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I rarely purchase anything during the fall season since the golden hues are not flattering on my skin tone, but I recently found three items to add to my collection. Shopping tip: The cool, clear colors of the winter season are perfect for those of us with blue undertones.

Jacket here. Jeans here. Tank here. Bag here. Similar booties here. My no-show socks are here.

The fully lined knit jacket’s style is very forgiving, and the eggplant color is flattering on almost everyone. I avoid knit blazers which quickly lose their shape. However, the seamed style of this casual jacket is very comfortable and versatile. I can throw it on over faded jeans and sneakers to run to the grocery store or take it up a few notches with black slightly bootcut jeans, as I’ve shown you here. The hero pieces are the ones you can wear in many ways, but they always make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Vest here. Jeans here. Shirt here. Similar booties here. Bag here. No-show socks are here.

I have always enjoyed wearing a vest, so I know this one will get a lot of use. It is linen, fully lined, and has a collar. It’s almost like wearing a blazer without the bulk. A vest is flattering on my inverted triangle shape because it breaks the volume of the upper body into smaller vertical lines.

Jeans here. Top here. Similar bag here. Shoes here. No-show sock liners are here. My lip color in these photos is Little Black Dress here.

I’ve owned countless striped tops, but my favorite continues to be slightly oversized with a primarily white background and thin black lines. The versatility of a classic stripe top offers unlimited styling possibilities. Another style bonus that makes this top a winner is the scooped neckline. I buy a larger size for a relaxed fit when I plan to wear them without another layer. I am wearing a Chico’s size 2 here. Tip: Wash your striped tops with light colors.

If you’ve read the posts here for a while, you already know that I am mostly retired and only purchase things I intend to wear often. In that regard, I am different from many other bloggers. I do not accept free merchandise to advertise here. Everything I show you is something I purchased with my own money after much consideration. It must have a purpose in my wardrobe and blend well with almost everything else I own.

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  1. Love the eggplant jacket too. I love a vest over a long sleeved tee. I live in the south and our winter is fairly mild so this combination works well.

  2. In your photo, the sleeves of the lovely eggplant jacket are the same length as the bottom of the jacket. On the store site, the sleeves are much longer than the jacket bottom. Dd you have the sleeves tailored?

  3. Susan, would you mind telling us the size you purchased in the eggplant jacket and the vest? Thank you.

  4. I have a question. I notice you wear a lot of sleeveless tops under your jackets. What do you do when you get home and take off your jacket?

  5. I love that jacket but it looks very bright purple in the picture. Is it a true eggplant or more purple?

  6. Susan, thanks for the Beauty Counter lipstick color. But please share what other products your wearing from the line. I’ve ordered Beauty Counter before and like the products.

  7. Looks like you could wear the vest over the striped top, too. I also have broad shoulders and find vests to be flattering and not as bulky as jackets. I love this look!

  8. Love the eggplant jacket on you. The color is so flattering. I too like to wear vests for the the streamlined look it gives me.

  9. I am also cool-toned, and have found that the one “fall” color that works well for me is burgundy. I can style it with navy, gray, icy pink or forest green and look seasonal without having to use warm colors that would wash me out. Love the jacket!

  10. Beautiful photos! Do you line your lips before using the lip color? Thank you for all your inspiration!

  11. There is an 8 piece capsule right there that can be mixed and matched. I love that about your clothes you show us. They all work smoothly together. Easily dressed up or down.

  12. Love the looks, PS your hair looks great….

    I Need your help, I love your belt is that a once inch? or larger ? Want a square silver buckle black belt…That stands up well on the waist, found a brown one, need a black one…help

  13. I’m glad you do not except free items to try, Like what you share with us and what you have bought, because you like the style and it fits in with the rest of your clothes style and it is made to last you. Your style always looks good on you. My closet has made a 80 degree about face since I have started watching you. I wear things that I like and feels good on me and I choose things that go with other thing I have in the closet. You have made a big difference in my clothes and me. Thank You for being around and showing us how to dress with the best buys. Stay Safe till the next time. Give my regards to Mr. M

  14. I find your blog refreshing. Your give your readers great information on how to dress . What works best on your shape and tips on how we can achieve this. I’m finding many of the style bloggers are turning into advertising sites for certain name brands. You let us know where to find clothes ,but it is not your main focus. Thank you ! I enjoy all you put into your blog please don’t change a thing and don’t fully retire any time soon.

  15. I commend you for not accepting the FREE gifts because as a reader it is refreshing to be able to read someone’s BLOG without having pop ups everywhere!!

    for curiosity… many purses do you own?? pretty much every post there is a different post. I am in awe.

    Thanks Susan, love your blog.

    1. I own way too many handbags, but some were gifts, and I’ve been collecting them for many years. Accessorizing has always been my favorite part of getting dressed since those items always fit.

  16. I truly enjoy your blog as I am retired and do not need to wear suits and dress pants anymore but I still like to look put together

  17. I purchased leopard print ballerina shoes several years ago. The shoes were not comfortable wearing no foot covering or wearing knee high hose. I decided to try the ultra-low no show socks that you had posted. They are wonderful!!! The shoes now feel comfortable.
    The mid-cut work wonderfully with driving mocs.
    Thank you so much for introducing us to the no-show socks.


  18. Hi Susan,
    Can you please tell me where you purchased your “perfect white shirt,” my desk top computer is having a challenge picking up on the link.
    Thank you

  19. I follow your blog (and your inspiration ) for many many years. You have helped me enormously to have a better life.
    I have changed slowly my wardrobe Now, I open my closet and find happily what I need!

  20. you are like me golden hues does not flatter my cool tone skn
    I love wearing vests too, it’s my third piece to my outfit, replacing a blazer but I like soft cardigans
    your purple jacket and black vest looks great on you,
    thanks for sharing

    ps I have a disability with MS I cannot wear any pants with zippers and buttons
    just pull on pants
    looking for nice pants or jeans to wear

  21. I ordered a starter pack of the sock liners- they really are the best ever . Thanks for telling us about them . Planning order more !

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