White Jeans

White jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. I wear them on sunny days all year round. Denim is one of my all-time favorite fabrics since it holds, sculpts, and skims the body while concealing a multitude of things none of us want to show off. I look for denim that doesn’t have too much stretch. If the fabric is mostly cotton, I know it will hold up well without stretching too much, losing its shape, or being see-through.

White jeans work very well for my shape since I am nearly two sizes larger on the top than the bottom. These are my favorite jeans ever, so I bought more than one pair here.

Light colors advance and dark colors recede, so combining white jeans and a darker top helps balance my shape visually. The shirt was a little too low, and it pulled a bit at the bust, so the tank allowed me to open another button while staying covered. I usually buy the shirts in size large for this reason, but there was only medium when I saw this color. The current shirts are here. The tanks are here.

I bought these sandals for no other reason than my love of the color. They are a tribute to the vacation I may not get to take this fall. The shoes are here. A similar bag is here.

On Wednesday, I wore this look to do the grocery shopping for Mr. Mickey since walking any distance is still a challenge for him. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

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  1. u look lovlely i luv da white jeans n sandals goes with da shirt top u have great mix….beautiful

  2. Love the blouse, but why, why why, do they have to put pockets on the chest. So hard for fuller bust to wear.
    That said you always pull it off beautifully.

  3. Susan,
    I love all your looks that feature white jeans. What is the leg opening for these Talbots jeans? This measurement isn’t listed on the website Thanks so much, Martha

  4. ooooh, just fell in love with those shoes….and i have some existing matching tops…and im stalking that long duster presently on chicos website in that color…although im waiting on it to really come down, because i dont think it would get that much wear…

  5. Susan, your white jeans always look impeccable. I would love to wear white jeans but don’t want to spend my life brushing off car seats and finding sitz marks on my rear anyway. How do you do it?

  6. Turquoise is a most flattering color for me as well but oh so difficult to find in solids! Love your explanation of dark recedes and light brings forward. I just wish there were a “color” that would recede just the middle of me then I would be balanced!

  7. Susan, are you coordinating masks with your outfits? I have a few masks since I could be wearing them for another year. I se people wearing bandanas and scarves as well, but I like the security of behind the ear masks. As always, you look fabulous.

  8. Susan, this is how much your blog has influenced me over the past 5 years: yesterday I wore my turquoise portofino shirt and white jeans., exactly as you did. I thought of you as I added a watch, earrings, a ring and a bracelet. I was certain you would approve. I don’t have a photo, though.

  9. Oh my Susan, I love, love, love this look on you. SOOOO pretty and the color softens to make you look feminine as well as classy. This will be another “copy/paste to my collection from you.

    Thanks for all the good advice and suggestions to dress as well as places to check out clothes I may not of had or even heard about before reading your blog.

    Clara from Iowa

  10. You look sooooooo beautiful 🙂 and elegant, I little bit older [ 70 + ] I wish I could have you shape 🙂

  11. I love white jeans for summer and winter (when it does not rain ) !

    Have a nice weekend Susan and all of you, friends and fans of Susan.

  12. I always used to wear white jeans, but due to uncontrollable IBS, they’re no longer in my wardrobe. It affects more people than you realize. That, or incontinence of urine. Yes I have depends and wear occasionally, but not what I prefer.

    Any suggestions on substitutes for the light jeans…the white is always appears so refreshing!

    I’m going on 77.


  13. I read your blog often and take cues from you seriously. I am shorter than you and have gained a lot of weight due to having to take steroids. I am much larger in the chest than you and it is s constant battle to find blouses that fit properly. You always look so put together and it is such an inspiration to have direction as I navigate my new body challenges. Thank you

  14. Susan, you have the prettiest feet and the most professional looking pedicures. No matter what I use, my heels look like photos of the Grand Canyon. Could you please share what type of tool, if any, you use on your heels. Thank you.

  15. Hi Susan, what a lovely look! I love those shoes, but I normally avoid open back shoes, because my food might slip out. Do they hold your feet in well? Thank for three wonderful posts this week. I look forward to them every week!

  16. Susan, as always, a great look! I live in white jeans in the summer; however, I am starting to realize that the high humidity and temps here in the St. Louis area are too much for the jeans. Fortunately, I have several summer-light dresses and skirts to wear. Love the shoes!

  17. Hi Susan,
    I too love my white pants! However… I wanted to mention to you that for the last two years all the pants I have bought are pull on. They don’t gather up at the waist or in the back, they don’t stretch out or pull out at the knees. Their wide band around my waist drops about 3”” . I prefer these over zipper fronts because I don’t want any more adding to my tummy. I also am VERY high waisted.
    Much love from TEXAS

  18. Believe it or not but I have never owned a white pair of pants in my 67 years of life. The lightest pant color I have is tan. I never have even tried them on at the store. I was 60 fpounds heavier about 5 years ago and I think it’s been ingrained in my head to wear black, Navy blue or brown. Do you find they get dirty easily and have to wash them after each wear?

      1. Any tips for when a rattan or similar purse works with an outfit? Never sure if a rattan is too casual or too seasonal. How do you select which purse you will carry for your outfit? Thanks.

  19. Hi Susan,

    I love this color on you, the sandals are too pretty. I remember the days when I used to wear a heel this high and much higher. My closet is full of shoes that are gorgeous that I can no longer wear. Thirty Seven years of running, marathons and hiking I think all of that has effected my feet and ankles.

    I hope in time Mr. Mickey will be able to increase his steps.

  20. Lovely summer look! I never thought to combine a turquoise T with a turquoise shirt. I have a lot of basics in my wardrobe and you give me new ideas without having to buy new clothes. It makes getting dressed fun!

  21. I love those jeans, and so was disappointed that they are back-ordered until November 2020. Everyone must love them.

  22. I just think your beautiful whatever your wearing.End of. It’s called style and you have buckets of it.

  23. Love your writings and tips. My body shape is exactly the opposite of your body shape…hips larger than top. Could you give some tips on clothing?

    1. Look for pants and skirts that give you smooth lines. Avoid pleats, gathers, extra pockets, or any details that add volume below the waist. You can add interest to the upper part of your body. Tops with interesting features and fabrics, prints, anything that brings the eyes up to your face are excellent choices for you. Large earrings instead of large bracelets are your friend.

  24. I love the white jeans. Thank you for the ideas. I ordered a pair today from Talbot’s, and they were 40 percent off. Enjoy reading your story/blog. Think I will try and lose 25 lbs. You inspired me after reading your story. Thank you!

  25. Susan,
    I frequently check your blog to see what new styles you are sporting.
    Everything you wear just “shines” on you! You’re a true beauty!
    You are a very Classy lady!
    The younger women of today should take a lesson from you on how to be “Classy”!
    Keep goin’!!!

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