My COVID-19 Story

There are several reasons to wear this dress to celebrate my start to feeling well again. When I visited with my friend Ann in Florida earlier this year, we assessed many of the items in her closet and discussed the style features which complemented her shape most. A few of the pieces got voted out. To my surprise and delight, she gave me some of those items.

The stunning Tadashi Shoji dress I’m wearing (similar here) is one of those gifts. I’ve been yearning for a special event so that I could wear it. Shoes here. Similar bag here. Pearl bracelet here. (Shopping links in my post may result in a small commission to me, at no additional cost to you.)

I have a few new wrinkles from losing about ten pounds during my illness, but it felt so good to get back into the routine of using my Beautycounter skincare here. I was too sick to follow any regimen at all for the first week.

Without thinking, I removed my mask for a few moments in an empty public restroom in one careless act. I am confident those few maskless breaths infected me with the virus. Even in the most sparkling and swanky environments, there can be that one droplet that is waiting for you. Don’t relax your guard.

The virus took over my body on the afternoon of June 25, seven days after my mistake of removing my mask. I started to feel unwell about one in the afternoon, so I decided to lie down on the sofa for a few minutes. Five hours passed before I awoke. I remember thinking, “I wish there were someone here to cut these clothes off of me.” My skin, joints, and muscles hurt so much that it was a great effort to make my way to the bed and turn on the electric blanket. I was trembling from chills and pain. My back hurt as if I were passing kidney stones from both sides at once.

For the next two days, I did almost nothing but sleep. My head ached so badly I couldn’t stand to touch my hair. My sense of smell and taste completely vanished. I ate almost no food for three days, but I continued to drink water.

A half bowl of chicken noodle soup was my only food on the fourth day. When you have not eaten for a few days, it is best to start with small amounts of bland and light food. I was still sleeping a lot, but the body aches and chills were beginning to fade. I no longer needed to stay under an electric blanket turned on high.

During several nights, I awoke bathed in sweat. The bed was as soaked as if I poured a cup of water on it. I lost as much as three pounds of weight in one night. Taking two showers per day and changing pajamas two or three times a day became part of my routine. Long soaks in Epsom Salt hot bathes gave me some relief from the body pain.

There were many strange dreams because the virus affects your mental state. In one dream, I studied a vivid Modernist painting when the bold colors started to move and reach for me. Another evening, I was carrying my Mother through a rice paddy as we migrated across Vietnam. On another evening, I awoke in fear and panic, thinking that someone had broken into my house, turned on all the lights, and was about to murder me. As I calmed down, I realized the “lights were on” because it was still daylight.

Day nine was the first that I did not have a pounding headache and need to recheck every word I wrote to make sure I was using the correct one. For the same reason, I did not trust myself to drive to get the test for COVID-19 until I felt steady enough to do so. Even then, it was a massive effort for me not to cause an accident as I made the drive, which is less than three miles from my house.

I have not allowed anyone else to enter my home or come closer than talking to me through the glass entry door. Every surface, handle, and light switch must be cleaned with alcohol before it is safe to have guests again.

Testing is valuable to let you know when you should self-isolate to avoid giving the disease to others. Each person who contracts this illness will experience a variety of symptoms or perhaps none at all. At this point, I have not experienced problems with breathing other than some coughing and shortness of breath.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the cards, your kind comments, prayers, and well wishes. During the few minutes, I was able to look at a screen; they gave me great comfort and encouragement.

Another update for July 7, 2020. My first of two COVID-19 tests have come back negative. When I spoke to the health department representative today, she explained that I might have a different strain of the virus that is going around. Please take care of yourself. Whatever this is, it is severe and should not be taken lightly.

This update is from July 12, 2020. My final test results have also come back as negative for SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19). My doctor’s office monitors me closely by phone to ensure that I haven’t developed pneumonia. I will now schedule an in-person visit to get more specific blood tests performed.

July 14, 2020 update: I have pneumonia now. That is another symptom of the virus. My doctor continues to monitor me as a COVID-19 patient.

An article from The New Yorker about the efficacy of tests is here.

  1. How awful for you Susan. A very frightening experience for you, especially when on your own.

    This disease really is horrendous and we get ‘lazy’ about it at our peril. Here in the UK some elements of society are behaving in a truly ridiculous manner which is very scary.

    Glad to hear that you are on the road to recovery and I hope that in time you will bounce back to your previous lovely self xx

  2. Dear Susan,
    You look amazing, especially for having experienced Covid-19! I’m so glad you’re on the mend. My husband, (68), and I, (65), are healthy but continue to be vigilant. It is mind-boggling and humbling that something so tiny can wreak such havoc on the human immune system.
    I look forward to your blog-posts so much! It’s wonderful to have you back.
    Staying careful in SW Colorado,

  3. So glad to hear you are on your way to recovery. Such a scary virus. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Susan, thank you for sharing your story. I know this was a frightening time for you. I will keep you in my prayers as you continue on this journey of recovering.

  5. So glad you are doing so much better. Thank you for the glimpse into your Covid19 illness. You look amazing for all you’ve been through. Don’t rush your recovery. Take it easy.

  6. Oh I’m sorry you were alone through all this. No one to care for you. You are blessed God gave you wisdom and strength to pull through. Prayers for a full recovery in your own time. Be good to yourself.

  7. I was thinking of you this morning and hoping you were recovering. You look beautiful although it is obvious that you have been ill. Please take care, let us know once in a while how you are faring, and give yourself all the time you need. Hoping all your family and Mr. Micky are well and safe.

  8. So good to hear you are through the worst of it and on to recovery, Susan! Thank you for sharing your story and please continue to take it easy and rest. The dress is beautiful and must feel wonderful to actually want to dress again! I am being very careful and will take your recommendations seriously. Thank you.

  9. I am so glad to hear you are on the mend. I will be praying for your continued healing. Take care of yourself and rest as much as you need.

  10. Thank you for sharing your story. Sounds terrible and a great reminder that no one is special and we are all vulnerable

    Be well

  11. So glad to hear that you have recovered! Your story makes me think twice about “the mask” wearing. I live in a fairly small city in northern Arizona where we have been fortunate to have very few cases, so masks just became mandatory this past week. I shall don mine every time I leave the house and leave it on until I return. Thanking you for sharing your experience. And I can live vicariously through you as I would never have an opportunity to wear a dress like you are wearing in my very laid back western town!

  12. I am so relived you are feeling better & on your road to recovery.
    When I read your post I suspected your hair appointment might be the cause of your illness.
    I just had my second hair appointment since February.
    I cancelled the appointment the first time as hair salons are high risk.
    My longtime hairdresser had a new assistant who knocked my mask off my ears once.
    I have been very careful & have worn a mask since late February/ early March.
    Unfortunately the virus is really ramping up as predicted & so many see masks as a political statement.
    Please let us know Mr. Mickey & your family are well.
    Thank you for sharing your harrowing Covid 19 experience.
    You are in such great shape & I am sure that helped in your recovery.
    One cannot be careful enough but it definitely can be difficult navigating what is the new normal.
    Please keep safe & continue healing.

  13. So glad that you’re better! Prayers for a complete recovery and continued good health. Love reading your blog and posts.


  14. I am so sorry your had this experience with COVID-19. Thank goodness you made it through to share your experience with others. I wish you a speedy full recovery.
    I was born in Nashville in 1944 and moved to Daytona Beach, Florida as a young teenager. I so enjoy reading your blog and am making a list of all the places you visit surrounding your home. I hope to visit some of them when and if I get to go on a road trip soon. My sister has been my traveling companion many times in the past. Sadly her husband has dementia and has had several strokes so her travel is extremely limited. Take care of yourself. Our health is everything.

  15. I’m sorry you went through this alone. Thank you for sharing! We need to know what the symptoms could be, especially at our age. Your symptoms weren’t “mild” at all. I have read that masks won’t protect you, even if you did keep it on. Masks only help infected people from spreading it.

  16. I am so glad to know you are better, Susan. And, thank you for the information about how COVID-19 affected you. Take good care of yourself.

  17. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for sharing your story. You have reminded us that wearing masks is so vitally important. I heard a quote about Covid, “we are tiring of covid, but covid is not tiring of us”.
    I’m sending you well wishes for a complete recovery with each passing day.
    My best,

  18. I am happy to hear you are feeling better. Take care of yourself . Looking forward to seeing you back on Instagram.

  19. Dear Susan, I’m so sorry this happened to you. I am glad you are confident that you know where you got it, that way you don’t have to worry about that. I hope you have a speedy recovery back to your good health.
    Stay safe !

  20. So very glad you are doing better. And thank you, for sharing your experience.

    Long time follower from Oregon

  21. Wow, I’m so sorry to hear of your illness! Thankfully, you are returning to good health and I hope your recovery will be swift.

  22. Im so happy to hear you are feeling better. Thank God you survived it.
    Glad to see your beautiful face again.
    Stella Prewitt

  23. Thank you so very much for sharing your story!! I’m thankful you are recovering well!!! Take CARE

  24. Bless your heart! I am so glad that you are starting to feel better. I to had it and it was definitely a rough ten days. Take care and continued prayers for you.

    From NC

  25. Miss Susan, I’m so sad you contracted Covid 19. Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope you are boosting your immune system with Vitamin D3. Best wishes for a quick recovery!!

  26. Thank you for sharing your story. It is great to hear you are getting better. You look awesome in the dress.

  27. Susan, First of all, I’m so glad you are on the mend! Thank you for sharing your story. I often wonder how it happens and where people are picking up COVID. You don’t really get much of that on the news. It reinforces to keep that mask on at all times when around others outside of your immediate family – indoors especially. Sending good thoughts for you to continue on feeling healthy and well! PS. You look SO lovely in that gorgeous dress! :0). xoxo

  28. Thank God you are recovering. What a terrible ordeal to suffer through, especially alone. I was interested in your symptoms, the dreams, etc. I had pneumonia last August and had similar symptoms along with severe diarrhea. I lost 20 Lbs in about a month and a half. In retrospect it might have been a type of norovirus. You look absolutely fabulous in that dress. I’m so happy you are better and wish you a complete recovery. Please keep us informed of your progress.

  29. What a harrowing experience Susan! I’m so glad that you are beginning to come out of it now. More than anything I thank you for sharing your story and wish more people would do so. Whatever your politics it is such a small kind gesture to yourself and others to be vigilant about wearing a mask. I’m so sorry you contracted the Coronavirus. I’m sure that your healthy eating and exercising regime that you have shared with all of us who follow your blog helped you to have a “mild” case, although it still sounds terrifying to me. Best wishes for a complete recovery and many happy adventures ahead for you after this experience.

  30. Precious Susan,

    Lifting you up in prayer to our Heavenly Father. Just reading your post and had no idea that you were dealing with Covid. So thankful you took the necessary precautions with your health and for the safety of others. May you contine to heal. Thank you for sharing this post.

  31. Siento mucho todo lo que pasaste. Deseo para ti una total recuperación. Un fuerte abrazo. Saludos desde Guatemala

  32. Thank you for sharing your story! I am thankful you are well enough to share your story.
    It serves as a reminder for all of us to stay focused, wear a mask and enjoy the comforts of our own homes. We all should do the best we can, with nutrition, exercise and staying safe.
    Take Care and God Bless

  33. Dear Susan,
    First, so glad to hear that you are on the mend;
    second, thank you so much for sharing your experience with COVID-19. I am sure many of us are very interested in understanding what can happen when you contract this virus.
    Wishing you the very best and a speedy and complete recovery!
    Ursula Fennell

  34. So happy to see you here and to know you are beginning your recovery. It must truly be a very frightening experience. At 71, I have remained healthy and vigilant; praying I stay this way. Our daughter has been very sick for two days; she can’t get tested until Wednesday; needless to say we are extremely worried. To date, we have not known anyone personally who has contracted the virus so your insight and experience has been invaluable to me as we are carefully following our daughter’s experience. Best wishes for a continued, safe and healthy recover.

  35. Hello Susan, I’m so pleased to hear that you are on the road to recovery. What a horrible experience for you. We are living through strange times and it does worry me as things start to reopen here in the UK. Lovely to see you looking so lovely in your beautiful dress. Continue to get better and lots of love.

  36. So glad you are feeling better on the othe other side of Covid ! It was so good to see you in my mailbox today. I was extremely worried for you.
    Thank you for sharing your experience and warning that you really can’t take this pandemic lightly for a second.
    Keep taking good care of yourself and getting BETTER !

  37. So glad you are feeling much better. Please stay safe and continue to get well. Thanks for sharing this important information to us all. You look fabulous in that dress!

  38. On my, this is horrible. I’m so glad you are feeling some better. Prayers and thoughts are with you.

  39. Happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery. Thank you for sharing your COVID-19 experience. This virus is real and we all need to think ahead to the actions we can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

  40. I am so glad you are on the mend! I didn’t realize that taking the mask off when by yourself is risky. I will continue to wear my mask at all times when in Public areas!
    Can’t wait to see your future fashion post!
    Please find tops & dress that will flatter women with thick waistlines even though I wear a medium top.
    Well take good care and please continue with your corvid19 recovery!
    Wishing you well,
    Linda Meador

  41. I am so happy you are better. The dress is gorgeous!

    Your face looks fine to me.

    Thank you for sharing your Covid-19 story.

    I hope Mr. Mickey is doing well.

  42. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m happy to hear you are on the mend. You look fabulous in that dress. We continue to be vigilant in out efforts to stay safe. Its our new normal and I’m thankful for people like you so willing to share for all of us to keep informed.

  43. Hola Susan, me alegra mucho que estés mejorando.
    Tu sistema inmunológico es fuerte porque no tienes enfermedades crónicas y te alimentas con pocos carbohidratos.
    En hora buena !! Por otra parte, el vestido te queda genial !!
    Un gran abrazo a la distancia.
    Lila from Venezuela.

  44. So happy you are on the downside. It is spreading like wildfire in FL. Have been inside my house 95% of the time since early March. Unless you or a family member/friend catches this, no one truly understands how terrible the virus can affect people. Best wishes for a 100% recovery.

  45. I am glad you are on the mend. Thank you for the reminder to always be vigilant in our own precautions against this virus.

  46. I am so sorry you have been sick. Thank you for sharing your experience and encouraging your readers to take this seriously.. Prayers for your full recovery.

  47. Susan, so glad you are doing better. Take your time and take care of yourself. Wish I was closer to do somethng to help you.

    Thinking of you,

  48. You look great for someone who has been so ill. Continue to rest and take care of yourself. I look forward to your blogs each week. Wishing you the best.

  49. Gosh, sounds absolutely awful! So glad you made it through. Your image, even after losing the weight..beautiful.

  50. Your story made me think twice about not wearing my mask. With so many of us who read your blog it’s seems unfair that you were alone…know that I’m wishing you good health moving forward and sending virtual hugs. The dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you (but everything does!)

  51. Sharing your personal experience with Covid, has been enlightening.for me. ( I will be 66 in October)
    I know the pain of having kidney stones but to experience the pain as you expressed would be pure torture.

    I am so glad that you managed as you did & cake through it!
    Wishing you continued strength!

  52. Susan, what a relief to know you are recovering after such a debilitating illness. Thank you for describing your experience so fully. I have two further thoughts:

    –I urgently need a haircut and haven’t yet called my hairdresser to see whether she has opened up. When the time does come, she will be masked, of course, but I have been pondering how to manage my own mask, especially during the shampoo (she always cuts wet, not dry). So I think I’ll do my own shampoo at home, then mask up and drive the couple of minutes to her salon, and keep my mask on during the cut.

    –By telling your own story here, you may well have prevented some of your readers, or their family members and friends, from becoming infected. People you will never meet will have reason to thank you!

    1. If you wear a mask with elastic loops that go behind your ears (as opposed to one that ties on the back of your head), your stylist should be able to wash, cut, color, and style your hair with the mask still in place. At least some stylists in my area (Maryland) wear face shields to shampoo customers. Good luck, and stay safe.

        1. My understanding, based on listening to a lot of experts, we each wear a mask to protect others from us should we be a Covid carrier. Wearing a mask is not a two way street. It will not protect us from others who do not wear their mask. So Susan, I honestly do not think removing your mask was the culprit. It is interaction with those who do not wear a mask that is threatening. So we all need to watch out for those with a naked face. And of course lots of hand washing which I am sure was not an issue for you.

  53. Susan,
    Thank you for sharing the story of your not so mild case of covid-19. It is a good reminder to be vigilant every day.
    Glad that your family and Mr. Mickey are OK too.
    I do think as others have noted that your good diet and health were a benefit to your recovery……you are still on the mend though. Take it easy.
    Looking forward to more of Susan after 60:)

  54. Thank you for sharing with us. I hope it won’t be too long before you will be completely recovered. Hearing from a real person who has experienced the virus is much better than all the articles with mixed information. You still look beautiful even when not completely well. I thoroughly enjoy your blog❤️

  55. You look stunning so glad you recuperated well. My husband and I have both Covid now. Symptoms as you described.

  56. I am glad you are getting better. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have a hair appointment next week and may just postpone it because of your cautionary tale.
    You look wonderful in that dress.

  57. My,you have suffered haven’t you Susan and all alone as well,so brave.However you’ve beaten this horrid disease.Now you have come out the other side ,hopefully you will have enough antibodies to never have it again.Take it easy now Susan,if that’s possible for you ,because I know you like order in your life,and just relish being alive and enjoy every new day. PS .The dress looks beautiful on you xx

  58. I’m so glad you are recovering. It’s a nasty virus. I’m committed to wearing my mask in public till there is a vaccine.

  59. Hi Susan. So glad you are on the mend. What a terrible experience you have been through, but I’m sure your healthy eating and lifestyle is what pulled you through it.

    So many scenarios to speculate on how it was contracted. In my line of work in Canada, we wear masks for 8 hours except to eat and drink, but also must wear safety glasses to protect our eyes from droplets entering. If your hairdresser blowed dry your hair it may have passed that way too. Our hair salons can only cut, no blow dry.

    But your body fought it. More than ever I’m inspired to follow your example of a healthy lifestyle. Stay well and take care.

  60. Thank you, Susan, for being open and sharing your experience with us. I hope you reach full recovery. Widowed in the fall, I face the challenges of isolation and have no family closer than New York to call upon. I find I’ve been pressured more and more to be in situations where those around me appear to treat this devastating virus as nothing more than a passing fad. Your illness has brought to light that I need to hold to my convictions and prepare for the distinct possibility of facing sickness completely alone. Thank you for reminding me of my vulnerability.

  61. I am so glad you are mending. Thank you for sharing your story and I hope we heed your advice. Please take time to regain your health. You are an inspiration and virtual friend to so many.

  62. So glad you are recovering. Thank you for all the information. This virus is like nothing we’ve seen before so we need good information like you gave. May you have many occasions to wear that dress!

  63. Susan
    What a beautiful picture of you
    What a nasty and scary disease and to be on your own
    Thank god you are in recovery and continue to do so

  64. I’m so sorry you contracted such a terrible disease
    as this virus.
    I have relatives with it now and they are struggling. Thanks for telling us your symptoms so
    we’ll be extra careful.
    Enjoy your blog so much!

  65. Thank you for your story. This virus is a lot like “valley fever”, all of the symptoms you stated my husband had from a fungal spore. Actually he still has this disease, I believe it is a life long disease. I also believe you will slowly recover from COVID as you stated. It’s everywhere and anywhere, you can’t guess.

  66. So sorry you’ve been so sick and had such an awful experience. Thank God you recovered without having to be hospitalized or worse.
    I am so glad to hear you’re on the mend now. I’ve missed reading your blog. It’s hard to understand why so many people are in denial about this virus and refuse to follow recommendations to keep everyone safe.
    Best wishes for a complete recovery!

  67. Thank you for describing your virus experiences. Often people talk about how hard it is, but I have never heard it from a first person perspective. I live alone but close to family, so I need to prepare for the possibility of dealing with it by myself. We are all tired of the changes this virus has brought to our lives, but we must not let our guard down. Masks are right now our most important fashion accessory! So glad you are improving!

  68. So thankful that you are better. We could not do without your blogs. May God be with you for a speedy complete recovery.

  69. That was a horrifying experience. So very glad you are beginning to recover….be good to yourself as you regain your strength. P.S. you still look gorgeous!

  70. Susan, I am so happy to hear you’re feeling better! I think you initially posted that it was a “mild” case of COVID 19. However, what you’ve described doesn’t sound at all mild to me. Did you describe it that way because, thankfully, you could recover at home vs, needing hospitalization?

  71. Blessings to you as you recover from this terrible illness. Thank you for the reminder about keeping your mask on while in a public restroom, even if no one else is around. Like you, the mask gives me a headache and I’ve taken it down when no one else is around. After reading about your experience, the mask will stay on my face. Take care!

  72. So glad you are recovering from Covid. I have several friends who were infected, and with the isolation period and regaining your strength, it will take a couple of months to recover. You are a trooper to take care of yourself. Also, to be posting with the lovely dress, as I hope it makes you feel better. You are proof, we can’t let our guard down. Thank you for sharing your story. Take care, and stay safe. Pat

  73. Dear Susan: So glad to hear that you are doing better, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing your experience. It is very important to understand that the threat is real, and we mustn’t let our guard down. Thanks again, and all the best for your continued recovery.

  74. WOW!!! Bless your heart!!!! And thank you for this description of your symptoms and how you dealt with them. I just returned from Oak Island NC (to west TN where I live) and we very very cautious. We wore our mask everywhere…except the beach but everyone maintained 10-20 feet separation. The beaches there were not crowded at all. Even with all this, I’ve quarantined myself for 14 days so I can visit my granddaughter for her first birthday. I’m glad to see where you predict you acquired the virus. I have tried on social media to encourage everyone to “mask-up”…but some still refuse. Very few are wearing them in west TN. God bless and continue your recovery.

  75. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad you are feeling better! You look sensational in that dress!

    You had a rough time and still may for awhile. People need to hear that. Everyone experiences it differently, some far worse. I truly hope people will take every precaution to protect themselves and others.

  76. Dear Susan:

    I am so sorry to hear about your illness and glad you are doing better. I have been following you for a long time and have enjoyed all your blogs. We have some favorite places in common in North Carolina. My husband and I have a place in Boone and have spent summers there for about 30 years now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and journey with us.


  77. Delighted to hear that you are on the road to recovery. It sounds really awful, especially with living alone, and you have done so well. Your good diet and healthy lifestyle have paid off in helping you fight off this dreadful virus. Thank you for your advice about the face masks. You look fantastic in that dress. Don’t do too much and rest when you need too. So good to see you back.

  78. I somehow missed your earlier post, so this news was quite a shock! I am so sorry you have been ill and very thankful that you are on the road to being well. The dress is beautiful, as is the wearer! Take care of yourself,

  79. Susan, I am so sorry you’ve been through this! It sounds absolutely miserable! Happy that you are on the other side of it now and I must say you look stunning in that dress! Cases are rising rapidly in San Antonio so we are hunkered down!

  80. Your story provides an invaluable public health announcement for all of us. Yes, considering your mild case, I certainly don’t want to imagine the misery of those needing hospitalization. Thank you for your transparency. I wish you a gentle time for a full recovery.

  81. I have only just started really reading your posts, but I was saddened when I read “To Be Continued.” I have thought about you often and am so glad and relieved to know you are improving – and what your journey was like. May you continue to progress and find your strength again soon. Thank you for all the classic and useful information. I love incorporating your tips into my life and wardrobe. Sincerely, GMN

  82. So glad to hear from you Susan. I am so sorry you got the virus but I’m glad you didn’t have to go to the hospital. You are a tough cookie! Thank you for sharing with us because we trust you! Keep healing up and get your strength back.

  83. Hi Susan,
    I just read this new post. I was not expecting you to be back yet. You’re experience was quite awful. I am so sorry to hear how hard this was for you. I can’t imagine doing this alone. I think you look very well and quite amazing already after all that! So glad you’re well and recovered from that fearful virus. xo

  84. I am so sorry to hear about your illness Susan! It sounds like you had a bad case of it. I am thankful you didn’t have to be hospitalized and are on the mend. You look fabulous in that dress! Please keep resting and taking it easy as you continue to regain your health. I have enjoyed your articles for a long time and look forward to many more years of them!

  85. Thought about you every day. My daughter and I had our first haircut two weeks ago and we were overly cautious even though out longtime stylist took extra precautions. We washed our hair before going in for our cut and just had our hair wet down with a spray bottle at the salon. We wore a mask as did the stylist the entire time we were there. We had our hair blown dry but passed on curling. The least amount of time spent out of home seems the safest. Take care all.

  86. Dear Susan,

    I’m so sorry to learn that you contracted Covid-19, but I’m so glad that you’re recovering. Thank you for your honesty and for documenting how the virus affected you. It is good to remember that we must be vigilant. I too worry that I might inadvertently forget to do something in this precarious time. The dress is beautiful and you look so elegant wearing it.
    I wish you the best in your recovery, and I look forward to reading your future posts. I’ve learned a lot from you!

  87. Susan, I’m so pleased to hear that the worst of the virus is behind you. Please
    continue to care for yourself as you recover; nothing is as important as our health.




  89. So happy to see you feeling better. It must have been frightening to be alone…and yet none of us want to infect anyone else. I pray you continue to get stronger each day.

  90. It sounds like it was really horrible experience glad your feeling better. I enjoy reading your blog.
    Take care of yourself!

  91. I just read your Covid-19 story. I am so sorry.that you contracted that nasty virus, but am glad you are on the mend.
    During the stay-at-home order, I lost my beautiful husband and soul mate, not to Covid-19 but to cancer. He had already
    gone through three major surgeries in 2018 and as we had hoped was beating it. Then it came back with a vengeance
    and from January of this year 2020 until he passed away at end of May, I cared for him at home as it ravished his body. I
    never left his side, but while trying to have some normalcy to my life I found your blog You were so
    refreshing. The sweet things you always said about “Mr. Mickey” and your kind words about people and places. You truly are a jewel
    and I thank you for all you shared. Sincerely, Renee

  92. Susan, thank goodness you came through, and thank you for sharing with others so that people will know this is nothing to play around with. Best wishes for your recovery!

  93. I’m so sad that you went through this horrible ordeal. As a New Yorker I have heard of many similar stories. The fact that this awful virus found you in Tennessee is not only awful but a wake-up call to many of us over 60. One single moment of letting our guard down can change our life. Thank you for sharing your story. Stay safe and I hope that everyday you feel stronger.

  94. I am so glad you are better, I so enjoy your posts! We talked once when I worked for a catalog phone order company. Take care.

  95. Susan, You went through a terrible time. I am so glad you are on the mend. Your message is so important and I hope others take your advice. We are quarantined here at our home because my daughter, who is 37, lives with us and is going through some medical tests that require us to be away from others. I am also a diabetic and my husband has breathing problems. Masks and distancing are so important. Continue to take care of yourself and God Bless you.

  96. So happy to hear that you are on the mend! That sounds like such a scary horrible experience. And like everyone said, you look gorgeous in that dress. Tadashi Shoji is one of my “fantasy designers” – if I had a lot of money and fancy places to go, haha! Alas, not now, esp now. Maybe someday!

  97. I’m so glad you are recovering from this horrible virus. I so appreciate your sharing your experience of going through this disease. I live in north Idaho and we had been quite flat for sometime now but summer has hit and so many tourists in town. My husband and I are really taking precautions but your advice about not letting your Guard down has help reinforced I our being diligence about wearing our masks no matter what! May God bless you!❤️

  98. So glad you are on the mend! COVID-19 is no joke! BTW, you look fabulous in that Tadashi Shoji dress! I have one I bought over 7 years ago, and it’s still something I could wear to a special event!

  99. So glad to hear you are better! You have been missed. Your symptoms sound similar to ones experienced by my son. Hope and pray for continued improvement.

  100. Susan I’m so sorry that you got so sick, but I’m happy to read that you are recovering well. Hope everything is fine with you. Peace and love

  101. I am so glad you are getting better, did Mr Mickey get sick also, I’m not sure if I missed something. x Yvette in Western Australia

  102. You are back! It is wonderful to know you are recovering and look so well after such an ordeal. Thank you for explaining what you have been through, it sounds horrendous and I am sorry you had to go through this. You are in my thoughts and in my prayers and it is such a relief to know you are getting better.

    Here, in Melbourne Australia, we are experiencing a resurgence of Covid-19 and today there have been 127 new cases. Some areas are in lockdown and our Victoria State borders have been closed. We have become the pariah State of Australia. Obviously we are all nervous.

    Please take care of yourself.


  103. So good to hear you are feeling much better, Susan.
    I love the dress. It truly suits your style.
    New Zealand

  104. Thank you for sharing the update on your health and the informative advice on COVID-19. Wishing you a complete recovery! BTW, that dress looks fabulous on you.

  105. I am glad you are on the mend, Susan.

    I wish people would listen. Kids in my neighborhood are running wild and ringing doorbells. I must remember to take rubbing alcohol with me when I leave the house to clean the doorknob outside before I close it. They might have it. What insanity. Some people want others to get sick.

  106. I was so happy to see your post this morning and to read that you are on the mend. Considering what you’ve been through the past 2 weeks or so, I have to say you’re looking great. Your approach to healthy living has certainly helped and will continue to help in your recovery. I don’t understand why so many people in the States have turned mask wearing into a political issue. I’m from the USA but live in Austria, and as long as we were required to wear masks everywhere in public, I almost never saw anyone without. We were able to flatten the curve relatively quickly due to a number of measures put into place almost immediately, but I have to say that our numbers are slowly creeping up again (although so far in limited clusters, one being in a religious community where people were apparently infected at one of the services), so many of us are keeping an eye on those increases. At the moment we only have 6 reported cases in the western-most state where I live. I’m absolutely prepared to take measures again should it come to that and I have a feeling that will be the case. This virus is not something to mess around with and I truly appreciate that you’ve shared your experience with us. Hope you continue to improve every day.

  107. Dear Susan,

    It’s so good to know that you are well again after your ordeal with COVID-19. You look absolutely stunning, as always, and I love how you look in this dress! Thank you so much for this update, and please know that I’m still praying for you. You may never know how much you have helped me, and thousands of others with your wonderful blog.

    Susan Haynes
    Paris, Texas

  108. Thank you for sharing your story!
    There are still so many people here in Atlanta who are not wearing masks or socially distancing.
    Hopefully. Your story will convince those people to start taking this virus more seriously.
    Stay well.

  109. I am so glad you are back in a wonderful dress !!!
    Very brave to fight the virus alone.
    It seems to me unbelievable that you took the virus in an empty restroom. Is that possible ?

    1. Some studies show that airborne particles can allow transmission. We have a lot to learn about how we contract the virus and the effects on those who get it.

  110. Oh wow Susan you have been through some rough times. So glad you are feeling better. I live in Western Australia and we are doing very well here thanks to very strict border control by our premier. We are all a long way from this being over.
    Take care.

  111. Sorry, Susan, but I could not get the New York Times article to which you linked to load.

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Truly frightening experience. Did your test come back positive (they don’t always at first, I understand), and did those with whom you came in contact on Father’s Day have to be tested? I know very little about the public health procedures in place.

    Thank you again, Susan. You are a survivor!

    1. It has been five days, but no word. I got tested because my Doctor suggested it. (They don’t do that in my Dr’s office.) The most important reason to get tested is that some people can have it and not know, spreading it to everyone with whom they interact.

      1. You are wise to follow your physician’s directive. He probably made the suggestion to insure certainty in case your symptoms got even worse and in order for others with whom you might have been in contact when you were pre-symptomatic could be tested to prevent spread. I have read that small rooms with poor air circulation (e.g. public restrooms) indeed can harbor airborne coronavirus particles longer. While much is still uncertain, your experience is certainly a cautionary tale for all of us to follow the advice of the CDC.

        1. I started contract tracing as soon as I started feeling well enough to communicate. All of my contacts have been tested and are self-isolating while waiting for the results. My stylist’s test came back negative, thank goodness!

  112. wow that sounds horrible but you came back looking great as usual! I have my granddaughter visiting and she has sleepovers here with friends and it is a little worrisome where the friends have been! I hope you are enjoying your retirement now. I am almost out of the staging business with only 2 houses left on the market with my staging in them and then trying to finish selling out my warehouse@ we need to get together and go somewhere or visit once this covid diminishes! love you girlie!

  113. Thank you for such a detailed account, Susan. I’m sure all of us who haven’t yet succumbed to this horrid virus will take note of your good advice and redouble our efforts to stay free of it. Your dreams were psychedelic! Were you ever in a rice paddy in Vietnam? Hope you can keep the weight off now. At least that would be some crumb of comfort! You certa5look well in your photo today but it sounds like it’ll be a little longer until you are back to normal.

  114. So glad to see you are on the me d from this terrible disease. You look beautiful I. the dress!

  115. You are so kind and thoughtful to share your experience with us even though you are still recovering. It was great to see your smiling face and know that you are on the mend. Continued prayers for you to keep moving in a positive direction. Stay strong as we all stay masked and mindful of that sneaky mean virus!

  116. It was soooooooo good to hear from you. I had planned today to write and ask if you were getting better. You were surrounded with prayers and hopefully they helped make the recovery a little sooner for you. May you continue to feel stronger and better each day.

    Take care, stay safe and continue to be cautious. Thanks for the explanation of your illness so if any of your readers happen to be exposed, we will know what to expect.

    Clara from Iowa

  117. I’m so sorry you went through this. How scared and alone you must have felt, and Mr. Mickey must have been going out of his mind with worry. Your years of taking such good care of yourself through diet and exercise no doubt contributed to your ability to recover. A good reminder how your body will fight for you if you take good care of it.

    This was a remarkable accounting of your illness. Thank you for the reminder that everyone should wear a mask every moment while in public. Your story reminds us how vigilante we must be.

    I had my hair done a couple of weeks ago. I not only wore a mask, but I ordered from Amazon one of those old-fashioned clear, hard-plastic, hand-held covers our mothers used to cover their face when spraying their hair. I thought, Nothing is getting through this sucker!

    May you continue to get better each day. You look amazing, as always.

  118. Susan,

    Thank you for this open and honest look at COVID. I’m so relieved that you had a milder case. You have been in my prayers. Many blessings to you as you continue to regain your strength.


  119. I had a feeling it was your hair appointment because you have described your normal routine as being so careful. I appreciate you for telling your story as we hear all the doom and gloom on the news but rarely stories about real people and what they went through. I hope you will continue to share how you feel as you recover. How are your parents and Mr. Mickey?

    1. Everyone else in my family is fine, including Mr. Mickey. I want to stress that it wasn’t in the hair salon, but the public restroom within the same building where I believe my infection happened. The salon was spotless, all equipment and the chair was sterilized before the next client could sit down. I don’t think they could have been more careful.

  120. So thankful you are recovering although sounds like it will still be a while before full recovery. Prayers that Mr. Mickey and your parents avoid the virus.

  121. Dear Susan : Thank you for sharing your story of a ” mild ” case. It underscores the fact that this virus is not to be taken lightly. So happy to hear you are better. Take it easy as they say it can take months to recover fully. You look stunning in the dress.

  122. Thank you for sharing your experience. We don’t hear enough about those that recover…. nor do we hear about making sure the “host’s” [us] immune system is being nourished optimally as prevention or to lessen the severity if we contract the virus.

    ☼ I’m curious to know if you monitor your vitamin D levels and/or take vitamin D ..??.. The functional and naturopathic doctors that I follow are big advocates for making sure we keep our D levels higher … especially now…. and also increasing vitamin C …. and even melatonin [just small dose]. Melatonin is a sleep aid but also has immune system benefits. ANYWAY…. just curious since you describe having a mild case.

  123. Keep improving. We need more role models like you as we endure this pandemic. I fear with so many not doing their part to social distance, wear masks and follow other CDC guidelines, that it will be many months before we see any signs of getting this virus under control.

  124. Thank goodness you are feeling better. I am so sorry you had to experience this nightmare. Take care of yourself. I am so glad you are back-I love your blog and optimism.

  125. So glad to read that you are better, and I pray Mr. Mickey stays well. What a frightening experience and Im sorry you had to endure it. Take it slow in your recovery.

  126. ” Getting the test just to prove you have the disease seems senseless if you’ve had all the symptoms for more than two weeks”

    What??? Why not???

    If you test positive, won’t you be able to donate your plasma? Therefore, possibly saving someone’s life? Certainly you would do that, wouldn’t you?

    1. Yes, when I learned about Plasma Donations from Recovered COVID-19 Patients, I started checking on it. When we recover we may qualify to donate plasma for coronavirus patients if we meet specific convalescent plasma and regular blood donation eligibility requirements. Visit this site to learn more. American Red Cross.

  127. Dear Susan:

    So relieved and grateful you are feeling better. Thank you for sharing what you experienced. What an ordeal you went through. Do take it easy as you recover. Regaining your strength and healing are so important.

    Best wishes, Mary

  128. So sorry to learn that you’ve been ill but so glad that you’re doing better. Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery!

  129. Hello Susan!
    It was very sobering to actually “know” someone who had the virus! I’m so glad you have recovered. It sounds like you did all the right things, but was wondering …did you take any Advil or anything at all to ease the headache, etc?

  130. Susan, thank you for sharing your story. Your symptoms certainly don’t sound mild at all. I’m so sorry you had to go through this frightening experience. I have been wearing a mask, but I’ve started to relax a little around family members. This is such proof that we can’t let our guard down. You just never know when you can be exposed. I am so glad you are on the road to recovery. You look beautiful as always. Sending you peace, strength, and good health.

  131. You look great to have had such an awful experience. You have been in my prayers. Will continue to remember you in prayer.

  132. Susan, delighted to see you are on the mend. Be kind to yourself and take your time to fully recover. Have to say you look in the peak of good health…Lol
    Take care.
    Julia from the U.K

    P.S you really have inspired me to dress more elegantly since my weight loss.
    Thank You. xx

  133. Thank you for sharing ….this awful experience. The virus is REAL, it harms and KILLS people. Going through what you did and then being able to tell your story is a blessing. Don’t go out if you don’t have to, wear a mask when you do have to go out. WE are in a historical Pandemic…..especially us over 60 Plus we cannot be the ones to save the economy. We will do take out/curb side of course and some purchases on line. I’m so glad you are feeling better. You look terrific!

  134. I am from Canada and I cannot believe how reckless and careless some residents are in the USA. The images of young people on the fourth of July in a lot of states is horrifying!!! In our province here, we have had 325 cases in total with seven deaths and 302 recovered. We have had no new cases for 5 days now but this is due to not reopening too soon, people staying home, and people taking the message of face masks and social distancing seriously. Thank you for trying to get the correct message out, Now if only people would listen!!!

  135. Oh, Susan, I’m so happy you are through the worst of it. What an ordeal you have been through with this “mild” case. Thank you for sharing your experience & your warning about removing your mask. It hurts my heart when I see so many people not bothering with masks.

    Thanks again for sharing, and I’m sending my best wishes for your complete recovery.

  136. I’m so glad you are feeling better, what a scary time that must have been for you. On another note, that dress looks fabulous on you! It’s perfect for your coloring.

  137. Oh Susan – I am so sorry to hear that you have been through such an awful time and thank you for sharing your story with us. What a relief to hear that you are now mostly recovered and long may you continue to improve. It’s very scary to think that a moments thoughtlessness may have led to you picking up the virus – but it serves as a warning to us all!
    Love the dress by the way!
    Janet – England UK

  138. Dear Susan,
    I am so very sorry for your illness and being alone must have been terrifying! Thank you for your detailed account, especially as we get more tired of the routine and isolation. You have helped in the need to stay vigilant. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery!

  139. So glad you are feeling better. I assumed that you contracted it when you ate at restaurants when you and Mr. Mickey were out for your drives. We have a friend whose son has it. He was in ICU for two weeks, sent home, and now his fever is back again with lung congestion. Scared stuff.

  140. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your story. Admittedly, I’ve let my guard down, but have become more vigilant especially since reading about your experience. I was so happy to see your post today. May you continue to get stronger each day.

  141. Thank you for sharing your story, Susan. It was really interesting to hear about your symptoms; this was good information for all of us. I have heard of the strange dreams. I am glad you are feeling better. Take care.

  142. God bless you Susan! Good news to hear you had a “mild” case. The horror you went through and you are a healthy person. It’s so important you shared your story and please continue to do so. We have to take this seriously, people! Sending you healing light.

  143. I am so glad to see your post and read that you are on the road to recovery. You and Mr Mickey are in my thoughts. Sending best wishes for continued healing and good health. Be well and don’t overdo it while you are convalescing.

  144. I’m so glad you have turned the corner on this illness and are on your way back to good health!

  145. Thank you for sharing your Covid story. So very glad that you are feeling better.!! Your excellent daily routine probably contributed to your having a “mild” case of Covid. Hope you are completely healed soon! Love from Arizona

  146. Dear Susan, I am so very glad to hear that you are on the mend after your harrowing experience with COVID 19. Living in Arizona, one of the worst COVID hotspots in the nation, I am extremely vigilant about wearing a mask and now have added protective glasses to my “PPE” civilian wardrobe on the rare occasions I do venture out for work (I am a Realtor) or weekly grocery shopping. As we have many citizens here who vehemently resist wearing masks, it is somewhat of a “survival of the fittest” situation so it does appear we will be dealing with this battle for quite some time. Your blog post is always a bright spot and I thank you sincerely for being a woman of such grace in the face of adversity and for sharing your story of survival and hope. May you continue feeling better and stronger every day!

  147. Dear Susan,
    What a great relief to see your photo on today’s blog.
    The detailed description of your experience was the first I have heard of, someone other than the press ,that you could believe.
    I believe with your good health and the excellent way you’ve cared for your body was beneficial in your recovery.
    I will be specially cautious in public places keeping my mask on and washing my hands.
    Thank you for sharing and to see you are on the mend.

    Susan Kennedy

  148. Great dress! Unbelievable how fast you are recovering from your illness! I felt so bad for you suffering alone, but I’m sure Mr. Mickey and others were keeping track of you and making sure you were progressing. Here’s to healthy, happy days ahead and more countryside tours in the future.

  149. So sorry that you have to go through this. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I have been overly vigilant and have questioned my insistence on masking. Thank you for sharing, this has reinforced my diligence.

  150. I’m so glad you made it trough. Sounds like it was terrible and sad you were alone. God bless and continue to get well.

  151. So happy you are recovering, Susan. Continued prayers for your complete healing. You look fantastic!

  152. Thank you Susan, for sharing experience with COVID-19 . Your story shows how important wearing a mask is for everyone’s health.

    I am very happy to see you are feeling better.

    Stay safe


  153. I hope you’re soon feeling 100%. You look so good. It was good reading that your family and Mr. Mickey are okay. Good wishes to you, and to all who stop here.

  154. Wow, so glad you are feeling better! This is such a scary time and it sounds like you managed weather the virus but it doesn’t sound very nice! I hope you continue to feel better and get your appetite back to normal! Thank you for sharing your experience. More information is always helpful!

  155. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and so sorry you had to go through what you did! Your blogs are something I really look forward to they help especially while we’re staying at home! Thanks & keep feeling better!
    Your friend, Michele

  156. Susan
    I am so glad you are feeling better. What an ordeal!!

    Was someone with you while you were ill?
    If one lives alone, do you think it would be possible to take care of oneself without assistance?

    So scary for you!
    Take care.

  157. Susan,

    So glad to hear you are on the mend. You look beautiful in the dress, it brings out your amazing vivid blue eyes. You are a stunning woman.

    God Bless

  158. I’m so happy to see that you’re feeling better Susan! This is such a terrible virus and it’s sad to see that many are being so nonchalant about it. They will change their tune if they get it! Thank you for letting us know that you’re doing better and I hope you continue to improve every day.

  159. Susan, it is so very important for us to hear stories like yours so that we are reminded that Covid-19 is not “just the flu”. Even mild cases can make a person seriously ill. Thank you for sharing your experience in detail so that we can understand the risks. And I concur, you should take your time to regain your strength. Very best wishes!

  160. Susan, I’m so glad you have come out on the other side, so to speak, from the worst of it. I hope that your words may make some take heed when nothing else does. I have been an operating room nurse for almost 4 decades; wearing a mask is second nature at this point. I pray that others put up with this mild inconvenience to possibly save theirs and others’ lives.

  161. Susan, it is so wonderful to hear from you, and what an ordeal you’ve been through! Its a tribute to your healthy lifestyle, exercise & diet choices that you made such an amazing recovery! I did find it very informative to actually hear from someone who caught the disease and how it felt, and how they survived it. I am still blown away by how many people disregard using masks! My happiness goes out to you for your full recovery, soon! I bet Mr. Mickey missed you!

  162. We are all so thankful that you are recovering. You are an inspiration, my dear! And to be alone during the disease is the worst. Your ability to “hold steady” in spite of physical pain is remarkable. I had the Norovirus once and dreamed that someone was redecorating my kitchen, so I roused myself in the middle of the night, turned on all the lights, and made my way downstairs. To my surprise, everything was the same as I had left it. I attributed my wacky dream to the virus!! At least we can laugh about it now. Continued prayers for you and much support during this crazy time.

  163. Susan, I’m so thankful you are doing better! What an incredible experience. Thank you for letting your followers know what it was like for you. I have seen many discussions of what COVID is like in the news but none as detailed and thorough as yours, for someone in my age group and demographics. Thank you.

    Please don’t push too hard to get back to normal!

  164. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It’s good to know exactly how you thought you contracted the virus—I,too, would have removed my mask if no one was around. It was also informative to hear how the virus affected you, just in case One of your readers starts to have the same symptoms. At least

  165. Bless your heart! What a scary experience! So happy you are feeling a little better–and hope you recover in full sooner than expected.

  166. So glad you are feeling better and have come through this siege! Take everything g slowly!

  167. Oh Happy Day . ..I am glad to hear you have improved, what a wild and scary experience you endured. Will pray for your continued recovery . . Aloha.

  168. Susan;
    I’m so happy to hear you are recovering from the virus. Thank you so much for sharing your story it will help us all to be on guard.
    The dress is beautiful on you and I hope you get to wear it out soon.

    Take care of yourself my friend!!!

  169. So glad you’re better. I’m curious how well ventilated the salon was. Particles can stay in the air for hours upon hours and all the surface cleaning in the world won’t get rid of them. There was a recent outbreak at a salon in the North and it was determined poor ventilation was the issue. I personally am not ready to take that risk. No hair cuts or restaurants or outings for me! Not yet!

    1. The salon was very open, well ventilated, and not the issue. It was the building’s public restroom down the hall on the same floor that was the problem. It did not seem to be well ventilated. I feel confident of returning to the salon for my appointment next month, but I will not go into the restroom.

  170. Hi Susan,
    Gosh, so sorry to hear that you ended up getting the Corona Virus! I hope that you continue on the road to feeling better and regaining your health!

    Thank you for also mentioning what you believe was what got you infected. My husband goes to work in a high-rise building and tries to be diligent with hand washing. He has to wear a mask in order to enter his building, however, I am not so sure that he wears a mask when using the public restroom. I have already pushed the limits with him, but I forwarded your message. If it saves even one more person from getting sick, your message is well worth it.

    Thanks again and feel better,

  171. Oh my Goodness!!! What a terrible 2 weeks you suffered with this COVID-19. I am so happy that you are coming out of it. With no one at home to help you, made it really terrible. You were on your own as you didn’t want to give it to anyone. And Mr. Mickey was not in the best shape having just had a break, his health could have been compromised as well.
    So happy you are on the mend. I will definitely not take my mask off as I tend to do that. I’m 81 so I should not be on and off with that mask.
    Many Prayers for a speedy recovery. Don’t feel you need to answer this as you need to get your strength back

  172. Hi Susan, so pleased to hear you are a lot better now. (and looking beautiful!) Take care, Jayne.

  173. Thank you so much for sharing. What a horribly scary story. One just never knows. You are very lucky that your case was not worse – as bad as it was!! So glad you are on the mend now and easing back into the normalcy of your life. Don’t push yourself. You will probably have good days and bad days and my hopes are that the good days will well outnumber the bad!!

  174. Susan, I’m so glad that you are on the road to recovery. This virus is so unpredictable in its effects on our bodies and any future effects after the fever is gone. I live in Myrtle Beach, one of the hot spots, and am trying to stay at home and savor these quiet times with my husband. Please continue to take care of yourself , hydrate, and keep telling us of your COVID experience. You have educated us about fashion, healthy eating and now you are educating us on COVID. May God bless you

  175. So sorry to hear you got the virus. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to get stronger. Enjoy reading your post.

  176. One of the worst things about this virus is that unless one is in the hospital you have to suffer alone! Usually, when someone is ill, someone else can ‘nurse’ them – bringing soup, water, changing bedsheets etc. It is heart-breaking knowing that someone is not only very ill but is also very alone!
    I am so happy to hear you are better Susan. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It reinforces that we must not take this virus lightly and must not let down our guard. It is perplexing and frightening to hear and read that so many people are refusing the simple measure of wearing a mask whenever out in public. So frustrating!
    You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!

  177. Thank you for sharing your personal story. By doing this, I’ve no doubt you are saving a life somewhere…maybe many.

  178. You look amazing for having gone through such a hideous experience, & frightening too, I would imagine!! What a seriously dreadful thing, this Covid 19 is,never, ever to be taken lightly, a lesson for us all. So Thankyou, & every best wish for your bravery & recovery!!

  179. Hello Susan,

    Welcome back! I’m so happy to read that you’re feeling better. I’ve been thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way. Thank you so much for posting your experience.

  180. So glad to read that you are on the mend and looking fabulous in that dress! I appreciate your messaging to us about wearing masks and protecting ourselves and others. It is very easy to fall into complacency or denial. Stay safe, and best wishes for your continued recovery.

  181. I will be interested to learn the results of your test. Our neighbor had all the same symptoms as you and was sure it was Covid. He was very sick for a week. He was tested twice and both test came back negative. He was told it was a virus that has similar symptoms to Covid and learned others in our area have also had it. Interesting.
    By the way, the dress looks stunning on you. I know you have said you don’t think you look very attractive in dresses, but the dresses you have styled recently look fabulous on you. Thank you for your blog. It has helped me be more fashion conscious.

  182. Susan, thank you so much for sharing your COVID story! As bad as it was for you it sounds like you weathered the Corona storm better than most. Perhaps your healthy lifestyle contributed to your quick recovery. Glad to have you back and as usual you look stunning!

  183. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m a big believer in wearing a mask and social distancing, and am discouraged that so many are not. I’m glad you’re on the road to a full recovery.

  184. Glad you are feeling better. You look stunning in that dress!!! I would love one like that!

    1. It was not the shop where I got my hair cut. The shop was open and airy, and everything a client might touch was sterilized between clients. The restroom for the building, which is down the hall from the shop was where I think my contact point was. My stylist has tested negative. I will return to her in August to get my haircut again, but I will not go into that restroom.

  185. So glad you are better. Please take it easy as you get your strength back. You look stunning in your latest photo.

  186. So thankful you have recovered. What a scary experience. Your story may help others to understand the importance of wearing a mask. I hope you continue to get better. Glad you are back!

  187. Hi Susan, I am so happy and relieved to see your smiling face! You look awesome in that beautiful dress! Would you mind sharing how high your temperature was? Were you nauseous! You mentioned it would likely take months to fully recover. What symptoms will linger? I am not going out much. Hope there is a vaccine soon. So sorry you had to go through this wretched ordeal. Prayers are headed your way for a complete and speedy recovery. Thank you for modeling the dress for us. I will click through every link!

    1. I don’t have a thermometer, so I don’t know how high my temperature got. I rarely ate any food at all, so the nausea was minimal. It has been almost two weeks now. I continue to lose weight, and I am exhausted after any activity. I walked twenty feet out to the mailbox yesterday and had to sit down to rest when I came back inside. I was so tired; I went to bed at 6 pm last evening. It will take a long time to get my energy back even with careful eating and lots of rest.

  188. Hello Susan,
    So relieved to know you are recovering. I had SARS in 03 and I almost died and I know exactly how you felt. I kept you in my thoughts and prayers every day. Be sure to get your lungs examined after you feel completely well. I have permanent damage to my lungs from SARS and have had asthma ever since.

    I’m a biologist but no expert on these viruses. However, I’ve done a lot of deep-diving into the latest research on the virus’s genetic code and behavior and I have to say that your advice about personal protection from airborne particles should be seriously heeded! I also believe that it can be spread through contact. That’s why it’s best just to avoid public places altogether. You can’t spray your entire body ( including mask) head to toe with Lysol every time you go out and into a public place. Plus, you don’t want to become flammable!

    Because most of our medical research has been hijacked by special interests and their so-called ‘ advice’ has become so politically motivated, I lack confidence that the CDC is the best place for information but it’s better than listening to gossip. The truth is, we don’t know what this virus is exactly or how it will evolve. I believe that it’s already learned new tricks that make it even easier to spread. I’m not sure I can trust the NY Times either…though I do agree that this virus is airborne. We were once told that the heat would kill it but the hottest states in our nation are suffering the worst right now- probably because the virus is spreading through the HVAC systems. I would highly recommend that everyone try to read the articles on Scientific American or in the Nature Journal.

    I know that some of the information may seem a bit daunting if you’re not a science or medical geek but give it a chance because there is enough wisdom to be gleaned from these articles that will help educate and protect you.

    I am not easily frightened but I can tell you that I have been quite diligent about staying home and protecting myself when I absolutely must go out. I won’t go into any place where mask-wearing is not enforced. Being thoughtful, courteous, and respectful of others doesn’t cost a penny and can save lives.

    Susan, I wish you all the best in your recovery.

    1. Susan: I know you screen all comments. If you don’t care to publish this I hope you will send this to Elizabeth or perhaps consider editing what I wrote as you see fit and publish part of it. Your website is not a place I am used seeing disinformation but I find myself very upset in reading her comment.

      To Elizabeth: You are a biologist by training, write some good points & recommend 2 articles from 2 very reputable journals. But I am puzzled by two of your statements, which are not scientifically based and I don’t think they are helpful in the current crisis. 1) “Because most of our medical research has been hijacked by special interests and their so-called ‘ advice’ has become so politically motivated, I lack confidence that the CDC is the best place for information but it’s better than listening to gossip”. I am a physician, have spent over 30 years of my life in the field and I totally disagree with you that MOST of our medical research has been hijacked by special interests. As far as the CDC goes, the reason you/we may now lack confidence in the CDC is precisely because it has been politically hijacked (in an unprecedented manner) and is repeatedly being forced (from the very top) to walk back its own recommendations. 2) “We were once told that the heat would kill it but the hottest states in our nation are suffering the worst right now-probably because the virus is spreading through the HVAC systems.” We were told by whom? Conmen politicians making up lies to salvage their political careers? Certainly not by the scientists. And the reason the Southern states are suffering right now is because they and their politically driven leaders didn’t take the pandemic seriously–late to shelter in place and early to reopen without precautions, resisting the advice of Dr. Fauci et al, including the CDC. I am surprised that Susan published your comment given these two statements, which only add to the misinformation being spread by the very “gossip” you decry. And FYI, here is the latest on the spread of Coronvirus by AC–it is not THROUGH the HVAC systems but rather potentially via mechanical airflow direction, hardly the mechanism to account for 50K+ cases/day:

      Jacki Abrams M.D.

      1. Hello Susan and Dr. Abrams,

        It never occurred to me that my comment was so controversial! I honestly thought it was just plain ole common sense. My mistake for making that assumption and I sincerely apologize. Just to clarify, my comment about HVAC systems was based on my knowledge that recirculated air inside homes/residential buildings can spread infections by contributing to the transport of airborne viral particles further distances greater than 6 feet as the air circulates and moves toward the return. The type of filter used will also affect how particulate matter moves in the environment and through the system. Now that the summer heat is affecting more people I just thought that people are probably spending even more time indoors around others in recirculated air.

        Most, if not all, residential central heating and air systems recirculate the air inside the home and don’t pull fresh air into the system like a window air conditioner can or does. Commercial or industrial buildings do typically pull fresh air into the system- providing more adequate ventilation. Autos for example have the option of cooling or heating fresh air vs recirculating air but most residential homes don’t have that option.

        Here is a link to a letter from several global scientists and engineers ( some from VA Tech, my alma mater) appealing to the WHO to revise their advice re: HVAC systems. Apparently, the WHO heeded their advice. You will need to open the link to the PDF.

        Here is another link from EPA.

        They are advising to keep exposure to recirculated indoor air to a minimum.

        Everyone will believe what they feel comfortable believing but I think we owe it to everyone and ourselves to keep an open mind about controversial topics. It’s difficult for everyone trying to navigate through a crisis when our leading authorities are not transparent for whatever reason.

        Susan, I hope you’re continuing to recover and that you won’t have any lingering or recurring symptoms. It took me about a year before I felt like my old self again ( after SARS) but my symptoms were much worse and I was in critical care for 5 days. Additionally, they gave me a medication that permanently damaged my vascular system, vision, hearing, and connective tissue. That FDA approved drug was banned a few months after I took it. C’est la vie!

  189. I didn’t see this until now. You were all alone??? Thank God you are on your way back to better health. How do you know where you caught it.‍♀️ I’m sorry you went through all of that. Do take care. Carol

    1. I have been careful, and I rarely go out at all. Removing my mask in that just not thinking moment was the most dangerous thing I’ve done since the virus arrived. We may never know precisely how or where we contract the virus, but that is my very best estimate.

  190. You are so right about being vigilant about Covid. ( I work in a hospital) So glad you are recovering! Your ‘ new’ dress looks fabulous on you.

  191. Dear Susan,
    I am delighted to hear this!!!! I appreciate your reminder to NOT let down our guard!!
    This dress looks stunning on you!!! Perhaps, it’s my favorite of all you have shared with us!!!

    Loving you from TEXAS!!!

  192. The description of your illness was heartbreaking! A vivid reminder to be cautious at all times and to appreciate good health. I am grateful you are feeling better. Many thanks for sharing and welcome back!

  193. Susan,

    So glad to hear you are better. It sounded like you had no one to take care of you but given high contagion I suppose that was the best thing to do! It sounds like it lasted a good 2 weeks. Looking forward to reading more about what you’re doing to get back to 100%. And I so enjoy your blogs.

    Stay healthy!

  194. I am wishing you the very best , Susan . I’m so sorry that you got the virus but am so glad that you are recovering . You have handled this illness well and are an example to follow for the many others who will get it . Valentine

  195. The Tadashi Shoji dress is a real stunner & you look fabulous in it!
    I’m very happy to hear that you are on the mend & feeling better. COVID is such a strange disease – deadly for some and not even noticeable for others. My husband & I are both in the high risk category, so we are taking all precautions. We haven’t eaten out since February and I must admit, I’m getting tired of my own cooking 24/7!
    Best wishes to you & hoping you will feel stronger & better each day.

  196. Wow! I didn’t know you had gotten the virus. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Stay well!

  197. Relieved to hear from you. Praise God you are continuing to get well. Wishing you a full recovery.

  198. SO sorry to know that you had the virus. Such suffering. Thank goodness you survived and I know you will prevail. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving us a warning. You are, as ever, an inspiration.

    God bless

    Mary Lou Hawkins

  199. So sorry you were sick. Thanks for sharing your story. So glad you are better….you look fabulous!!

  200. Just out of curiosity, why did the dress not work for your client? It’s a gorgeous dress. What about her body type made it not work? Thanks. I’m so glad you are feeling better. You were missed!

  201. Hope that you are doing better each day! It seems as though you are through the worst part and that rehabilitation will be your journey now. Your mask information is certainly appreciated! You reinforced just how important they really are!
    Continued progress with your recovery!

  202. So glad to see your happy and healthy face Susan. During this pandemic it was so nice to have you provide some continuity with your posts and ideas for how to still feel (and look) good in a lockdown. Thoughts and prayers for your continued recovery!

  203. Susan. I am so sorry that you had to experience this. Your story is an important one as it illustrates how serious and debilitating a “mild” case of COVID-19 can be. The focus has been on respiratory symptoms and your primary symptoms were quite different. Those who don’t believe that this virus is highly contagious and dangerous need to hear your story. So glad to know that are feeling better.

  204. So glad you survived this horrible virus. Thanks for sharing your story…it may help someone realize how easily this virus is transmitted. Praying for your complete recovery. You look fabulous so I’m sure you’re well on your way.

  205. Thank you for reminding us to not let our guard down. Our masks have become the most important thing when we walk out our doors. I am glad you are getting better and sorry you experienced Covid. You look gorgeous in that beautiful dress! I missed your posts and you were in my thoughts. Take care. Hugs.

  206. So glad you are feeling better! Thank you for sharing your story. Todashi makes beautiful evening wear and you look stunning in this dress.

  207. What a harrowing experience! Thank you for sharing your story. People need to hear how very ill even a “mild” case can make you. So very glad to hear you are on the mend and that friends and family are fine. My continued prayers for your complete recovery.
    You look stunning in that delicious dress! I’ve always thought you look much better in a dress than you feel you do.

  208. Dear Susan, I’m so glad to hear you are on the road to recovery! I was very happy to see your email pop up in my email box today as I’ve been wondering how you were doing. Sending love and strength. xo Claudia

  209. I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better. Thank you for asking people to wear their masks whenever they are in public. This is such a frightening disease and so contagious. Take good care of yourself while you are recovering.

  210. Thankyou Jesus your feeling better each day Susan , a Woman of Honor who will finish strong In the Lord and the power of His might!
    Prayers and love continue.

  211. We haven’t been taking any chances but necessary doctor visits and I have to get an eye exam. I wouldn’t even do that but I had cataracts removed in November and my vision isn’t quite right. I’m sorry you have been so sick. I think the loneliness of having to go through this alone if you get sick just adds to the misery. I expect we will need to stay in separate rooms if one of us gets the virus. May God surround those on this board with angels and protect us all. I’ll pray for a full restoration of your health. We will all get through this.

  212. Susan, what an awful ordeal and happy to know you are on the otherside. . . with still a healing journey to go. Thank you for sharing your story, many don’t understand how serious this virus can be. Take care, healing thoughts being sent your way for a full recovery. Peggy-Ann

  213. It is SOOO good to hear from you! Prayers were answered! Pls pray for our pastor’s wife who may or may not have this virus. Her name is Susan.

  214. I am so sorry you contracted that horrible virus and were so ill. I don’t mean to pry, but did a doctor recommend any medications or special treatment? Take care and continue to get better.

  215. So glad to hear you are on the mend. This virus is all around us and we must remain vigilant.

    All the Best,


  216. Dear Susan,

    You look absolutely radiant — no one would ever guess how ill you’ve been! I’m sure you’re right, though — it will take months to recover fully. What a traumatic experience you’ve been through. Thank you for sharing your story, and please take extra-good care of yourself in the weeks and months ahead. I’m praying that Mr. Mickey does not contract the virus.

    Wishing you all good things,

  217. So glad that you’re on your journey to wellness. And thank you for keeping track of your everyday events and writing your story. By reading your comments today, this pandemic seems to have more of a reality check to it.
    You’ve brought it closer to home. Which is scary but more realistic.
    Take care and stay well. Be safe.
    C. Allen
    Forest Hills, NY

  218. I am so glad that you are feeling better now. Thanks so much for sharing how simply it began and how hard it was to manage. Your sharing will help each of us who follow your blog to be as cautious as we can. I hope that you continue to recover and feel great again soon. I enjoy your blogs and have followed you for several years. God bless you.


  219. Oh girl, I am so glad you’ve come through and it wasn’t even more severe. Hopefully full recovery will go smoothly, even though it will likely be slow.
    Take good care of yourself and make certain you rest often. That dress from friend Ann looks stunning on you! Hopefully life for us all will eventually return to normal and you can enjoy your new dress.

  220. Susan
    You did not say whether you were ever tested for COVID 19. The seasonal flu and other illnesses can have many of the same symptoms you described. Are you SURE it was COVID 19?
    Just curious. Glad you’re feeling better.

  221. What a harrowing journey you have taken to help us keep safe. I am glad you conquered this (with I’m sure God’s help). Continue to improve. You are a beautiful woman and we all enjoy your words and advice sincerely. Blessings to you on your road to complete recovery.

  222. I hope you are feeling better and taking recovery slow with lots of rest. Very scary situation. Bless you.

  223. Thank you for sharing about your experience of COVID 19. I prayed for you and so thankful to see your email this evening. Prayers as you continue to get better.
    Sharon Engram

  224. Dear Susan
    What a wonderful start to the day reading your email and hearing of your recovery. I am so very very pleased to hear of your return to good health. Please do take things easy until you return to full strength.

  225. I am so happy you made it through Covid-19 hell. And I appreciate so much your telling us of the experience. You probably did as well as you did because of your careful attention to what you eat and drink; and because you maintain a normal weight and get plenty of exercise. We have seen in the news a couple of deaths of people 30 years younger than we are and when we check their photos or facebook pages we find that they are invariably obese. Of course, it is politically incorrect to mention this detail but it’s an important one to know. Congratulations on beating the virus! Odds are good that you are (or soon will be) immune for good!
    Take care – you look fabulous in the dress (don’t see you in a dress often). And you are as pretty as ever!

  226. Thank you Susan for letting us know how you are doing. I’ve wondered often how you were since your last post. It sounds horrible. What a strong woman you are to go thru this alone. Bless your heart. But there is much to be grateful for that you are recovering and feeling so much better. I know you will take care of yourself to regain your strength. Hang in there. You’ve touched so many of our lives. I’m cheering you on from Atlanta! Many hugs.

  227. So sorry to hear of your illness. Am very thankful that you managed to beat this virus. Sorry to hear you were alone during this struggle. God was there guiding you through this challenge. Remember to take it easy, and protect yourself in your weaken state, not to catch anything else. Eat well, to get your system back to where it was before this happen. Hang in there!

  228. I am SO glad to hear you are on the mend, Susan. What a terrible experience it sounds, it makes me wish that everyone who is disregarding the advice to stay safe and who are not wearing masks, washing hands, etc could read it, it would certainly make them think twice about ignoring this illness. I had my first hair appointment yesterday, it was well organised with my temperature taken outside, obligatory hand sanitizer as i entered, perspex barriers between basins, staff wearing face shields and gloves, compulsory for clients to keep their masks on at all time, and disposable gowns, so I felt very safe and grateful.
    With all best wishes for your continued recovery. Judy (UK)

    1. I have a deep respect for the business owners who are taking all the necessary precautions to keep their clients safe. My salon was also very strict. I feel safe going back there next month to get a cut, but I certainly will not visit the restroom.

  229. I’m so sorry to hear you were so sick – glad to know you’re on the mend.

    Keep well!!

    Much Aloha

  230. So pleased to learn you are recovering. Thank you for writing about this and please keep us updated on how your recovery goes.

  231. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your serious multiple systems! I am glad you are doing well!
    This is such a reminder that It might be easy for us to overlook mild systems and, in doing so, expose others to the virus. I’ve been vigilant to stay inside as much as possible, but just the same, there are the errands to run like meds, gro., etc..
    Thank you for the reminder of not removing our mask, even tho it may seem safe.

    Glad for you recovery, and appreciative for you information.
    As always, I look forward reading your blog.

  232. Hello, Ma’am,
    First off, I’m sorry you had been infected with the dreaded Corona virus. But I’m glad it was just a mild case and that you have recovered.

    I’ m a 67 year-old Filipina and I’ve just discovered your FB page and website. I’m a lucky soul. You’ve just become my style icon.

    Would you allow me to grab some of your photos so I can post them on my page? You see, I have a lot of friends my age and I’m sure they’ll all be delighted to see them.
    Thank you very much. Looking forward to more posts from you.

      1. Thank you so much. I already did but I chose your photos in which you were dressed in attires suitable to our humid weather here in the Philippines. My post was received warmly by my friends and some of them expressed interest in visiting your website.

        My prayers for your full recovery.

  233. Thank you so much for detailing your illness. I am so happy that you did not contract a case that would have put you into the hospital. Early on…I worried that I had Covid 19 and had the test…negative and probably seasonal allergies…but it is a reality for ALL of us. Your first person story tells all of us so much about this crazy illness. Oh, btw…you look AMAZING in that dress!

  234. So happy to hear you’re feeling much better! It must have been awfully hard going thru all of it by yourself but definitely the right way to do it. This is such a terrible disease for so many. Good to see you back and healthy once more!

  235. Thank you Susan for all the insight and advice. Yes, wear a mask!! I thought of you often after you noted in you blog that you had Covid. So glad that you’re feeling better.

  236. Your story is so important because it demonstrates vividly that covid is not just ‘the flu’. You’ve done a great service by sharing your experience. thank you and may your recovery be quick. You look stunning in that dress.

  237. Susan,
    Thanks for sharing your story.. Glad you are on the mend. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Thanks for the reminder to stay diligent. May you continue to improve.
    By the way,….WOW that dress is stunning and so flattering on you. The color, fit, style and length are perfect for you. A real showstopper!!
    Be well and take care.

  238. I’m glad you are feeling better. Covid 19 is such a strange virus and I’m praying they find a vaccine for it soon. You look beautiful in that dress. What a wonderful gift from a friend!

  239. So happy that you are feeling much better.
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It just proves that we can’t let our guard down against Covid, even for a moment. I wish everyone could read your post.
    Continue to feel better!

  240. Thank you for sharing your experience Susan. It’s so important for us to hear real life stories from those who have been infected with COVID-19. Very glad you are getting better.

  241. I’m glad you are recovering from your illness. Your description drives home the point (which many of us have gotten already) that this bug is nothing to mess around with..
    The dress is lovely!

  242. Dear Susan,
    Thank you for the in depth description of how the virus effected you, I believe it will be of use for everyone to know the details.
    I’m surprised you didn’t seek medical help, assuming you did not, as it wasn’t mentioned.
    It certainly sounded very scary and I’m sure all of your followers are relieved to know you’re on the path to wellness.
    Take care and thanks for site, I always enjoy reading the articles.
    Louisville, Ky

    1. I did call my Doctor’s office to report my illness. They do not want you to show up without warning. The only thing the receptionist told me to do was get tested and that they did not do that there. There is no treatment.

  243. I have so much respect for you Susan , the way you conduct your life and your self discipline in all aspects of your life.
    Getting Covid must have been a frightening experience especially being on your own. Thank you for sharing your illness.
    I did have a little chuckle about your dreams as sometimes they can be so weird, not that it was funny for you . I sometimes think
    if I have a crazy dream out of the blue it makes us wonder where on earth did that sort of dream come from.
    Still continue to take care of yourself as post viral you need good wholesome food to re build your immune system.
    Hey you always look fabulous in a dress, you have great legs.
    Best wishes,
    Pamela from Wales U.K.

  244. Good morning,
    Part of my morning routine is to make a cup of coffee and read my email. As I was making my coffee this morning I was thinking of you and hoping we would hear from you soon. So when opened my mail this morning I was happy to see yours. thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like a very scary experience and a strong reminder of the importance of wearing a mask. I will continue to keep you in my prayers
    Although we don’t know each other I feel like you are a good friend. I am in my third year of retirement. I came a crossed your blog one day via Pinterest about a year ago. I was looking for some inspiration on what to wear everyday.
    You helped me redo my wardrobe . Reusing some of my work clothes and tell me what I could add to it. We have similar styles witch really made your blog my favorite and the one I look forward to reading . Fashion is what brought to your blog but sharing other aspects of your life is also inspiring.
    Take care, Karen Stofka

  245. So sorry to had to go through this but I am glad you are feeling better. I will continue to wear my mast; just wish others in Tulsa would do the same.

  246. Susan, it was so good to see you healthy and smiling. What a scary disease. Thanks for sharing your story. Be safe.

  247. I have just returned from being tested a second time. The caseworker told me that they are so backed up with testing that it may be longer than seven days before I get a result.

  248. You look beautiful as always and the clothing is lovely as well. So glad you are doing better now and encouraging to see it is not always fatal for people our age. God bless you!

    I haven’t seen your blog in a while and wondering about Mr. Mickey. Best wishes for continued wellness.

  249. Susan, so glad to know that you are beginning to feel better. You look very well anyway. Take care and stay strong. You are mighty and I think your good health in the beginning was what made your case more mild.

  250. Hi. Sorry to hear about your experience with Covid 19, yes it’s been a battle all over the World. My hudvandcabd I are stuck in a quest house with ouf yorkie for three months not having enough space to move in and getting a bit of cabin fever. Thank goodness we are now allowed outside and able to go for a walk.
    Happy to know you on on the way to recovery. I love your blog and look forward to each episode. Your new dress outfit looks divine on you. Keep well and get well from a cold winter here is the Western Cape, Mosselbay, South Africa.

  251. I am happy for you that you are feeling better.From how you describe your virus it gives me the chills, again i am sorry you suffered like well i enjoy reading your blogs you have helped me a great deal ,I live in florida it is soooooooo hot and humid.Sometimes i just can’t know what to wear.anyhow glad to hear from you,how is Mr.Mickey? prayers for both of you regards and warm wishes. S

  252. I am so happy to hear you are recovering Susan. My daughter who is an American now, living in Florida, Skyped me yesterday to say she has had a mild fever and a very sore throat. She is so careful, washing groceries and just going to get groceries and back home. She had told me she didn’t care who announced a store opening, she wasn’t going to chance it. I pray now for her that she may have perhaps an ear infection from her pool. She said she awoke in the night and that her fever had “broken” as she was bathed in sweat. Today she has no temperature. She slept all day yesterday. I am going to send her a link to this page so she will know also what else might happen, if she has COVID-19. Again I am so relieved and happy that you are on the mend. I’m sure your parents, Mr. Mickey and your friends are relieved and thankful as well. Stay well. <3

  253. Thank you for sharing your covid-19 experience with us. I do not personally know anyone that has had the virus so have not heard such a detailed description of the symptoms. Your experience will certainly make me more vigilant as I have gotten a little lax as we enter month four.

    Glad you’re recovering and feeling so much better. The dress looks beautiful on you. What a great friend to pass it on.


  254. Dear Susan, how thankful we are to know your have recovered so much. We will continue to pray for a full recovery with no lasting side affects.

  255. What a horrible experience! So glad you are better now! I wish everyone felt the need to wear a mask! When I am at the store I want to shout at people without one that “ am protecting you from me I wish you would protect me from you!”
    I am afraid we have many months left of this horrible pandemic!
    Pray you continue to improve!
    I love that dress on you! Hoping you can where it somewhere special with Mr. Mickey soon!

  256. Hi Susan,

    I am so deeply sorry to hear your saga of Covid-19. It breaks my heart to hear how sick you got and caring for yourself
    all alone. What a horrid experience you went through. I’ve heard so many of these stories. Covid-19 is our true enemy.
    I know you are in tune what to do, please take tender loving care of yourself. I have been thinking of you so much, and
    kept you in my prayers.

    I hope your parents are okay and Mr. Mickey.

    On a side note what a beautiful dress your friend Ann gave you, it looks so nice on you.

    Virtual Hugs,
    Katherine In Arizona

  257. Many do not realize that Covid19 can be transmitted through the eyes. Masks can only do so much. Public restrooms should be off limits to anyone at high risk in my book due to aerosol spread from flushing of toilets. Susan I am so pleased to see that you are recovering from this!

  258. First of all Susan, you look stunning! So glad that the worst of this virus is over for you and hope that nothing re-occurs. I so want this to be over but because of all the “selfish” ( I could use stronger words) people that refuse to wear masks and congregate in large groups, I’m afraid this will be with us for a long time. I’m glad we have your blog to give us some joy and distraction from all that is going on! Welcome back!

  259. I have been watching my inbox for your next post so good to know you are recovering. Thank you for sharing your experience and for providing information to others about wearing masks and getting tested. Take care

  260. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you went through that but so thankful you are on the mend. Prayers your way for a full recovery.

  261. Thank you for sharing your story. That was quite an ordeal! So glad you’re feeling better. You look beautiful in your ‘new’ dress!

  262. It was so good to read your post. I am happy you are recovering. Thank you for sharing your COVID story. You look beautiful in the dress! Warmest regards. Judith

  263. What an ordeal. I’m so sorry that you were sick and sooo happy that you are on the mend. Your experience shows that we can’t be too careful. We all missed your fashion and style advice and look forward to more when you are completely well. Best wishes. Annette

  264. So sorry you had to go through that. I had a bad day and got tested but I was negative thankfully. Thanks for letting us know what you went through. Hope you are fully recovered sooner than you expect.

  265. So glad to hear that you are on the mend. Have been thinking of you and praying for your recovery. Thankful that you had only a mild case.

  266. Oh, Susan, I’m so sorry for all that you went through, and by yourself too. Thank you for sharing your story as I’m sure it has made several of your readers more aware of how dangerous this virus is. You should write an account for your local newspaper and maybe it would enlighten some of these people who refuse to wear masks and continue to meet in large groups. Please rest and get well! We all love you!

  267. I’m so glad you are feeling better! Thank you for sharing your Covid experience in such detail. It’s certainly not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ kind of illness, and it keeps morphing all the time. There are so many unknowns about this virus that scientists and health experts are just discovering, and our knowledge base will grow with time and experience. I appreciate your generous spirit as you patiently explain to your readers what you went through. My two main takeaways: always wear your mask and stay out of public restrooms! (I may have to invest in a package of Depends, just in case!) I hope you continue to heal completely in the coming days.

  268. Thank you for sharing the details of your illness, and I sincerely hope you continue to recover to your prior state of health. It would continue to be an important and great service to us if you would consider sharing, from time to time, any lingering effects you feel the virus has had on your health.

  269. I was tested today, now the wait game begins. At about 1:30 am Sunday I got out of my chair to go to bed, ( I was up late because I was putting things away from the 4 th with my son and his family) as I stood up I thought my legs were going to give out on me I just felt very week. The week before I had a rash on my back and just though it was from drinking a diet soda because they bother me. I woke up late Sunday and just felt like Id been hit by a truck. No fever a little bit of a cough and a bad headache. I emailed my doctor she called me this morning and told me where to go to get tested. fingers crossed its not but Iv had allergies for years and never have I had weakness and body aches . Just wanted to share because until I get the results back Im stuck here wondering if Im not positive then what is it , because they had no idea .

  270. Oh my gosh! I am so sorry you’ve had to go through this. Thank you for your candid details, great to know!
    I would never have thought so by just looking at your picture today. You’re gorgeous… always! We’re the same age but I don’t think my years loving the sun did me any favors! Thank you for your advice!

    1. Thank you. I took a lot of time getting ready for this picture. (I used a timer and tripod to take it myself.) I always try to be uplifting and positive. That’s why I haven’t shared any pictures of me during the worst of this thing.

  271. Susan, I’m so happy to learn that you are on the road to a complete recovery. Sending positive thoughts…

  272. SO sorry you have been ill, but glad you are on the mend. Thank you for describing how it unfolded. Had not heard anyone give a detailed description before. And, I do enjoy your blog posts, too, beautiful lady. God bless you. PPH

  273. Hi Susan, really pleased to hear you’re feeling a little better. Your positive attitude will see you through this.
    The virus is a nasty thing that surrounds us all at the moment. It is not selective with it’s hosts.
    I have followed your articles for about six months now after wanting to find someone who dressed smartly and because of your sensible purchases have made your wardrobe seem bigger on less items. You have been an inspiration to me, and although I have only seen you on the Internet, I feel I have got to know you.
    The lovely articles with Mr Mickey and your outings with him.
    I am staying at home as much as possible with my husband, and getting groceries delivered to our home.
    Our haircuts have been home made, with me using clippers on my husband.
    I have been cutting my hair at the front, and my husband cutting the back.
    Not looking as good as yours, but ok for now.
    Susan, from the bottom of my heart I wish you a speedy recovery.
    Looking forward to your next article, we all need you for inspiration.
    Let’s hope for a vaccine to make things safe again.

  274. So glad you are feeling better and seem to be out of the woods. It must have been pretty scary, but it sounds like you made it through with your usual common sense and aplomb!!

  275. So glad you’re feeling better. That dress is beautiful and looks like it was made for you. Stay well.

  276. My d-i-l is a Police officer and she suffered all the same symptoms as you did and she tested negative also. But, there are supposedly a lot of false negative results to the test. She is young and never complains but that virus was horrible for her. Even if you get another negative please self-isolate and treat yourself as if you had Covid. Praying for your continued healing. Hugs

  277. Susan, I am sorry to hear you have been so sick. I am grateful to you for describing your symptoms so vividly. It will help all of us in what to look for. I am praying for you. I will pray that I can escape this horrible virus. I continue to send my prayers. God Bless you, Norma

  278. Hi Susan from Australia, glad to see you are on the mend and pray that things go well for you in the future. Fab photo by the way

  279. Welcome Back Susan! So glad to hear you are recovering. Thank you so much for sharing your story.
    The dress is beautiful and a wonderful way to celebrate!

  280. Thanks for sharing your experience, Susan. I’ve been praying for you and will continue as you recover. May you return to good health quickly.

  281. I was sickest I’ve ever been in December.. I never get sick like that. My chest burned. I was tested for flu and pneumonia but negative for both. It lasted 3 weeks. I took the COVID antibody test when it can’t out. It was negative.
    Glad your doing better.

    1. My health care provider is working with me as if I have the virus. My symptoms are the same as all of her other patients who have tested positive. It is common to have a false negative result on the nasal swab test. I hope that you have recovered completely.

  282. Oh Susan, I am so sorry to hear of the ordeal you have been through, but hopefully you are on the road to recovery now. Thank you for sharing this, as it is a reminder for all of us to be even more diligent. At least you can take small comfort in knowing you haven’t passed it on to anyone since you are so careful about wearing a mask.
    Sending hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  283. Thank God you are recovering. I was horrified when I read your last article because my 39 year old son has just started recovering from a ‘mild’ case – and yours sounds exactly like his. No-one can imagine what it must be like unless you have experienced somebody close to you having it. I know I coudn’t. I wish you a speedy recovery, even though I know it will be lengthy and God bless you. I will certainly be mentioning you in my prayers, and keep safe now.
    from Marilyn Lea, Rhydymwyn, Wales, UK.
    ps. missed your articles very much. xx

  284. Dear Susan, my wife is an avid follower of your style. She showed me your covid article. I would like to thank you for sharing your experience with this weird concoction. I, like many people, have been lucky to not have contracted the disease. Yours is the first article we have read that gives us an idea of what to expect if we catch it.
    There is so much misinformation out there today that has a political (“evil”) agenda. Thank You for your honesty.
    PS: I like your fashion sense. Marty
    PPS: Thank You for serving in the US Navy!!

  285. Susan, so glad you are feeling better. You did an excellent job describing your experience with COVID-19 , even with a milder case. After reading this I know I will be much more careful. Thank you for sharing with the hope of prevention.

  286. Thank you for sharing your story. I will be praying for a complete recovery for you. I am so thankful that I found your blog. You are such an encouragement. You are beautiful inside and out. You are the epitome of a lady, a godly Proverbs 31 woman. I sent my bff your blog info. She wrote back an hour later, “I’m in love with Susan!” Me too!
    Blessings to you.

  287. So glad you are feeling better. Not so good being ill with something such as the flu or covid. Continue to be on the mend!

  288. Dear Susan,

    Recovered from the same description of the strain you contacted. My husband and I both tested negative for Covid but he was positive for Flu B non symptomatic. I was also tested later for antibodies and again negative. We find it strangely suspicious that other people are experiencing the same thing.
    It certainly was not a pleasant sickness and I am glad you have recovered. Stay careful!

    Norma C

    1. Many people in my support group have reported one or more negative tests, even though they have been very ill for two or three weeks. My health care provider tells me that I have the same symptoms as all the patients she has treated with COVID-19. There are so many unknowns about this disease. I’m glad you are feeling better.

  289. So very happy to hear you are on the mend. I was so concerned. You are the only person I ‘know’ that caught this.

    I live in an area where there have been many deaths, but they have been people of color with crowded living conditions where family members worked in unsafe conditions. Ironically it’s these folks in this immigrant rich community who have steadfastly refused to wear masks. I don’t really understand why because the instructions for covering up are in multiple languages.

    I only wear a mask in a grocery store and when I visit my doctors. I’m not wearing one for driving or gardening but I may rethink that.

    Luckily but inconvenient we have no open salons or restaurants. My husband and I follow a fairly restrictive diet in a paleo template and most restaurants here are the fast food or family chain variety. I’ve always enjoyed your meals you share so beautifully. Plus there are no calories from looking at photos. I am enjoying my longer shaggier hair though. It’s amazing how a great haircut will grow out.

  290. I am very sorry that you were so sick. Please know how much we all care about you and hope for a return to wellness soon. You have always practiced good self care and been an example to us. This is a terrible virus and I hope you will continue to take care of yourself and not rush back to blogging too soon. Virtual hugs

  291. Hi Susan,
    I just discovered your blog today. Very timely because I have been dealing with flu symptoms since last Wednesday. Had the Covid test on Monday it was negative. I don’t truly trust those test. I am not going for further testing until I have blood work at the end of the month to see if I have antibodies. My Son is freaking out thinking that there is something else that I need to do, but I feel that once I turn a corner it will be a good thing. Haven’t gotten there yet. It’s been a week today so fingers crossed.
    So happy that you are feeling better. Can’t wait for this to pass.
    Judy Clark
    Georgetown TX

  292. You look lovely, as always. I hope you treat yourself very kindly and wisely during your total recovery time. Prayers have been offered for you.

  293. So glad to hear that you have the worst of that virus behind you. It certainly doesn’t sound like it was a mild case. Continued prayers sent your way.

  294. Susan: Your description of your illness did not mention any respiratory symptoms at all. Did you even have a cough? The whole thing sounds strange. So happy you recovered.

  295. Susan you look marvelous. Glad you made a quick recovery.

    Love looking at your outfits and how expertly you mix and match.

  296. I am so glad that you are better . You are such a beautiful , Elegant Lady with so much Class , the world wouldn’t want to lose you , because you have been given a duty from God to help Ladies keep a smile for a brighter future . Thanking and appreciating ones self . God loves beauty ! So keep on pampering yourself and through you others will learn .
    May God bless you with good health for ever

  297. Thank you for sharing your experience. So many people are not taking the risks very seriously. I am bewildered by their attitudes. Stay safe and I hope your recovery is over soon. Gloria

  298. Hello Susan, so happy you are on the mend. I am please to hear you are being safe and cautious and following up medically. I enjoy your blog and your sound advice. Be well, Be Safe and Be hopeful, Catherine

  299. Dear Susan,

    As with any physical/medical challenge, I know you — because of your very healthy lifestyle — will regain your health and strength. Please follow up with a titer for Covid antibodies at the proper interval. Positive antibody results may indicate that you have significant immunity to the virus and may not need to bother worrying about it personally any more. That would be the silver lining to this unfortunate experience. Best wishes.

  300. Although I have followed your blog for awhile I have always remained silent… watching, reading and learning… you are a great teacher! I have been thinking of you and am very happy to see and read that you are progressively improving. Wishing you a wonderful remainder of the summer season… Take care from Nova Scotia, Canada.

  301. The dress is just stunning. What a scary experience! So glad you are on the road to recovery.

  302. This is such a terrifying and uncertain virus. It can grab a hold so strong and completely change everything in our life. I am so sorry that you have been so ill. My significant other tested positive and was in bed for 3 and a half weeks. I really was afraid he wouldn’t make it through. He was lethargic with a temp of 103F, productive coughing and dizzy with headache and muscle pain. At 4 weeks he passed out and fell in the bathroom.That was in early March, it’s now July and although he is much better, he still fatigues with activity, has no sense of taste or smell and struggles to breathe with any physical activity, even walking for more than about 25 feet.
    I am so glad you recovered. Its frightening that people dont take this as serious as it is.
    You look absolutely lovely in your dress. May you have many occasions to wear it in the future. We look forward to simple pleasures again. Dressing up, meeting with friends, dining out and being socially active. For now health and safety are our priority. There will come a time to celebrate again.
    I continue looking forward to your posts.

  303. Dear Susan,
    So sorry for your illness, and glad that you are recovering with your spirit intact. Thank you for sharing your ordeal.
    Best wishes,
    Kathryn Skubikowski

  304. Dear Susan,
    I discovered your blog from Pinterest 2 months ago & have been following you. Love your styles & you have helped me tone down & organize my wardrobe so much.
    I’m sorry you had to experience the nasty virus, but thank you for sharing that experience so we can know if we have similar symptoms. I’m glad you are back on the mend & look forward to more of your blog! maybe you could share what your Dr discovered from your extra tests, when the results come in.
    There are many strange viruses out there now. We all need to be cautious & keep up with protocols to stay safe. Even though my area, my location has had only one case of COVID, I still see the importance of wearing that mask & keeping hands clean. I keep a little tote bag in my car with sanitizers & wipes, masks, gloves, all essentials to use when I’m out. I live in a rural location so I limit my shopping to once a week & only for essentials, food.
    So again, I’m sorry you had to go through this , but it sure helps to share experiences & knowledge.
    May I ask you what you took for pain relief when you were in so much pain? Did your Dr prescribe you chloroquine or anything to help? From everything I read the pain from this virus is very excruciating.

    1. Soaks in hot baths with lots of Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt helped with the muscle and joint pain. I did not take any medication because I do not tolerate them well. I drank lots of Yerba Maté tea and took vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and calcium supplements.

  305. Oh I hope you start feeling better soon. Hope you were not alone during this ordeal, how scary. So look forward to your posts. Please take care.

    1. I am alone, but I have been speaking to family members and friends on the phone each day. Mr. Mickey comes to the door to bring me things sometimes. Thank you.

  306. Glad to hear you’re better!
    I was reading another account of this, the fellow also tested negative, but noted that the test was up to 40% inaccurate.

    It’s interesting to read your account. We hear so much about the virus but it seems to get everyone differently. I appreciate your account.
    I’m also glad that you managed to spare Mr. Mickey from exposure.

    I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts on how to prepare for this might be. Did you have a lot of food in the house in anticipation of this? Tylenol or Advil?

  307. Glad you are feeling better.
    For what it’s worth, I just wanted to share an experience I had in January. Actually, I could have written your story. It was identical. Came on suddenly, only I had a fever of 101 (which normally would be around 97.8-98.6). Was asleep for 3 days only to keep drinking water & go to the bathroom. After the 3rd day I woke up enough to have chicken noodle soup and Alka Seltzer plus for body pain. I would say it was 2 wks before I was feeling myself again. I had no sensory loss. I had a Covid antibody test done in June and it indicated I had no antibodies to Covid (which would indicate it wasn’t Covid). I don’t often get sick, but your illness & your negative tests make me wonder if we had the same thing… and was it some sort of mutation. I had not been wearing a mask in January because it was still unknown at that time. I was sick before the President’s medical counsel conferences & before the CDC announced it as a pandemic (3/13) but I’ll always be wondering what I did have. My husband was around me and has had nothing.

  308. So glad things are moving in a forward direction for you. Hope you will get your energy back soon. You are missed.

  309. So glad things are moving in a forward direction for you. Hope you will get your energy back soon. You are missed. My thirty year old niece is waiting for results on her retesting for COVID.

  310. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you continue feel better. Slowly, but surely. It is important to sound the alarm concerning this illness.

  311. Bless your heart! Just seeing this!!!!!!!!!!!! So thankful you are on the mend. It sounds terrible!

  312. Sorry you have been ill; it must have been awful by yourself! Keep safe and strong. Jenny Russell

  313. Hello Susan, that nasty virus can’t keep you down – good thing you were taking vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, and calcium supplements. Those are the right ones to take. Your healthy practices are an inspiration and pulled you through, but I felt frustrated that no one could come to help you. You certainly can model that new Tadashi dress fabulously! I hope that you remain strong, safe and well, as I look forward to your wisdom every day! Hugs to you….

    BTW Here in London, Canada we all wear face masks and line-ups are long, with new daily case numbers continuing to steadily decline over the last five weeks. Much of Ontario is heading into Stage 3 of the COVID-19 reopening plan this Friday. Fingers crossed!

  314. Susan I just read your comment about the pneumonia. Oh my gosh. I’ve read many stories from patients who had mild symptoms that seemed to suddenly escalate to pneumonia several days after feeling ‘well’. This virus is so unpredictable.

    I will keep you in my prayers. Please make certain that someone is checking on you every few hours if not every minute! I’m sort of exaggerating about every minute.

  315. So sorry that you have been through this. It seems to be getting worse in our area. Jim and I are trying to be really careful but you can never be sure! I hope you will be well soon. We will be For you❤️

  316. so sorry to hear about your illness
    being isolated alone must be a very scary experience
    thank you for sharing your story
    wish you good health recover soon

  317. Susan-
    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog for a year of so, so I am sorry to read of your illness. I so hope you are on the mend and that your strength will return earlier than you anticipate. Our son-in-law is just getting over Covid19, but he is 38, so his was a mild case. We were just with him, so my husband and I are quarantining in Dayton, OH for two weeks, of course. Anyway, I so enjoy your articles you post, and your style points are perfect for me, age 65. Prayers and wishes for a Speedy Recovery,
    Marly Wilson

  318. Thank you for sharing your experience with this horrible virus. I read stories of other people who are struggling and often wonder how they are doing and if anything else happened. Your journey is important and is helpful should we the readers, or our loved ones, end up contracting virus. Thank you again and my healing thoughts for a your continued recovery.

  319. Susan, I had a very similar experience!!! I ended up in the emergency room on our 30th anniversary. I had 3 tests and they all came back negative! I was very sick for 2 full weeks, then the third week I was still not up to par. I was off work for 26 days.
    I didn’t have all 3 tests at the same time, I had one at my dr. office in early May, then one at the ER on June 22nd, and then my primary care physician ordered another one because I had all of the classic symptoms. A lot of the same ones you had. I didn’t loose my sense of smell or taste.

  320. Praying for you. We have never met but I absolutely adore your blog. Hope you feel well soon.

  321. I am so sorry and hope you feel better soon. I love your blog. Take care and know that I am praying for you.
    Susan Harris

  322. Susan,
    So sorry you were so ill. I pray you are recovering from your latest illness pneumonia. I will keep you in my prayers

  323. Wow Susan, I am sad to hear you are so ill!
    That dress was made for you – you look stunning!
    Wrinkles be damned! Less weight makes me feel good, and when I feel good, I look good, and you look fantastic!
    I hope you are on the mend and will soon be able to return to the activities that you enjoy so much and continue to break down style complexities.

  324. Susan such an horrendous time you’ve been having. I missed your posts. This has made me more aware of how horrendous this virus is. Take care. Regards June

  325. Hello my friend… I’m not sure how I missed all this but I pray this finds you feeling completely well and back to health.
    I wanted to share with you that my youngest son Nat also had 2 negative Covid tests but was sick exactly as you were.. as I read your story it was like reading about my sons experience.
    His doctor still believes he had false negatives since it was early in the epidemic…
    It too was the sickest he had ever been. He is 31 and I had never seen him so sick..
    So I really feel that the tests that are negative but the person is so very sick are not accurate..
    I love your blog and I love your style and expertise you bring to fashion for those of us that do not want to feel frumpy or outdated
    May the Lord bless you and keep you and thank you for such wonderful posts
    Patty Milgrim

  326. Wow! What a terrible experience you have had! We must all be vigilant. Thank goodness you have survived this dreadful time. We have e been very fortunate where I live in Australia so far. Take care.

  327. Shat a dreadful experience you have had. I am very fortunate to live in Australia where we have less people and so far, we have been blessed with few cases. We have been locked down heavily last year. Now it seems like a bad dream. Lets hope we all stay safe

  328. Susan, I am just learning of your sickness and I’m so sorry you have had to go through this illness. Please know that I will now be praying for a complete recovery. My son had COVID-19 last July with almost identical symptoms. He is 25 and a runner. Here it is one year later and he still has lingering effects with his breathing. Take care of yourself. (I enjoy your blog so much and style tips.)

  329. Hi Susan! I have followed your posts for some time now. I am so sorry to hear about your brush with COVID. My husband and I had it the first of this year but nothing like you described! I am praying that God will heal you completely of the pneumonia and any other medical issues. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me in choosing my outfits, shoes and purses. I never realized how much a purse adds to the overall good look. You have changed my thinking in so many ways. I am probably older than you – I am 77 years young and enjoying each day to the fullest and hope you are too. ❣❣❣

  330. It’s Jan. 2023 now but I just saw your Covid story on Facebook.
    So sorry you had to have such a severe case. But glad you came out well and beautiful as ever.
    I love “Susan after 60” and read everything about you that I come across. Thank you!
    Keep well and carry on!
    Kay after 80.

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