Keeping The Weight Off

We enjoyed another perfect dining experience at Rowland’s in the Westglow Resort in Blowing Rock on Saturday. Rowland’s is consistently voted one of the best restaurants in the state of North Carolina. The Westglow Resort and Spa is one of the top 10 in the world.

The white straight leg jeans were a recent purchase from Chico’s. White pants are rarely an option for me unless they are jeans. I am always aware of the see-through effect when wearing white pants. The tee and trophy jacket are from White House|Black Market last year. The shoes and bag are a couple of years old. The sunglasses are by Tory Burch.

The weather in Blowing Rock is always at least ten degrees cooler than here in Johnson City, so I followed my rules for getting dressed. Dress for the weather. Dress for the event. Dress to flatter your body type and to reflect your personality.

Amour lipstick from Merle Norman was the best match with my jacket. Lip color is applied after getting dressed to choose the color that complements the color worn near my face. Then I can drop the tube in my bag to take with me for the day.

As we were relaxing with a glass of champagne in the resort’s living room, we noticed for the first time that my ring is the color of champagne. The fun rings were purchased a couple of years ago at B’ dazzled, 1179 Main Street, Blowing Rock. I get a manicure about once a month but never have color applied. Be true to yourself. I have never enjoyed color on my fingers.

We always sit at our favorite table in the sunroom and ask for the first seating. Neither of us enjoys dinner at a late hour. Enjoying a light late breakfast of fruit on my power porridge here, with multi-grain toast, and then an early dinner or late lunch is enough food for us on most days.

Amuse Bouche

Endive and roasted Brussels sprouts salad.

Halibut on potato parsnip purée and that is lobster mac and cheese on the side. Mr. Mickey had a craving.

Shared house-made ice cream.

Dessert wine enjoyed on the terrace while watching the sun go down over the distant mountains is always a good idea. Thus the name Westglow.

When I post about our dining experiences, I always get questions about eating out so often without gaining weight. In truth, we only eat out about three times per week. I have lost weight many times in my life, only to gain it back again right away. What I eat and the amount of food I consume has everything to do with health and weight. I have not consumed any processed food, pork, beef, or sodas in more than six years. I have kept the weight off for the first time in my life. All this happened after the age of 55.

I eat small amounts of whatever I want, including fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and occasionally wild-caught fish or organic chicken breast. I try to go for a brisk walk every day. I go hiking in the spring and fall, and I climb stairs many times a day. I stay in motion as much as possible all day.

  1. Beautiful as always. A little off topic but…have you finalized the plans for your Charlotte conference yet?

  2. That burgundy jacket and white jeans are great pairings for a very classic look. When I get white dress slacks, I always get them lined. I’ve had luck in the past with Pendleton brand. And today I resumed my walking. Too cold or rainy up until today. I’m cutting back on soda….from 4 or 5 a day when I worked, to now maybe one for an afternoon pick me up. I’m actually finding water is a better thirst quencher. Have a great week.

  3. I have lost weight and kept it off for the first time. It has taken me a year to lose 30 pounds. I am now about 10 pounds away from my goal weight. My method is to track my calories and nutrition with an app and to walk every day with strength training every other day. I eat whatever I want but in small portions.

  4. About lipstick: I look ‘dead’ without lipstick, and I found a couple of years ago Revlon’s Colorstay Overtime lipstick which it is. I like it but I must warn you my sister didn’t.

    It’s easy to apply, it dries in a minute or two, it lasts so that even when you washed your face before going to bed, when you wake up there is some slight color left on your lips which is just enough color to look very natural but to perk up your face.

    I could sell this lipstick as a hawker at the fiar I like it so much.

  5. Just picking up about your hands and how you have a manicure but no colour on your nails, so I assume you get them buffed.
    Do you moisturise them in between manicures, or use any oil on your cuticles. ? – I struggle with dry cuticles myself.
    I am thinking of not using varnish and removers just going “au nauturelle ” .
    The rings are lovely as you say champagne colour !

  6. THANK YOU for you inspiration. I am so happy that I found this web site. I am truly trying to change the way I buy clothes. Unfortunately, I have way too many clothes and I get frustrated because I can’t put them together the way I want. I have retired from teaching, so my wardrobe has changed a lot:) THANK You for sharing your knowledge with us. I hope some day to attend one of your ‘workshops”:) Mary Jo

  7. You are truly my inspiration. I am a 59 year-old early retiree. I have put on approximately 12 pounds since August 2012 when I retired. Most of the weight has been in my waist area giving me a muffin top on all of my jeans and slacks. I have a very short waist. So most pants I purchase sit below my natural waist. I have followed your suggestion about adding elastic to the back of slacks. That is a super, great idea. I am now able to wear jeans that fit my rear but do not give me quite as much muffin top. Thanks for your blog. I love reading it. You are a gorgeous lady. Your blog is the only one I follow. Thanks again.

  8. So glad to see you carry a bag similar in color to your shoes. Looks so much classier than carrying a large bag that goes with nothing on your body. This look is very complimentary for you.

    1. Have you noticed the trend of carrying a bag as a pop of color or textural interest? Matching the bag to the shoes is considered by some to be aging unless you are going for the head to toe monotone look.

  9. Lovely place and lovely outfit. I also love the pants and will be looking on Chico’s website for these. I do not care for the skinny pants in a white color on my old legs. Even though I’m thin white skinny jeans or pants show too many lumps and bumps on my thighs. You shoes are perfect for the outfit and to die for!!!!!

  10. Beautiful post. Just the type of places I love to go also. After looking at your blog I have finally figured out that my weak link is the shoes. I can’t wear heels. Any suggestions?

  11. Love your hair in these pictures…it’s a little straighter than you have worn it recently, and it looks elegant.

  12. Hi Susan,

    Your hands are so pretty! Was wondering if you’ve ever had a brown spot on them that you had removed. I have some that make me sad to see! Don’t know the best way to get rid of them. If you or your readers have any information I’d appreciate it so much!

    Love your blog; you always look so pulled together!

  13. I love your posts . I am waiting for them.
    I always stay at the comment that you always share the dessert with your partner. A love gesture .
    A delayed Happy Easter wish.

  14. Susan,
    I’m enjoying your blog! Thanks for sharing your weight loss journey. I bought Eat To Live and am now on my own journey to better health! Thank you.

  15. Classic look & a great fit on the white pants. Usually I need to have any white pants hemmed; so have also had pockets removed/shortened at the same time so they don’t show through. Sometimes a longer top helps me hide that area. I have always thought your before & after photos an amazing transformation! Do you have any progressive photos of your weight loss in between?…think it would be so inspiring. If (when!) I go off track it is usually at night. Pretty shoes & enjoyed the dining room shot showing the flowers through the window. Thank you Susan!

  16. Concerning dry cuticles, I use Alpha Hydroxy Body Lotion from It is the best for dry skin. I especially like this lotion for my dry heels. They are known as Alpha Skin Care.

  17. I truly appreciate the quality of your blog. I am a woman of a particular age group and I look forward to receiving your email. Thank you for sharing such great content! Have a beautiful day.
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  18. Thank you! Excellent eating plan that has clearly worked for you. I used to do that, too, and stopped, and now I’ve gotten too heavy. I’ll return to it, so thanks for the inspiration. We are heading on a vacation shortly, where I will have to wear a swim suit and be on the beach the better part of the day. When I look on the beach I see all sorts of figures and beach/swim wear, some of it rather unflattering. Can you offer some choices for flattering swim suits, sun hats and other sun protection, and cover ups that are suitable for the very hot sun and wind? I feel as if I know what to wear around a pool, in the form of nice flowing caftans etc, but this is a very hot, windy, Caribbean ocean front condo, and the resort, while lovely, is very casual. It’s a flip flops versus rattan platform sandal type of place, nor could one walk around there in heels or wedges. There are people from all over the world, and when I see a woman who is a legitimate size 22 stuffed into a very small bikini, I just have to shake my head. I am almost 70, big busted, thick in the middle, and have the usual soft arms and dimpled skin thighs, although not severely so. How do I dress so I look ok, but can still swim? We spend a good part of the day in the ocean. Thank you!

    1. That sounds like the most wonderful vacation! I would wear a comfortable bathing suit that covers as much as the jiggly bits as possible. For me, that would be a dark solid color with some asymmetrical ruching around the waist, high cut legs, and low cut V-neckline. If the flip flops are metallic or a nude color (bronze would be fab!) they will not stand out like black or white. Take one of your husband’s light blue thin shirts to wear as a cover-up. Flip up the collar, turn up the sleeves and just let it move with the breeze. Wear a straw hat with no decorations and sunglasses to flatter your face shape. Have a blast!

  19. Wow-so many nice pics! Love the Valentino shoes and my
    favorite pic of the group is in the sunroom. Looking pretty! You have such big, beautiful eyes. And shoes totally dictate the outfit… which you did so well.

  20. You are an inspiration to me! As I’m fast approaching my 60th birthday, I find myself wanting to be the best that I can be, inside and out. Your blog is like listening to a good friend’s advise. Thank you!

  21. Your newsletter is just what I need to help me find the perfect outfit for my high school graduation class birthday celebration for all of us turning 70 this year. It’s a patio barbecue party in mid-September at a nice country club in Sacramento, California. No jeans.
    I’d considered white pants but it’s after Labor Day. Is there still a stigma about wearing white passed that holiday? Thanks for sharing your style tips. You’re truly an inspiration!

    ~Nancy Jill Thames

    1. No, rules on wearing white these days. Wear white pants with nude or metallic shoes any time of the year. The weight of the fabric should guide your decisions as to what to wear when, not the color.

  22. I just discovered your blog today. You have inspired me. I turn 60 next month and want to spend the rest of my life feeling happy and healthy and looking beautiful. I signed up for Weight Watchers today. Thank you for being you. Helene

  23. I also noticed that your ring and champagne matched. I agree with your tip regarding lipstick. I also do the same thing. In fact I get dressed first, put on the jewelry then apply the make up as the finishing touch. This way I can be sure everything goes together. I never noticed before that you don’t polish your nails. I polish my own myself weekly. I choose the colour to the season and then all my clothes and accessories need to match the nail polish for the week. Don’t know why or when I started doing this system but it works for me. Love your red toe nails too.

  24. What camera do you use ? Your photos are always lovely!
    Have enjoyed following your blog for several years and have learned so much. Thank you for your inspiration

  25. Your white jeans looked a little too long. Didn’t that break one of your rules? Otherwise, all very sharp.

    1. If the hemline of the pants does not break and puddle on the top of your foot, the look is long and lean. I only wear these white jeans with heels in colder months. I will wear shorter white jeans with lightweight tops and pushed up sleeves in the warmer months. Longer flare leg pants (palazzo styles too) should almost cover your shoes.

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