Favorite Bra Ever!

Around the time I turned twenty-eight, I remember first noticing bra bulges across my back. I was young and slender, but that’s when I first caught a glimpse of them in the three-way mirrors at the Limited. I thought, “Oh great, something else to deal with.”

For the next thirty-plus years, I was careful about what I wore so that those rolls of flesh weren’t so obvious. You can imagine how excited I was when I tried on my first Shapeez bra. Now, I wear almost anything I want and don’t give back fat rolls a second thought.

When I wear this little straw bag as a crossbody, I always try to keep it on the front of my hip. If I let it slip behind me, way too much attention gets drawn to the girls.

There are a few notes about the Shapeez bras to keep in mind. Please don’t put them on like a tank top. Step into these bras as you would a pair of pantyhose. Gather up the body, work them up to the bust, and then slip your arms into the straps. Never pull or tug on the straps.

Shapeez bras give me excellent support and shaping. The Ultimate is the style that I wear. It has underwires, and the cups are molded to provide shape, not padding. The body of the bra smoothes the middle but does not compress like a girdle. Shapeez bras are by far the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn. I wear them every day, even in the heat of summer. I am never aware of them.

Use the code FIRSTTIMEBUYER10 for a $10 off discount entered at checkout. (I do not get any commissions for sharing this information or the video below.) Visit https://shapeez.com/ to see the full line. Write to them for help finding the correct fit. Customerservice@shapeez.com

I’m wearing a size medium red top by Valentina Signa here. My ankle jeans are from Chico’s a few years ago. Similar here. My shoes are about three years old. Similar here. Similar bag here. Links in my posts may generate a small commission for me. Bracelet here. Use the code SAS10 For $10 off any item from Beauty In Stone. My beautiful watch is from Nordgreen here. Use the discount code (SUSAN15)

In the video below, I share what I’ve learned about the proper fit in bras.

  1. Hi Susan—do you find the Bra rides up in any area? Do you usually tuck the bottom edge in if you’re wearing pants? What do you do if you were wearing a dress?

  2. I first learned about Shapeez from your blog. They really are amazing–they totally eliminate back bulge, straps never fall down, and they are very comfortable. They also look much nicer than a bra band (and heaven forbid-a tag that slips down) especially in the back, if your top is at all see-through. I spent 2 weeks in the heatwave of Europe earlier this month, walking 5 miles or so every day. The only bras I wore were my Shapeez and I never noticed them in the heat either. (I washed them a few times). Since I am only 5’1″ I found that the “short” style works best for me as the back is almost to my waist. The long style is simply too long and too tight. I also lost weight recently and had to change sizes. Getting the right fit can be a bit tricky, at least in the non-foam minimizer style. I always recommend these bras to friends. So grateful for your blog!

  3. You look amazing and slim! I love this bra information, I’m going to definitely try one.

  4. Very helpful Susan. curious if you find this style hot in the summertime? (I’m not too far from you in the high country of Appalachians and while its not blisteringly hot, when I leave 4000 ft, it is!) Love the blog And insta account!

  5. Thank you for this post. Do you know if this shaper rolls up or does it stay in place fairly easily?

  6. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your willingness to answer my questions.

    Your weight loss is evident in recent posts and very attractive. I recall a post several months ago where you made a change to your eating. Was this change responsible for the loss?

    And, on another subject I am 36DD and try to minimize bust. Have you ever worn the Shapeez minimizer?

    1. We wear the same size; I’m wearing a Small-DD here. I haven’t tried the minimizer style.
      In addition to eliminating some foods, I am also eating less and being more mindful about it. Sometimes we don’t realize how many empty calories we consume with unnecessary grazing or snacking.

  7. Being petite, I only wear the minimizer as I don’t like to add anything to my normally 34DD “girls”. The Small-DDD gives great coverage but is a tad high in the armpits; the Small-DD shows a bit more cleavage. They both work fine. Traci (the co-founder) can help you with sizing.

  8. Great video! Would like more videos covering subjects like todays( how to wear the cross body bag , best fitting bras under knits how to know your bra is not fitting) . Fall subjects – do you wear tights with skirts , dresses- what is must flattering neckline for sweaters which jeans are most flattering – accessories which and how many – draw attention away from neck? Small or bigger earrings? Belts or not – length of jackets – love the coral moto on you — Holiday dressing – casual updated ! I know that you did similar videos yrs ago but an update would b great

  9. This is a great video, Susan. You are always so helpful and encouraging. I also want to say, I ordered the “Beauty in Stone” necklace you were wearing in a recent post and Suzanne there was amazingly helpful and efficient. It makes such a difference to do business with folks who really care about their customers. You have never steered me wrong — thank you!

  10. I’ve been wearing those bras for several years now and will never go back to regular bras. I have narrow shoulders and have fought strap slippage all my adult life. Never a problem with Shapeez. Thanks for the recommendation

  11. You are looking fabulous! I too have the dreaded back fat and have been wearing larger than needed tops to somewhat hide it. You are so slender and still have this issue! Say it ain’t so :-{
    Thanks so much for this helpful information. I will be purchasing this bra soon.

    1. I think our bodies became formed by the straps of the bras we wore for so long. Those rolls on my back and the dents in my shoulders are less noticeable now that I’ve been wearing Shapeez for a couple of years.

  12. Has anyone tried the Shapeez style that doesn’t have underwires? Do you like it? Did you get a “uniboob?” Thanks in advance.

  13. Susan, can you talk about what bra you wear under a cami? You let ok fabulous with a cami and blazer combo but I can never figure out the undergarments to make that look work.

    1. I have several pairs and rotate them regularly. I was only white jeans and towels together and dry the jeans for a short time. I hang them on a rail to finish air-drying. The ones I’m wearing in this post are at least three years old.

  14. I bought three of these bras at your suggestion and they do smooth out my back, but they roll up at the bottom until I finally end up with a little ridge around my hips. Do you ever have this happen?

      1. If the bottom rolls up, it’s either too small or it’s too long, not hitting you in the right place. In that case I would suggest having it shortened by a seamstress.

  15. I also wear Shapeez , size small E. So far only one style is available in that size, hoping eventually for a slip. I’d like to add that it’s also my favourite bra. Ever. I wear one nearly every day, even in summer. I live in Phoenix, and we have hot summers. I wore one on the hottest day we had this summer, so far, and it was 114. I was quite comfortable. No tight band under the girls, just a soft hug of fabric that felt light and easy. The straps stay put and never need tugging. No back bulges for my tops to stick to in the heat. Some days are just plain hot, no matter what you wear. However I find Shapeez to be more comfortable, in any weather, than any other bra I’ve ever worn. Purely subjective. Let’s celebrate our differences and be grateful for so many choices. Cheers! And thank you again, Susan, for all you do.

  16. Thank you Susan for this information. I live in Ontario Canada & will look into where I can purchase these bras. The end look is amazing! I love reading all your blogs and follow you on Pinterest!

  17. Your comments are very informative. Do you have any advice for us ladies who have had bi-lateral mastectomies? Some of us are small and really do not need a bra, but others of us are larger and need one. Any recommendations as to where to look for a comfortable bra?

  18. I bought a shapeez on your recommendation over a year ago and I’ve hated it because it was so hard to put on. Now I read your post and you say don’t put it on like a tank, step into it. That’s brilliant. I’m eager to try that because I just gave up on it. I don’t recall seeing this information anywhere on the website and I actually talked to the owner at a trade show and didn’t get that helpful tip. Perhaps I didn’t tell her of my frustration because I I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

  19. I got my first Shapeez about a week ago and I love it! It does exactly what as advertised. Thanks for the recommendation!

  20. Thanks Susan for that article on Bras which I found useful. I have a query for you. What do you do when the clasps at the back of the bra hurt the skin. Thanks for all your articles which are most helpful.

    Mary in Ireland

  21. Thanks Susan for your Beauty Counter suggestions. I bought the cleansing oil and moisturizer and love them. What do you do when you travel – in regard to packing cosmetics. The cleansing oil is too large a container. Blog post maybe?

  22. I own a Tankee Long and I unfortunately found the cups to stand out from my body. Didn’t figure that out until I had worn it of course! I still wear it occasionally when that is not going to matter and I want the smoothing effect. I ordered two Comfeez bras (bralettes), tried them on and they felt great. When wearing, however, the lace bottom rolled up. I wanted to leave a review on their site that my advice was to order a size up. These are sized S-M-L. I am a 34 and ordered a S as indicated. I was not going to be critical of the company-just wanted to leave my opinion. Traci refused to post my review because she said the size I ordered in the tankee meant I was a 36. I have never owned a 36 bra in any brand. I was recently measured at Nordstrom and still a 34. My disappointment is that they censure their reviews. They should accept them, positive or negative, and then comment with a helpful suggestion. Make sure you try them on with several different garments and move around to test the size before you remove tags. Exchange them timely if necessary.

  23. Good Morning Susan,
    You are so right about Shapeez Bras. I heard you talk about them in one of your earlier videos & at that time needed new Bras. I decided I would try Shapeez on your recommendation & I am so happy I did. They do everything you said they would do. Truly very comfortable & I love that I don’t have to worry about what is bulging in the back anymore. I don’t miss any of your blogs & look forward to receiving them. Thanks again for all your advice.

  24. Preach Shapeez, sister! I started wearing them last year, thanks to your recommendation, and it’s probably the biggest single thing a woman can do to improve her overall look. Once you are wearing one, you start to notice everyone ELSE’S back fat and rolls and how awful it looks! I got a nude one, then black. I lost some weight, and got 2 more in a smaller size. I prefer the Tankee, so I can wear lower-backed tops and dresses.

    I wear cotton undies with the Tankee over them (which on me, reaches just to the top of the leg opening). The cotton undies “grab” onto the bottom of the Shapeez so it never rolls up. They are now the ONLY bra I wear. Thanks again for SUCH a treasure!

  25. I agree with you about the Shapeez bra. It is expensive but so worth the price once one gets the right size and learns how to care for it. It needs to be treated like fine lace lingerie when washing, and if the fit is not perfect, it will rub against the body and expose the underwire. Now, if someone would invent an underwire repair kit they would make a fortune. lol. Bottom line, the fit is very important.

    How one gets into the garment depends on what is the largest part of the body. You have slim hips, larger breast. Stepping into the bra works well for you. I’m curvy with average breast so pulling up on the body is problematic for me. Going over my head and leaning over to place the underwire under the breasts means less pulling and tugging on the garment over the hips. Once on, with everything in its place, it is the most comfortable bra I have ever worn.

    I live in Florida and can comment on the heat factor. One can feel the warmth of having the body wrapped in an extra layer, especially if you are spending time outside for a period of time. I just returned from a trip to Dubai where the temperature was 110-115 degrees. There were a few days when I wrung moisture out of the foam cups. But I felt and looked so much better in the bra, I didn’t care. “Discomfort for Beauty”, right!

  26. I too have a few Shapeez bras. I like the shorter lengths but when I wear the regular style, I wear the panties over as well. Two points: 1- I wish on the short ones at the bottom they would use the same type of rubbery strips that Soma uses on their no-show panties, and 2 – gaining or losing definitely affects fit on the shorter styles since gaining weight can cause the bottom edges to roll up a bit on the back. Weight gain, i.e. becoming larger, can cause that roll to occur.
    And 3- guess I had more to say the long lines can be hemmed/shortened for those shorter ladies. I did that on one of mine. Just info from my experience. I do like them!

  27. I love my Ultimate Bra! Thanks so much for turning me on to them! Took a few try’s to get the right size, but I LOVE it! Bought my first one last year, and need to buy more!

  28. I agree these are the best bras ever, Susan. I love them! You introduced them to your followers maybe 4-5 years ago. I’m a 33 DDD and I could never ever find a bra that was comfortable or I had bra pudge folding over. Since I bought Shapeez it’s been a match in heaven. I own 4 now and my favorite is the long line. Thanks again to one happy customer.

  29. Susan I love all your articles. I tried the Shapeez ultimate but the bra part was just too big. Wish I could have tried it on before buying. I love the way it fits across the back though.

  30. Susan, I will tell you my funny bra story. You spoke about the Shapeez bra a year ago and I wanted to try it. I was receiving an award and I wanted to look my best. I found a store near me that sells them. I asked the sales woman to help me find the right size. She fitted me and I bought the bra. I decided to try it out before the banquet so I wore it to church the next Sunday. As I stood up to sing and was holding my hymnal, I could feel me breasts slowly slip down below the bra and I could feel the bottom of the bra slowly slip up towards my chest. It was like my breasts were slowly oozing out toward their freedom! Then it stopped and my breasts were half in and half out of that bra. Oh my! I went to the bathroom and adjusted myself and sure enough it happened on the next hymn, too! When I brought the bra back the woman asked me who fitted it and I reminded her that she waited on me. It was a good laugh.

    1. Thank you for letting me have a laugh at your expense. You are a good sport. I hope you found the correct bra size and that you are now enjoying the full benefits.

  31. Susan, can you tell us the body length on the ultimate? I realize there would be some variation (I take the S-D in the short bra).

      1. Thank you! I ordered the shortee after this column ran and was highly pleased, so I was thinking of trying the Ultimate. Being short-waisted, I know it would have to be tucked in my pants probably. I may give it a try at some point.

  32. Is there anywhere here in the uk selling these bras, they look like the perfect solution for me, fabulous.

  33. I am not very big in the bust area but wear a camisole style undershirt over my bra year round because of a skin condition that I would be embarrassed to reveal if my top was to ride up somehow or if the breeze lifted it..
    This Shapeez bra looks like I could wear one item and take care of two issues – a bra and a cover up.
    I will get in touch with the company. Thank you so much for this video.

  34. Susan, after reading this post and watching the video I explored Shapeez bras. Thank you so much for mentioning them! For the past few months, I’ve been so tired of tight bra straps that left me sore and achy at night. I used to love my bra brand – which is a quality brand fitted by an expert. But over time, they became less comfortable.

    I ordered a Shapeez and couldn’t wait to try it on. What a relief! I love my new bra and am ordering several more. They are only a little more expensive than my old bras but are so much more comfortable. And, I love the lack of bra strap lines across my back. I also appreciated the discount. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    One of my favorite accessories is the Half Tee: halftee.com. I have these tees in several colors and lengths. They are great for layering without the extra bulk and they cover less than attractive upper arms. They also extend the wear of sleeveless tops into other seasons. I just purchased another tee and recommended Shapeez to them for their product line. So, thanks again.

  35. I am so happy you introduced me to this bra.
    I love it and it is so comfortable. I was so afraid that it would make me hot and sweaty but I hardly know I have it on. I live in Florida and I have always perspired easily.
    Another nice thing is it doesn’t rise up …stays put.
    My tops look so much better with this shapezz bra.
    Thanks again and I am also happy I found your blogs too. I enjoy reading them .

    Thanks again,
    Kay Musselwhite

  36. Thank you, Sudan! I just received my first Shapeez bra and I love it! I have been battling back fat for too many years!1 ❤️❤️ I appreciate all of your advice! Cathy

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