Daily Drivers

Mr. Mickey has owned several very nice cars, and his two best friends have collections of restored antique cars. Certain ones are kept inside, only to be driven on clear days for special events. The cars they drive regularly are called their daily drivers. Today I am showing you the daily drivers from my wardrobe.

There isn’t usually anyone around to snap photos of what I wear during the day, but I often get questions about what I wear while working in my home office or going to the grocery store and running errands. This past week I have been asking Mr. Mickey to take some photos of my most casual looks.

Taking my cues from the clear blue sky and vivid fall pumpkin colors, I wore several years old olive pants from Fabrizio Gianni and Louise et Cie loafers from last year. Brighton’s shoulder bag, but I have no idea how old it is because it was purchased at a consignment store last year. The tank top is from Chico’s. The bright blue cotton cardigan was from Lands’ End a few years ago.

After shopping, I removed the accessories and switched to a black long sleeve tee by Croft & Barrow from Kohl’s. The slip-on sneakers are from Sofft Shoes. Cooking is not something I often do, but the vegetable stew I made turned out OK.

Crusty Italian bread, special olive oil for dipping, and a good bottle of wine made for a pleasant meal at home.

On another casual day, I wore the same olive pants with a Clara Sunwoo angle neck tunic purple from ShopMyFairLady.com.

The last thing I do is to apply a lipstick that complements (not matches) the color of the top I am wearing, and then I slip it into my bag for the day. This color is Plum, and it looks great with purple. The Sheer Lipstick is by Beautycounter here.

I promised you that I would show you how one of these long tunics looked, with one of the corners half-tucked into the waistband of my pants to show the whole length of the leg. I think it makes my legs look longer worn this way. Long tunics tend to make legs look shorter.

I wear a pair of comfortable jeans and a tee on most days, but that is just the start of my looks.

I discovered the power of accessories as a teenager. A square silk scarf can elevate a tee and jeans to a dressed-up going out to lunch appropriate look. One good handbag with elegant, timeless details can serve most of your needs while helping you to look exceptionally chic. Shoes can make or break a look. Adding a belt can define your waist and make you look so much more feminine and slender.

The basics only look above is transformed from a comfortable hanging out at home look to something more appropriate for running errands by merely adding a scarf, sunglasses, and my handy Zac Posen tote bag. Almost all of my daily looks start this way. Accessories, jackets, or cardigans change and upgrade my appearance as needed with minimal effort. Natural-looking makeup and hair are also part of the daily look.

The jeans and tee are several years old from Chico’s. The wine-colored loafers were from Nine West last year.

  1. Loved seeing you at your most casual. You prove that casual doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Love the first pair of loafers you show. This summer I practically abandoned my sneakers and wore loafers on an almost daily basis. They definitely look more polished than sneakers. And you are right….your legs look significantly longer with the tunic partially tucked.

  2. Susan, I love this post because it shows what you wear for errands and tasks. Sometimes dressing for fancy occasions or a specific event is easier than everyday casual wear. That can slip into sloppy and dowdy quickly. Also, the illustration of tucking one edge of a tunic to length the leg really shows the effect. A picture is worth a thousand words. A lovely scarf goes a long way too, and I always appreciate seeing the ones you wear. Thanks to Mr Mickey for being such an excellent photographer.

  3. Susan, I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for sharing.
    Now this doesn’t concern the blog. Last night while on the computer I saw your face in an ad for reverse mortgages.
    I didn’t know if you were aware.

    1. I have gotten reports of my image being used on dating sites, porn sites (eeewww!), The Home Shopping Network, all sorts of advertising pop-ups and who knows what else. (All without my consent or knowledge I must add!)

  4. Susan, I do the same things. Simple items dressed up a bit with a scarf, special necklace, and cute bag. It takes an outfit from casual to pizzazz. I follow your blog daily. Just love your ideas. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Fun photos and dinner looks delicious! It’s wonderful seeing your loafers. I had left a pair of Ferragamo classic tan loafers at work several years ago and totally forgot about them. I just took them home (the leather is in beautiful condition) to have them re-heeled and polished so that I can enjoy wearing them again.

  6. Susan, I am really enjoying your blog. I have a similar build and coloring (including your hair color, though my hair is about 4″ longer) . I appreciate and agree with most of your observations. I would love it if you put a “like” button on comment section (I’d love to show my appreciation for many of the fine comments of your readers).

    1. Agree with the suggestion of a LIKE button! I often have nothing to add as others have already said it for me, but want to show I am reading and agreeing! Great blog. Always look forward to it. Also good to know that for a daytime normal shopping/home look, Susan is not in heels!

  7. Excellent presentation on tweaking casual into polished with just basic well chosen accessories. Thank you!

  8. I love your posts. You may have answered this before, but are you married to Mr. Mickey or is he your special friend?

  9. ok, Susan we all know you look fabulous because you wear clothes, colors, fabrics that are flattering to your particular body type. I am wondering how you organize all these lovely things you mention in your closet. As I am a retail associate for Steinmart, I have accumulated lots of “bargains” and had adopted the rule, “if I bring a blouse in, one has to go out”. It seems our closets are brimming with clothes, shoes, purses, jewelry, etc. Can you address the best way to organize our lovely wardrobes in our closets?

    1. I have been purging all the things I rarely or never wear during the past year. Look back a few blog posts to see my scarf storage post and also a couple of posts on my closets.

  10. Susan, when you wear a scarf, I would love to know if it is silk or satin and also the size you prefer for draping it different ways. Also, in your store, it is nice to see the photos you post that shows the scarf draped and tied. The colors look so different from the full on scarf pics. I am not sure about tucking the top in. I feel it accentuates the bust more. The longer top seems to draw the eye downward. Thank you for showing us how to elevate our daily look so easily.

    1. Silk is the fiber used in the weave of the fabric. Satin is a type of weave. A satin could be woven from many fibers including silk, and silk can be used in many types of weaves. Saying something is satin does not indicate what the fiber content is.

  11. I agree, the tuck in DOES lengthen your legs. I must try that, my short legs need all the help they can get. Loved seeing you in your kitchen! Hugs, x.

  12. Susan, I could not find your beautiful scarf on your site…the one with the blue circles. Thanks for checking.

  13. Kathy L.

    I agree with you about the tunic. In fact, I have that same tunic and had it altered to take about 2 inches off the hem at the bottom. This does not change the line of the tunic, but it does allow the full length of my (one) leg to be visible. It also enables the top to flow smoothly and not be constricted or tucked in. Often it is worth getting things altered! Thanks for all your advice.

  14. It looks like you are using the olive green jeans as a neutral color. Is there a color you would not wear with the olive?

    1. The only color that it would not work well with is a brighter green. I do indeed use olive and khaki as neutrals on the bottom half. I do not look well when I wear those colors near my face.

  15. I love the scarf you are wearing with the black tee. The colors look like it would go with many things. I can’t identify it on the web site. Can you give me more info?

  16. I like this post, very useful advice about how to look beautiful in every day s work, shopping or even in the kitchen. Your prepared meal look simple healthy and very tasty in a lovely environment. Thank you special for this picture. I had a question what herbs are there in this olive oil dip?

  17. Susan,

    I so appreciate this post. Using all your wonderful advise, I have spent this past year upgrading my wardrobe.

    However, truth be told, I spend most of my life in “daily driver” mode. While my husband and I go out for dinner every Friday night, most times we eat at very casual restaurants.

    Since my husband and I discovered something called “Vintage Racing,” we have spent the majority of our vacations at race tracks. My husband serves as a “Guest Crew Member,” and I have become a “Vintage Race Photographer,” which means I shoot the track wearing a tee shirt (must have short sleeves), jeans (must wear long pants), athletic shoes (no open shoes allowed) and a photographer’s vest – usually orange (not a flattering color for me!) Some tracks are located near some wonderful restaurants, but our schedule is so tight and our days so long, there isn’t time to go back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. Looking at this post, I am thinking that a change of shoes, a scarf and perhaps an added piece of jewelry might be the solution!

  18. I’m so impressed by how much polish your simple accessories add. They really do make such a difference. I am going to try harder, inspired by your wonderful tips. Thank you so much.

  19. I love your style! I am 67 years old and have a hard time looking stylish. Do not want to dress too youthful. We have a Kate Spade outlet store in our town and I have been looking at a purse. Is her style for the younger ladies. It is in black and a cross body. My husband and I travel and go to lots of work related events. They stress me out knowing what to wear. Thanks for listening to me. Any hints would be appreciated.

    1. The most important thing to consider is if the shape and size of the bag fits your needs. If the style fits in well with your shape and the other items you wear, go for it. Shoes, bags and other accessories do not have an age limit attached to them. If you love something and you are comfortable and confident while wearing it, by all means, wear it and enjoy it.

    2. One more thing! Be careful to wear the crossbody bags on the front of your hip, not in the back. When you let the bag slip to the back, the strap resting across your chest makes the girls stand out like beacons.

  20. I am at a loss to find the right fitting tshirt. They are all skin tight and not long enough. Could you lead me in right direction?

    1. Try Covered Perfectly. They have longer ones and the sleeves are even 3/4 length. Use the discount code FNF20 when you check out at Covered Perfectly. There are several great styles to choose from and the discount will apply on up to two items, after that, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 FREE special. Only one discount will work per order.

  21. Susan you always look so pulled together and elegant, even while grocery shopping! I wish people nowadays took more care with their appearance and how they present themselves as you do. I see people wearing pajama bottoms while shopping.

  22. Love your blog! The pictures are beautiful. I’m 75 but fortunate in that I look younger so glad to see you in your clothes You look lovely in the slim leg pants and I love those I think it’s wonderful that we of an older age can still wear up to date clothes and still look stylish!

  23. I love looking at all your looks. So helpful! Keep up the great work! I am 64 and always looking for ideas for my ever changing body!

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