My Namesake!

Wednesday is a great day to get dressed up for a lunch date to break up a very hectic work week.

A few years ago, Gourmet and Company, our favorite local restaurant, added a vegetarian dinner entree named after Mr. Mickey (The Jilton Vegetarian). On a recent lunchtime visit, the waiter surprised me with a sample of a new sandwich created by Chef John. Meet the “Susan Vegetarian Sandwich” appearing soon on the lunch menu. It includes a delightful medley of seasonal flavors and colors, all on a splendid house-made whole-grain bread. I might be the only blogger who has a sandwich named after her!

My hastily put-together look for our late afternoon date this week included a navy Clara Sunwoo top worn over Mesmerize Pants, both from


  1. Recently, I purchased a touquoise tank and flyaway cardigan you featured from Cali and York. It arrived just in time to wear it to a civic reception. I received 5 very nice compliments. I love the light weight package quality. Thank you for introducing me to such a nice brand.

  2. Please could you explain how you decidie what wardrobe basics make good outfit builders, with examples of how to put outfits together if possible.
    For a casual lifestyle, keeping fit and socialising with some meals out, but nothing too fancy.
    Your advise is always appreciated.

    1. For basics, I stick to not more than three solid colors which can be mixed and matched to create different looks. I also want to be able to wear them with statement pieces such as blazers. The pieces should fit well, and the cuts should be simple and have soft silky feel that will not add bulk to my frame. The legs of my basic pants are straight and end at the top of my foot. The waistband should be simple and as smooth as possible. The necklines of my tanks, for example, are best when they have a scoop neckline. That allows for them to be the first layer without too much going on. I have jeans in dark denim, light wash, black and white. Jeans seem to work for just about anything these days. A nice pair of more dressy black pants is important if you attend any special events. A couple of long sleeve simple tees are also great for winter layering. Look back over my blog posts and you will see this formula in action many times.

    2. Thanks for the detailed reply it is most helpful.
      For layering purposes would you keep v neck sleeveless tops to wear under scoop neck tops – and square neck tops to wear with open cardigans or edge to edge cardigans ?

      1. I usually wear my V-neck tops alone with no layers since the open jacket sometimes creates too many lines. I also wear square neck tops along but very rarely. If you are petite V-necklines are your best option.

  3. Your outfit certainly doesn’t look hastily put together, which I’m sure is due to you having basics that all work together. This past weekend I learned about the benefit of this system as we visited our son and daughter in law in another state. I took black and white jeans and several tops that would work with each. It certainly made my suitcase much lighter.

  4. I went to the Gourmet and Company site and looked at their amazing menus and amazing prices! Here in Denver those prices would be double. Cherish that you live where you do. Everything looked amazing!

  5. How fun for you with your namesake sandwich!!! Love the clothes and purse….guess I might have to go shopping!!!

    Thank you so much for your blog..

    1. Mr. Mickey is my adventure partner and an integral part of my life and thus my blogging experience. We have been dating for more than eleven years. He is my photographer and my inspiration for living a full and elegant life.

  6. So cute! I have your handbag theme scarf as well & am going to try this look. Congrats on your sandwich, looks so good. Have a great weekend Susan.

  7. A big congratulations on having a sandwich named after you! You have mentioned eating at Gourmet and Company often so they must care about you and Mr Mickey very much to name two dishes after you! Love the outfit, and happy Mother’s day to you!

  8. Okay, NOW you are even more my big sister in fashion and idol!!! A gorgeous veggie sandwich named after you?! That’s delightful & amazing. You look beautiful and classy as always. But you also get a big high ten!

  9. Although those tops are cute and flattering, that fabric is hot. I prefer cotton or cotton-blend for summer here in Texas.

  10. I have not received the last few e-mails that I was getting regularly! Not sure what has happened.

  11. How do you feel about ankle pants? I am 75 years old and always feel they look like they have shrunk on me. Thank you for your comments.

    1. I like to wear ankle pants as a less hot option (I never wear shorts). I make sure they stop a couple of inches above my ankle at the most narrow part of the leg.

  12. I usually love everything you wear, but I must admit the black tunic looks like a thong panty on the back. Not a good look. Please accept my apologies for my criticism.

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