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We did a photoshoot on a recent warm afternoon to show you some of the gifted items from my friends at My Fair Lady. I have been shopping with them for about three years since they carry many of the styles of tops, jackets, and pants I enjoy wearing. It is very convenient to find so many of your favorites in one place.

This top by Focus will be perfect to wear all summer because it is made from crinkle texture 100% cotton and has a low comfortable neckline. It also stands away from the body and has interesting design details. I added jewelry with turquoise accents, included the cute summer box bag, and wore basic crepe pants. The sandals are a couple of years old from Dolce Vita. The only time I wear flip-flops is when I have just gotten a pedicure or am on the beach. When I wear a casual summer outfit, I often wear thong sandals with a strap around the back. I only wear these black sandals with lightweight black pants. If I wore white pants or faded denim, I would wear nude or pewter color sandals.

Here are a few tips for adding accessories: Wear statement earrings with statement rings or a stack of fun bracelets. If I wear a statement necklace, I only wear tiny studs to cover the (single) piercing in my ears. My formulas always have a reason behind them. When I wear bold earrings with a bold necklace, there is way too much going on in one place, and I would feel like a Christmas tree. If the neckline and the bodice of the top I am wearing is plain, I often wear a long necklace with or without a pendant. The reason is that the necklace creates a deep V-neckline, which is more flattering with my roundish face and ample bust.

I am careful about the type of bracelets I wear. A chunky bangle bracelet or wide cuff can draw attention to your hips and make them appear larger. I prefer to wear a more delicate bangle bracelet or stack of three slender bracelets or a large link bracelet. This formula also makes my arms look less chubby than when I wear a wide cuff bracelet. With this casual outfit, I wore cute statement earrings and one similar statement ring on each hand. Silver looks best with my skin tone, but I ignore that shoes and bags most often include goldtone hardware. If those items have the right attitude, I don’t worry about mixing metal colors when the gold will be worn away from my face.

The trend toward smaller handbags is one I welcome. When I am going out to run a quick errand or having lunch with friends, it makes sense to take only the essentials. I save my larger top handle bags for long days when I need to take more items.

The lip color I am wearing is Scarlet by Beautycounter here. I wear mostly Beautycounter colors and also use all the skincare and cleansing items. The Nourishing line is terrific for all skin types. I am a Senior Manager with Beautycounter. I have been using these products since last fall, and I am delighted with the performance. The nail color is Dutch Tulips by OPI.

  1. What a pretty outfit! Thanks for sharing your reasons behind the fashion decisions you make. It is very helpful to learn these “fashion formulas” that make getting dressed easier and it all starts to make sense why certain looks are better than others! Look forward to your posts every day!

  2. I totally agree with Sheri. I have always had a difficult time accessorizing. Until I found your blog, my accessories were pretty boring. In fact, they made the statement that I was timid or boring. Now people notice the whole outfit because I’m learning what I want to emphasize and how. Thanks for sharing what works for you and why it works. I so look forward to receiving the latest from you.

    Phyllis Kennedy

  3. Hi Susan, I love the top and am ordering it. I was wondering what size you are wearing? Not sure if to order medium or large. Thank you for all the info you give us. I know that it has really helped me when I’m shopping or putting an outfit together. You are the epitome of class, grace and kindness. I appreciate all that you share with us. Have a great day!

  4. Your nail polish color is Dutch Tulips ? Is that on your toes ? What color do you wear on your fingernails ?
    I think the color of your top is beautiful. I noticed they have that in a beige shade as well. For me, I would feel more comfortable in beige. Hard to break away from Black – going to try Navy for the Spring.

    1. The fingernails are left natural and buffed along with a Moroccan Oil treatment. My short fingers would look even shorter with red polish. My toes always get a red color.

  5. You are so right in your advice about jewelry. It really looks makes you look too busy and sort of tacky when you wear a bold necklace along with statement earrings. I am always careful about this. Thanks for your advice about bracelets. I never thought about bulky ones calling attention to your hips. That is the largest part of my body so I don’t want that. Love all you posts! You are so classy and that is my look too.

    1. I am wearing a size medium. I wear a size 10 dress or jacket. The sizes in the Focus line are generous. The length from the shoulder seam to the hemline is 29 inches. The bust measurement is 44 inches in the size medium.

  6. I’m glad you are featuring something in turquoise; that is one of my favorite colors! I love many of your choices and appreciate all the effort you put into your blog.

  7. Love, love, love the turquoise on you. Such a great color for spring. With our heat and humidity here on the Northshore, I’m already pulling out the white jeans and sandals. Thanks for the great ideas.

  8. Just love your blue top or is it turquoise? Just found your blog, although I think I used to admire your previous one!!

  9. Hi Susan! I just newly came upon your blog and I enjoy it very much! I would like to know what basic neutral colors can be worn with warm toned skin and grey/white hair. I’m also 4’ 11” tall…may I wear your style too? Thank you for sharing your fashion wisdom.

    1. Thank you for your question and comments. Grey/white hair is a neutral so you can honor your golden skin tone with colors that also have a yellow undertone. Colors such as a warm brown, olive, navy, cream, burgundy or camel can be the perfect basics neutrals for you. When you are petite (5’4″ and under) fit and proportion are most important. Shoulder seams should end where your shoulder bends, a shorter jacket with fitted sleeves, and skirts that end a bit above the knee are good choices for you. I recently found this article (here) which may also help you.

  10. You are adorable! I love every single one of your outfits. I just found your site by chance. I am not quite 60 yet but I’m 55 and I love these outfits and how you interchange them so effortlessly. Thank you Susan!

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