Layer Without Bulk

I am that woman who wears a sweater most of the summer, so cold weather means I pile on many winter layers.

The blazer is here. Photos below show you how I would style the same items after coming inside and removing some of the outer layers.

Note the difference it makes when I add a belt to suggest a waistline.

The denim shirt above is sold out now. Here is a similar one.

Pictured below is the beautiful watch you catch a glimpse of in the video below and the photo above. It is the Infinity Silver with a black mesh band.

I’ll be giving away a beautiful lariat-style necklace to three lucky ladies later this week. Go to Beauty In Stone here to pick the one you would like to win, and tell me about it in the comments section below.

My black jeggings are two years old (similar here). The V-neck cashmere sweater is several years old (similar here). The bag is from last year (similar here). The long vest is here.

The Beautycounter Sale continues here. I’ve been using the Countertime line for a few months, and I’ve never had better winter skin. My glasses frames are by Life is good®. I’ve started wearing my glasses more often these days.

I created the video below to show how I layer to stay warm without adding so much bulk. The fabulous Covered Perfectly tops are here. When you buy two tops, the third is always free!

  1. All of the necklaces aware lovely, but I especially like the The Knotted Pearl Leather Lariat. It would be a welcome addition to my accessories!! Thank you, Susan.

  2. I like the silver beads on suede leather. It’s casual and appears light to wear. Also, really like your glasses. Are they readers or bifocals? It would be helpful for me if you would do an article on selecting eyeglass frames. Thanks Susan!

    1. My eyeglasses are progressive bifocals. I worked with the fit specialist at my Optometrist’s shop at Johnson City Eye Clinic to decide on the best frame shape and color for my face. The things I know for sure is that you don’t want to repeat your face shape (a round face looks better with straight lines) and the frames should not rest on your cheeks, and they should be in proportion to the size of your face.

  3. Absolutely love that black look with the Vest. might I be so bold to ask which necklace is that which you are wearing.

      1. Thank you for the layering tips. I need to purchase the LLBean silk thermals.
        Great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win one. I have three in mind: love the one you are wearing, the red lariat would brighten up many of my black tops and the silver beads with gold mixture might be the perfect one!!
        Thanks for all your work on your blog.

  4. I just love the gold bead on suede lariat, truth is I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but yours really bumps up the outfit so maybe time to step out of my box

  5. Good morning, Susan! I love your outfits, and your new glasses. I agree with you on choosing a frame that is not the same shape as your face. I have a small oval face, and my frames are smaller oblong. I only need them for distance, so I don’t wear them all day.

    I love the Big Link Gold Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. Your lariat looks so pretty on you!

    Thank you for showing how an oversized blazer with layers. I could kick myself for giving many of mine away, feeling that my 5’3″ frame was overwhelmed! I kept a Harris tweed one because of the invest I made. I think I may put it on soon!

  6. The fresh water pearl lariat in tan combines my two loves for an accessory…pearls for femininity and suede for my back to nature look…thanks for your kindness in sharing…Merry Christmas

  7. I love the Big Link Silver Beaded lariat! I think that’s the one you are wearing too! Thanks Susan
    Holleigh Taylor

  8. I absolutely love the beach glass in navy with pearls. One of the neutrals in my capsule wardrobe is navy and this would be a unique addition. Thank you for all you do!

  9. I would love to show off the Fresh Water Pearl Black Lariat Necklace handmade in your hometown. Thank you so much Susan!

  10. Susan, all the necklaces are so unique and naturally beautiful. I especially like the sea glass version. Thanks for sharing your elegant style.

  11. I love the beach glass in navy with pearls. I’ve made the switch from black to navy as my primary neutral and am trying to fill in gaps to go with my new neutral. Thank you!

  12. I’m always cold too so this post was very helpful to me. Your new glasses are fabulous.
    The necklaces are lovely. My favorite is the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  13. Love the Beach Glass and Patina lariat Necklace. The subtle silver and gray shades will go well with many of my outfits. Thank you.

  14. Great video. Even in Tucson it gets chilly, especially in our office. Layering is key to staying toasty!
    I love the necklace you’re wearing in your pics today!

  15. Susan, Thank you for the opportunity to win one of the lariats. The Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat would be my choice as I live it and would get the most use out of it. On a different note, may I ask where you purchase the sleeve garters which you referenced in a previous post? Thank you.

  16. Thank you again for your helpful tutorial!
    I love the gold beaded lariat on black suede leather.
    Love your glasses!

  17. Love the layering tips and the video. Thank you for sharing. Also like the style necklace you are wearing. Would like the opportunity to win the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. Have a beautiful day!

  18. My favorite lariat on the Beauty in Stone Jewelry website is the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. I can understand why it is the #1 seller. It is so versatile, with the many ways I could wear it. Besides the many different ways to wind it around my neck, the lariat can be worn with either dressy or more casual outfits. I wear silver jewelry because it goes better with my salt and pepper colored hair. I would love to win this necklace! I love classic jewelry and would love to own a beautiful lariat necklace.

    1. I would really enjoy wearing the gold beaded lariat with quatrefoil clover on suede leather necklace. It was a hard decision. So many pretty necklaces.

  19. I’m learning so much from your blog, Susan. The photos and commentary are extremely helpful in my journey to expand my understanding and adapt in a new season of life. And I appreciate your careful consideration of the things you endorse; one of my favorite lessons from you is to look for what can be worn and enjoyed in many ways. I’ve never worn a lariat necklace; the Beauty In Stone site, shows them in so many wearable variations. You and BIS are a perfect team…my favorite is the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather (Gray). I stood in my closet awhile this morning to see what items I could wear it with; gosh this is fun!

  20. Thanks for the tips on layering! Weather here in Michigan has been unseasonably cold and layers are definitely needed.
    The lariat necklaces are all so beautiful and versatile. I really like the cascading pearls. It’s such an interesting combination of rustic and luxe….leather and pearls.

  21. This is a great posting because I like layering but do not like bulk. I love the Blush Pearl Lariat Necklace on Leather at the Beauty in Stone site. I adore pearls but look for a style that is more casual to pair with less dressy outfits. The blush is flattering to most skin types and combined with leather it is just stunning. Thank you for your tips on being stylish.

  22. Oh, I save selected two lariat necklaces that I am debating about. My immediate first choice was the gold beaded lariat with a link on suede leather. It would look great on many of my clothes including your navy knit Sundress I bought before. BUT I am going to my hairdressers tomorrow and we are going to be changing my highlights to include colors that reflect my gray coming in, especially in the front. So I think the Gray Beach Glass and Patina lariat necklace will be perfect for me going forward. And I purchased gray boots in anticipation of my new hair color and need something to go with this new look. Many thanks Susan!

  23. I love, love the necklace that you are wearing the silver big link in grey. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  24. Thank you so very much for sharing these opportunities. You are greatly appreciated. May your year be gilded with Grace, happiness and good health.
    I love the lariat you were wearing- Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather

  25. I love the freshwater pearl with coin pendant because pearls are so elegant and the pendant adds some interest. Could wear dressed up or down. Would be a classic in your collection. Thanks for all the time you invest in putting this blog together.

  26. Love your blog Susan! Thanks for all the great layering tips, and a chance to win an awesome lariat from Beauty in Stone. My favorite is the Big Link Silver on Suede Leather. So versatile.

  27. I have a bracelet by Beauty In Stone and can truly say it is prettier in person! Very well made and comfortable to wear. I would love the Big Link silver beaded on suede leather. I always find a helpful tip in your posts and thank you so much for all your efforts!!!!

  28. You’ve written another great blog post. I’m visiting in Dallas this week and the temperatures have fluctuated wildly. One day it was 72 and the next night it got down to freezing. Layers have been a lifesaver!
    Your jewelry choices are always inspiring and I’m really liking Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather!. So versatile.

  29. Hi Susan! I love the pewter bead lariat with suede leather. What s unique piece. I like metals that are different like bronze or pewter. The little ball at the end is so festive. Thanks for highlighting this site!

  30. I love this video on layering. Very useful hints. I would love the beautiful freshwater pearl Fleur De Lis pendant necklace.

    1. I do! I’m so sorry for that mistake. I’ve corrected it. I was in the process of answering another person’s question when I pasted the wrong routine in the text.

  31. I have to agree that the Big Link Silver Lariat you are wearing would be my first choice perhaps beacause seeing you wearing it so well makes it stand out more prominently , I believe. They make many beautiful selections however . I am sure I would be overwhelmed seeing them in person.
    Appreciate your post on winter layering as it is getting so much colder here.
    Thank you, Susan.

  32. I love the Big Link Silver lariat that you are wearing! It would be so versatile to wear. Thanks for all of the great layering tips.

  33. Susan, I would absolutely love to receive the Freshwater Pearl Fleur de Lis necklace. I see you wear it or one similar and it makes your outfit so stunning.

    Please consider me. I can’t wait to get your blog three days a week. It makes me rethink my wardrobe.

    By the way, your skin is glowing. It’s hard to believe you wear no foundation.

  34. This blue sea glass lariat necklace is the one I would like to win. Your blog has helped me style without having to purchase a new wardrobe. This necklace would be a nice focal piece for winter or summer.
    Thanks for your help!
    Phyllis Kidwell

  35. Beach glass patina lariat is beautiful! Also love the gray blouse with white polka dots. Do you remember where you got that? I love it!

  36. I would LOVE the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather in Gray necklace from Beauty in Stone. I own one of their bracelets and it looks beautiful and is constructed so well! Thank you for the opportunity to win! Betty Howard

  37. I would love to win the fresh water pearl necklace with coin. I love the elegant look of the old fashioned look it has with the beautiful silver French coin. I would be able to dress it up or down. It is so true a chic but elegant piece of jewelry. Thank you ☺️

  38. I love the gold/silver chunky link bracelet. I do like to keep my metal colors the same, but a piece like this ties everything together. Loved this video, Susan. Thank you for all that you do for us!

  39. Love the beach glass and patina lariat. Also the one you are wearing is great! Thanks for your advice. The belt with your outfit and denim shirt makes all the difference!! Have to make sure I follow your advice with that.

  40. Thank you for the always consistent and spot on fashion advice. I believe you can never go wrong with pearls, so I would choose the Luxe Cascading Pearls On Leather lariate.

  41. Hi Susan, love the necklace you are wearing – Big Link Silver – and also love the Beach Glass and Patina so I will let you choose if I’m one of the lucky winners. Thank you for mentioning the Beautycounter sale. I just ordered the nightly face peel. My previous bottle lasted over a year and a half (I’m not sure when I placed my first order) so the cost per use is minimal and results are great. I faithfully use the peel plus the oil and my skin is clearer, smoother and sun damage (brown spots) greatly diminished! And, no, this is not a paid commercial, just a happy customer!

  42. Susan I have followed you for years and I credit you for my seamless transition from business professional to retirement these past few years. I would love to be gifted the gold beaded lariat on royal blue suede. Thank you for your inspiration!

  43. Happy Thanksgiving! I would love the gold bead lariat on tan suede. They are so simple and beautiful!

    I enjoy reading your blog and it’s been very helpful as I adjust my style as I move into a new stage of my life.

    All the best,

  44. Susan, I’m not sure I saw the lariat necklace you are wearing. However, that would be my choice, or something similar, should I be the lucky winner. I also like the bracelet, I see you wearing a lot. I am rushed now, though I have been interested in looking into that line of jewelry. I’m disappointed the denim shirt is no longer available, especially since it is difficult to find one in a good color blue. Thank you for the generosity. Happy Holidays to you and Mr. Mickey. Pat

  45. Susan, seeing that close up picture of your lovely face got me thinking about the facial products you use. I am 75 years old and have a dry, reddish complexion. What products would you recommend?

    Thank you

    Mary Boyd

  46. I love the gold beaded quatrefoil lariat. And the fact you could wear it as a slim belt is very appealing! I absolutely love your glasses. Time to get a new pair for myself. I’ve found it is kind of helpful to have someone go with you and take pictures of you with the different frames on. It gives another perspective…

  47. My favorite lariat necklace is the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. They all are extremely pretty. Thank you!!

  48. I love the pink freshwater filigree necklace. Oh my goodness, It’s so pretty!
    Thank you for sharing this site. Their things are affordable and lovely.
    Merry Christmas, Susan!

  49. Love your blog and style. I like the red and black leather lariat – reminds me of my dog , Gracie, who died this morning of heart disease. If I win it, it will be in her honor and memory.

  50. Hi Susan
    I like the blush pearl lariat. I have always loved Pearl’s and they go nice with my color of natural platinum hair.
    Thank you for your inspiration of beauty and style.
    I’m in my early 70’s and appreciate your advise.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    Becky McDowell

  51. The colorful stones necklace with turquoise pendant is my choice. It is an attention grabber. I can see wearing it with solid color tops or a dress. Thank you!

  52. I would LOVE the “Big Link Silver Beaded” lariat necklace. I have same hair color and skin tone as you do so silver complements me best! I am needing new glasses frames and will be looking for frames. Always such a difficult decision since they are the most notable “necessary” accessory I wear every day.

  53. I really like the Silver Beaded Lariat on a Carmel Cord.. I mix my silver and gold and I think this lariat would be perfect! It can be worn in many different ways ……so I would only need to bring one necklace on a trip. Thank you for the opportunity to try something outside my comfort zone!

  54. Thank you so much for another give away! I really like the one you have on. I think it is the Big Stone in gray. You look wonderful in all your outfits. Enjoy all the holiday get together this month!!

  55. I love the big link silver beaded on suede! I know gold is all the rage right now, but my coloring requires silver. Thank you for the chance to win!

  56. Howdy Susan, greetings! What a super fun way to get your readers involved with your blog. How much fun you must be having! Heart felt thanks for helping this little ole country girl from Alabama learn how to shine. Yep, twas you my friend! Special talent you have there girl. Love, love, love your blog! Keep em a coming! I love the big link silver beaded leather lariat in gray. I could see that taking my denim up a notch.

  57. I have truly enjoying reading your blog and have learned so much from you. I like the Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather in camel.

  58. Haha, I would love to see what people think when you take off all those layers. I would never think this was possible, at the same time looking so great.

  59. I love the necklace you’re wearing so I would chose that one. Thank you for you blog, I’ve been following for about 5 or 6 years now. You introduced me to My Fair Lady and I’ve even visited the shop.

  60. It was a tough choice because all of the necklaces are so beautiful. I really love the knotted pearl on leather lariat. Thanks so much, Susan!

  61. Susan, what is the Brad of socks that you wear? I thought I had saved it, but apparently not. I wanted to order them. Thanks.

  62. What a lovely giveaway, Susan. The Beauty in Stone Lariats are gorgeous.

    After having looked at each one the “Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather” would be my choice. Why? It would work beautifully with the majority of my wardrobe.

  63. I think I would love just about ANY piece from “Beauty In Stone but I especially love the 17” Chain Necklace with Heart & Pearl Antique Silver. Your jewelry is always so tasteful and a definite statement! It’s part of your impeccable style. Always enjoy your advice and how you style everything in your closet. You make it look so easy! Ha! Have learned a lot from you!

  64. I am so enjoying the guilty pleasure of your giveaways! The Beach Glass & Patina Lariat Necklace is lovely!!!

  65. Susan, my favorite is the Navy Beach Glass lariat. But it wasn’t easy to choose between the navy and the amber … so one goes on this entry and the other on my Christmas list. Both would fit into my “auburn coloring” wardrobe perfectly!

  66. Wow, great post! I too am cold so much of the time. This is very helpful. Good reminder to layer over jean jackets.
    Susan, you look radiant and your skin is amazing.
    Lariats are all beautiful but my choice is Big Link Silver Beaded on suede leather (grey). This opportunity is so appreciated! Thank you for your generosity. ☺

  67. Hi Susan. The Gold Beaded Lariat with Link on Suede Tan Leather would be my choice.

    You look stylish and radiant as usual. Enjoy your blog and the useful info you share.

  68. Thank you for offering a giveaway. If I were to be a lucky winner, I would choose the Knotted Pearl Leather Lariat.
    Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

  69. I think the Big Link Gold Beaded Lariat on black suede is a special piece that seems to be so versatile in the different ways it can be styled and worn. It can be a statement piece and a simpler piece – my choice! I love it.

  70. I recently started following your site. I love your style and have ordered from perfectly covered.
    I would love to win the lariat that you are wearing.

  71. That’s my style of necklace! Really like the versatility and creative ways it can be worn. I would love to win the Big Link Silver Beaded Leather on Suede Leather.

  72. My fave is the necklace you are wearing. Layers are very important in any climate. I will be traveling to N. KY from SW FL soon. Was trying to plan for the change of climate. This post is very timely. Thank you

  73. You look fabulous in glasses!! That would make for a good blog – right frames for your face and current trends v classic styles.

  74. The best solution I’ve found in terms of keeping warm are silky thermal pieces, used as a base layer. They are thin enough to layer under slacks and tops, and even leggings and skinny jeans. I was wondering if you’ve ever tried them, Susan? My favorite lariat necklace is the Peacock Pearl.

  75. The Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Grey Suede Leather would be my choice, if my name is selected. I like the lariat style, and it looks like that particular necklace would serve as a pretty accent whether wearing grey, black, or bright colors. It is kind of you to offer these items to your readers, in addition to your love of fashion and the expertise that you willingly share with us. Thank you very much, Susan.

  76. I previously purchased one of the lariat necklaces (big link) based on your blog and I love how lightweight and versatile it is! I’m eyeing that beautiful sea-glass patina lariat necklace now, and thinking that it would go well with many outfits – thanks for the chance to perhaps get one!

  77. I love the Big Link Silver Beaded lariat necklace! I can think of so many outfits that would complement. Thanks for your blog! I learn so much.

  78. Another vote here for the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather necklace — it is so pretty. Enjoyed learning about layering. And love your eye glasses! You look very nice in them.

  79. What a lovely giveaway! I would choose the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. Such a nice gift! Thank you.

  80. I love the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. I’ve just gotten an email from Beauty in Stone regarding buy 2 get 35% off and am considering bracelets for my Sisters! I enjoy your blogs and classy looks! Layering is the best since I live in Florida!

  81. Hi Susan, I love the necklace you are wearing in the picture. It would go with so many outfits.
    I have been visiting your blog for many months now and thoroughly enjoy your posts.
    Do you have any style tips for ladies 5’2”, with an hourglass shape and slightly over weight (a battle I am currently losing since I have a “wonky” thyroid).

  82. Hi Susan, your glasses look fabulous, as does your glowing skin. I love the Luxe Cascading Pearls On Leather Lariat, thank you for the generous giveaway!

  83. I would love to win the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede…have been tying tomake one, but this one fits the bill for me!…I love its styling yet casual look.. as always you look fabulous and this would work with my casual style

  84. I am always cold so I’m very interested in today’s tips. I love the Big Link silver beaded lariat on gray suede leather. It would be a versatile accessory. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  85. Hi Susan. Thanks once again for all the inspiration and for the opportunity to win a lovely piece of jewelry. I am older than you and I am going on my first cruise in the spring. Of course versatility is key when packing and a lovely lariat such as the one you are wearing would be perfect to enhance my wardrobe and would go with almost everything I will be taking. That would be my choice if I were chosen. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  86. While all the lariat necklaces are gorgeous, my favorite is the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather in gray or dark brown. This particular necklace is just a bit more special. It’s versatile, unique & would pair perfectly with other pieces of jewelry I own, as well as with my wardrobe. Three ladies will be very surprised & happy with their ‘win’. What a generous gift, Susan!

  87. I enjoyed your video demonstrating how to layer. It doesn’t often get extremely cold in the DFW area, but when it does, I’ll be ready! I liked the blush pearl and leather lariat. The video on their website was also informative.

  88. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for another lovely giveaway opportunity. If I were lucky enough to be a winner, I would choose the Silver Beaded Lariat on the grey suede leather.

    Thank you for your very helpful and inspiring blogs. Love the glasses.

  89. Hi Susan, I love reading your blog, and your positive attitude is much appreciated. I wish you a wonderful 2020!
    The lariats are all pretty, but I would choose to receive the Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace in Tan.

  90. I love the silver bead lariat on the gray suede leather. Anything that can be worn in more then one way I am
    a big fan of.

  91. I would adore owning the Big Link Pewter Bead Silver Suede lariat. It would be perfect with my silver hair that sports one really black streak in front. It also reminds me somewhat of a long silver necklace I CNET that I see you wear that has silver circles.

  92. Thank you so much for all that you do! Love reading your tips and now when I shop it is with a more critical eye rather than just buying stuff because it is a bargain.
    My favorite necklace is the Beach Glass and Patina Lariat. I love that the beads are made in Ghana.

  93. These necklaces are beautiful! It was hard to choose one! I think I would like to wear the vintage distressed pearl fleur de Lis necklace, I just love antique vintage jewelry and this one looks very “vintage”. Thank you for all your great pointers in your articles.

  94. My, that is a LOT of layers. It doesn’t get nearly as cold here in central Alabama thank goodness. As long as my feet are warm, I’m usually fine.

    Love the lariat necklaces! My favorite would be Big Link With Pewter Bead Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather with navy suede. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  95. I, too, ALWAYS summer/winter, take a cardi/jacket everywhere!!! Read yr blog a LOT & really enjoy yr fashion, travel etc. tips

    This is the lariat I Hope to win: Big Link With Pewter Bead Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather (in black suede) I really like it b/c it’s classic & not gaudy/trendy& learned how VERSATILE it is!!!

  96. So sorry if this is a repeat as I am not seeing my earlier reply showing up.

    I absolutely adore the Black Fresh Water Pearls Lariat! It would be so special to wear something handmade from your hometown Susan!

  97. I would love to be the lucky recipient of a Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather necklace. It is a beautiful versatile piece that I could wear with a variety of my outfits from casual to more formal. Thank you for a very informative post. We are planning a trip in the near future, and this has given me some great layering ideas that I never thought of. I have a couple of denim shirts in my wardrobe. This post has provided me with some thought on how versatile they are and how I could be styling them and get more use out of them in my wardrobe. I’m much more conscious of anything new I now add to my wardrobe. I try to make sure any new items are something I need or am replacing in the best quality I can afford, as well as fit properly in one of the basic colours that I know look good on me. I try only to purchase new items that I will wear for the next few years, rather than impulse purchases of items that I may only occasionally wear that will sit on the hanger in my closet. I look forward to your posts and continue to learn tips I can adapt in my own wardrobe. I’ve checked out a few other blogs and I enjoy yours the most, as your style and tips are adaptable to women of various ages and incomes. Keep up the great work!

  98. I love the Beauty In Stone beach glass lariat in deep navy with pearls necklace! I am totally a pearl girl at heart and this necklace can be worn in so many different ways from casual to classic! Can see this going with a ton of outfits.

    I love your blog and have used many of your tips and tricks to enhance my own style.

    Thanks for the option to enter the contest:)

  99. Susan, Thank You for all the wonderful advice that you have given me through the years. I would love to have the necklace that you are wearing, The Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. I am looking forward to your next blog.

  100. The Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat is definitely my favorite. I purchased the coordinating Chunky Big Link Bracelet a while back and love it. The quality is excellent and so stylish. Thank you for your informative positive blog. I always look forward to reading it!

  101. Your post about warm layering without becoming a Pillsbury Dough Boy is perfectly timed! Appreciate your tips & time to do a video, too.

    Thank you, Susan, for your kind offer on this pretty jewelry. Very generous of you! I like the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Gray Suede Leather. It elongates an overall look. The ring provides flexibility to style in different ways, depending on necklines. The Silver & neutral coloring can go with many outfits, plus will move casual attire into being more distinctive.

    Grateful for your time & sharing for all of us. Happy Holidays!

  102. I love the big link silver lariat suede in grey, they are all absolutely stunning and versatile, thanks for the opportunity ….Kay

  103. Love your layering ideas! I always learn something new.

    My favorite lariat necklace is beach glass and patina although they are al beautiful


  104. I love the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather that you are wearing. And I love your new eyewear. Thank you so much for sharing the video.

  105. The necklace I wish to win is the Leather pearl necklace with baroque pearl on top of the leather tassel. This would match my coloring best (auburn) and also my baroque pearl gold ring. It is a piece badly needed in my wardrobe, and I would appreciate having it very much. Thank you for a most interesting and informative blog,

    Ann Lee Sweeten

  106. I love the necklaces! What a tough choice. My favorite is the beach glass lariat because the beach speaks to my soul. This piece is something that would dress up any outfit. I am a real estate agent and often wear jeans when showing estate style properties with land. Something like this would certainly add a lot of style to a simple outfit!

  107. Aloha Susan from the isle of Maui. . I am an enthusiastic fan of your blog and have purchased numerous items you have suggested. My wardrobe is slowly shifting to that of a well curated one! Thanks for the help. I am most interested in the lovely Amber Beach Glass and Pearl Lariat Necklace. I have been debating about that one, in addition to the Freshwater Pearl Fleur De Lis Pendant necklace you presented a few weeks ago. . .I travel to Tanzania every February and like to present myself in modest, durable yet casual travel attire. A small piece of casual jewelry that would work well with my khaki neutrals and add a bit of shine and polish is always something I like to pack. The Amber Pearl Lariat would be just the right piece! It would be an honor to be considered for an opportunity to receive one. Mahalo and Happy Holiday Season. . Kathleen Loy
    PS. Love the postings of all the philanthropic events you and Mr. Mickey attend. You give generously of your time and I admire that.

  108. Susan, I love the freshwater pearl lariat in Tan; the colors suit mine (auburn) and I wear pearl rings often. This is a versatile necklace one could wear with many items. Thank you for this opportunity, love your blog which is both entertaining and informative. Ann Lee Sweeten

  109. Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather is my choice of the lariat necklaces. I love the simplicity and believe it would be very versatile. Thank you for this give away. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be one of the winners. I look forward to reading your posts.

  110. Susan love your blog with your great insight on what women over 60 will find helpful in clothes selection You are an inspiration. I love the big silver link lauriat necklace that you are wearing.

  111. Thanks for the layer tips, your tips are always very helpful.

    I love love the gold beaded lariat with link on suede leather.
    I would love winning that necklace.

  112. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for the chance to win one of the beautiful Beauty in Stone lariat necklaces. I already have one of the silver beaded ones like you are wearing above, but I think I would get a lot of use out of one of the beautiful fresh water pearl ones too. I love to wear pearls especially in the summer when I wear more white.

  113. Love your new glasses Susan. My favorite lariat is the Big Link with Pewter Bead Silver Beaded Lariat on Black Suede Leather, I think this will go with just about every piece of clothing I own 😉

  114. What a lovely surprise to find another giveaway on your website. If I am lucky enough to win a lariat necklace I would choose the Beach Glass & Patina. I have fallen in love with the soft grey colour and see that I could use it with a number of my outfits Audrey

  115. Susan, your skin looks absolutely flawless! I love the beach glass and patina lariat necklace. I’m retiring at the end of January after having worked for many years. I would be very grateful to win that necklace and it would be a boost for me as I transition to my next chapter in life. Keep your inspiring posts coming. Jan

  116. All of the necklaces were terrific, but I love the one that you are styling. I also like the Big link silver lariat and the pearl lariat styles. Thank you for your blog. Merry Christmas.

  117. I love these beautiful lariat necklaces! If I were a lucky winner, I would choose the Big Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. I follow your column weekly and have tried hard to follow your advice in paring down my wardrobe to simple, tailored pieces that mix and match. The necklace would add a very nice touch to many of the outfits I wear. It’s such a lovely give away! Thank you for the chance at winning.

  118. I love the gold beaded lariat on suede leather. I am 65 and my style is much more casual than it used to be! I think this necklace would be very versatile on t shirts and sweaters ! I enjoy all of your tips for ladies over 60 … both casual and dressy. Thank you!

  119. Mmm…the Beach Glass Patina. Special. So very hard to choose, it made me nervous! Thank you for the opportunity. Have a lovely Christmas and best wishes for health and happiness in the new year!

  120. Love all of your outfits – very classy. Thanks for helping me with my “style”. What would I do without you?!
    I chose the gold lariat with clover – looks so versatile and easy to wear with myriad outfits.

  121. The jewelry is all so beautiful. The Shell Pearl, Druzy & Gemstone Necklace With Tassel is amazing, the colors are so pretty.

  122. Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for your informative blog. I’ve enjoyed learning from your research and knowledge for a while now. It is very generous of you to share your contacts and gifts with your readers.
    If I could win one of the lovely lariat necklaces my choice would be the one with beach glass.

  123. Love your blog… as a retired woman I tend to dress too casual but you have given me inspiration to up my game. And loving the Big Link Silver lariat on grey suede leather.

  124. I’m more or less a newcomer to your blog and I LOVE your approach to basic pieces with touches of color in scarves, jewelry and bags!!! Love the BEACH GLASS and PATINA lariat!

  125. You are so kind to offer giveaways! The blush pearl would be my choice; neutrals go with everything. I am hesitant to purchase cashmere because I’m afraid it will pill quickly. How to you keep yours fresh looking?

  126. I have been lusting after the lariat necklace you wear ( the Big Link Silver beaded lariat on suede leather in gray) for such a long time. I put it on my gift wish list but of course I’d wouldn’t mind winning it your giveaway. I’m glad you posted the glasses source also.

  127. Susan, perhaps you will be happy to know that as a faithful reader I have not had to obtain any new garments this winter. I can mix and match what is already in my closet for every occasion that will arise. I would love to win the navy and blue beach glass lariat. Thanks for this opportunity and for your generosity in maintaining this blog!

  128. Susan, I really like the red lariat necklace with the pearls and beads. It looks so elegant!
    Thank you for all you do to help us ladies look our very best!

  129. Big link silver beaded lariat on suede is my choice because I wear a lot of black year round. Thanks for the opportunity

  130. Oh Susan, this video is so helpful. I never would have dreamed of putting on so many layers, but I need them. Like you, I freeze in colder weather and have no problem wearing a sweater in summer indoors with the a/c. Thank you for doing this.

    My brain is having a problem reversing the concept of the glasses. So if you have a long thin face, what shape eyeglasses are best? Thank you for being you, Susan! Have a great week.

  131. Hi Susan, If I am lucky enough to win your lariat drawing, I would love to have the Freshwater Pearl Lariat Necklace in Black. Thank you so much for your styling tips. Your hints about coordinating my wardrobe are appreciated. Hopefully this holiday season you will be blessed with lots of joy and laughter.

  132. The blazer is such a classic! I purchased 2 today, at Gabe’s, such a great deal. So glad to see how you put the layering together, I will use your tips. I just got new glasses today too! The lariat necklaces are amazing! I love the silver beads on leather or suede and the silver on red is gorgeous.

  133. I would love to win the Big link silver beaded lariat on suede leather necklace from Beauty in Stone. It’s the perfect choice for any outfit. Very stylish and versatile. I love the fact that you can wear it long or short. So pretty.

  134. I love the knotted pearl leather lariat necklace because I love the contrast of the darker leather with the pearls.
    Love your denim and black with jewelry accents!

  135. Big link silver beaded lariat on suede is lovely and I wear a lot of silver. But all of them are beautiful. Enjoy your blog.

  136. Hi Susan,
    I enjoy jewelry especially now living in the south & the weather is finally cooler. The piece that I really like
    is the silver beaded lariat on suede leather. A lovely piece.
    I really enjoy your website. You put a lot of effort into it & you look stunning. Thank you.

  137. Love your glasses, Susan! And, I appreciate the advice on how to choose frames because I’ve had to wear glasses since I was a kid.
    Thank you for another generous prize offer. I really like the Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Pearl Tassel Natural Brown.

  138. Hello Susan,
    I read your blogs regularly and always learn something useful. Thanks so much for sharing and helping us to look our very best. Thanks to for the generous offer of gifting three necklaces. Whoever wins will be truly grateful.

    I really like them all and would be happy with either one of them but given a choice I would select the (Glass and stone silver chain necklace with drop pendant). I think it’s beautiful and elegant, I can wear it dressed up or casually, which is exactly what I’d do. I also like the fact that it looks lady like. If I’d be so fortunate as to win I would treasure it forever, A real gift from you would mean the world to me.

    If I’m not the winner I will be happy for who ever is and hope they will enjoy the special gift from you.

    Jo C.

  139. Antique silver matte chain is oxidized sterling over steel. Chain Necklace With Rhinestones
    Your home is so beautiful you should do a video of your style there

  140. I love the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. It is such a unique piece and would go with many things.

  141. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your generosity in offering a free lariat. They are so incredibly beautiful, but I LOVE the big link silver beaded lariat on suede leather you are wearing and would be so happy to win one!

  142. I love the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. It is a unique piece that would go with many things.

  143. Susan,
    I would love the same necklace you are wearing, the big link silver beaded lariat on suede leather. Very flattering.

    Thank you for providing such helpful information.

    Kathy Frank

  144. Thank you Susan for your informative and thoughtful blog posts! We are never to old to learn new things. Love being introduced to new websites to shop. The Beauty in Stone has so many unique pieces. Got to say that my choice would be the big link silver with gray suede also. Love that you can also have an initial engraved.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  145. I love my Chain Link Bracelet and Freshwater Pearl Earrings from Beauty in Stone! The Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather would be a great addition to my collection. Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway.

  146. Susan, You look very classy & elegant wearing glasses! I too have started wearing mine more rather than always resorting to contact lenses as I can read perfectly sans contacts or eyeglasses, as it is nearsightedness being the issue. I am close to your age however many friends have mentioned I look great wearing glasses, so credit goes to finding the perfect frames.

  147. Thank you for sharing all your fashion wisdom. Because of the time and effort you so faithfully put into your blog, I have been able to tweak my wardrobe and define my ‘spirit’ as I enter the more mature years. As for the necklace, the Big Link Gold Beaded Laurent on Suede is lovely and best for my warm coloring. Such a generous offer from you to your faithful followers.

  148. Hi Susan, I have learned so much by following your blog. Thank you. I would love to wear the Gold beaded lariat with quatrefoil clover. That would be fun. Thank you!

  149. I would love to have the peacock pearl long lariat necklace. Just lovely. Read your every post and try to follow your example.

  150. Hi Susan, I like the Freshwater Pearl Lariat with Black suede, the very last one on the 2nd page. Thanks to you and Beauty in Stone for the opportunity to win it. They all look beautiful.

  151. Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather is the first one and although I looked at all of them, this one caught my eye because of the simple lines and the colors fit in with my wardrobe. I love you in glasses. I really like the chambray shirt under the blazer. I need to wear shirts more. I get stuck in a rut of wearing on,y sweaters or tee shirts. I’m working my courage up to wear a belt. I’m so short waisted, I usually avoid them.

  152. I loved two of the Lariat necklaces from Beauty in Stone, the Red Lariat with Pearls and Beads is a great accent piece.
    I LOVE the color red. I also thought the Beach Glass and Patina Lariat was stunning. I think it could be used with many colors. If I had to choose it would be the Beach Glass. It looks very rich looking in the picture. Thanks for sharing this site.

  153. I love the lariat necklaces. I especially like the big link silver beaded lariat on suede. I would love to win it.

  154. Hello Susan,

    I love the Big Link Silver beaded lariat in grey suede leather as it is neutral and classic. I like the fact that it can be shortened or lengthened as I have a round face and necklaces too high on my neck do not suit me. I think the lariat style would visually lengthen my neck as well. As I have white hair and wear mostly navy, black and white, the silver lariat would go with most things in my wardrobe.

    Thank you.
    Halina Hassard

  155. Hi Susan,

    I think the long chain necklace with drop pendant is pretty and delicate. As I am petite big jewelry does not suite my frame. By the way you are more and more beautiful in each post. I having been using Coutertime too but y skin is not as creamy as yours. Too many summers spent tanning at the beach in Florida in my teens without sunscreen. Thank you for your blog.

  156. I really like the one that you are wearing, but they are all beautiful. There are several that I would love for Santa to leave under my Christmas tree. Really enjoy your blog. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!!

  157. Susan, I love the blushed pearl lariat necklace in leather. I love pearls and believe it will go with many
    Of my outfits. Being 50 inches long I believe I can wear it many ways. Love your advice Susan, it has
    helped me many times. I am actually enjoying getting dressed daily.

  158. Susan–I bought the lariat you have on in the blog today. Love it! If I won I would love the blush pearl lariat necklace on leather. Thanks!

  159. I love your blog my favorite is the jewelry you wear and the trips you take the red larit necklace with beads are beautiful

  160. Susan: I would love to win the Chain Necklace With Fleur de Lis Crest in 22 inch size. It is the perfect, low-key necklace for so many necklines in my signature silver tone. Since I have gone silver haired I have needed to change my jewelry wardrobe.


  161. I love the Beach Glass & Patina Lariat Necklace. The color and earthy feel are definitely my style. Thanks for your great blog, Susan. I always look forward to your post.

  162. I love the gray beach glass lariat. I like the idea of layering clothes,and I need to wear my belts more often!

  163. Visited Beauty in Store. Gorgeous jewelry! Loving the beautiful lariat style necklace you’re wearing. It looks so classic!

  164. I love your “always classy” style. The lariat necklace that i like best is the silver beaded on leather. It seems to dress up or down an outfit.

  165. It’s really difficult to choose, but I am drawn to the gray beach glass and patina lariat necklace. I am a huge fan of beach glass and very surprised that it can be fabricated! And I appreciate that the artist is supporting the people of the Krobo tribe who produces the beads.

  166. I love the big link silver beaded lariat with gray suede. When you buy quality pieces you want them to be versatile and this necklace fits the bill. Thanks for highlighting it!!

  167. So many great choices, but I think the Big Link Silver Beaded would be the most versatile for me. Have a lovely day Susan.

  168. I love the Gold Beaded Lariat With Quatrefoil Clover on Suede Leather. I’m already a lucky lady, blessed with a wonderful family and wonderful friends. I’ve beat breast cancer twice but a four leaf clover for good luck couldn’t hurt.
    PS: love your blog.

  169. I love the Gold Beaded Lariat With Link on Suede Leather in tan. It is so versatile and could be worn with almost anything. Since I’m a gold girl, I would like that option best. Thanks for the lovely giveaway and your sage advice.

  170. Hi Susan. Thanks for sharing your layering tricks. I wonder if you could answer a quick question. I’ve always read that one should wear a scarf or a necklace but not both. What is your thought on that.

    And I did see a lovely necklace described as Colorful Stone Necklace With Turquoise Pendant that I think would be a great layering piece.

  171. I too am short-waisted. If only I could find a belt like that…I looked at all over the Internet, eBay, new shops etc. not to be found…. I found one in brown but I do prefer black! Sigh…

  172. I would love to own the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat. It is just the style that I would wear often. Thank you, Susan.

  173. I love the Gold Beaded Lariat With Link on Suede Leather! I think it is just gorgeous! I really enjoy your posts, thank you.

  174. Hi Susan! I have been following your blogs for about six months now, and trying to incorporate your suggestions into creating a new, basic wardrobe for myself. My hair and eye coloring are very similar to yours, so I’m making my base layers in black and navy blue. My only styling issue is my height, I’m just 5’1””, so I am taking your advice to use vertical lines to elongate my appearance. I absolutely love the silver lariat necklace you are wearing in this blog! It is classic, stunning, and have nothing like it in my jewelry box ( I have a few mostly choker style necklaces), and I think the silver would be perfect for just about every top, dress, and sweater I have in my closet! Besides clothing advice, I have been changing my eating patterns along the lines you follow in your quest for good health, and I have lost 8 pounds, and have never felt better! I enjoy and value your blog immensely, and I would be thrilled to have this beautiful piece to compliment my new look!
    I wish you and Mr. Mickey a very Merry Christmas! Sincerely, Kathleen

  175. Hi Susan! I would love to win the big link silver necklace! I wear silver tones most of the time. This neutral toned necklace would go with most of my wardrobe which you helped me build. I thank you for your fashion advice and inspiration. I have lost almost 40 pounds now and when I go out I receive many compliments on my outfit. You have given me the gift of confidence! Thank you!

  176. If I was lucky enough to win, I would choose the beaded lariet on leather. I believe this is one that you have which was featured ib your blog about dressing in hot weather and is pictured on Beauty in Stone showing you wearing it.

  177. I needed this blog. I struggle with layering and not looking stuffed. Also, it is restricting with so many layers. Going to try some of your suggestions. Thanks for sharing.

    Beach Glass Lariat in Deep Blue/Navy With Pearls is gorgeous. Would love to win this.

  178. Hi Susan, I Love the Big LinkSilver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. What a beautiful piece and so versatile. Thank you for your generosity and inspiration to so many.

  179. Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather is beautiful and the one i would pick (with my initial of course 🙂 ) and again, I LOVE the glasses!

  180. I’ve always admired the Beauty in Stone Lariat necklace you wear. It is so versatile! And now you’re giving 3 away!

    I prefer the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather in gray.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  181. I love the look of the lariat you are wearing or anything silver, pearl, or red. Have a great day s as nd I enjoy and utilize your advice.

  182. I love the Big Link Silver Beaded lariat! You are doing a great job on your blog Susan! You are always so helpful! Thanks so much!

  183. I have always been very conservative with my necklaces choosing to wear silver or yellow gold link necklaces. However I have fallen in love with the lariat necklace and I think it would be great to have a fresh new image. My favourite lariat is the one you are wearing, the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. Thank you so much for your blog, I always enjoy reading it.

  184. Hi Susan,
    I would love to be the lucky and fortunate give away person to receive the big link silver beaded Lariat on swede leather.
    I have always admired it on you, and since I wear often black and silver and sometimes white tops I will get lots of use from this piece. On a personal note I like supporting Suzanne McKinney of Beauty In Stone Jewelry.
    Merry and Happy and Healthy Everything,

  185. Susan, I so enjoy starting out the week with your great tips. Sometimes I will go back to some of your older videos to refresh my memory. Thank you for this opportunity to win one of the lariat necklaces. I would be thrilled to wear any of them but…if I had to choose one it would be the silver beaded one you are wearing. The color is so very versatile and it looks lovely on you. Wishing you, Mr. Mickey and your families a safe and beautiful Christmas.

  186. I like the lariat “big link with pewter bead” and I am laughing because I wearing the same outfit as what you have pictured here. My jacket is Lands End grey cashmere and wool blend and my scarf us a bit different but TWINS! Must have been reading your blog for too many years!

  187. My choice would be the silver bead lariat on charcoal suede cord (or maybe camel but I think charcoal). They are all so pretty!

  188. I so enjoy starting out the week with your great tips. Often I go back and look at some of your older videos to refresh my memory. You have beautiful taste in your jewelry and I thank you for the opportunity to win one of the lariat necklaces you have shown in this video. I would be thrilled to wear any one of them… but if I had to choose it would be the silver one you are wearing. It is so versatile, not too much, not too little.
    Wishing you, Mr. Mickey and your families a safe and beautiful Christmas 2019!

  189. The designer inspired classic black tassel LV necklace in gold. I simply cannot afford designer anything now that I am retired. I have some Coach handbags from my working days 5 years gon by, but nothing new for a long time, so I love the designer-inspired pieces. I love a black necklace on a black top that has enough jazz to stand out, nut in a more subtle way than a so;I’d silver or gold piece. I am a larger sized women with a large bust and so I think that this piece will make a black top look elegant, without drawing too much attention to the chest. It will look lovely with small gold earrings. I really love it.

  190. Susan, it was a thrilling day when I found your blog a year or more ago. You are the first person to model clothing and lifestyle that makes so much sense to me. I am about your size and the things you present give me so many fantastic ideas to “finish off” what I love to wear. I’ve always looked at my closet and thought, “Boy, my closet is so boring: no fun, no patterns, no bright color.” Now I understand it’s because I love neutrals and classic lines and I don’t feel like myself in flashy or colorful clothing, even though I love seeing all those colorful patterns and loose, flowing styles on others. I feel like you have taught me (and validated me) about how to present who I really am with style and casual grace and I thank you so much!
    From the first time I saw the lariat necklace on you I loved it and wanted one. The big link silver beaded is the one I would choose, as I look and feel better in cool colors with silver accents.

  191. Dear Susan, after looking at all of the beautiful lariat necklaces At Beauty in Stone, I would choose the blush pearl Lariat necklace on leather. I’m choosing this pearl necklace because I love pearls. I’ve been wearing pearls since I received my first pearl necklace as a teenager. I love the many ways this necklace can be used, and the soft colors. It’s time to come into the 21st century and update my pearl necklaces.
    What better way than with a beautiful, subtle lariat It’s time to come into the 21st century and update my pearl necklaces.

  192. I like the “Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on suede leather in grey”, this necklace seems to be very versatile. I wear a lot of grey and silver, they seem to be a better color since I have aged. Love your blog.

  193. Thank you for the cold weather style tips. The multi layered outfit complete with hat and gloves is a winner for going downtown in snowy weather. Very smart look!

    The Peacock Pearl Long Lariat Necklace is versatile and the perfect colors to go with many of my outfits. A graceful accent.

  194. Hi Susan. I love the necklace that you have on. Would you ever put a belt over the sweater coat or would that add bulk?

  195. Hi Susan. I enjoy seeing how you mix and match classic styles, particularly when you add scarves. I really think it’s not possible to own too many scarves! I also love those glasses frames. Like you, I started out wearing glasses occasionally – they’ve now become part of my style. I’ve recently started to experiment with stylish pieces of jewelry and really like these lariat necklaces; my choice would definitely be the gold beaded lariat on tan suede, which I think would work well with my warmer colors. I’m also drawn to one of those chunky Nordgreen watches, maybe as a Christmas gift to myself…… Best wishes for the festive season.

  196. I love the black link silver beaded lariat necklace. It goes with everything in my closet. Dressed up or casual you can’t go wrong. Susan you have inspired me to wear what I already own.

  197. The lariat necklace that I liked best is called “Beach Glass & Patina Lariat”. Here’s hoping I am one of the lucky ones.

  198. I would chose the Beach Glass Necklace with Crystal Pendant because it reminds me of my Mom who I lost to cancer nearly 26 years ago. She was never big on diamonds or expensive jewels, but leaned towards funky statement pieces that reflected her love of color (she was a quilter!) and originality. This necklace would be a way of carrying her with me always.

  199. I especially like the Gold Beaded Lariat With Quatrefoil Clover on Suede Leather. I wear mostly gold to accent my outfits. That necklace can be worn so many ways . I love it!

  200. Big Link Silver Beaded lariat would be my favourite, although that was a very difficult choice. The lariat is such an interesting idea – light and airy, but still with presence. And this colour would work in so many ways. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  201. Hi Susan, Thank you for posting such helpful style tips! I look forward to your posts, and have enjoyed following your blog for a few years. You are an inspiration! Love the glasses! What a delight that you are doing another giveaway! You have great taste, and I love your Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather in gray. What do you think of the Long Beaded Necklace With Sparkle? Is that one something you would wear, or is it not your style? What is your fav, if you were shopping for a new addition?

    1. I have the pearl and tan leather one and the gray leather and silver one. I have enjoyed wearing them very much since they look great worn with casual clothes. The Beach Glass Lariat in Deep Blue/Navy With Pearls is the next one on my list.

  202. I adore beach glass so the Beach Glass Necklace with Crystal Pendant really, really talks to me. Would look great with jeans.

  203. I love your blog. I have changed the way I think about clothes because of you. I would love the beach glass lariat necklace because it would go with almost everything in my closet!

  204. You are going to make some readers very happy with the lariat necklace giveaway.

    It was so difficult for me to choose my favorite. But…. the winner is the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede.
    Wish me luck!

  205. Susan…love all your tips and advice. Celebrating my 70th birthday this week I’d Love to have the Beach Sea Glass &Patina Lariat Necklace. I love the soft blues and grays in this necklace. I’ve been collecting sea glass for years. I make it a point to search for one of the little treasures when ever I am fortunate to travel to a seaside location. Im definitely a blue girl, so the colors in the necklace will go with many of my clothes.

  206. I adore the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Gray Suede Leather that you are wearing. It is dainty, classic and the charm is a nice touch. It is just my style!

  207. I visited the Beauty in Stone website and saw many lovely items. The lariat I most admired it the Knotted Pearl Leather Lariat.

  208. Susan,

    Thanks for this wonderful post and amazing opportunity to win one of these beautiful necklaces. Like you, my choice would be the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat necklace!

    Thanks for inspiring me to be the best that I can be! You look simply stunning in anything that you wear; blessings to you!

  209. I love the lariat necklace that you are wearing in the photo, so I really like the Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Sued Leather! Just lovely! Thanks again for all of your fashion advice and expertise!

  210. Thank you for a chance! Silver, gray and blue are my colors nowadays.
    Big Link Silver Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather (Gray) is my choice. It’s so good on you as well.

  211. Susan, I love the idea of the denim shirt with the blazer. I have both items so I’m going to try that look out tomorrow.
    I love the pearl necklace with the coin… classic with a twist.

  212. Susan,

    I like your style and advice. If I should win, I trust your good judgement to pick me out a Lariat in Silver that goes with casual outfits. BTW, I love lariats! Thank you, Inlook forward to your next post!

  213. I’m so happy to have found your site! I was trying to decide if I should stop wearing jeans now that I’m 75. I’ve worn them all my life and love them, but thought the look was too young for me. Thank you so much for showing me how to style them so they can be worn almost anywhere! I just need to get simpler tops and some scarves and necklaces and I’m all set!

    I was originally drawn to your site for the clothing tips, but I’ve grown to admire you very much for your kindness and gracious answers to even critical remarks. You are an inspiration in so many ways.

    And speaking of necklaces – I would love to win the Big Link Gold Beaded Lariat on Suede Leather. I just love all the lariats!

  214. Thank you! I’d love the long double strand gemstone necklace. I appreciate you sharing all your tips. The giveaways are fun.

  215. I have chosen the beach glass and patina lariat. I was taken by it’s neutral colors and the story of how the beads are made in Africa. Having taken a few classes in fused glass techniques as well as hot glass techniques I have some appreciation for the art. This lariat would be a fun classic piece to wear both casually as well as when a bit more dressed up.

  216. Hi Susan. I like the Freshwater pearl lariat in black and the Big link silver beaded lariat on suede leather. Thank you for all of your tips, pictures and videos. It must be time consuming to write your posts. I appreciate every one. Merry Christmas.

  217. Susan, I have been looking at Beauty in Stone for a couple of weeks, and could not decide what to order. After seeing you wearing the Silver Big Link lariat in this post, that is the one I would want. Your blog is the best one, so stylish, and practical. Thanks so much.

    Cathy McNeace

  218. You look great in glasses. So appreciate your authenticity and that you invest in classics rather than fads. Wish more fashion bloggers had this approach. Love the sea glass and patina lariet necklace! Thanks.

  219. I love a lariat because it is versatile. The Big Link Silver Beaded necklace is perfect for my coloring. I have gray hair and wear a lot of solid colors that are bold like red, black, deep purple, and most jewel tones. I think this lariat would look great with my tops.

  220. Hi Susan,
    I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    The necklace you are wearing is my favorite. Just like clothing, I love the ability to wear this beautiful necklace in different ways.
    What fun things are you and Mr Mickey planning for Christmas?

    Blessings to you,

  221. Thank you very much. That was an interesting and informative video information even though I live in a hot country. However, here also layers can help to go from home air-con to city street to hotel air-con. Shawls around the neck are a great way to keep from catching a cold from air-cons.
    Best regards, and keep up the great ideas.

  222. You have inspired me to change my look as I have been dressing the same way for years. I turned 65 January 2 of this year and I want to dress my personality not my age. Thank you for the help!

  223. You are adorable…and I love your glasses on you. Also a great hairdo. Just right. You look fabulous and gives us mature women the style and chic we deserve.

  224. I love so many of these pieces. I am 71 and I’m especially drawn to the lariat style of necklace. My cheeks are a little droopy at my age so I don’t like short, choker style necklaces. The lariat draws attention away from that. My favorite is #11 with the gray suede. That would go with so many of my outfits and my hair is all silver. Thanks, Susan, for alerting me to this great site.

  225. I’m so glad I follow you! I so like how you put your outfits together. At 73, I am learning a lot from you. As for the lariats, my choice is one of your favorites…….the Big Link Silver Beaded on Suede Lariat. Would love to add that to my wardrobe.
    Thank you from one Susan to another!!

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