flair and you make 60 look beautiful and sexy.

  10. I love the look!!! I wish my husband and I had made the time to see Waynesville while our daughter attended Western Carolina University. The Blue Ridge Mountains are spectacular!

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