New Color Added!

Neutrals in classic shapes allow me to personalize my looks with my favorite accessories, but they also work well with each other. About 90% of my wardrobe consisted of solid classic shapes in navy, black, white, denim, and gray until I recently added a new color.

Coral and turquoise are universal bright colors that work well with every skin tone, but they also work well with neutrals. When I saw that Chico’s had come out with a group of new items featuring a coral color they call “Malibu Punch,” I made my first purchase from them in a long while. It is great to see some classic shapes in solid colors offered again. The sizing at Chico’s works for me, but their styles have been too trendy or memorable for my taste in the past few seasons. (Please note that I have no professional affiliation with Chico’s, but I have shopped with them for many years.)

This week, I will show you some of the ways I have styled the new pieces I added for Spring and Summer. Today it’s the girlfriend ankle pants in Malibu Punch. The white Microfiber Contemporary tank top is also from Chico’s. The Ruby Rd stretch denim jacket is from Belk. The shoes are by Sam Edelman. The bag is several years old by BCBG via T.J.Maxx.


Beautycounter added a beautiful new red lip color this month. It is the perfect color to wear with Malibu Punch! The lipstick is called Beautycounter Red, and you can find it here (I am a Manager for Beautycounter, so I will receive a small commission if you purchase from this link).

The weather on Saturday was beautiful, so Mr. Mickey and I drove across the mountains to Asheville to do some shopping for him and have dinner at The Lobster Trap. After riding around town in a convertible, my hair was wilting.

We also made a short video for you.

  1. I know that you often only eat breakfast and lunch. But if you eat dinner, does this mean you skip another meal? How long have you practised intermittent fasting for?

    1. I usually eat only two meals each day. On Saturday, I had breakfast at about 9 AM and dinner at about 6 PM. I have been eating this way for much of my adult life, but I have made much more nutritious choices in the past seven years.

  2. Love this color and the fit of the ankle pants. As a petite, many ankle pants are not slim at the ankle which adds a chunky look that I don’t care for. I agree with your comments about some of the Chico’s styles. I dress more conservative and don’t want to wear an item that screams one brand, although from time to time, I will grab a top that goes a bit out of my comfort zone just for fun. Clothing to me is an investment not a one-season purchase. BTW, you look great in the new color and hairstyle ! Blessings.

  3. Thank you so much Susan. That information is so helpful to me. I had purchased a pair of slacks that coral color and was having a hard time figuring out what to wear with it and now that opens up a lot of good choices for me. Have a wonderful day and thank you for offering help to others like you do.

  4. Susan, you look great in the added color. Always thought you should add red or hot pink to your wardrobe. Would love to see a tank dress on your shopping site in one of these colors.

  5. Cute and very patriotic looking colors! Your hair looks great in all the pictures (even though you expressed concern about wilt). I was curious to see what it would look like post-hairstylist, as I know you don’t like to fuss with it much!

  6. These colors are so bright and cheery, Susan! I love them on you. Before all your followers lose their common sense, however, I just wanted to issue a warning to all those not a size 6–the world may not be ready just yet to see your rear in hot coral pants! A little too memorable. . .

  7. Loved the video! It was great and great ideas for Spring. Look forward to all of your daily suggestions & ideas. Thank you so much.

  8. Love pops of color Spring/Summer.. Bought ankle length girlfriend jeans last red. Enjoying them with white silk tees.

  9. Like that color and it is woven into your wardrobe. I like the changes you are adding to your style. Fun for all of us to see and make similar style updates.

  10. Dear susan,

    I do love thah colour!!!

    As you say is perfect for navy, black, white…..

    In love with your scarf!!!

    Any chance do you ship to Spain????



  11. The coral is so fresh and spring-like. I think the asymmetric style top you show in the video is the one I have my eye on on Chicos website. I’m considering it in the Corsican Blue. I’m looking forward to seeing you modelling that top.

  12. Thank you for the video. After viewing it I watched several of your closet tours. It was fun to see the color shift and changes in your clothe, shoes, and jewelry over time.
    I like the addition of Malibu Punch to your closet. I used to love red as my accent color which is an easy color to find. But now I prefer to use fuchsia or salmon since they are softer in tone. And I am a sucker for turquoise.

  13. Susan,
    I can’t tell how much your post is up to the point for me! I’ve changed my hair colour about two years ago as it was really two dark (raven black!)to a softer light brown with some blond highlights and it’s doing wonder for my face. And my moral!

    But this morning when I read your blog and when I saw your pictures, it’s as if unknowingly you answered my questions.

    Because in the past, I always chose “winter” colours which suited me well at the time. But now, to make a good and appropriate transition, I didn’t know what to do with my neutral colours (black, navy, grey and “snow” white… I bought some pieces last year but wasn’t sure.

    It really happens that my favorite colours are coral and turquoise and here you are this morning showing me how beautiful they can be with my basic colours. THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU.

    It will help me refresh my closet for the spring.

    You are really an inspiration to me.

  14. The coral is a great addition! I don’t see it as red at all. I rarely comment, but I never miss your posts. Your site is where style meets common sense and that meeting always results in a very good look!

  15. Susan, I love the Malibu Punch as well and bought the jeans and tshirt last week. Which scarf from your store do you recommend? Thanks!

  16. I so enjoyed your video and your new purchases, plus your hints on mixing and matching. It is so nice to see you in a bright color. The Malibu punch and your shorter haircut just make you sparkle.

  17. Susan, just a quick FYI. You mentioned, in the above post, your hair “wilting”…mine does, too, especially since it has grown a bit longer. I have been using 2 products that help with “wilting”. I buy them at ULTA. One is a spray, dry powder. It gives body and fluffs/freshens, especially if I want to stretch a day or two from washing. It is: “psssst” instant dry shampoo. I use it every morning to freshen the look of my hair. The second is, “got2b POWDER’ful”. A volumizing styling powder. I use the “psssst” after I have blown my hair dry. Then once I have gotten my hair styled as I want it, I apply (shake) the “got2b” onto my finger tips and place at my crown, side bangs and wherever, to hold and give texture/body. Just need to play with them to see amount you are comfortable with. Start out with a small about and work on more, if needed. “got2be” changes the feel of your hair and do have to wash your hands good after using, but makes all the difference, for holding the style….For me, they are well worth using. Just thought i’d share…hate wilting hair

    1. Thanks for sharing the tips. My hair was wilting because I had been wearing a ballcap while riding around town with the top down on the car. Typically, I would end up with more curls, not less.

    1. There are no longer rules. You may wear white any time you wish. I do not wear white pants when it is raining or snowing because they are often permanently stained from splash back when walking.

  18. I am so glad you posted a pictured of your “wilted” hair. It’s good to know you sometimes have hair issues just like many of us do!

  19. You look lovely as always post ride, I always get caught without a scarf or cap when it’s nice enough to put the top down so I can relate.

    I saw another reader suggest that women with generously proportioned bottoms refrain from wearing tropical punch pants and I have to disagree (with a smile.) With good cut, fit and styling it would be smashing at any size.

    Thank you for such an enjoyable and enlightening blog, Susan!

  20. Some of us are old enough to remember when the trendy thing to do was to have your colors done and see what season you were. Mine were done several times and I was always an Autumn. No surprise as I always gravitated toward orange, rust, gold, the colors of turning leaves, and loved fall clothes. I could never find anything I liked in the summer with all the pinks and purples, which looked horrible on me. I remember from the book if you were outfitting a group like a choir or bridesmaids coral, turquoise or off-white would work for everyone. Love your new colors.

  21. Susan, Lovely colour. As I only wear columns of black or navy do you think that the jacket would look okay with a column. Usually wear white jackets?

  22. I love the shoes and have been looking for some like that. Do you mind sharing the name of them? I can’t seem to find them.

  23. You both look awesome… your hair cut!! Love your style, just wish I could get rid of some of my clothes! I always say……I may wear this one day! Lol. I just need to have a few basic pieces.

    Thank you for your blog

  24. Question: Are chunky necklaces on their way out? Should I replace my beloved beads with smaller, more subdued gold and silver necklaces? I won’t dispose of anything because I know styles always come back eventually. But I don’t want to appear too “granny-fied!”

    1. There are times when I wear a chunky necklace to fill in a neckline with a jacket. With a sleek tunic, a longer necklace which creates a V seems more appropriate for my shape. I do not wear anything too delicate because it would have no impact on me.

  25. You look fabulous! You are so beautiful! And I love these new colors you are putting together. It’s helping me a lot. I’m on a weight loss program right now so don’t want to buy too much at the present. But when I reach my goal I want to dress just like you!! You’ve got it going on girl…..

    A loyal fan,
    Charlotte Sexton

  26. Thank you Susan for the video. I love the new color on you and I got a lot of good information today. I am going through my closet soon to get rid of things. This new addition of color is refreshing.

    1. It means the designers don’t hem the garment or they hem it and then remove the stitching so that it looks like you let it out. I don’t understand why this is a trend, but it is.

  27. You have been my example of dressing with class and dignity for our age for quite some time. We do not wear orange form-fitting highwater jeans, jackets that appear to be too little for us or outdated sandals.There comes a time when our judgment is impaired and we need to retire to a better life out of the public eye.

  28. Hi Susan, The coral colour really is lovely! & does break things up a bit! I do agree with you about the black near your face! I noticed the same thing!……it can be a little draining! I must say I love all your clothes & your new hairstyle is just superb! has a nice softness to it!…..You really are an inspiration to me as I have culled a lot of my unnecessary items! & I am enjoying building a new & less cluttered wardrobe for myself!….I live in the southern part of Australia & we are just coming into our Autumn now so there is a distinct “chill” in the air! so looking forward to organising my clothes for autumn!!!…….looking forward to your next post!!!
    Kind regards, Margaret, Port Noarlunga (by the sea), South Australia……

  29. Before everyone on here starts excoriating Peggy for her opinion, remember that this lovely “Susan” look may NOT be for everyone. It is a little more out of the ordinary but still a perfect brightener for some. My post above was simply to remind readers that although most of Susan’s looks are so classic they work for nearly everyone across the “mature” spectrum, today’s look should be approached with more caution, especially if one is on the heavy side. I read a number of fashion bloggers for ideas but the vast majority are into putting together an “outfit”, not reaching for their best look. And there is always a chorus of, “Oh, you look so lovely” in these blogger’s comments section.
    We are so used to Susan hitting all the right notes that work for “us”, we may forget that she is allowed to dress beautifully for herself, too.

    1. Thanks for your comment Cheryl. I don’t aspire to be a poster child for aging women. I share what I wear and sometimes explain why, if I think it might be helpful to others. Not everyone will agree with my choices, nor do I expect them to. At this age, we don’t need anyone’s approval (or disapproval) but different ideas and updated styling examples can sometimes be helpful when we get bored with our closets.

      1. Absolutely! And I, personally, love the idea of adding a bright, almost universal color to our closets. Keep up the good work.

    2. Everyone is entitled to like what they like and dislike whatever they please but nobody ever has to “retire to a better life *out of the public eye*” unless they choose to.
      Fat people can wear whatever makes them happy too.

  30. I so agree that black is not a great color as we age even though it is so slimming. I went to Chicos today to buy that fab jacket and slax but the color is more orange than coral and did not look good on me at all. The slax seemed to add pounds to my legs which I did not want either.I am waiting for a turquoise jacket which I know looks better on me and true coral/peach but I think I will keep my slax darker to look thinner. As one poster commented, I too had my colors done years ago and was labeled a spring “with summer tendencies”. And it is true–I look so much better is pastels with more yellow undertones. So the search goes on to wear something more lively like you seem to find but for my coloring and still be slimming. Thanks Susan!

  31. Your coral pants, along with the rest of your outfit, suit you. Some change is good, and I faithfully read your blog to get your perspective. Some of your suggestions I adapt to suit my lifestyle and wardrobe and some I do not. Don’t let the occasional naysayers get to you.

  32. I love the punch of color you’ve added to your wardrobe. It is a great color on you and adds some more options too. Thanks for sharing and giving me a color to think about!

  33. Peggys comment made me laugh, it is so funny!! Susan you will never be allowed to retire, I just love it when I see your post in my mail. You are so generous and you put in so much work to make your blogs relevant and enjoyable. I guess when you put yourself out there anyone thinks they have the right to make remarks that are less than kind. You kindness shows through everything you do and at this age isn’t that all that matters? Carol Australia

  34. Oh Susan! I am sooo glad you are putting more color in your wardrobe. You look stunning in black but I look terrible with it close to my face. I love your classy style and haven’t checked your blog as often in the past because all the black clothes don’t really inspire me. You look gorgeous in this new color!

  35. Is the scarf that is shown in the first photo ( on the clothes rack) available online? I couldn’t locate it.


  36. Susan, I’m new to your website. Love your look. My question is about the red moccasin driving shoes in your video. What brand are they, I had been wearing Abeo’s and they have discontinued that style.

  37. Hello – love your site – the blue jacket you featured on the video is from where? Love the information and tips you provide. i’ve learned so much from reading your blog. I used to buy so many one hit wonders and pattterns galore and always had “nothing to wear.” I turned 50 this year and appreciate your timeless suggestions on style, diet, and beauty.
    Thank you for sharing!

  38. I love your choices as I am a senior, sometimes I worry that my taste is too young. I’m sure I am older than you. I loke the white pants, and white boyfriend jacket, and the scarf with it

  39. Great picture of you and Mickey. It’s cute how your standing on the curb, Great wardrobe advice.

  40. Thank you for the information about the color black next to the neck! I am 73 and I still love to dress with style but I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be younger than I am.
    I am petite 5’ 2 1/2” weight 106. I have such a hard time finding clothes for my age. I follow you very closely and try to use your advice. I love your style!!
    Thank you for helping all of us over 60 to be in style.

  41. Susan, thank you for your posting, you have inspired my new fashion sense and I get compliments all the time.

  42. I love wearing coral with navy. You new clothes coordinate so well and the scarf is lovely. Loved the outfit you are wearing in the video. Chicos and Talbots are my “go-to” stores.

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