The Greenbrier

Visiting The Greenbrier has been on my wish list for many years. On Friday morning, we set out for my first visit to America’s Resort to celebrate my September 13th birthday.

My passions for classic architecture, interior design, fine dining, fabulous gardens, and elegance were satisfied on a grand scale during our visit.

Read more about the Resort’s unique decor and Dorothy Draper, the pioneer in interior design here.

The Candy Maker was just down the stairs from our room.

The room was tranquil, comfortable, and conveniently located on the Cameo Ballroom’s first floor.

Can you guess who owns the Mickey Mouse luggage?

The first photos below show my very comfortable look for a long day of travel. On the rare occasions that I wear leggings, they must be completely opaque and have a wide, smooth waistband. The cotton hooded casual tunic was perfect for travel since I could also wear it as a bathing suit coverup or during my early morning walks. The tunic/jacket is by Focus via My Fair Lady. The salmon color Dooney & Bourke tote is the Pebble Grain Small Lexington Shopper.

After touring some of the Resort, we dressed for the evening. Rather than a large evening meal, we had a glass of wine and appetizers in the small pub close to the Cameo Ballroom.

Mr. Mickey is already working on his Santa beard.

I wore a black crepe knit tank and pants with a large silk scarf. The dressy black sandals by Kenneth Cole are old. The clutch bag is also old. The scarf is folded into a triangle and tied behind me to wear it as a shrug. Referral and affiliate links in my posts may generate a small commission for me at no additional charge to you.

The items I brought with me for the first night didn’t seem dressy enough, so I created a more appropriate look using my dependable basics.

We had a delightful visit. I am looking forward to sharing more photos with you later this week.

  1. I love The Greenbriar and what a treat for your birthday celebration. My mother and I once took a cooking class with their chef. Mother loved the perfectly appointed kitchen and we both replicated the lovely sole dinner we prepared that morning. Lucky you.

  2. I have an acquaintance who stayed at the Greenbrier for one night while on vacation. She said it was lovey and very expensive. It looks like you had a great time and MM looks dapper as always. Looking forward to more photos.

  3. I look forward to more as I have that trip in mind too. Loved your choices to wear and after a day of travel, your choice of a light meal. The Dorothy Draper style is so beautiful and energizing. The style icon created such drama and how fun for you to tour and see firsthand. Enjoy and relax.

  4. I am so glad that you enjoyed your visit to the Greenbrier. It is truly a treasure for West Virginia and we have loved staying there for special occasions.

  5. My husband and I go to the Greenbrier quite often. We highly recommend it for a visit. One time you should definitely consider revisiting it, is during the Christmas season. You will not believe all the glorious decorations. It will definitely put you in the Christmas Spirit!

  6. Just a quick question.. it appears you are wearing black pants and tank .. does your scarf have black in it or just blue? I’m trying to learn what goes with what. You always look so stunning.

    1. Fold a large 51-inch scarf into a triangle (corner to corner). Wrap the long side around your shoulders, pull the ends around behind you and tie them in a knot under the scarf.

  7. Lovely! We just returned from the beautiful “Grand Hotel” on Mackinac Island which looks very similar in architecture, design, dining,, beautiful gardens, etc. You should check it out! There are no motorized vehicles on the island which adds another quaint appeal…you must ferry over to the island which is about a 20 minute ride on Lake Huron.
    Also, FYI, the film “A Time to Remember” was filmed there. Jane Seymour and the late Christopher Reeves..

    Mary Flachman

    1. Hi Mary,
      I think you might be referring to the movie, “Somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.
      Grand Hotel – Somewhere in Time Weekend – October 26 – 28, 2018
      Celebrate the 28th Anniversary of Somewhere in Time Weekend at Grand Hotel!
      Somewhere in Time Weekend is one of our most popular and special weekends at Grand Hotel. The movie Somewhere in Time was filmed at Grand Hotel and on Mackinac Island in 1979 and the movie was released in 1980.
      This is the perfect weekend for movie lovers who want to know the cinematic secrets of the timeless romantic classic. In 2015 the lovely Jane Seymour visited Grand Hotel for the 35th Anniversary of the film and the 25th Anniversary of Somewhere in Time Weekend. It was a year to remember. She surprised guests with a replica of the Elise McKenna’s dress she wore in the film.
      This special weekend includes a screening of the film, discussions of the movie’s production process, and appearances by returning cast.
      Guests are invited to make a cameo appearance in costume at the cocktail receptions, costume promenade, and Grand Luncheon Buffet. A full breakfast and dinner are also included daily.

  8. Beautiful place! I hope next year to do some traveling and this is definitely one place I would like to see.
    I am really moving toward wearing longer necklaces with my outfits. I find they elongate my look as oppose to shorter necklaces. I always find something on your blog. Thank you!!!

  9. You had to be the most elegant woman and, by extension, the most elegant couple gracing that magnificent property!

  10. Susan,
    Greetings from one of your newest followers from Wild, Wonderful WV!! I was delighted to read this post and to know that you visited our beautiful State. Thank you for sharing the pictorial of your birthday weekend….hope it was as grand and MAHVELOUS and so much more. WV boasts many fantastic points of interest; hope you’ll have the opportunity to visit Tamarack on a return trip. Happy belated birthday and best wishes for a fabulous year.

  11. Susan, I was so excited to see you and Mr. Mickey were at the Greenbrier. My husband and I love it and usually go for our anniversary. This year we decided to go to NYC. We would have been at the Greenbrier at the same time. I would have loved to meet you! Happy birthday!

  12. Susan, you look fabulous as always. I just disagree with the leggings choice. It’s just one step too far into casual/adolescent wear that we see everywhere. But chacun a son gout!

  13. It’s good to see you enjoying each other’s company. My husband Paul and I have been holding hands for over fifty years. Since we were 17yrs old. Everyone’s tells us that its so rare to see. And I tell them that they read too many magazines and watch too many soap-operas.

    Thanks for sharing, Your both looked tailored and stylish with an intention to enjoy the evening.

  14. How wonderful that you got to visit one of our West Virginia treasures, “The Greenbrier” All of your outfits are classy but still comfortable looking! Love that! I just found your You Tube channel today and ended up here!! LOL !! Ahhh, the internet! Such fun! I hope you also got to tour the Bunker beneath the Greenbrier? That is on my bucket list. I didn’t know it existed when I was last at the Greenbrier.

  15. I’ve been following your blog for some time now and always look forward to your fashion tips! I so hope you get to reopen your shopping site. I loved the scarves and purchased two but would have loved to have purchased more. And I hope you find another crepe line. Thank you!

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