Holiday Events

Even when the holiday event includes a casual dress code, I still want to look put together and a little special. Today I am sharing some looks I’ve worn so far this month.

The weather was frightful the evening I wore the above look. The faux leather-trimmed ruana is a few years old. The Portofino red blouse was from Express. The black jeggings are from Chico’s. The over the knee boots are by Vince Camuto from a few years ago. I am also wearing a black blazer under the ruana.

On another evening, I wore a red cami with flocked pants from Chico’s and a black blazer. The shoes are many years old.

For another event, I wore an Enamel Red jacket from Chico’s with black jeggings and the same boots from above. The white silk shirt is from Everlane. The Samoe handbag is a few years old.

I hope these examples give you ideas for putting together some looks for your seasonal gatherings.

  1. Don’t you love the flocked pants! I stepped out of my comfort zone this year and bought the red ones which I pair with a black Chico’s sweater and leopard flats. It makes me feel very festive and not overdone. My coloring is warmer than yours, but I still think the outfit flatters. Thank you for showing us how to look stunning at every age.

  2. Gosh, I liked every outfit and red is a great color. There is still something about a white shirt that makes an outfit. I will always like that look. Enjoy the holidays.

  3. Just ordered my first Shapeez Ultimate bra and can’t wait for the smoothing and shaping to begin! Thanks for your blog . I enjoy it a lot.

  4. I noticed you have put your Malibu Punch Chico’s jacket on your shopping site. I remember it from last Spring and wondered why it doesn’t work for you now? Was it the color or the weight of the jacket or the fit?

  5. You look vibrant and lovely in all your photos, and your hair is looking fabulous. Special occasion dressing, both formal and informal, used to “scare” me, but studying your pictures over the years have helped my confidence. Now I look forward to any event. Thank you!

  6. I love love love the first look with red blouse, gloves, and black leather, etc. Age appropriate, but current with an edge!


  7. Lovely! Thank you, I’ll be pairing leopard and red a few ways these next few days after seeing this for inspiration,

  8. Susan I want to thank you for all of your very helpful fashion tips! I’m petite size and was wondering if pointed shoes would look good on me. Also, the length of blazer for my petite size.
    I thank you in advance for your answer!


  9. Thank you for sharing your fashion ideas – I have been much more mindful when purchasing new items. Your advice has been very valuable to me!

  10. I enjoy your blog very much. Would you give some lipstick tips sometime? I usually wear dark reds, pinks and burgundy. My color is similar to you. I have trouble picking a good lipstick, cheap or expenxive and which one is best for the money. Which lipstick lasts. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    1. Dark lip colors can make our lips look smaller, and can be harsh looking. Look for brighter versions of the color of the top you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing burgundy, pair it with a sheer plum color.

  11. The shoe style you would choose now is GORGEOUS and they ship to New Zealand where, of course we are are sweltering in our Southern Hemisphere summer. I’m still saving all your fabulous winter looks for our winter! My whole outlook to clothes and fashion has changed since finding you. I just can’t thank you enough.

  12. I’m loving your blog. How about a cruise feature? We are going on a cruise and I need help figuring out what to wear and how to mix and match so I can pack fairly lightly. Thanks!

    1. I haven’t been on a cruise in more than twenty years, but as I recall I packed light and breezy separates that I could mix and match as needed. I also took jeweled sandals that I could wear during the day with something casual as well as the evening gown when I dressed for dinner. I also took comfortable walking shoes for tours.

  13. Dearest Susan,
    I admire you so much, you are a beautiful women.
    not to mention we are both Virgo’s ha ha ha.
    I have all your video’s saved so I can look at them over an over, I would love to buy from your shop but by the time I convert Australian dollar to your’s and P&H it’s too much for me I’m a 73 Y/O pensioner, but having said that I can look for things that are similar so I’m happy.
    Susan, I want to wish you and Mr.Micky a wonderful and safe Christmas and may the New Year bring you both Blessings and Abundance,
    kindest regards, Lynda.
    from Queensland Australia.

  14. just found your blog – enjoying it, thank you! Love the looks you share. Do you have advice for tallish (5″ 7″ and 135 lbs) w/, ahem, less curves on top? i.e. something to create illusion of more curves? Thanks! 🙂

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