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When we donate time and money to make our communities a better place, it benefits all who live there. We are very fortunate to have a splendid symphony orchestra in Johnson City. The price of the tickets for admission does not come close to covering all of the expenses, so we donate regularly and are involved with and attend many events to help raise money for our Orchestra. The arts have always been an essential part of my life and for many others as well. I have spoken with Physicians, Researchers, and the owners of companies that brought many jobs to our area, who tell me that one of the reasons they chose to locate here is due in part because we have a Symphony Orchestra.

My friend, Marilyn Robertson, has served as the President and given tirelessly to our Symphony.

The meeting was held at The Blackthorn Club. The flowers surrounding our club are always breathtaking!

The close-up shot above better shows the textures and details so that you can see why I wore these pieces together. The jacket has a sculpting wire encased in the collar so that you can adjust it as you wish, and it will stay there.

I wore black slim-fitting jeans with a wide, smooth waistband by Lior Paris. The jacket, which is both dressy and casual at the same time, is by Damee, NY, and it is offered in several color combinations at The details and fabric make it easy to wear with a tank dress, faded jeans, and a white tank top. I appreciate pieces that can be worn in many ways during the transitional seasons. My shoes are by J. Renee’. The no-name bag is a few years old.

  1. Susan, I love your style and your blog, which is one of the first things I turn to every morning. I’m fascinated by your choice of black jeans for this outfit. Somehow I was expecting another pair of your black pants for this occasion and for this combination of wardrobe pieces. It works, of course–I’m just curious!

    1. If you could see the detailed textures of the two pieces in person, you would see that they work very well together. The jeans are very stretchy and upscale, not like casual ones at all.

  2. I love that outfit Susan. That jacket is so “me”! It looks like it has a slight texture, perhaps a silk shantung? And the shoes complement the pattern in the jacket so well.
    The gardens are gorgeous – other than the pumpkins, it doesn’t look like autumn at all. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Thank you, Phyllis, I was inspired to purchase those shoes after I saw a photo of Emmanuelle Alt wearing a very similar style with black jeans. (She is the fifty-year-old editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris for those who do not know of her.)

        1. Susan; you had better believe I would buy these in a heart beat if I came across them whilst shoe shopping!

        2. Love the shoes– elegant and really quite novel; they also look comfortable. (Don’t get a “very aging” vibe at all, unless the reader thinks that one must always be in high heeled shoes to look youthful. Glad her over 60 feet can take it.)

  3. I disagree about the shoes they set of the out fit nicely and they are after all your choice and what you like. You are not dressing to suit others. Susan you always look well put together no matter what you wear I, and many others, always appreciate the time and effort you put into you blogs and explain why you have chosen certain items. Thank you.

  4. You are always dressed classy and give me much inspiration about how to up the ante in my own wardrobe. You will not be able to please every person every time. Personally, while I don’t care for sling back shoes myself, I’m very happy you’ve incorporated lower heels into your wardrobe. I could never wear the high heels like you have worn so often, I appreciated your tips on what color shoes to wear with certain pants, as well as how long the hems should be based on the style of shoe. Please don’t let the negative nancies get you down.

  5. I’ve learned so much watching you. It really impacted my big Chicos shopping trip yesterday telling me choose more classic pieces with some interesting detail or exceptional fit.
    I like your shoes but curious if you could have worn neutral as well. I remember you saying shoes should usually match the ankle. I do find though that with black ankle length I reach for black shoes.
    Thanks. Always look forward to your blog!

  6. I had to go back and scrutinize your shoes closer since apparently the style aged you way beyond your years I thought you looked lovely and as pretty as those gorgeous flowers. I’m curious as to what style shoe Leste thought you should have worn. We can’t please eveyone.

  7. I think your heels are a good choice for this outfit; the pattern in them compliments the pattern in the jacket. I love high heels but this would be a good choice for an event where you know you will be standing for extended periods.

  8. OK, so thanks to Lesta (who, btw, sounds just like my mother), I trotted back up to look at all the photos again & noticed this time around how perfectly those shoes & the rectangular ornamentation on them echo the shape & design of the collar & front inset on the jacket — how cool is that! Personally, I find the thing that most determines how old (or youthful) one appears to be is attitude & outlook. Shoes, not so much. I’ve known young women of 96, and sour old women of 50. Just sayin’.

  9. Your outfit today is perfect, from your head to your toes! What would you wear for a November wedding with a mountain lodge setting, morning ceremony, and an early afternoon reception? Thank you!

    1. I have noticed that women wear very different looks to weddings these days. Not so many fancy dresses, especially with all these barn and lodge settings. Since all of your events are going to be during the day, that will also call for a different style. I wouldn’t wear sequins or lace or anything that looks too much like after five. A plum color suit with a jacket, pants or skirt worn with a pale gray top and silver jewelry would be appropriate if you can wear silver. If gold is better for you, wear a cream color top and gold jewelry. Nude shoes will make your legs look longer and will be fine with either look. Have fun!

  10. Cute..seeing a lot of the flounce sleeves. Nice shoes..very ladylike…they let the jacket be the focal point. Gorgeous plantings at your clubhouse & a lovely setting for the Symphony. Thank you Susan.

  11. I agree with the majority of the comments above regarding the shoes… They are gorgeous and tailor made for that lovely outfit!

  12. Always happy to see what you do with flats and lower heels, as that is all I can wear. The shoes are perfect. You are an inspiration to me as I continue my effort to lose weight (20 lbs now! – 20 to go!)
    I love when you share your meal ideas with us. I’m eating much healthier in part, thanks to your blog.

  13. Susan, you never make a misstep regarding shoes. I, for one, am happy to see a beautiful shoe with a lower heel.

  14. Read your post and I thought how did she ever find shoes that matched her top so perfectly. The sling backs make your foot look so narrow and love the ankle pants. You look stunning! ( The flowers look so lush and beautiful!!)
    Thanks Susan, always appreciate your advice!

  15. Susan you look so elegant and chic in this post, especially love the shoes which add class to the outfit. Head over heals polished! I wont comment further!

  16. Really, I looked at the shoes – and knowing you are purposely wearing lower heels these days — thought the shape looked lovely on your foot and the heel height was graceful as well. To each his own. (Psst – Susan – just ignore the negative comments!)

  17. As always, Susan, practically perfect in every way! Yes, including the classic, beautifully designed shoes with lower heels. At nearly 70 with one hip replacement and a couple of foot surgeries, the high heels of my past will remain there. My monitor shows your jacket as black in some pics, blue in others – what color is it? Thanks again for your thoughtful and inspiring blog. Because of your work, I am finding “my look” and feeling much more confident I can dress for every situation. What a pleasure to open each blog post. I know I’ll find great fashion insights, sometimes a terrific health tip, and always gorgeous pictures of you and Mr. Mickey enjoying your journey and the people you find along the way.

  18. Susan, you have a great eye for always looking your best. I love your tips. They have helped me so much, and you have been an inspiration in my weight loss journey. I love the way that you use simple, classic lines but never look dated. In short, I enjoy your blog and find it is truly helpful.

  19. Hi Susan,

    I enjoy your blog and I love classical music. I just took a look at the Johnson City Symphony website and see that Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings is on the program in March. Wish I could be there to see it as it is one of my favorite compositions.

    You always look beautiful.

    Carol L.

  20. I enjoy your blog Susan, especially your insights for stylish dressing and keeping it simple but classy. That’s my style too. However, I have a different body type – more pear shaped and curvy. Would you consider speaking to and about other body types and what to wear to flatter and what to avoid? For instance, I hesitate to wear anything that adds to my hips because they are already large. Sounds simple, but it’s taken me over 50 years to figure out what looks good on me. Then, the seasons of life change my body and I have to start all over again. So. while you are modeling and commenting on what you are wearing, perhaps you could also contrast the body type who would benefit from something slightly different. Keep up the good work!

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