A Dinner Date

There was a short break in the rain on Saturday, so we made our way to Abingdon, VA, to enjoy another delightful meal at Foresta.

These shoes were soft and comfortable even when I had a broken toe. After the last post, several readers had questions and comments about my shoe choices. A flat shoe is never comfortable for me, but a two-inch heel is ideal. Finding what fits your needs, whether shoes or jeans, is the key to enjoying your purchases. If the item isn’t comfortable, you won’t reach for it.

The fabulous necklace is here. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

The bag here is the only thing in this look that is relatively new. The pants are here. The plum-colored cardigan is by LAFAYETTE 148 from last year. The perfect lip color with the sweater is Plum: True Berry here. The black sleeveless sweater shell is old from Talbots. The Nine West shoes are here.

The best thing about almost daily rain for the past thirty-plus days? Nobody has to water anything!

Foresta is located at 190 E Main St in Abingdon, VA. They are open Wednesday through Saturday for dinner.

The world’s best garlic bread. (See below.)
A happy man is enjoying his favorite garlic bread.
Fettuccine with seared scallops.
Chocolate Gelato
Limoncello Mascarpone Cake

Over the past year, we’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know Zane Triplett, the owner of Foresta in Abingdon, VA. His passion and enthusiasm for entertaining you and presenting delicious food are inspiring. We wish you many more years of success. Happy first anniversary!

I occasionally share local travel and style inspiration using classic basics and accessories. Since I am mostly retired now, there is no advertising, sponsors, or collaborations on this site, but I will show you what I buy and how I wear it. The shopping links I share include current items, and I may earn a small commission, but there is never an extra cost to you.

  1. That’s an amazing outfit! The color of that sweater is absolutely beautiful on you! And that dinner looks delicious.

  2. Hi Susan, It looks as if you had a wonderful evening out with Mr. Mickey. You are so right about wearing what makes us comfortable. Anything else is a waste of money and closet space. I adore the shoes in your post, but I know I must stick to lower-heeled shoes or boots due to an ankle injury several years ago. If I may, I might suggest that women in my same situation look for the newer chunkier heel dress shoes. I also find that sling-back shoes provide a level of “security.” I found a very nice pair from Trotters in a wider width with a croc pattern and a 1.25 inch heel. Thank you again for sharing your lifestyle with us. (Those desserts look scrumptious!)

  3. The impatiens are so beautiful. I am with Mr. Mickey—nothing is better than a great garlic bread. Thank you Patricia w. For the shoe recommendation.

  4. Susan you look stunning once again. And that food looks so good!!
    I actually have those heels and they are very comfortable and soft. Not too high at all. I was surprised. They make legs look longer. I’ve been wearing them quite often.
    I just wanted to ask what is the length on your necklace? There are 3 choices.
    Have a great week!

  5. I love your outfit and the fact that it’s so comfortable. And the food looks delicious.

    Be thankful for the rain every day because here in Texas we’ve hardly had any with too many 100+ degree days. Ready for the fall and some rain to get here!

    You and Mr Mickey have a blessed day.

  6. Glad the rain stopped. Looks oks like a nice place for a great dinner. Abingdon does have some wonderful places for a nice dinner.
    Love the necklace. I’m going to look at the website.

  7. Susan, love your posts. May I ask what is the length of the necklace? 18” or 22”?
    Thanks so much,
    Cashiers, NC and Sarasota, FL

  8. What a lovely transitional outfit Susan. I especially like the beautiful color of your sweater. The photos of the world’s best garlic bread and Mr. Mickey enjoying it, well I must have some garlic bread and soon!

  9. As others have said, the cardi color is wonderful on you. You both look terrific. Dinner looks very tempting. We haven’t been out for some time and I’m looking forward to an evening out. The downsizing clear out is nearly finished. Our garage sale will happen next weekend. We are going to put an offer on a smaller home and if all goes well we will be moving very soon.

  10. I love you in heels! Years ago, I changed up my shoe game drastically after discovering your blog. Cage heel sandals! Nothing but pointed toes! I have made some concessions as I age, but I still incorporate the lessons I learned from your posts. These shoes are a perfect example.

  11. Lovely post….the outfit looks like the perfect combination of style and comfort…food looks amazing! I like the bag. I have a couple of Staud bags and think they are fun and great for a date night or special occasion.

  12. I love your look and the food! It has rained here almost day in and day out too (in the North Island of New Zealand). We are also about to go through our coldest week this winter. A top of 6 degrees C in the South Island but around 10 to 12 in the North where I am.

  13. Enjoy reading about your outings. Think you wrote about choosing handbags but a refresher w b appreciated.

    You look fabulous in plum. Very high temps remain in NYC. I won’t be wearing sweaters until late September, I think.

  14. Probably one of my favorite looks on you. Looks a little fallish and the pants hit at the perfect spot making your legs look so long. I have to say I love those shoes every time you wear them. Are they comfortable?

  15. I absolutely love your outfit! And it’s always a joy to see you and Mr. Mickey together. It looks like a perfect day – a break in the rain, a wonderful meal, and someone dear to share it with. I hope the restaurant continues to be successful; everything looks delicious.

  16. That’s a smart less us more ensemble Susan the mulberry cardigan sets the tone and yet the two tone shoes with cropped legs
    looks perfect . Mr Mickey looks content after his meal, and the food looks scrumptious. The garlic bread definitely thumbs up for
    best In world , my word the lemon dessert mouth-wateringly lush.
    Thank you for post.
    Pamela from Wales UK

  17. It looks a super venue – so glad you enjoyed the meal.
    Would you share with us where you got the wrist bangle, please – I have a dear friend who has been seeking similar for a long time, thank you

  18. Love the pictures and everyone is all smiles. So wonderful that you found a place you really enjoy and can travel there for a meal experience.
    Hi to Mr. Mickey.
    Patty V

  19. YOU and Mr. Mickey make my day. His smile lights up a room. Susan, it may take awhile for your toe to heal. I had to purchase new shoes because I had a problem with the pointed toe shoes. My husband thinks “a nother excuse to buy more shoes “. Being needlessly tall 5″10 I always wear at least a 2 in heel. Cannot wear flat shoes. It has been miserable here in R.I. We are blessed our townhouse is facing beautiful Narragansett Bay. After selling our larger home (it is now just my hus and me) It is difficult living in a townhouse. Not enough cupboard space!!!! Thank goodness for hanging racks.Have been unpacking boxes FOREVER. Found items I don’t remember purchasing. LOL May YOU and Mr. Mickey and your parents stay happy, well and safe.LOVE THE FRENCH COIN NECKLACE. Really would prefer an Irish coin. I and my family are all from Ireland. Your bezel setting design is perfect

  20. Lovely restaurant-may I ask how you are liking your Beautycounter products? I have just started to use the line and value your honest assessment of so many products.

    Thank you and God Bless,
    Karen Wolf Parsons

    1. I have used Beautycounter products since 2017, and my skin looks better now than when I was younger. There is now less redness and flaking, and my dark spots have not increased in number. In addition, I have never experienced an allergic reaction to any products, even though my skin is susceptible.

  21. Lovely posts that I so enjoy…I love your style and look…an inspiration for woman like myself…I’ve been following you since you were on Facebook..I look forward to many more emails of your style and life..JoAnn King

  22. Zane Triplett could be your son, Look at the shape of the eyes, nose and mouth on the picture of the two of you.
    You are two pretty people, related or not.

  23. Thank you for sharing your lovely evening! It’s wonderful to see the passion of a young entrepreneur! All the best to him!

  24. Lovely outfit! So classy! Your longer hair is more flattering to you. Delicious meal and Mr. Mickey looks so well and happy.

  25. What a great outfit! The plum sweater looks perfect on you! I absolutely love your 9 West shoes. Perfect for so many occasions. Thanks for sharing your outings with Mr. Mickey! I always love getting your posts! Thank you Susan!

  26. And to think you said you did not like wearing black for a top in the daytime. You look fantastic. The pants look great on you too. Nice change from the white. I would love to have the fettuccini. It looks so yummy!!.


    1. As I sit at my desk typing this response at four in the afternoon wearing a black eyelet summer dress, I realize I still wear black often, so it may always be my confidence color. When I visited my parents recently, my eighty-five-year-old mother was wearing a black shirt with black pants and tan loafers. She looked vibrant and happy.

  27. Susan,
    Your date night looks so lovely. Your choice of outfits is always wonderful and classy. The dinner looks delicious! I especially like the plum color on you.
    Wishing you and Mr. Mickey the best. Always looking forward to your posts.

  28. Susan,
    Thank you for the wonderful update (Dinner Date). As ususal, you look stunning, simply exquisited. Mr. Mickey is quite a gentlemant, too. Your made my day and week. You always do.

  29. One more thing. I have meant to compliment you on how well you look in high heels. No woman in my world looks finer in heels than you do, Susan. Thank you for wearing them in this update.

  30. Susan, I always enjoy reading your blog. and appreciate your sharing practical and lovely ideas about style! Mr. Mickey reminds me of my husband with his handsome beard, love of sport cars and garlic bread!
    I have noted that sometimes you have a “popped” collar. I like the look. Do you have any tips on how to keep it popped up. Mine seem to fall back to the starting position.

  31. Thank you Susan. I just purchased the cute little purse, but had no luck with the sexy shoes (my size is not available)

    You and Mr. Mickey look radiant and the food Oh my goodness!!!


  32. Thank you Susan. I just purchased the cute little purse, but had no luck with the sexy shoes (my size is not available) After a bit of research I found the shoes at the Nordstrom Rack on sale and ordered. They are stunning

    You and Mr. Mickey look radiant and the food Oh my goodness!!!


  33. Thank you. I ordered both the purse and shoes, although it was challenging to find the shoes on my size. Nordstrom Rack had them . Cannt wait to receive them, they are stunning!

    Cheers everyone, we just had a little thunderstorm in Annapolis, MD

  34. Update: Found the shoes at Nordstrom Rack and ordered. They are stunning on you!!!! And I pray for the same effect on my feet.


  35. You look so carefree and happy! Maybe it’s your attitude that makes your outfit so wonderful.

    My very first introduction to sea food was scallops. I loved them as a small child and now as an old lady. I also love garlic bread. Mr Mickey has great taste in women and food!

    I have almost all of the ingredients in my closet for the “coastal grandmother” look, but when I see you looking so chic and colorful, I’m not sure I want to be coastal.

    I am still working on simplifying my living space. I have packed a few boxes of things for my kids if they want it. Yesterday I managed to pack my phone in a box. LOL! After a few minutes of panic and searching, I remembered the “find my phone app” and it worked. There was my phone in a box in the garage.


  36. Dear Susan

    You are such a beautiful example to all women of what beauty and grace looks like.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

    God bless you and Mr. Mickey


  37. Allways look forward to your posts ,you have such style and elegance.
    Good to see the enormouse smile on Mr Mickeys face .Love you both from here in uk

  38. I’m writing to request some lodging recommendations for wonderful places near you or in the vicinity in which you two have traveled. My husband and I are driving from Columbus, OH to Brevard, NC to see friends. We’d like to extend our trip and stay a few nights in a place in NC, VA, or Tenn. We’ve been to the Biltmore Inn and loved Ashville, but would like a new suggestion in that area/Ashville or others you might suggest. I’ve enjoyed your restaurant recommendations over the years and thought maybe you’d have some ideas for lovely places we could stay. Thoughts?
    Thank you,

    1. I hope these links will provide helpful information for your plans. Here is a list of some of the top Bed and Breakfast in and around Asheville. Here are a few resorts near Asheville. Here are some of the top-rated mountain towns.

  39. Taupe and raspberry – what a lovely, almost organic pairing of colours. you look just lovely Susan- both of you glowing with health and happiness and and an organzied and fulfilled life that look good on you and resonates in evrything you write. Just beautiful- thank you for creating this comminity where i really feel i belong and can relate and have grown and found joy. Thank you Susan !. I have learned so much from you. I am 58 .

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