Hot Date!

Many of our friends have outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas by their pools, so we are often invited to join them for early evening gatherings.

After many such evenings, I have learned what works best for me at hot outdoor events. Choose lightweight, great fitting pieces in light colors. Wear very little makeup or jewelry, and always wear sunglasses. Do not wear heels because there might be standing or walking on the grass.

Foundation will quickly begin sliding down my face in little beige streams in hot weather, so I don’t wear it. I do add a bright lipstick carefully and lightly applied. Eyeshadow in the crease and lower part of the top lid, eyeliner on the top lash line, and a few swipes of mascara on the top lashes only, and the makeup is done. Hair looks best when it is allowed to move and curl as it will in the humidity.

White pants that are not too tight in the waistband are essential so that muffin top can be avoided as much as possible. A thicker white tank top with a scoop neckline is next. (If the material is too thin, it clings and shows way too many jiggly bits.) I often start with this combo and then add accessories to dress it up or down as the occasion calls for. On this evening, I was dressed for a casual event, so I wore a lightweight kimono and a straw tote.

  1. I love this outfit….I struggle with tops that are not tucked in but shorter cause I have issues with raising my arms up and skin showing but you always look so put together. P.S. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the wedges.

  2. Love this kimono, but I am 5 ft. and usually wear XS or petite 4. Would this kimino be too long in length and in sleeve length? Really love this style!

  3. A very pretty and light feeling summer outfit!
    I do have an unrelated question for you. Always interested in your hair! Do you have a gray rinse in it or is this a touch of more permanent gray colour over your natural white? It’s very pretty! I am also in this transition of dealing with white hair. I have always been blonde and have been letting natural come in, but feel it just washes me out too much, so I add some blonde highlights. Ive never really done gray, so was wondering about yours?
    Thanks so much for any feedback!
    Cynthia B.

    1. I don’t do anything to my hair beyond getting it trimmed every six weeks and shampooing it. That is my natural color, and it can be very curly in the summer.

  4. Yes , this is a nice outfit , i live in Texas so i will appreciate your hunt for things to wear in the hot and in texas -humid – weather…have a great day

  5. Susan, seeing you wearing a fairly monochromatic look today, I was wondering if you have heard of the concept about colour and value contrast? Imogen Lamport’s Inside Out Style blog explains it really well.

    Basically, it’s about determining the amount of contrast (think grey scale) that we should wear based on our own natural contrast. I’m high value contrast (dark hair and eyes, light skin), low colour contrast, which means I’m better in monochromatic or neutral plus one colour. When I found this, it validated what I’ve been doing right all my life and explains why some people look great dressed in 3 or 4 different colours while others best in 1 or 2.

    Totally off topic, but I though I would share. Have a great day.

  6. Love this outfit. I saw a similar outfit for fall, the kimono was a lightweight leopard print, it was great…….just a suggestion for fall!
    Also, will you be restocking this kimono?? The size I need is sold out.


  7. Love your blog . I’ve learned a lot. I would really like to buy some of the pants and tops from your store, but I’m only 5’2″ . Do you have any plans to add petite sizes?

  8. Thank you for addressing hot dates! I live in metro Phoenix and yes indeed, summers are hot! Your outfit is perfect for the kind of casual outdoor get togethers we’re often invited to. You look beautiful, fashionable and put together. By the way, thanks for the stream-proof makeup idea. I have no idea why I didn’t think of just leaving off the foundation and blush. Like I need blush when it’s 103 degrees!


  9. Hi Susan, you look lovely and fresh for your Summer evening with friends. I too have difficulty dressing in the warmer months (I’m in Sydney Australia, so our Summer is December to February of course). My colouring is more suited to warmer shades and I was wondering if you will be getting more of the light weight Kimono style cover up in other colours ?
    Thank you

  10. I went to order the pretty kimono, and it is sold out! Will you have more of this style? I really like it for summer.

  11. I live in Oklahoma where it’s hot and humid. My wardrobe is just horrible trying to find something that doesn’t have to be layered and cause me to melt. I will be watching for your suggestions.

  12. Hi Susan!
    You look lovely as usual in this ensemble. Love the kimono! Have one now and plan to add a few more. I really like the versatility of the white column. Keep up the wonderful blog.

    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  13. Can you please do a post on what to wear to a summer Wedding! I’m in Texas, expecting triple digits for my daughters’ wedding in August. It’s a second wedding and semi casual.

  14. Lovely & cool but covered. Pretty kimono; the blue almost looks silvery. Great summery outfit! Thanks Susan

  15. Love the white straw bag. I try to always get a new white bag each year because they just look so fresh. Is your’s thin enough to go monogram?

  16. Forgot to mention my funny moment…last summer I was wearing a sheer vest from Covered Perfectly & had company coming. I headed out to use the battery powered leaf blower to sweep off the shaded patio of stray leaves, etc. The power end of the blower sucked up my new sheer vest & I was doing a kooky dance there for a minute before I got the unit turned off! Fortunately it came back out/off with no damage to the fabric! Waiting to see your new kimonos as I really like the arm coverage they offer. Great solution! Will just avoid the leaf blower!

  17. Would you ever wear a longer white skirt instead of the pant Keeping it monochromatic ? Terrific stylish looks on your new blog! Feels like a free spirit In style and diversity in looks. The edge is in the accessories and you are !

    1. The slim pants with the flowing top make me appear more slender. A long skirt always adds visual volume so the top would need to be short and close fitting. Long and flowing should always go over slim fitting and sleek to avoid looking larger than you are.

  18. You look like you’re ready for an evening of fun. I adore your look on you. For myself with food and drink involved I need to wear dark colours. I don’t feel too comfortable eating and drinking when wearing a heavy jacket and scarf. You are lucky to be able to enjoy your time eating out doors without an extra layer.

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