Join Us For Date Night

Our favorite restaurant in town celebrated thirty years of being in business last week. Congratulations, Gourmet and Company!

I followed my usual guidelines for getting dressed. Wear something comfortable and appropriate for the weather. Keep it simple. Add some personality into the mix.

It’s always wise to have a coat or a wrap. Mr. Mickey often says, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Speaking of Mr. Mickey, he graciously allowed me to take his photo for today’s post. His lapel pin is the Mercedes Benz emblem.

The items I am wearing are a couple of years old.

We enjoyed the perfect date night at Gourmet and Company on Saturday.

Mr. Mickey and I have enjoyed sitting in the lounge area, chatting and visiting with friends since our first date thirteen years ago. We often have a glass of champagne while we relax and cast off the cares of the day before sitting down to dinner.

We agree that we will only have bread when it is house-made, fresh from the oven, and served with real butter.

Mr. Mickey’s next favorite food is deviled eggs. These are made even more special with the addition of smoked trout.

Fresh spring tulips, good wine, and a house-made pasta dish with lobster. Can there be anything better?

You’ve seen all the elements of my look many times. The jacket is old by Clara Sunwoo via My Fair Lady.

My long, slim-fitting top is about four years old. The slacks are from White House|Black Market a couple of years ago. The boots are more than three years old from Saks Off 5th. The bag is also about four or five years old. My topcoat is also from a previous year. It is by Linda Richards.

I believe that if you choose well, your clothing and accessories will serve you for several years. Rather than lots of makeup, I prefer healthy skin. My favorite skincare products are here. Referral and affiliate links may generate a small commission for me at no additional cost to you.

  1. You look so lovely! I so enjoy reading your column and comments while sipping my coffee. My favorite! Thank you for doing this.

  2. I am wondering if you usually keep the moto jacket on through dinner? It seems like it might feel a bit bulky to eat in it, but perhaps it is soft and feels more like a blazer in person.

  3. Susan, another great post. Glad to see you sharing some food pics again. I do believe that you have found the sweet spot with your hairstyle.

  4. Love the simple elegance of your outfit. – My goodness! The food pics make my mouth water! Mr. Mickey looks dashingly handsome as always! What a striking couple you are! …I love your hair here too, but love when you keep showing more of that natural curl you have! I’d flaunt it!

  5. I love this look on you! So slimming and youthful! As always a very classic look. Mr. Mickey is a very handsome man. Look like you had a wonderful dinner. So nice that you have each other!

  6. Wow! You are a spiffy looking couple. I appreciate how calm and confident your outfits look, Susan. I appreciate the time and effort you and Mr. Mickey take to share parts of your life with us.

  7. What a delightful dinner and restaurant to celebrate. The combination of foods and atmosphere makes your favorite place a choice unparalleled by my reckoning. You two do know how to enjoy the small and large celebrations.

  8. I enjoy the lovely dining establishments you visit on your Saturday excursions. You are fortunate to have many choices nearby. For weeks we have been nearly snowbound in town up here in the north country; we are longing to “do something.” With your post I vicariously enjoyed a night out! I must tell you that I find inspiration in your posts—expressing one’s personal style, eating well, and living with intention. Every post is a bit of encouragement to keep me on track on my own goals. You’ve told us your life hasn’t always been what you wanted. There’s a story here. Have you considered writing more, even a book perhaps?

      1. I have often thought the same thing. I have followed your blog for many years and remember a lot of your positive and uplifting comments thru the years. Thanks for sharing your special date night.

  9. You and Mr Mickey are a very good looking couple! It shows not only in the way you dress but the way you interact with each other. I was wondering about wearing the moto jacket during dinner. I think a book would be well received. No pressure…just when you have time…you have a builtin audience with your blog readers. You are a great inspiration to all of us and I’m sure Mr Mickey has inspired a few fellas to step up their attire and demeanor.

  10. Your outfit is very flattering. Your legs appear to go on forever. Love the moto jacket. Does Johnson City have a WHBM and a Saks Off 5th? It must be larger than I thought!
    We almost made it to Johnson City last year , I’m from Texas and made my first trip to Tennessee and North Carolina while on vacation. Such a wonderful trip. Sadly, we had to leave early due to a death in the family. I can’t wait until I return. Loved the Cade’s Cove scenic tour and Biltmore . Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg were breathtaking. Enjoyed Arrington Vineyards just south of Nashville. You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful area!

  11. You two make such a gorgeous, distinguished looking couple. I’m sure heads turn as you walk by. Thanks for all of the inspirations!

  12. I loove this look! Very classy. I love the French Kande jewelry, a little pricey for me. I was in Dillards yesterday and noticed they have a line of jewelry very similar, it too is pricey. It is very classic and beautiful.

  13. Susan, I have been following your blog for a while now. I have to say that this outfit is your best yet. You look stunning. You are an inspiration to me as I strive to take better care of myself. I so enjoy the photos of your outings with Mr. Mickey. Quite handsome is he. You make a very attractive couple but I bet your beauty is much more than skin deep. Thank you for this blog. It really adds joy to my life. P. S. We have different coloring so I very much appreciate your coverage of wearing and coordinating with brown. I do wear black because it is so readily available and classic. Take good care, Margaret R.

  14. Mr. Mickey’s comment is my own too! When in doubt, I say “Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. It fits many situations! Also my traveling motto is “take half as many clothes and twice as much money”! BTW, you and he looked fabulous in these photos. Wish you were my neighbor, I am going on 7 day cruise to Caribbean and have been told that brightly colored clothes will sometimes separate you from tourists, not sure if that is true, but I am taking some colorful ensembles!

  15. So please tell me about the flared legs on your pants (just the right flare!) Since you’re my fashion guru, I must ask if they are coming back? Or did they never go out of style? I see you got them a couple of years ago at WHBM. I just went to the (regular) Saks Fifth Avenue website. Saw Tina Turk and St. John had some flared pants, but most there were straight-legged. I love slightly-flared pants like these you are wearing! Maybe I just don’t see them in stores because I’m so used to straight-legged pants and head right for them. What thinkest thou?

    You and Mr. Mickey are such a glamorous, good-looking couple!

    1. Women should wear the style of pants that look best on their shape without regard to the current trends. I have palazzo pants, flare leg pants, boot-cut jeans, jeggings, and straight leg pants and wear them as the occasion or the weather requires. I don’t have any skinnies because these calves of mine have always been too thick to try on a pair.
      Thanks, sweet friend!

  16. Hello,
    I do love your articles and your approach to life!
    your hair is that is fab shorter!
    I also think you look wonderful in wider leg pants..
    Wondering why you don’t wear this style more often..

    1. I have thick calves, so even when I buy tailored slacks, they are tight and look a bit more like skinny pants, but they are not. I rarely find a pair of pants that fall straight down to the top of the foot, but I usually buy them when I do.

  17. Susan, I know this isn’t a fashion tip site for men, but where did you or Mr. Mickey find his driving cap? My husband loves them to keep his head warm in winter, and he needs a dressy one. Would you mind sharing?

  18. Do you help Mr Mickey or is he clever and styles himself? He always looks like he stepped out of GQ, right down to the hat. We used to have a traditional men’s store and I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. You always make such a stylish and handsome couple! I bet you often turn heads at all these lovely restaurants.

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