Periwinkle Blue

Universal colors flatter warm, cool, olive, or neutral skin tones. Those colors are teal, turquoise, periwinkle, pastel pink, taupe, and navy. They also look great with each other.

My top is from My Fair Lady here. My jeans are by Liverpool Jeans Co. here.

I bought the one of a kind necklace from a shop on Hilton Head Island about five years ago.

The Nordgreen watch is here. The discount code is (Susan15).

The shoes are very much on sale here! I found the handbag at T.J. Maxx earlier in the spring. Similar bag here.

Except for the shoes, I have worn these pieces many times. When I purchase things for my home or my wardrobe, I always think about how it will look with all the items I already own. I can move nearly any object to another room, and it will fit right in. The same is true for most of my clothing and accessories. Each purchase is intentional so that the new piece can work with many, if not all the others. Effortless style starts with making mindful purchases.

I wore this look for an early morning meeting at the bank, to the Post Office and library, for lunch with my friend, Belinda, and after a few more errands, Mr. Mickey picked me up for our date. There was no time to change, but I was comfortable and appropriate for the whole day.

I hope you have a lovely weekend adventure!

  1. You have really shown us (through your many posts) the value of solids, neutrals, and accessories that POP. Thanks for your inspirational, informative blog. You exude “beautiful”!

  2. As usual you look lovely. The top is a beautiful color but the ruffles on the sleeves call attention to the entire arm (not my best feature). Keep up the good work!

  3. You look stunning, Susan! It’s such a flattering colour on you. Thank you for talking about the universally flattering colours. I’d forgotten. This is a good reminder for me which will help expand my clothing options. I always thought coral was in there, but I guess I was mistaken. Oftentimes though, coral looks way too warm for my skin tones and I’ve stayed away from it—but it is such a fun colour.

  4. Yes, I too thought coral was universal. Susan, periwinkle is definitely your color! Would you wear it with navy pants?

  5. You look lovely in that color! I looked on My Fair Lady at the top and the color looks quite different than the color you are wearing (much prefer yours) Are your pictures above more representative of the true color than on My Fair Lady’s website? Also, does that brand run fairly true to size?

    1. I did nothing to alter my pictures or colors. I’m not sure why they look different, but they do. The Clara Sunwoo sizes are generous but true to size. I am wearing a size medium.

  6. I love periwinkle! It looks gorgeous on you! I will order this top! Also, I just purchased my first shapeez bra! I did a lot of research, anxious to receive it! All the best for a fun weekend!

  7. I bought this top recently and just love it. It absolutely does not wrinkle and is so cool and comfortable, So glad you told us all about Covered perfectly.

  8. Love your look and style…
    I have been inspired by your posts…. You look slimmer, what’s the secret?

    Grace Ann

  9. Hi Susan. I really enjoy your blog. I recently turned 60 and I love your style.
    You are one gorgeous lady.

    Zoeanne Smith

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