One Look Two Ways

On Saturday afternoon, we enjoyed another visit to Black Mountain and Asheville, NC. Our destination was Milton’s in The Monte Vista Boutique Hotel, Black Mountain.

Before dinner, we shopped for a bit and walked through the new park downtown.

The town of Black Mountain created a lovely park on the site of a former abandoned service station.

House-made crackers and biscuits with Sweet Potato Shrimp Fritters started our meal.

A Butter Lettuce Salad and house-made Tagliatelle Pasta were the next courses.

My look for the day needed to be appropriate for walking around town and the park in the afternoon and easy to dress up for our dinner date.

The eggplant top is by Clara Sunwoo here, and the white pull-on style jeans are by Lior Paris here. My top and pants were gifts from My Fair Lady. The silk twill scarf kept me from shivering in the air conditioning.

Referral and affiliate links in my post may generate a small commission for me at no extra cost to you. Similar sandals here, the block heels are here, the bag is here. A similar bangle is here.

  1. Please send information on your remaining scarf inventory. I love the couple I bought a while back. Thank you!

  2. That eggplant top is such a great color, and you’re right about the air conditioning. We are always carrying a light jacket or sweater to ward off the cold air conditioning. – we feel silly but it’s reality. Your scarf is a cute solution for me.

  3. This top is such a lovely color.
    Kudos to Black Mountain for building a park where an old service station stood. What a great idea. Let’s spead that word to all towns across the nation! The more I see of your beautiful area, the more eager I am to visit.

  4. Like others have said, that is a fabulous color on you!

    I would be interested in the color scarves you have left to see if they fit with my color palate….

    Thanks for all you do!

  5. I am interested in seeing your remaining scarves. I wish I would have purchased from you while the shop was still open. Your look is always inspiring.

  6. I would be interested in seeing the scarves you have available. Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  7. Hello,
    I am enjoying the lovely scarf I recently purchased from you. I am definitely interested in receiving information on any more scarves you have. They are beautiful!

    Thank you,

  8. I have a question, do you stay away from patterns and prints? Is it safe to say solids are more classic and sophisticated? I have been following you for awhile and I see a trend. I do feel more confident in certain color tops that are more flattering for my skin and hair. I am so used to buying what jumps out at me, but not my best style! I love your classy style!

    1. Hi Gwen, You are correct, I do not buy prints other than very few striped tops or maybe polka dots. Solid colors that flatter my complexion and work with each other mean I purchase fewer clothes but have more outfit combinations. When I add accessories, I can increase the variety of looks even more. My goal is to have a small functional wardrobe so that I can look my best without spending much time or money to do so.

  9. Susan, I like the way the eggplant top looks on you.
    Your whole outfit from top to bottom including the accessories looks so elegant.

  10. kindly forward details on the remaining scarves. I need cool colours if there are any. Many thanks in advance.

  11. It is amazing how just a few accessories can change a look from casual to dressy. I’ve learned that from you.

  12. Your look is lovely, as always.
    I am interested in more information on the scarves when you have time!
    Thank you.

  13. I love your blog Susan and now have a great working wardrobe as a result. I wondered if you could ship a scarf to the UK. Perhaps one scarf could come as letter post? Thank you for all your inspiration. Bernie

  14. You look so beautiful in that color. My daughters and I are coming to Ashville this Friday. We are flying into Greenville S.C. And driving to Ashville. We are staying at the Biltmore Inn. W e are going to Blowing Rock, Craggy Gardens,Black Mountain, and Montreat. These were suggestions from you. I am so excited to see many of the beautiful places you have shared on your site. If we have a day to drive somewhere,would you suggest the Winston Salem area or Charlotte? We like fine restaurants with a good wine list, historic homes and architecture . I would love to see the Greenbrier but I think it’s too far away. I would appreciate any suggestions you offer. Thank you .

    1. I do hope you have a marvelous time! Old Salem is a historic district of Winston-Salem, that was originally settled by the Moravian community in 1753. I highly recommend it if you can make time for it. The Graylyn Estate is also a delightful place to visit and dine. Reynolda House & Estate, including the Southeast’s Finest Collection of American Art is across the road in the Restored 1917 Reynolds Mansion. Reynolda House

  15. Your style is so flattering, and I must agree the eggplant color is stunning and youthful on you. I too am challenged with the coolness of the air conditioning in restaurants, I was wondering do you have a video of post on how you style scarves. I struggle in that area.. thanks for your posts and content, it’s so appreciated.

    1. I fold them on the bias so that they are long and narrow. In the summer, I drape them around my neck. I always wear them in an effortless, relaxed way. Too fussy, is never a good look.

  16. Good morning Susan –

    I have been enjoying your blog, and like the simple, elegant and classic way you dress.
    I have always dressed this way too, and have no prints except black/white stripe and
    polka dots. etc. I do allow myself some colorful fun and prints in my exercise tights but
    always with a plain black top, etc. As for scarves – love them. I live in AZ and always
    in AC. My solution is I always roll up a scarf and place in plastic bag in bottom of my
    handbag, and pull it out whenever needed.
    I just turned 80 in May and believe a woman can look well dressed and classic at any age.
    My dilemma now is whether or not to stop coloring my hair – a tough decision and transition
    as I don’t like short hair and wear a classic bob between chin and shoulder. How did you make
    the transition to your lovely hair? Thank you

    1. When I turned fifty, I stopped coloring my hair. I used a temporary color a couple of times to hide the transition then got a short cut (about three inches long all over).

  17. I love getting your emails and giving me ideas on what to wear. You always look so put together. I know you’re talking about retiring but I hope you won’t stop this part of your life/job.

  18. Please send information on your remaining scarf inventory. I was disappointed that I missed purchasing any of them. They were beautiful.

  19. I agree that the eggplant color is so attractive on you with your complexion and hair color, and with the white slacks and silver accessories. Love this look.

  20. Hello Susan,
    My name is Sherrie and I reside in San Antonio Texas. I am new to your site and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with your fantastic, exquisite look and valuable information. I want one of everything!!!!! I would be interested in what scarves you have available. Thank you and please keep your blog going

  21. I would love to know what scarves you have left. I am in Canada so would like to know the prices. thanks!!!

  22. Hi Susan, I love your blog! I’ve been following you for several years now but have never left a comment.
    This eggplant top makes you look so beautiful! Looks like you have lost more weight. What are you eating these days to look so well and trim? I’m 77 and way over weight and have tried to follow your diet but so far have not succeeded in losing much weight. The grains just added more weight. could you give us some examples of your current diet please? I love when you show the foods you are eating.

    1. I dropped all the grains from my diet a few months ago when I started to experience digestive troubles. I now avoid too much fruit and all raw vegetables as well as grains. Read the book “The Plant Paradox: The Hidden Dangers in “Healthy” Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain by Dr. Steven R Gundry MD, for more information about how healthy foods can be the wrong choice for some of us.

  23. Have you had any problems with the tops you wear pilling or wearing in the bust area? I am 5/4″ #120, but like you, I am naturally larger in the bust. I seem to over time find I am ruining a lot of tops because I like to wear something over my tops (jackets, light unbuttoned front sweater/jackets, etc). What is happening then is the two fabrics rub against each other in the bust area, and I have had to stop wearing many favorite tops because this ‘worn fabric on my tops’ looks awful. Have you had any problems like this?

  24. Hi Susan! I am a new fan. You are such an inspiration. I love your style. I took care of my aging parents for 5 years before they passed. I’m realizing it’s now time to focus back on myself. Please share any scarf inventory you may still have. I watched a video where you showed ways to tie and use them with a simple black dress. I now have a similar dress!!

  25. Hi Susan, You kindly sent me info on your scarves and I failed to follow up. I am interested in which silk ones are still available. I have several and LOVE each one!

    Anne Mallory

  26. I love your scarves — have a few of them… interested in whatever you may have left!
    You are a real inspiration!

  27. I would love to see your scarf inventory. Please include sizing and payment instructions.

    Thank you,

    Jane Gray Collier

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