Planning For Fall

It’s nearly fall y’all! Perhaps the weather is still hot and sticky where you are, but I am feeling a new crispness in the morning air. I’ve learned from years of retail experience to shop early for anything I may need for the next season. But, my shopping will be minimal this year since my wardrobe is primarily complete. Additionally, the season’s colors are usually too warm for my complexion, so I rarely shop from the fall collections.

If warm colors flatter you and you need to add some basics, I’ll share a few attractive options below. I’m wearing more cardigans and fewer blazers now, so I always consider the new offerings. The ivory pointelle cotton cardigan below will add the perfect layer over a light-colored tank and jeans. Click here for the cardigan.

Click here for the longer, more textured cardigan shown below.

Fuller leg pants and jeans are trending this year, but I will skip that style since they do not flatter my figure. If you wear wide-leg pants, remember to pair them with a shorter, more fitted top. A straight-leg dark wash jean looks appropriate and flattering without adding volume. Click here for the jeans below.

Click here for the Loose Jean pictured below.

With wider leg pants, a chunky shoe looks more balanced. Click here for the loafer below.

If you are thinking about adding new jewelry for fall, my beautiful friend Suzanne just created a striking pendant in the style of her company logo. Click here for the necklace and use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.

This is my usual Monday look for doing lots of laundry and a grocery store run. The white polo shirt is here. The jeans are here. Similar shoes are here. My super comfortable no-show socks are here.

You may have noticed that I deleted all my social media accounts this week. This website is now the only place to find me, so scroll to the bottom of the page here to sign up for the newsletter. I’m honored that more than 22,000 of you have signed up to get an email each time I share a new post.

Shady companies have used my images and videos to promote cheap products without my consent. Porn sites have altered my pictures to use in ways I would never approve! My photographs have also been used for bogus accounts on dating sites. I have authorized very few companies to use my images. I am not on any dating sites and have never posed nude, so if you see my face on such sites, you know the truth. Don’t underestimate the harmful aspects of the internet and social media. Thank you to all the people who emailed to tell me about the unauthorized use of my images.

The shopping links I share include current items, and I may earn a small commission, but there is never an extra cost to you.

  1. I love your comfortable Monday look and just might copy it for myself today! I’m so sorry you’ve had problems with your accounts; I can imagine what an annoyance that must be! Rest assured that your followers know those sites are not the real you!

  2. I did see your image on Twitter and I thought that about that they had stolen those images. That is so sad and it makes me think all the time about social media. Thank you for what you do. It is so sad that things like that happen, so I don’t blame you one bit for deleting the accounts.

  3. Susan, it is weirdly ironic that such a wholesome personality as yours should be used in such bizarre ways. I’m glad you are continuing to stay in contact with the people who already know you and your values. Thank you for all your posts, including this one.

  4. Susan,
    I love that white polo. I shop that website often but had not noticed that shirt.

    Like you, I cannot wear most of the muddy, gold, brown, orangy colors of fall. I do find I can wear certain wine/dark berry colors and dark peacock/dark green colors and try to build a wardrobe around them. And black, of course. Do these colors work for you?

    It is sad your websites and images have been unscrupulously used. Some people seem to have nothing better to do!

    Enjoy the approaching fall!

  5. Thank you, Susan, for this post. I always look forward to Autumn from the first sense of cool crispness in the air.
    I am finding pull-on jeans my only option for comfortable jeans. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  6. Hi Susan, Land’s End has the polo in Burgundy now and I’m about to order it. I love those 3/4 sleeves polo and have them in Navy & White. They are so soft and easy to care for. Really sorry you’ve had to deal with internet/social media issues, it has to be so frustrating. It was so nice to see a new post from you today! I enjoyed all the content. Have a great week!

  7. I really enjoy your post and I am sorry that you had to spend any time deleting other social media accounts because of the malicious use by others.
    I live in South Louisiana and we have had no signs of fall and from past experiences we may not for another 6-8 weeks but I do make note of your ideas and suggestions.

  8. So sorry to hear about unauthorized use of your image. I really appreciate your candor and insight on fashion. Keep on keeping on!

  9. So sorry about the dark web issues.
    I do enjoy your postings and good advice. Hopefully you can continue. (I’m not going for the wide leg pants either)

  10. I love to read your posts! I’m a southern lady transplanted to Central Oregon (which I love), but it’s nice to catch a glimpse of home through your posts!

  11. I am in my 70’s and very much like to dress as you do so I enjoy watching the seasons and observing how you are celebrating them.

  12. Hi Susan just have to say i love your posts and look forward to them every week. Yes there are alot of nasty people in this world and you did the right thing by deleting the accounts.

  13. It is 101* here at home, but I love the long textured sweater! Hopefully a crisp fall and snowy winter comes our way. As a child growing up near the beach with mostly cool weather, I longed for summer. Now I find myself longing for cooler months with much needed snow.
    Sorry to hear the dark side of the web has touched you personally.

  14. So unlike me as I’m not too spontaneous but I just went and purchased the Talbots sweater at your recommendation. I am a brown/fall gal and love the idea of pairing it with tan tones and jeans. Thank you for your great style tips Susan! I’m a longtime follower of your blog and appreciate all you do.

  15. Susan,
    I am so sorry that your social media accounts have been used in inappropriate ways without your consent. With the wonderful person I can tell you are, you didn’t deserve such an awful experience. Your blog is just wonderful, and I still learn so much from you. I look for it every week even if I don’t get notified by email that a new post is out from you. Stay strong and keep doing what you are doing. I can tell so many of us have greatly benefited from you sharing what you’ve learned over your lifetime.

  16. Sorry to hear of the invasion of your media accounts.
    I have not joined any myself because they have always made me feel nervous. Although there are several people I would like to have followed on facebook, instagram and such. I feel I miss out on some things I would enjoy.

    Hope you continue with your blog. I do love hearing your updates and fashion advice.

    Hope you have no more such intrusions.

  17. Good morning Susan. I’m sorry that this has happened to you! I would still like to receive your emails.

  18. So sad to hear of the ways you’ve been misrepresented in social media. Must have been distressing. Thanks for continuing the blog which I enjoy.

  19. I am so sorry you have had trouble with your image being stolen on social media. That’s extremely aggravating. Fall is my time of year to buy clothes . Autumn’s colors are very flattering on me. I am on the hunt for some more camel colored pieces this year. Chicos has some wine/berry colored pieces right now if you are interested. You have certainly come to develop a casual style that is appropriate and attractive. I hope you continue to blog in spite of your trouble on social media.

  20. Susan, I’m so very sorry social media has been so disrespectful. Totally understand your wise decision to delete the accounts and will anxiously await your emails! 🙂

  21. How sad the media can do such a nasty thing to anyone but especially to someone like you who just wants to help older ladies make the right decision on dressing, eating etc.
    I tried to sign up but “failed” the math ????? The math was easy but somehow it wouldn’t let me sign up. I removed the ? mark and then I left it in so have no idea why it failed?
    Hopefully I will continue to be on your mailing list.
    Love your site.

    Clara from Iowa

  22. Good morning, Susan,

    Thank you so much for the ideas that you share and the products you wear and use. My wardrobe has been enhanced by them many times.
    Have a happy day with many blessings.


  23. There are too many filthy and greedy people out there. So sorry they took your lovely image to further their own agenda. We all know that you are classy!

    Fall colors are pretty, none of which looks good with my silver coloring. However we fair haired ladies have three other seasons to shine!

  24. Please add my name to your email list to receive your post. Always enjoy following you. Have a great day!

  25. Susan, I enjoy your insight and style. Thank you for keeping us informed. As someone said earlier ‘It’s a good day when I see an email from you in my inbox’.

  26. I’m so sorry your image is being misused. It’s too bad there are so few consequences for lying on social media. I appreciate your willingness to continue on this site.
    I really like the simple outfit you are wearing. It looks stylish and not sloppy. You always take care with fit and I think that makes a huge difference. Have a week enjoying life as you do!

  27. Thank you for continuing the blog so sorry about the stolen images. Do you know if the jeans you linked come in short? I love rust, wine, hunter green and army green. Have you seen any of these colors. Love cardigans but it’s still blazing hot in Florida. Please keep me on the list.

    1. The straight-leg jeans come in petite. Click on that box when you get to the Talbots website. If you enter those color names on any website where you like to shop, those options will show up.

  28. Hi Susan. I’m so sorry to learn that your great content and intellectual property have been misappropriated in such awful ways. Happy to report I’m already a subscriber so will continue to look forward to your emails. Take care. Best/GeriR

  29. I’m so sorry to hear about the most recent invasion of your property. My email spam has increased of late for some reason. Very annoying! I very much appreciate your posts and have looked forward to receiving them for years. Please continue to include me on your email list. I love reading about the new direction you have taken of late; a wonderful example of growing and changing with the times, enjoying each day and not staying static. You exude that “inner glow.”

  30. I too have basically left all social media sites, even Facebook! I took the step a couple of years ago. It was hard because that is how most people find us. But, I have been seeing the decline in these social media platforms for several years and worry what will come of it in the end. I have seen so many bloggers abandon their blogs for IG and hope they realize they are at the mercy of this platform. Anyway I stick to my hobby blog where I feel much safer and enjoy creating rather than dodging things in cyberspace. Ha ha! Thanks for sharing!


  31. In spite of social media injustice thank you for continuing your blog to keep us all reminded of all of those great tips about fashion beauty and your weekend travels. I appreciate the time it takes to post content. My only reason to join Facebook yrs ago was to keep up with relatives and lately the newsfeed is too cluttered with nonsense to even keep up. I only follow a few ladies on Instagram but I am concerned about the trend to use TikTok on that platform. I have never posted once on Instagram myself and recently I am noticing that I am getting so many friend requests from men even well known “actors” ha ha. I just hit delete delete delete. Keep posting…we will follow your blog.

  32. I am so sorry to read of your experience with the underbelly of society and social media.. I’m glad to read that you don’t feel a need for new things just because the stores want you to want it. I enjoy fall but I’m not ready to switch out of my white jeans yet!

  33. Thank you for still finding a way to reach us. You are a breath of fresh air and I would miss you terribly if you were to stop all together.

    I have considered deleting all social media as well but that is the only way I have to keep up with out of state family and old high school friends from the ’70’s.

    Appreciate you so much!

  34. I love to receive a post from you…it is always informative on fashion and I enjoy the beautiful pictures of times when you and Mr. Mickey are out and about. You are looking happy, healthy, and relaxed. Me and my hubby are retired, north of San Antonio. We are both from west Tennessee. Understand all the reasons for cutting back on social media. Until next week, Barbara. P S i ordered that white collared t shirt last year, in white, hope to be wearing it IF cool weather ever comes to South Texas…almost 60 days of over 100 degrees this Summer….not consecutive, thank goodness.

  35. Susan,
    I am so sorry to hear this news. I’ve enjoyed following you for years and I definitely want to continue. Anyone who knows your content will know you would never do the things these stolen images suggest. Disgusting.
    Love from Texas!

  36. Susan I recently tried Sheec socks and want to thank you, they do indeed stay in place and the toe covers solved a problem I had. Thanks so much again for telling of these helpful additions! Ann lee s. B.c. Canada

  37. So sorry to hear about the social media issues – very disheartening….my husband and I were in Asheville last week for a wonderful late summer visit to the Biltmore Estate and wandering the lovely city – I so enjoy your date night suggestions. We had dinner at Rhubarb and it was superb!! I was on the lookout for you and Mr. M – hope to catch you next time!

  38. I enjoy hearing from you, Susan and enjoy your tips and advice. I am so sorry to hear that unscrupulous people have misused your images. I’m looking forward to your future posts and hope that you have many more positive interactions with good people down the road! I like to believe that good, kind, compassionate people outnumber the bad.

  39. I am so sorry you have had to endure this.

    I joined Facebook years ago and remained for 10 days! Yes, I was so hurt and offended by the political posts that I nearly ended a friendship. That was enough for me. It all seems so petty and a huge waste of time.

    I enjoy your posts and appreciate your thoughtful analysis of the topics.

    Thank you.

  40. Even though we’re coming into spring here, I take all your tips on board. You’d be so proud of me that over the weekend, I went right through my wardrobe, tried everything on, put looks together, photographed them and filed them, folding two large bags of clothing for charities.
    My wardrobe is now small, functional and I hope as fresh as yours.
    Re social media – I’m so sorry that you’ve been manipulated. I think we all need to think hard about the way we are used and what works best for keeping in touch with global friends safely. Sometimes I wonder if we should all return to snail mail…
    I love being one of your followers and hope that your website stays safe so we can enjoy your posts.
    Cheers, thanks and best wishes.

  41. I am so sorry those terrible things happened to you! Love your posts, and all your health advice, please take care!

  42. Susan: I would like to subscribe to your weekly newsletter, please. I tried to sign up at the indicated place in today’s post, but it did not go through. I will try again. I’m a retired high school teacher, about twenty years older than you are, but our wardrobes and our dressing philosophies are very similar. I enjoy your posts. Thanks so much. Cynthia

  43. Count me in to continue receiving your wealth of information. I look forward to reading your posts and as a long time follower, I appreciate the time and devotion you continue to offer. My favorite email! Thank you so much!

  44. Oh my goodness! That is awful. I’m glad you discovered that fraud. I enjoy your posts and all your fashion insights. Please continue to keep me signed up for newsletter

  45. Susan, I completely understand your decision to limit your internet presence. Internet trolls have no morals when it comes to other people. Please continue your email correspondence. I always look forward to hearing your thoughts on fashion and your delightful adventures.

  46. I will miss you on other social media sites. But I continue looking forward to your email posts. Thank you for all the time and caring effort you have put in over the years to providing us with wonderful fashion, food, and travel tips and inspiration. Definitely time for you to enjoy a well deserved time of slowing down now, with less media responsibilities, to enjoy R&R with Mr. Mickey.

  47. I always enjoy your posts. They are inspirational and aspirational as I also live in East Tennessee
    Thank you so much.

  48. Please confirm that I am still subscribed. I’m moving to Panama and so want to keep up with you

  49. I’m just so glad you’re continuing to post! I admire your style and common sense approach to your wardrobe. Keep up the good work!

  50. I am with you 100%, I have only ever received your newsletter via email and don’t use social media. Good luck, love your postings and advice.

  51. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this aggravation! It’s a shame folks can’t use that energy for something more positive instead of something hurtful. I certainly want to keep getting your emails; I always look forward to them.

  52. I am so sad to hear about the unauthorized use of your image. You have been so generous in sharing your life and lifestyle. I absolutely love your travels and seeing parts of the country I haven’t been to. Thanks again.

  53. I signed up for your email but not sure it worked. I would like to remain on your list and continue receiving your emails. Thank you

  54. Oh my, I so sorry that pictures have been use in sure an ugly and vulgar way. Specially since your are so genuinely honest and full of integrity. We do care about you and know you would not be associate with sham. That’s the one of the reason I only place picture of my dog on profiles. If you know me you would know him.

  55. Susan,

    I’m glad you are continuing to stay in contact with the people who already know you and your values. Thank you for all your posts, including this one.

    I always enjoy and look forward to your posts which are so helpful to me as I continue to adjust my look.


  56. I am so sorry you have had such sad treatment! You have reached out to us all and we are the happier for you. Love and peace to you.

  57. I’ve enjoyed your site for a number of years. How frustrating to fight those with nefarious purposes. My shopping is evolving, I still make unwise choices at times.

  58. I LOOK FORWARD TO EACH OF YOUR COMMENTS! YOU are NUMber ONE to me. MANY THANKS; SPECIAL HELLO TO Mr> MICKEY!!!! MORE SUGGESTIONS PLEASE FOR US NEEDING COOL selections Especially us NEEDLESSLY TALL (ME!!) Not that we are retired don’t want to look like a teeny bopper! Just want to look appropiate Thank you for being YOU!!! McGettrick Garrett

  59. I really enjoy your content – such a pity you’ve had to delete all social media. At least we still have email

  60. Thank you for all the content! I get such good information and love your style.
    I recently unsubscribed to a very popular blog because of the ads that were allowed to run. I applaud your efforts to streamline and use only useful ways to get your info out there. I am afraid social media often affects us in so many harmful ways.
    Thank you!

  61. So sorry to hear about the problems with the web you have had. So glad you are continuing your blog. Thank you!

  62. I enjoy your stories and fashion information ! I am so sorry you have had this bad experience . I would love to continue hearing from you but you must protect yourself.
    You come first !
    Wishing you the best.

  63. Dear Susan,
    I am so sorry this has happened to you. I can’t imagine how violated you must feel. I am glad you are continuing with the newsletter. I enjoy your posts and your sense of fashion. You show me how to age with grace and elegance and I greatly appreciate all your ideas, wisdom, and perspective.

  64. Susan – I did see one of ” those ads ” , found it strange and figured they scammed your picture. You are smart to leave social media. I love your column and website – please continue! You give me so much to think about re fashion and lifestyle.

    Are the fall colors in fashion more earth toned this year?

  65. Good morning. I am so sorry you were subjected to such a despicable situation. I love your blog so much. You really are an inspiration to all of us that follow you,Susan. The world is it not very safe. Especially social media.. thank you sweetheart.

  66. I love the the longer, more textured cardigan; however, I am a plus size lady so it would not work for me. I prefer longer length tops and jackets that cover my middle! I do love reading your blogs and following you on social media. You are a very classy lady and I am in the over 60 category as well.

  67. I’m so glad that you’re still continuing on with blogging in spite of all the headaches others have caused by using your image in terrible ways. People need to get a life!

    I get so inspired with your posts. I love how you only add a few pieces of clothing and/or accessories each season instead of trying to recreate a complete wardrobe as many bloggers , and people in general, try to do. You have a beautiful classic wardrobe. I’m using your clothing examples to help me have the best wardrobe I can have as my husband prepares for retirement in June 2023.

    Thanks so much for continuing to share your chic and classic style with your readers.

  68. Oh Susan I am so sorry that you were hacked and on places you never authorized. How horrible. I did not see any of these pictures otherwise I would have told you as well. I have heard about others being on wig promotions and make up they didn’t use or authorize their pictures to be used.

    I always say that when something is created for good the next minute someone makes it into something bad.

    Thank you for the thoughtful post and enjoyed the cardigans. I will have to reassess mine because the ones you showed were very nice and updated from the ones I currently own.

    Take care and Hi to Mr. Mickey.

  69. I am so sorry you have had those issues with your social media accounts. As a 70 yo woman. I have enjoyed watching your style choices which are always lovely and appropriate. Too many others are trying trends that don’t flatter.

  70. So sorry for your troubles with your media accounts. Please keep me on your mailing list. I enjoy your posts very much!

  71. I’m sorry to hear about your social media experience. I have decided to get off Instagram for somewhat similar reasons.

  72. Good morning, Susan. I purchased a pair of Jude Connelly slacks you mentioned in your last post. I’m traveling to Italy next month and was looking for a good travel pant. The slacks arrived and they are exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for your recommendations!! ♥️. Don’t let the bad apples get you down. I always look forward to your emails when they arrive. I’ve purchased many of your recommendations and appreciate your advice.

  73. Dear Susan , I have been following your happy blog for many years and love and respect your posts.
    You and Mr Mickey are good people and followed and loved by so many throughout the world but there are pathetic silly people out there who abuse the wonders of the internet and it’s the super highway of information that is part of so many of our modern lives in this day and age . Sadly there is the dark side and there will always be good and evil in what ever shape or form that challenges mankind . Long may you continue to deliver your fabulous site , what would we do without you and Mr Mickeys weekend adventures showing all your true loyal followers the beauty of Tennessee gorgeous dining experience , your fashion sense which is never garish or daft for us ladies of a certain age, your home your garden etc. Your understated lovely make up, neat hairstyle gosh the list goes on. Please keep this blog going as I feel you and Mr Mickey offer stability in an otherwise unstable world .
    You certainly have my respect.
    Best wishes
    Pamela from Wales, UK

  74. Good morning Susan, I am sorry to hear that you are being targeted by people with nefarious ideas. This is happening on other sites too. It’s disgusting.

  75. Susan, I’ve really enjoyed your posts. I have followed you for years. I am a little older than you. I have similar coloring and size and certainly fashion taste. You have been a wonderful inspiration to me as I’ve gone through some difficult experiences over the past years. Of course the pandemic but also heart surgery and recovery. You’re site has given me encouragement, new thoughts and a sense that I’ll be “Dianne” again. My body has been through a lot but I look good!

    Very best wishes for you and Mr. Mickey. And, thank you.

  76. Susan,
    I have enjoyed your blog for years and I appreciate your style and style tips. I noticed your picture kept showing up on FB and I just knew that this was not a product that you endorsed so I knew it was just another case o f bogus advertising. I will be happy to continue following you via the newsletter. Thanks again for providing us with so many wonderful pictures and tips. One of my favorite scarfs is one that ordered from you years ago.

    Best Regards,
    Joanne Stacey

  77. Thanks for advice on fall styles, like you, I’m a winter complexion. I am encouraged that I can wear straight leg pants still. I’m 5″5, with short legs so I look stubby in wide leg pants.
    It is a shame what trolls and unscrupulous people can do to a wonderful site. A crime!
    A faithful follower, Barbara Channel

  78. Hi Susan. I’m so sorry to hear about the thievery of your image. I think those of us who read your blog know the true Susan! I have never signed up for Facebook, instagram, or any other social media platform. It was out of the norm for me to sign up to receive your emails but I have been rewarded over and over by the content and look forward to receiving your tips on style, diet & how to live life! Keep it up! Hugs – Jodi

  79. Thank you so much for continuing your blog. It has helped me so much to look and feel my best. At age 68 you are the only person I have felt has given advice I can follow and be comfortable with. Sadly most other mature women I have tried to follow dress too trendy or their suggestions are out of my income level. I don’t want to look dowdy but I also am not going to shop trendy boutiques styled for the younger woman. You are so appreciated.

  80. Just want to say how much I enjoy your posts! I am new here, have subscribed, and looking forward to future posts from you. Just ordered some “unmentionables” that you recommended. Love all your recommendations and candor.

  81. As a retired IT professional, I have been warning everyone who will listen to beware of social media. I have never been on Facebook, twitter or tiktok. I am amazed by those who put their lives out there for everyone to see, and worse yet, they post photos of their entire family. This is so dangerous. You were smart to delete these accounts, and I am sorry you were targeted by those who prey on others. Love your posts, keep them coming.

  82. I noticed the time between your last post and this post was longer than usual. I wondered if something was amiss. Now I know what happened. I had missed your blogs and was happy to see you in my inbox. I look forward to your future adventures!

  83. So very sorry you have had social media problems. You and Mr. Mickey are a breath of fresh air, so wholesome and elegant but very practical. I hope to continue following you for a long time to come. I retired three years ago and had way too many clothes for a small town retirement wardrobe. I have donated many things now. Kept up the informative work for people in retirement.

  84. Susan,
    It’s sad to hear the devious ways social media is used without permission. Even an e-mail account request for more information has a “and affiliates” that isn’t obvious and results in many unwanted e-mails.

    I was wondering if you still have a code for Nordgreen watches. My watch is ancient and I was thinking how impressed I was with the company that gives back.

    Some beige tones are still in my wardrobe and ready for fall. My complexion is the same as yours. Orange is a no.

    Glad you are still continuing because I would miss you a lot!

  85. Giving up your blazers and jackets? Please say it isn’t so. You always look so elegant in your blazers. I’m sorry to hear that the Pandora’s box of social media has deteriorated to the point of driving you out. On a more positive note, your little garden looks lovely. Don’t quit blogging, I love your posts.

  86. Hi,
    That is so heart breaking to hear this news. Thank you for all your good ideas. I love shopping at Talbot and new shops.

  87. So sad to hear that despicable people are using your fun wholesome image for detestable purposes. This unfortunately happens to other people as well. Please, Don’t quit blogging because of those people. Your blog is a highlight in my day. I love seeing the wonderful ideas you share.

  88. I am so sorry for your problems. There are really evil people out there.

    I already get your emails alerting me to a post. I love what you have to say and I don’t want to be dropped from your group. Hopefully I did it right!

  89. So sorry to hear this news! My Mom says the internet is evil! She’s 90!

    Love the information you give us.

    Thank you.

  90. I am so sorry, Susan, that you have been subjected to this trash. I’m glad you could stop this from happening, but as we all know, if you are on Facebook, ignorant people can take advantage. You are such a refined lady and I enjoy seeing your postings every week. God bless.

  91. Reading of what your experiences have been with social media makes me both sad that such even occurs and ever so grateful that I am not on social media.

    I so appreciate your Emails and the marvelous pieces of advice for those of us who have somewhat different
    figures. Thank you for always steering us in the right direction when it comes to making clothing choices.

  92. I was missing you on Instagram, so thank you for your informative post on your web site. So sorry to hear that you had to delete your accounts in social media. But very understanding. Terrible that others have exploited you in these ways. I am always glad for new posts, something to look foreward to every time.

  93. So sorry to hear about some of the truly obnoxious acts committed by unscrupulous people on social media. I avoid it as much as I can.
    I have followed you for a long time, since Susan 50, and have picked up numerous dressing tips.

  94. Hi Susan, I have been following you for the past 6 years and so enjoy your advice on what to wear. I have learned so much from you and so enjoy your weekend adventures. I hope you will continue to write your weekly blog. Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide to us seniors to keep us stylish and elegant as we age gracefully.
    Enjoy your week.
    Carol from British Columbia

  95. I am so sorry to hear about the fraud. As my Mom would have said “ the world is going to H—- in a hand basket” I enjoy your posts. Don’t let it get you.

  96. Hello Susan- I’m newly retired and new to reading your wonderful bog! Thank you for posting all the great styling advice; shopping links and nutrition information. What an inspiration! I’ve taken your advice to heart and did a thorough culling of my closet and lightened up makeup routine. I feel refreshed, and my husband has noticed and recently given me some really nice complements. Thanks for all you do; and please stay positive!

  97. Please keep me on your newsletter recipient love st, I enjoy it so much. I’m sorry to learn of your internet problems.

  98. Hi. Love your style. Had always followed you on Pinterest and now do not seem to be able to subscribe to get the emails. The page just seems to run straight to the previous article. Are you able to add me or let me know how to prevent the auto loading of next article so I can click to get the notifications.
    Thank you as I would hate to miss a post.

  99. In many ways, social media has become a dark and evil place. I’m sorry you have been a victim. I love your blog because it is a happy place for me. There are decorating and cooking blogs that I also enjoy and of course cat videos! I am a little old lady with ONE cat.

    I am still trying to stay cool here in northern CA. I am looking for lightweight, no layers outfits. Having tried a few things on this morning, I think I need to shorten some of my tops and crop pants. I know that pedal pushers seem to be universally hated these days, but I pulled the pant legs up so that they hit just below the knee, and they look really good. The look is even better with a shorter top. Essentially, my lower leg which is quite slender, becomes 1/3 of my outfit. The shorter pants and top are each another 1/3. Not 1/3-2/3, but so much better than my crop pants. I am only 5”0” and short (and thick) waisted. The crop length is just wrong for me. The longer top to cover my belly isn’t doing me any favors either. A little bulge seems to be better than bad proportions. I feel like my small frame is not so overwhelmed by fabric. I always choose petite sizing, but sometimes things still aren’t just right.

    Thank you for your post of a few years ago about the rule of thirds. I reread it this morning. Thanks to your post, I have an outfit almost identical to what you are wearing, but it’s too hot for that now. I’m off to hunt down something in my closet that isn’t too valuable and do some alterations!

  100. Oh Susan, I’m so sorry to hear that (people misusing your likeness). I’m proud of you taking steps steps to protect yourself. I have always enjoyed your articles and pictures showing different ways to change out basics into different outfits. Keep up the good work, my friend!

    Sophie McDougal

  101. So very sorry to hear that news…. We do live in a troubling world for sure. I look forward to your newsletter and staying in touch. Take care!

  102. I am so sorry to read that you have been victimized in these ways. You are handling it with so much class and are an inspiration. Best wishes.

  103. Please add me to you email list. Find your info helpful. Turning 70 year and retiring. Starting from scratch for a casual basic wardrobe

  104. I have enjoyed your posts for a long time now and am sorry to learn that your image his been abused. I would like to sign up for your proposed new newsletter. Thank you for this opportunity.
    With every best wish, Thelma Ferris, Australia.

  105. I’m sorry to hear of your experiences. It’s so sad that we can’t be safe anywhere. Good luck and I will continue to follow you through this site.

  106. I enjoy your blog posts! I have shared your site with friends who love your ideas! I would like to be on the mailing list for your blog updates. Side note: my family and I lived in Johnson City for 8 years and still have friends and family there. I love seeing the pictures and hearing about your travels in the area. We have moved away to Connecticut but still miss the area.

    Robin Kick

  107. I have been following you for several years. I love your posts for clothing, restaurant outings and keeping up with Mr. Mickey!

  108. Tried to subscribe. Site kept asking simple math questions. No matter how many times I answered an hit subscribe, questions kept popping up.

  109. Sorry you had to leave Some other sources but I understand and I will look forward to getting emails from you I like your comments and suggestions. Thank you for staying with Pinterest.

  110. I have been following you for about a year now. I love your style, and you have certainly helped me choose the correct type of clothing to suit my body type, and like you have an inverted triangle type body. I will look forward to receiving your newsletter.

  111. I really enjoy reading your posts and would love to find them in my mailbox. Thanks! Kathy C

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