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We stayed at The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, to celebrate my September 13th birthday. Today, I am sharing more photos from our trip.

My early morning walk around the grounds was shrouded in fog.

We enjoyed a delightful brunch before exploring more of the ballrooms and sitting areas as well as the casino. There are numerous shops in the resort.

My daytime look included Montana Moss jeggings from Chico’s. I couldn’t resist this animal print tank from Chico’s. The reason I like it so much is that there is no gold in the coloring. It is an excellent neutral because it includes only taupe, tan, and black, and it is also reversible to solid black, and it can be worn with the V-neck or the scoop neck in front. The casual black knit jacket is old from J.Jill. The salmon color Dooney & Bourke Pebble Grain Small Lexington Shopper is old.

Can you believe I have lived this long and never had a banana split? Mr. Mickey thought it would be a good idea to try it just once. Once is enough!

We spent the afternoon walking off the small amount of that dessert we could eat, shopping, and watching people until it was time to dress for dinner.

My look at dinner included this royal blue swing jacket by Lior Paris via ShopMyFairLady. I wore a black crepe knit tank and matching pants. The dressy black sandals by Kenneth Cole are old. The clutch bag is also old. Some of the referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

The first course at dinner was a Salade Niçoise With Fresh Tuna.

The main course was halibut with vegetables.

Yet another dessert! This time it was the famous Greenbrier Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce (recipe here).

We hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures from our special weekend at The Greenbrier. The journey home was also an adventure. More about that on Friday!

  1. The Greenbrier’s bread pudding is the best I have ever had. Number 2 is the world famous Keeneland Thoroughbred track here in Lexington, KY. Love your blue jacket.

  2. Love your first look, and I have ordered the tank and jacket. Thanks for supporting the companies that support me (by offering petites). I have no idea why so many companies ignore us and expect us to “make do.” A different animal print tank was offered in petite at Chico’s (warmer tones) but I will trade color for fit any day.

  3. That is one large banana split. It looks like you had a lovely weekend and it was so nice of MM to take you there for your birthday. I can tell it was wonderful.

  4. Thank you Susan for a glimpse into a beautiful place I will never get to see, I almost feel like I have been there.


  5. Happy Birthday and how fun was that! The Greenbrier is legend and it was fun to go along. The food style was interesting and delicious looking. You look spectacular in the blue evening jacket. I can imagine walking the grounds was lush and interesting.

  6. Mr Mickey never fails on the birthday celebrations. You look stunning in all your outfits. That banana split is just about the right size for my eighteen year old grandson.

  7. “Bon anniversaire” from Canada! You look fabulous so don’t ever change! Here’s to a bright, healthy and exciting future to you and your “Partner-In-Prime”. Thanks for all the colourful pictures that entice us to travel. Looking forward to the next ones….

  8. Hi Susan, Belated Happy Birthday! I wanted to comment on the photos with you in your blue jacket and standing against that beautiful orange wall-Stunning!

  9. Love that you gave a more affordable option on the leggings. I love your looks and do love to copy them but my budget is a little less. I can usually snoop around and find something similar at a lower price point but love that you added it!

  10. Susan, thank you sharing a wonderful trip. I will most likely never visit there, so it is great to see it virtually. You and Mr. Mickey make a most delightful couple. I am thinking about ordering the animal print tank for the same reasons you stated with no gold. Unfortunately, I am in between size 1 and 2 at Chico’s, depending on the fit. Did you have to order up, due to it pulling across the bust? It would be nice if they would add more 1.5 sizes. Thank you.

  11. I know from the looks of the photos….you had a wonderful Birthday!! Happy Belated Birthday
    You are so Elegant and I think I’ve posted before…..I wish I could “downsize” my wardrobe! That is
    something I’ve been struggling with.
    The Greenbriar looks like a beautiful place to stay and eat!

    All the best

  12. Happy birthday, a bit late. A banana split is truly disgusting, good thing you avoided it for such a long time. I am not sure when I tried one. Uggh. How beautiful you are!! Love the leopard neutral top.

  13. So happy you enjoyed the Greenbrier experience. It is truly a wonderful experience in elegance & relaxation.
    I hope you will also visit The Homestead in Hot Springs, VA. It is only 26 miles from The Greenbrier and is equally historic. it is another beautifully decorated, elegant & relaxing property that offers afternoon tea with a stringed orchestra & also at dinner. They too offer many opportunities for leisure & enjoyment. The rooms are exquisite,
    ( I prefer the original main building which preserves the older atmosphere. They do have newer , more modern rooms if you prefer.) The service is unmatched and your pleasure is their priority.
    Their website, The Omni Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA. introduces you to their 12,000 acre property and invites you to enjoy the rocking chairs on their front veranda. I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy a visit in the future.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us….your vivid descriptions & colorful photos allow us to enjoy your travels as welcomed guests.

  14. I love the Greenbrier, especially for birthday celebrations! Your pictures are all gorgeous. Belated birthday wishes!

  15. Happy Birthday Susan!! Greenbrier looks absolutely beautiful. You are such a classy lady and I can’t beleive you had never had a banana split before….yumm so good! I love your choice of clothes and am currently trying to lose my saddle bags. Thank you all the inspiration you have given me.

  16. Love you pictures and enjoy “travelling” with you!
    You should be modeling for Nordstrom in your “spare time”!

  17. Thank God I found your blog and your You Tube posts. I am 63 years old and retired. I stay home and take care of my grandkids. I love reading and watching your blog. It gives me so much inspiration.

  18. Happy Birthday Susan for 13th mine is a day after your special dayI love following you with wonderful clothing tips and your fun outings etc.Keep up the good work.Kind Regards from Sue,Auckland New Zealand

  19. Thank you for that beautiful early morning walk. So serene and lovely. I don’t like animal prints usually, but I love the one you’re wearing. I laughed and laughed at you behind that HUGE banana split! I can’t imagine you could eat a tiny fraction of that thing. So funny! The blue swing jacket is gorgeous…love it! All of your fashion choices are spot-on for each occasion. We’re so fortunate to have the benefit of your elegant fashion sense and practical advice. I can scarcely wait to visit Greenbrier now. So perfectly designed, every detail perfectly appointed. Thank you for the tour and for sharing your birthday with us! The Greenbrier is lucky to have you and Mr. Mickey grace their estate!

  20. Glad you were able to visit the Greenbrier. As a native West Virginian, I am quite proud of the resort. I’ve only had the opportunity to experience an overnight stay once in my 60 years. However, I’ve visited numerous times for day events. Hope your birthday was fabulous — you definitely looked fabulous.

  21. Love the animal print top! I must add it to my wardrobe. Also thank you for all the wonderful pictures of The Greenbrier. I had forgotten this place. I must re-add it to my bucket list. Happy Belated Birthday.

  22. These fabulous s pictures which made me oh so homesick. But what bout tea time? 4:45 at the Greenbrier is the most civilized setting on Mother Earth. And Mr. Mosely- where is he? He’s been there over 50 years- the very face of the Greenbrier. Lovely mini vacation!

    1. Mr. Mosely greeted us. He is such a delight! He has now worked there for more than 60 years!
      I’m afraid we missed tea time since I was getting ready for dinner. We eat early.

  23. Happy birthday. I love the jeggings outfit, it looks so fabulous on you. I bought the Moss silky shirt love the new colors. thanks you for sharing your travel photos.

  24. Happy belated birthday, Susan. Sounds like you had a marvelous birthday weekend. I stayed at the Greenbrier on a business trip. (In fact I volunteered to go on the trip precisely because the conference was being held there.) I loved my spacious room and I especially loved the ultra-soft bathrobes! The infinity pool is gorgeous too. It’s a very special place.

    I stayed at the Omni Homestead Resort last year for another business trip and I prefer the Greenbrier. The rooms are much nicer and bigger.

  25. Beautiful setting and pictures from The Greenbriar! Clothes were perfect – know u mentioned J Jill – I work for them and their clothes are so appropriate for real life and any occasion. I also have a September 13th birthday!!

  26. Thank you for sharing all these lovely pictures of the Greenbrier, it looks so lovely! I want to go there there one day.

  27. We stayed in Lewisburg and stayed at the General Lewis Inn. I love that town. Had a Blue Moon at the Irish Pub and walked up and down the Main Street. We rode the steam engine up through the mountains. It was a great little vacation! We didn’t make it to Greenbriar.

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