Happy New Year!

Did you celebrate the New Year with a festive night out? Mr. Mickey surprised me with an early fancy dinner. Since I’ve never been a night owl, I was fast asleep by 9:00, so I’m glad he tolerates that about me.

Taking photos for you in winter is indeed a challenge. I appreciate your patience. Since I don’t own studio lighting, I took more than fifty images, seeking better light over three hours.

I don’t shop for special occasions even if I have the time to do so. Instead, I use what I already have differently. I’ll break down this look for you and explain how I might have worn each item for a much more casual or business event.

Pearls and silver are my go-to look for daytime. Of course, a sprinkle of crystals elevates any look for the evening, but I’ve also worn the tiny sparkly hoops with jeans and a blazer for daytime. The similar elements of three necklaces mean I can wear them together for a dramatic impact and soften black worn near my face. My necklaces are a few years old and no longer available. I shared links below for similar ones.

A sculptural heel makes these pumps a bit more modern-looking. A touch of animal print adds interest to the all-black look, and the white background relates to the pearls.

That’s the same silk slip dress I showed you earlier this year under a crewneck cashmere sweater from four years ago. The fancy fur vest was a Christmas gift from Mr. Mickey about fifteen years ago. His kind gesture moved me to tears when I unwrapped the package.

The silk dress could easily be worn with sandals, a denim jacket, and a basket bag for a casual fall evening. Additionally, I’ve worn that fur vest with jeans, a long-sleeve tee, and boots. The cashmere sweater has been part of countless looks, from business attire to a Sunday afternoon drive in the country. Finally, I’ve worn those pumps with a skirt, dresses, slacks, and of course, jeans. My purpose for blogging and sharing the details of my looks is to inspire you to use what you might already have in limitless ways.

The shopping links are for similar items currently available, since none of my items are new. Fur VestSlip DressCashmere SweaterBlack PumpsAnimal Print BagEarringsCrystal BraceletCrystal RingPearl Necklace – a similar Statement Necklace (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.) Shopping links may allow me to earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

The next blog post is already in the works to share how I use inspiration to build contemporary looks. Of course, I always adjust for results appropriate for my age and lifestyle. I’ll also announce the winner of the recent bracelet giveaway.

I wish all good things for you in the coming year. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

  1. Buenos días
    Happy New Year !
    Me identifico tanto con Usted, que a veces pienso que Dios la puso en mi camino.
    Gracias por la felicidad que me da, cada vez que leo su blog

    1. I continue to study nutrition and adjust my meals accordingly. In addition, I plan to learn more about Yoga and practice it every day to help me remain balanced and flexible. Here is the program I am starting today. I remind myself daily that I have so much to be thankful for and learn. I will strive to improve this website’s helpful, inspiring, and entertaining content.

  2. Always looking classic!! Thanks for sharing how to style items we already have. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey!

  3. Happy New Year Susan,

    Thanks for this post ! Great instruction on how to construct a special occasion outfit with items that you already own, and look fabulous! I’ve learned a lot from your posts, lost 40 lbs, bought some new clothes
    To go with the new shape and learned to stay with solid colors that combine effortlessly.

  4. Happy New Year. I was also in bed at 9pm last night. I have never been a night owl, even as a teenager. Thank you for the yoga link. Learning new things is always a goal of mine and yoga is something I am very curious to investigate.

  5. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey! Your posts on how to wear what you already have in several different ways are golden. So happy I found your blog years ago.

  6. What a charming couple photo! You both look so great together. This blog is such a great encouragement to strive to be as healthy as possible which is the best kind of beauty there is. Happy New Year!

  7. Fantastic and inspiring look. Thanks for the detailed explanation, because this is how the rationality behind the compilation is conceivable.

  8. Happy New Year Susan, and extended to Mr. Mickey as well. May 2022 bless us all in abundance of joy, peace and prosperity…as I’m sure all will agree are sorely needed! It’s lovely to see your beautiful looks and I especially love your New Years Eve outfit in today’s post. I have recently gleaned a couple of very helpful book recommendations from ladies posting in the comment section and am grateful for all the tips and inspiration about useful fashion that I get here. Ironically the pandemic isolation has brought me to realize it’s finally time to stop looking after the outside world and that it is necessary and totally okay to put my own well being first; a hard won realization. Your blog has been most helpful!! Many blessings to you for 2022.

  9. Happy (& HEALTHY) New Year to a beautiful, inspiring couple! Your posts, for the last 5 years I have been following you, have inspired me–sometimes for a daily “what to wear” dilemma and also in general to dress as the best version of myself. A few months back I was so impressed by your post on what to wear to formal (black tie) events–I didn’t want a new dress hanging in my closet that I would likely never wear again, for a wedding in January. I found a lovely burgundy soutache lace/sequin blouse on line at Dillard’s that pairs well with black satin pants (a 20 year old staple of mine that still fit) and lots of pretty jewelry & accessories. Keep up this great blog. We greatly appreciate you!

  10. Enjoy your blog so much… look forward to it each time.

    I’m especially a foodie and keep a journal of the places you go to…. hope to travel more when Covid is more under control.

    And we made your fruitcake this year.

  11. You both look perfect for an elegant evening out. I admire the way you put things you have together in a wonderful new way. I remember each of these pieces worn in a more casual way. I’m trying to do the same with my things, but I don’t have your vision yet!
    A friend of mine has decided that this year will be her year of growth. She has decided to learn new skills and has signed up for several beginner classes. What an optimistic way to start the year!
    Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey!

  12. Happy New Year and thank you for all your interesting and informative blogs. I look forward to another year of wonderful blogs and pictures. You make a charming, well dressed couple.

  13. Your pictures with you and Mr. Mickey are just stunning!! Your elegant essence just shines through. Hope you continue with good health and happiness, and continue to look forward to your thoughtful posts throughout the year.

    Sincerely, Gloria

  14. You both look very classy. You are a stunning couple. I wish you both a happy, healthy, and joyous New Year. I like the idea of wearing a sweater over a dress and it does not have to be a cardigan. Thanks for the idea. Thanks for your blog. I have the same taste as you do and I like that you shop your closet.

  15. All “New Year” means (to me) is remembering I have to change the year date on correspondence and checks and the joy of opening a new wall calendar!

    We should never wait until January 1 (or, any other specific date) to implement personal changes. That date might not occur in our life. Change happens when we make it happen!

    We should all be honest with ourselves about our life (and, lifestyle) each and every day. Because, every single day is a new day, an opportunity to make changes, in whatever form they need to be addressed.

    Starting a diet should begin the minute you admit you need to eat better. Exercise should begin the minute you admit you need to move better. A new attitude should begin the minute you admit you need to mentally feel better.

    Bad habits can be changed! Don’t wait until a new calendar year. Each new day is the start of a new year and it can be the start of a new life. But, only if you choose to make it real.

  16. You always look so elegant. I appreciate your posts and wish you a happy and healthy new year!
    Jennifer in Canada

  17. Happy New Year Susan!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. I have learned so much from you! Before Covid, I really enjoyed a weekly yoga class and felt more flexible and “in tune” with my body. I may just try the video, but I really enjoyed my teacher’s guidance and wit.
    Best to you in 2022!

  18. Happy new year to you and Mr. Mickey, dear friend! So happy to hear you’re incorporating more yoga into your daily routine! You made a good choice with “yoga with Adrienne” she’s my go-to when I’m not teaching or can’t make it to a studio!! Namaste

  19. Happy New Year from Nebraska! Thank you for sharing your positivity, travels, date nights and wisdom on health and fashion. I’m joining you on the 30-day yoga journey. I used to do yoga quite regularly prior to the pandemic. I’ve missed it and I’m looking forward to practicing once again.

  20. Susan, you and Mr. Mickey are such a beautiful couple. Anytime you are out and about, you must get a lot of compliments.

    I have learned a lot from you and always enjoy your blog even after all these years.

    Happy New Year to you both and your families as well.

  21. Happy new year Susan! I love your outfit for New Years. I may have to get that slip dress I have been wanting a skirt but I think that will give me more wear all year long. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  22. Happy New Year to you and Mr. Mickey! May you continue to enjoy good health this year. I so admire a man who knows how and obviously appreciates looking nicely dressed. Even tho I dress up my male friend shows up in sweats and hoodies. He always comments on how nice I look & my reply is “thank you I try.” But he doesn’t catch on. I’ve even pointed out others and how nice the woman looks and how sloppy the guy looks but it doesn’t register. I tell myself to pick my fights but I feel like I’m settling. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Try going shopping with your guy. Show him the items that would look best on him and encourage him to try them on. Don’t be shy. Tell him that you would love to see him wear more looks like that. Thank him for dressing up for you. Let him know that style is important to you.

  23. You and Mr. Mickey make such a awesome couple….sophisticated….yet your style is simple elegance and I always enjoy your ideas on how to style what we might already own. Always great pictures of places you visit, flowers you see and what you wear for the occasion. Happy New Year to both of you. Stay well.

  24. Susan,
    You and Mr. Mickey are a beautiful couple, inside and out! I look forward to seeing your posts in 2022. Happy New Year, and God Bless!

  25. Wishing you and Mr Micky a healthy, happy and hopeful new year! You continue to inspire me with your classic and understated elegance. Thank you!

  26. Susan, I always look forward to your posts! Thank you for your time, effort, and patience to make your photos and blog posts special! I wish you and Mr. Mickey a bright and healthy New Year into 2022.

  27. Wow! You both look fabulous! I love that you walked us thru how you brought this over the top elegant outfit together! Very inspiring!❣️

  28. Happy New Year! I am interested in following your diet and was wondering if you will share what supplements you may take along with your ingredients in your evening salad. I have your morning recipe.

  29. The way you put this outfit together is lovely! BTW, you and Mr. Mckey look wonderful together and he dresses in a sharp way, very dapper! It shows you love him to death Susan and I think it’s a blessing you have him. I found my new friend such a blessing too! Have a wonderful 2022!

  30. Happy New Year to you and of course Mr Mickey. Hoping the new year brings you health and happiness. All the best,

  31. So glad to hear you are going to begin yoga.
    You will become addicted. Try different instructors since each one offers a different flow.
    Videos are a good way to practice at home.
    But, I find in person instruction to be best for me.
    Happy New Year! And, let us know about your yoga practice.

  32. I have learned so much about how to use my current wardrobe effectively from your blog. I shop for new items far less often and have even learned a lot of items from my closet that weren’t the best choice. Thank you for all of your excellent guidance.

  33. Absolutely stunning outfit, Susan! You look so regal in the photo with the large painting. Your clever reworking of clothes you’ve had for years offers your readers a fashion education along with budgeting appeal.
    You and Mr Mickey are such a fine example of “class”. The world needs more of your exquisite examples.
    A New Year’s Day toast to both of you!

  34. Wishing you and Mr. Mickey all the best in 2022! I really enjoy your posts and how you enjoy favourite items from casual to dressy events. I also appreciate that you love wearing gifts from Mr. Mickey – he has incredible taste!

  35. As always, Susan, you bring elegance and beauty into my life and show me how I may achieve similar looks with what I have in my own wardrobe. I don’t comment often but I always look forward to your weekly posts. I hope you continue to blog for years to come. Happy New Year!

  36. Love it all but the tip about three strands of pearls to soften the neck and face area when black is worn close to the face is WONDERFUL!!!
    Many thanks for a great tip

  37. Happy New Year! I share your blog wih so many women! I tell them you have taught me so many important things about dressing classy, wearing fine undergarments and using accessories! You have been a plethora of inspiration for me and I appreciate you!

  38. Happy New Year to you, too, Susan! Thank you for bringing exquisite style and joy to my life during the past year. I wish you only the best in 2022.

  39. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy your blog and it inspires me to search out new looks in my own closet.

  40. My favorite thing about your blog is how it encourages me to use the same pieces over the years. I had gotten into this mindset that I have to buy new and would be embarrassed to wear the same pieces more than two years. You remind me periodically that I don’t need to always buy new and that good quality clothing is always appropriate regardless of its age, when taken care of. Thanks for saving me money

  41. yOU LOOK SO ELEGANT! That length skirt is not easy to carry off, and you did it perfectly. You are such an inspiration to we “mature” women-we can still be elegant and fashionable, on a budget, no less. Thank You,

  42. hi Susan. Happy New Year to you! Thank you for all the inspiration you provide both for our wardrobe and our mental health. I always enjoy your perspective and eagerly read your posts as soon as I see them in my inbox. May this be a great year for all of us. Stay well.

  43. You have a great sense of style and are always giving ideas that are useful for my wardrobe. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward to all your posts in 2022!

  44. What a great look! Super tips about the white in the small bag picking up on the pearls, and the suggestions for other combinations. I wish we could have seen the vest more clearly.

  45. Lovely and elegant, as always. Happy New Year to you and Mr.Mickey. My husband and I spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the hospital where he will be for quite some time. Having a bone marrow transplant at age 75 is risky but the only option. It will be a year before when can go out for an evening together. Sharing your experiences of your outings, whether it is a walk in the fall, a hike n the spring, a glam evening in December, gives me such a lift. You remind us that the world is still a beautiful place if you bother to look around and appreciate it. Why not look beautiful and contribute to the beautiful landscape of America? Thanks for the inspiration.
    Happy New Year

  46. You two are the perfect couple. I will be missing my Mr Jesse this New Year, but so thankful for the past memories. Have awesome New Year

  47. I love your look. I’m 66 and a widow of 7 months. New Year’s Eve I had a date. I actually wore a black dress, bootie grey low heeled boots, and fishnet stockings. I callled my niece to get the okay on the fishnet and bootie low heels. She told me I looked great. It felt good to dress up. I hadn’t worn a dress since my husbands funeral. How do I make certain I’m dressing age appropriate. I’m a senior executive in HR and always dress work appropriate. Dating is different

  48. I would never have thought of putting the cashmere sweater over the silk slip dress for a “ fancy” outfit! Looks so classy; beautiful. Gives great inspiration to look in my closet in a very different way, especially for dressy occasions. Thank you for this post.

  49. Happy New Year! You both look wonderful. I am very happy to read that you will no longer buy fur. Thank you! What would you suggest for someone who can’t wear heels?

  50. Happy New Year to you Susan. You look gorgeous, and Mickey handsome. I so relate to not being a night owl. I think our
    bodies operate on the same intrinsic time clock. It was so nice that Mickey surprised you with an early fancy dinner.
    I prepared a nice meal in the comforts of our home. I was asleep by 9:20 pm and so was my hubby.

  51. I have a strand of pearls but love the look of multiple strands. You suggested in a previous post to combine several shorter strands to achieve this look. I mentioned this to my husband and he said “ I’ll be right back”. Five minutes later he handed me four separate strands of beautiful pearls of different lengths that had belonged to his mother!

    Happy New Year !

  52. Happy New Year to the handsome couple and best wishes to you both for a happy and healthy 2022!!

    I too am an early riser and chuckled at your comment. I had one friend who threw early dinner parties at 6pm ( she’s also an early riser) and I was always thrilled to attend since I could leave early without feeling that I was being rude. I haven’t seen the new year’s ball drop since 2000 and I’m sure it was a task for me to stay awake even then. Even though I retire early each night, I must contend with the dreaded fireworks in my area. I really wish people could find a more peaceful way to celebrate as they upset the wildlife, the farm animals and my dog! The number of animals that are displaced and killed each year due to fireworks is astonishing. Sorry to end this note and begin the new year as Debbie Downer 🙁

  53. Happy New Year Susan And Mr Mickey,
    You both look absolutely wonderful, love the fur jacket, Mr Mickey is very thoughtful and has wonderful taste in clothes. My husband always gives me the most wonderful thoughtful cards with a private message which usually brings me to tears, plus a presie. But the card always means so much. Aussie Bev

  54. Are you wearing a pull over sweater over the slip dress? And the fur vest over that? It’s hard to tell

  55. Happy New Year greetings from New Zealand. Thank you for your informative posts and photos, always look forward to your latest blog appearing in my email of a morning. Regards Gail

  56. Wishing you and Mr Mickey a great New Year ahead may it be filled many new adventures. I look forward to reading all about them. Can’t tell you enough how much I have enjoyed your blog. I continue to be inspired every week. Since I started reading your articles, I look at what’s in my closet in a whole new light.
    I have doubled my outfits without buying anything new. when I do make a purchase it has to go with things I already have. I could go on and on,thank you.

    Warm regards,

  57. The look is modern and trendy but classic and age appropriate. What I am trying to say is that you make age appropriate look real good. Well done, because this can be difficult.

  58. What an elegant, stunning outfit! Black is a colour that suits you very well. In my part of Canada COVID is still rampant, so unfortunately we are not dressing up and going out often. But I shall buy clothes in the meantime, for the days when we can once again go out socially.
    Best wishes for a very happy new year.!

  59. Susan Happy New Year!!!
    I love reading and watching your picture, you so elegant and beautiful. Greetings from Puerto Rico!

  60. I have followed your blogs, “Fifty, Not Frumpy,” and now “Susan After Sixty.” You have given so freely of your time and advice. I want to offer my sincere thanks for all you have done for mature ladies who want to dress well. You have made it less daunting and have truly inspired me to dress better, which makes me feel better. Blessings to you and Mr. Mickey for sharing your lives with us.

    Angie Skinner

  61. I have been folliwing your blog for awhile now. I will be 64 at my birthday this year so i get my clothing style from you. I wish you and your special friend the very best for 2022.

  62. Lol I want to clarify that I don’t use your clothing style due to my age. I think your style is great for any age!! I find your style elegant and it fits my current age more than others out there. I find buying clothes a challenge these days when most styles gravitate toward younger women. To me you are a class act!

  63. Every time I see a picture of you and Mr. Mickey, I’m so happy for you both because so many older folks just don’t have a good partner in crime 🙂 to hang out with. Keep posting.

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