Winning Combos

Do you gravitate to a specific combination that always makes you feel confident and completely at ease? A casual blazer + soft sweater + slightly bootcut dark jeans = a winning combo for me every time.

We had no particular plans for Saturday, but I wanted to feel put together and comfortable. Sometimes the simple act of getting dressed in old favorites lifts the spirits. Unfortunately, our skies were dark with clouds, but thankfully, the temperatures were in the sixties.

The elements of the look for today have been worn countless times. I find that to be the beauty of classic pieces; I never tire of them.


When I put together my looks, neutral colors, simplicity, and comfortable fabrics, are the key considerations. The elements are rarely new, so I try to locate similar current items and share shopping links. As a result, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Recent outfits are summarized here.

  1. My specific combination that I’ve just discovered, which makes me feel confident and at ease is:
    – a polo shirt (I need the slight structure of the collar for some reason)
    – a long cardigan
    -and black jeans. I will add a scarf or some jewelry to jazz it up.

    My colors are similar to yours…black, grey or white jeans, black, white, red or Cobalt polo, and those same colors in cardigans.
    This combo can take me anywhere! I love it!

    Thanks for all the lessons through this blog Susan!!! I finally figured it out!

  2. I have tried out a few things following your suggestions and gotten compliments! Thank you.

    My favorite is a navy blouse (that old one from Walmart), Talbots dark blue crop jeggings and my very memorable red white and blue flowered jeans jacket. I wear a very narrow red belt from Macy’s, my red SAS mini wedgies and single red bead drop earrings. If I need a purse, I switch the shoes to my cognac clogs and carry the bag that matches them. I can also wear my regular jeans jacket. I think the regular jeans jacket and the patterned one are my favorite new garments.

    I am 5’0”. My shortness comes from being short waisted. For a short person I have long, thin legs. I wear the pull on jeggings because they go around my middle and look like skinny jeans on me.

  3. I love this combination on you. Casual but elegant at the same time. Well “put together” as always.
    Your tips and suggestions make even an “old dog” do new tricks.

    Clara from Iowa

  4. Hi. Could you talk about having long hair as an older woman? Some of us do wear our hair at or below the shoulders. Updo styles. How to look current. Color vs gray. Texture and being a bit thinner. Thanks!

    1. If you have thick, healthy hair and enjoy wearing it long, there are certainly some styles that will flatter you more than others. For example, I gave up on shoulder-length hair since the volume added width and focused on my sagging jawline. However, when the widest part of my hairstyle is level with my eyes and there is height at the crown, I look happier and less tired.

  5. I really like your winning combo today. You look beautiful. Your taste is similar to mine. Hope that you and Mr. Mickey had a good weekend.

  6. Love this look! Thank you for sharing another fabulous outfit. Love the stripes in the jacket too! Happy Holidays to you & Mr. Mickey

  7. I love your posts/blog. You have helped me transition my wardrobe to be most chic after60 self. I can’t thank you enough. I was lost as to how to dress gracefully and stylish.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Pam. I started blogging when I found myself in the same situation as I entered my fifties. I knew what no longer felt authentic, but I didn’t have a reference point to help me make better choices. It has been a long process, but I now feel confident and comfortable with my style.

  8. Hi Susan, Your blog posts are so enjoyable and engaging. Could you share your personal finding on the J Crew, crew-neck sweater you show today? It looks like there might be a slight scoop to it, which is a “need” I have for fit. Thank you!

    1. I also look for a crewneck style that falls at or below the collarbones; for this reason, I have enjoyed the relaxed fit from the size large more than my usual size medium.

  9. HI Susan
    I am struggling with finding appropriate blazers to wear with both slacks and jeans. Is there a certain blazer style and material to look for? I am trying for the more casual look of what you showed in this post. Thanks, Dayna

    1. Hi Dayna. The jacket’s fabric in this post is a little like a stretchy denim material. The fabric, antiqued buttons, and relaxed styling make this a blazer that exudes casual style. The fabric, design, and length determine whether a blazer or jacket is more casual or business-appropriate.

  10. Thanks for all your advice and suggestions. I noticed you change purses frequently. How do you do that each day? I find it a chore to switch, any suggestions?

    1. I use small zippered pouches in different colors to store all the items in my bag. For example, I don’t need everything to go to the grocery store, so I take only the blush pouch with my keys, charge card/ID holder and place it inside the crossbody bag I carry for that outing.

    1. I folded the sweater to display textures for the photo, but I hang thin cashmere sweaters inside out on a felted hanger during the winter. Then, after I clean them, I fold and store them in a drawer with cedar blocks.

  11. I bought a three pack of Sheec socks on Susan’s recommendation. They are awesome! I wore them all day and they stayed in place for the duration. It’s like you’re not wearing anything, but your feet are comfortable.

    A while back, I bought a pair of Naturalizer flats. They are nude color and I think they are wonderful. It turns out the style is called d’Orsay.. I’d never heard of them. I think Susan discussed how to choose this kind of shoe, but I didn’t recall the name. So elegant looking.

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