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Do you have favorite self-care tools? I do, and today I’m sharing the ones that are important to me. Keep reading for the details.

Our Sunday date included another drive through the countryside. After stopping to visit my parents for Father’s Day, we continued to Warrior’s Path State Park. I’ve been going to this park to swim in the pool and have picnics since I was a child.

The weather was sunny, with temperatures in the mid-eighties. It felt good to wear something light and breezy for a walk along the bank of the lake.

The polka-dot shirt was from Express last year. Here is a similar spot print shirt. The ankle-length pull-on pants are here. My bag is a couple of years old. Similar here. The sandals are also from a couple of years ago. Similar here.

The following links are to current similar items. SunglassesWatchBraceletBangleEarringsRing

There are a few tools I always have in my kit—for example, tweezers. I’ve been using this brand and style for years. Click here for more info.

Cuticle Nippers here are a necessity now that I do my own nails.

After applying mascara, I always comb through my lashes to get rid of any little clumps and use the guard to keep from getting the residue on my face. Comb and guard here.

I use the magnifying mirror below to check my work and make sure I haven’t over-done it or missed anything. I also take it with me when I travel. My fading eyesight appreciates seven magnification times since it isn’t possible to put on eye makeup with glasses on. I also use the regular side of the mirror to check the back view in my full-length mirror.

I’ve used lighted makeup mirrors since I was fourteen. I must sit down at my dressing table to apply makeup. Leaning over the bathroom sink never works out well for me. The mirror here is the best one ever because it provides natural daylight.

I already have two full-length mirrors, but this one is so tempting. It’s on sale today here.

It’s always smart to have an elegant compact mirror in your handbag. I love this one from Chanel here.

Thank you, Trischa Jones, for your emailed request for this blog post.

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  1. I made the mistake of going on a trip without my magnifying mirror, so I haven’t tweezed my brows in over two weeks! It looks like a forest up there! I’ll sure remember next time.
    That polka dot blouse is a real stunner.

  2. I’ve been looking for a lighted makeup mirror and was unable to find what I wanted. I believe the one you shared is it! I just ordered and as a first time customer, received 20% off the purchase price. I’m looking forward to receiving it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Excellent post, thank you! People never talk about their grooming tools, but how important this is to share!

  4. Susan, I struggle so much with finding a good travel makeup mirror. I’m struggling to see the link to the one you recommended. Am I missing it somewhere??

  5. Love this look on you. Simple yet classic and well coordinated. Another copy and paste to my “collection” from you.

    Thank you for the tips on make-up tools. The lighted mirror was out of stock, sigh.

    Hope you continue to have many great outdoor adventures and pictures you share. You are a keeper!

    Clara from Iowa

  6. 7X magnifying mirrors are hard to find, especially illuminated ones. So I got a 10X because 5 wasn’t enough. And now every time I look at my face in the 10X I need trauma counselling.

    1. Flowing crepe or polyester tops in a light-weight material are always comfortable for me. Our weather has been cool and rainy this spring, so I have not yet worn some of the things I bought for summer. I like having a collar on my shirts a lot.

  7. When buying the Portofino shirts do you usually get the original as opposed to the slim style, or is there a time for each? I love them and thank you for telling us about them, but can never find the cute prints you find. Guess I need to look more often. Also love the their cami’s.

    1. Since I have an inverted triangle shape, I go up a size to avoid the dreaded gap at the girls. I also only buy the original fit. (Women with inverted triangle shapes have broad backs which causes the pulling in front.)

  8. A couple years back a nurse practitioner in a dermatology practice gave me the advice to gently use a plastic razor to shave my whole face. I was surprised because I am a fine haired blonde, but I’ve been doing it ever since and I much prefer my look minus all the peach fuzz. I recently noticed a beauty blogger I follow touting inexpensive Tinkle eyebrow razors to dermaplane her whole face, so I bought some and will try that after I grow back. Never has my peach fuzz become coarser, that is an old myth.

    1. I have shaved my peach fuzz off since I was a twenty-five year old. As a cosmetics department manager, I was attending an Estée Lauder school for consultants. The instructor mentioned that the part of an older man’s face that he shaves looks much younger and smoother than the rest of his face. Shaving removes the fuzz, but also the dead skin layers clinging to our skin.

  9. Susan,
    Your seemingly simple suggestions always bring me delight, satisfaction and a feeling of confidence. So often down here in Texas where the humidity is usually as deadly as our actual heat, I am often tempted to be more casual than I would like to be.
    Your suggestions make me step up and look better

    Again, we just ❤️❤️❤️ you and your classyness!!!!

  10. Oh, Susan! Your honesty about
    shaving impressed me. I have dark
    hair everywhere and have always
    been reluctant to shave, so I pluck
    the most long and dark hairs.
    Please share what kind of shaver
    you use and the process.
    Thank you.

    1. This is my shaving routine: I like this razor for the face. I use it at the end of my shower with my cleansing oil here. Be gentle and go toward the chin in short soft strokes. (Avoid getting your hair in the way.) Rinse well and use the tone here afterward. Here is the best serum I’ve ever used. I end with it. If you wear foundation, you will be thrilled with how smooth your skin looks afterward.

  11. Great blog post as usual. It’s especially helpful to see what grooming tools work for you. I’ve ordered the lighted makeup mirror you feature. I really needed one. Can buy with confidence that it will work well..

  12. Has anyone else tried microneedling?
    I tried it, it doesn’t hurt, but I didn’t notice any appreciable difference.

  13. Susan, it’s not at all. I watched a tutorial on YouTube. Bought all the serums, but I was allergic to the serum. You can use your own products with the roller needle.

  14. I have the Chanel mirror and I bought one for each of my three daughters. It is invaluable; a great asset for your
    handbag as it has both a magnifying mirror as well as an ordinary one.
    Thanks, Susan, for all your help and advice over the years.

  15. Susan, thank you for mentioning shaving your face. I have very light fuzz and always hesitated doing something about it. This may seem silly but …how does it grow back?? Dark, same color as before, soft or coarse. Once done you can never go back… PLEASE PLEASE let us know. I’m sure the other ladies would like to know as well.

    I always look forward to your posts…for some reason I don’t get yours until the evening. Is that when it goes out??

    1. The fuzz comes back as soft peach fuzz, the same as it was before.

      Since almost 18,000 email notices are going out, we can’t send them all at once. If we did, Google would target the notices as spam, so we have to send the allotted numbers in groups. It takes a long time for all of them to go out. You can bookmark my site and come back any time to read the most current or any older posts.

  16. Hi Susan,

    The essential tools that you use I have used since I was in my twenties. It’s truly something, and are you sitting down for this one, I usually always have my Chanel compact and lipstick with me. The only item we do not have in our home is a full-length mirror. We have talked about it. I use the one behind our baby grand piano in the formal living room sometimes.

    I wanted to compliment you on your glass shell necklace, it’s unique and so pretty. I hope you are happy with your new hairstylist, I think she cut and shaped your hair well. Hair is so important to us. The main thing is that you are happy.

    Warrior State Park is lovely. So nice that your parents are alive to enjoy. Life is a gift.

    Sending Smiles,

  17. My mother has been shaved her face until 93 years old (her death ).
    She had always a smooth ,clean skin without many wrinkles !

    1. It may be that the act of shaving removes the pesky clinging dead cells that keep our skin from looking clean and bright. Exfoliation is always a good idea after the winter finally ends.

  18. Thank you! All of this is truly helpful. As I age I try to keep appearances up even more than when younger. Youth covered a lot then. Today I know I will get a better response from others if I look like I care about myself. After all, I don’t want to scare small children!! Also, smiling and being considerate goes a long way, too. My sister and I have agreed that if we are having a bad day, we pretend to be having a good one and it makes us feel better! And then we look better.
    You look wonderful, Susan, all the time.

    1. I’ve had the same thoughts as I’ve run across beautiful young women wearing not so cute clothes on my Instagram feed. I know that if I wore the same thing, people would laugh out loud. Being young and smooth and supple means you can rock all the trends.

  19. I’ve never thought of shaving my face although I know that that is what keeps men’s faces from aging as fast. I can see where makeup would go on more smoothly. I’m such a klutz though with shavers and was wondering if you’ve ever heard of a really good electric face shaver. I use a Panasonic on my legs and underarms that works pretty well. Thanks for the great post – you look amazing as always!

  20. Thanks so much, Susan! I’m going to order it now. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but about how often do you need to shave your face?

  21. As I understand it your e-mails about your posts go out in batches…..I get my email with the link to your blog a day after many others. By then many times the items in your discussion that you provide links for are sold out 🙁

  22. Hi Susan,

    I ordered the OttLite makeup mirror and wanted to be sure you receive your commission!
    Love receiving the Latest News from Susan After 60!

    Stay well, be safe,
    Julie Johnston

    1. Thank you, Julie! I’m glad you got the makeup mirror. There wasn’t a commissionable link for the mirror for me to share, so I just told you where I bought mine.

  23. please tell me your secret to keeping the bottom of your shoes (the top of the bottoms, the part your feet touch) from ever looking like they’ve ever been worn…..mine eventually have prints of my toes even when my feet are scrubbed clean.

  24. Thanks Susan for the grooming tools list. I purchased the tweezerman products and am anxious to receive them. I have a large round lighted makeup mirror from Frontline that I use everyday and it is quite pretty so I can leave it out on my bathroom vanity.
    I am making a list of all the places you visit for my next road trip. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. It has really helped me to consolidate my wardrobe and put together items I would not have thought of.
    I appreciate your tips for pear shapes. I am 5″ tall and have a heart shaped face so I have to compensate for that. Crew necks and boat necks seem to work better for me than V-neck. I have changed my purse size to a much smaller size as you helped me realized it emphasized my wide hips. Thanks for that tip. I also stopped wearing jewelry on both wrists to not emphasize wide hips. I Am still trying to pair down my purses. I have too many. I am going to channel Marie Kondo and if they don’t bring me joy – donate.
    Please continue bringing on your fashion advise and sharing your adventures.

  25. What do you recommend for makeup for us grey/white hair women? My hair is similar to yours. What about eye shadow color, foundation, etc.?

    1. I have never worn foundation, but I do wear a tinted moisturizer because it blends in so well. My skin looks more even. Dew Skin (Light) here is the color I wear. Never put any brown colors, including eyeshadow, on your face. With our coloring, brown can look dirty. Instead, look for plum, taupe, or charcoal eye shadow colors like these. I never put any color, liner, or mascara on the bottom lashline. It can look too harsh.

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