Fun in Abingdon

Dressing for a dinner date allows me to enjoy my classic favorites in various combinations and layers according to the weather. The anticipation of good company and a delightful meal always makes our weekend outings enjoyable.

The sky was overcast, and the temperatures hovered around sixty for most of the day, so my white boucle moto jacket was very comfortable. I wore it over a simple v-neck black silk camisole and more than a decade-old Traveler’s pants. Accessorizing is always my favorite part of getting dressed. The animal print shoes and reptile textured clutch have also been part of my collection for a few years.

The John Hardy earrings were a long-ago gift from Mr. M, and the rings were fun purchases made to remember our travels. I often wear the Three Graces Coin Necklace to soften the black pieces I sometimes wear in the evening. The Three Graces Coin Necklace here is fully interchangeable. (Use the code SAS10 for $10 off any one item at Beauty in Stone Jewelry.)

We were in Abingdon for the afternoon, so we stopped by the Southwest Virginia Cultural Center & Marketplace to enjoy the fantastic regional art.

Mr. Mickey’s notes on being a gentleman include, “Always arrive for your lady in a clean car and remember to shine your shoes.”

We had dinner at Foresta a few weeks ago, so we immediately made plans to return and bring the camera so that we could share photos of the beautifully prepared dishes with you. The restaurant is located at 190 East Main Street in Abingdon. The service is attentive but never intrusive, and all the food and wine we’ve tried have been absolute perfection.

We shared the beautiful Portobello stuffed mushroom appetizer.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Linguine Foresta with dried porcini mushrooms and artichoke hearts. There was enough to share with Mr. M.

His beautifully presented halibut dish was perfectly prepared.

The deconstructed cannoli was an excellent dessert to share after our exquisite meal.

Foresta was named a finalist in the 2021 USA Today’s “Best New Restaurant” Award. The menu changes often and features upscale Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian flair, creative cocktails, and an enchanted forest atmosphere. Check their Instagram page here for updated menus and hours.

Jacket or Jacket hereCamisolePantsShoesClutchRingRingEarringsNecklaceSunglasses. My lip color is Plum (True Berry) here. My entire skincare routine is here.

I base my style aesthetic on classic pieces in neutral colors of the best quality I can find. I wear the items repeatedly for years, which means my things are rarely new, so I share links to similar current items. I may earn a small commission, but there is no additional cost to you, and these posts are never paid advertisements.

Someone recently commented that I need to include more action shots, so this collage of silliness to show off the shoes is for you.
  1. Lovely post, and you looked beautiful. A nice reminder to take time to enjoy life wherever we are at and with whatever resources we have.

  2. The stuffed portobello looks wonderful. Your action shots are a hoot and you look lovely and put together as always.

  3. Those action shots are the best yet! You must do more, and show that fun side of your personality. You really lightened up this post with that fun side of you. Are those the Chico’s Traveler pants you are wearing? I have a pair that are at least 10 years old, and they are one of my very favorite pants, no longer available, so I take extra care with them.

    1. I am shy and still very self-conscious in front of a camera. I take my photos using a timer and tripod most of the time, but when I am kidding around with Mr. M, it makes it so much easier to relax and be silly.

      Yes, those Traveler pants are more than sixteen years old, and I am very careful with them. What Chico’s offers now is not even remotely the same fabric or craftsmanship.

  4. Hi Susan! I just discovered your blog on Pinterest about a month ago. I’ve been binge reading to really get a feel for your style and have really been enjoying all your posts and ideas! You have excellent fashion sense with practical application . I also appreciate that you allow us to be included in your personal life to really get to know you . I think you are a beautiful person, inside and out. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Mr Mickey and hearing about your parents and other family members!! How blessed you are to have all of them in your life!
    I am an inch taller than you and weigh significantly more than you, but feel like I have your same body type. I have broad shoulders and am large busted. Your ideas for styling and minimizing have been so insightful. Thank you so much!
    I appreciate your attitude of gratitude and generous spirit towards people . Also the generosity of your time and talents in your community. I feel like if we ever met in person, we could become great friends!!
    Thank you for all the hours of preparation and hard work you do to help all of us who follow you. It is obviously a passion for you- so glad you share it with the rest of us!!
    I am from central Minnesota where it is soooo much colder than Tennessee for several months of the year. If you ever have any ideas for dressing in REALLY cold weather without looking like a blimp in heavy coats , boots , scarves, mittens,etc.?????!!!!!
    I look forward to following your blog and being inspired and uplifted!

  5. I absolutely love those shoes! I’d wear them in a heartbeat if they fit my fluffy body type. And as always I love your outfit. I’m working towards losing my “fluff” in order to be healthier and to be able to wear more classically stylish clothes.
    I thank you for all the suggestions and advice I’ve gleaned from your blog. Beautycounter, just style in general. Recently we went to a wedding and I felt very put together in my LBD, cardigan, and clutch with appropriate jewelry. Thank you again for posting all you do. I hope you realize what a help you have been to so many.

  6. So good to see you two healthy, out and about!
    Susan, your outfit is gorgeous – the shoes are magnifique!
    Mr. Mickey, your dating advice is timeless and appreciated.
    Your meal is everything fine dining should be.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Susan, you always have the best shoes! Foresta is our kind of restaurant; if we’re ever in the area, it’s on my list.

  8. A beautiful post as always! You make me want to take a vacation in your area. You have so many fun places and restaurants within a short distance it seems. I’m so glad to see your comment about Chico’s. I went into their store the other day after having not shopped there for over a year. I thought the fabrication was much different than before and ended up not buying anything. I’m glad it wasn’t my imagination.

  9. I love the outfit and all of the photos. Especially the fun poses. Mr. Mackey looks so dapper as always. And the food! It looks so delicious.
    Thank you for sharing so much, I truly look forward to your emails and outfit ideas.
    Have a wonderful day.

  10. A very stylish outfit. The shoes make the outfit distinctive. I love shoes and rarely buy a plain pair. A simple top and pants can certainly look so much more interesting with a beautiful shoe! You illustrate this beautifully. Of course the mugging for the camera adds to the fun! Have a superb week!

  11. Have been reading your post & must say I love the way you use basics. Myself, a lover of the scarf. Enjoy any & all tips. I have a particular way of tying & have people ask me to demonstrate the tie. Even in a ladies room!
    Love to see more white jeans, dressy & casual with jean jacket. Who knew I take it on every trip.

    Thanks for keeping us seniors with style looking good!

    As a side note would love to hear how you met Mr. Mickey & how long enjoying each other’s company?

  12. Your action shots are precious, and so is Mr. Mickey ! I love it when his dapper self appears. He is so right in his advice for picking up a lady.

  13. Meeting through friends is such a nice way of meeting. 16 years is a lot of adventures. Wish you many more.

  14. Fabulous post and always wonderful information. The Food and presentation looks amazing! When we lived in the Washington D.C. area we enjoyed the proximity to wonderful spots such as the Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, and areas such as Abingdon. A little further away we did get to vacation in Blowing Rock and spent a few days there last September. Such lovely memories of beautiful places.

  15. Susan you are stunning. This outfit is my favorite! Thank you for the inspiration you give in every post.

  16. Absolutely gorgeous, Susan. So simply put together and so classy. You really do have such a knack.
    I think the shoes are the icing as everyone else has said.
    I have awkward feet and knees so shoes can be difficult. Pointed toes which look so lovely often put pressure where there should be none. I haven’t worn heels for three years so it requires some thinking to make an outfit elegant.
    Is it possible for you to address flat to low heels and how to keep the look elegant?

    1. Wearing comfortable shoes in the same color or tone as your pants makes them blend in best. I have several friends with foot problems, and they work around it by wearing very plain black shoes with their black pants and pretty jackets or blouses.

  17. Love the action shots Susan; too fun! And love Mr. Mickey’s top tips for being a gentleman. So true! Your new hairstyle is really nice on you Susan. Bless you both.

  18. Love, love the post and really like the last 3 pictures you are to young looking to act like you not having fun

  19. Loved this post–especially the ‘fun action’ shots you included ! As I live in a colder climate than you, I really appreciated the link to the cold weather dressing…I am tired of looking like a blimp with the layering, and she gave some really useful tips.

  20. I have to say I love the action shots! Oh, and I’m reading this late in the evening and your dinner looks amazing.

  21. Love the action shots! And Mr. M’s charming photo and his advice for gentlemen! Enjoyed the post and will check out those wide leg pants!

  22. I never know if Mr Micky’s shoes or his car are the shiniest , just great !
    Love the action shots , next time Mr Micky must join in too !
    As always thank you for you delightful posts.
    Pamela , from Wales UK xx

  23. I always enjoy your emails, even if they’re slightly out of kilter with life here in Queensland, Australia.
    I’m sorry your readers can’t readily convey their enjoyment/appreciation as we did on your old FB page.
    So a thank you for so many enjoyable posts.
    Best regards,

  24. You are lucky you did not land on your butt with those action shots! They are really cute–you should model for Chicos!!! And the clothes combination makes you even cuter! I love the third action shot (Chico’s execs would love it!!!) You are better looking than any of their models.

    Nancy Miller

  25. Susan,
    The quality of clothes has changed as stores seek lower-cost manufacturers. My favorite jeans for staying at home and running errands are Kohls Sonoma soft jeans. Each year I buy a few pairs to save wear and tear on my premium jeans. This year I found they run two sizes larger and the material is different. The country of origin changed. Since the store is in the “affordable” category I can accept this change. My Chico’s expectations are much higher.

    Your post is very much appreciated and enjoyed.

  26. Hello from Hilton Head & LOVED this look from top to pointy toes! A little edgy, au courant, elegant & fun perfection! The culinary choices and photos are lovely. Health and wellness to you. Have a great Spring & Summer 2022

  27. Hi Susan! Loved your outfit in this post. I’ve not seen a moto jacket in this fabric before. Very unexpected and stunning on you! The dinner with Mr. Mickey looked delicious. So glad you are pursuing adventures together again. I see you wore the Three Graces necklace again – it’s still on my “have to have” list! Thank you for the action shots- you look like you were having fun. All the best to you and Mr. Mickey!

  28. Susan, love your blog! Gives me lots of ideas as I love classic black and white. Also, love your food pics as I enjoy creating new dishes and they are always an inspiration. Would love for you to address how you care for your clothes , i. e. What do you have dry cleaned and what do you take care of by washing and drying and ironing at home? Thanks for the great articles…I’m always excited to see your stories come up in my email!

    1. I only take things to the dry cleaners when I must. Otherwise, I clean garments by handwashing and air drying if it is delicate and machine wash cold with minimal dryer time.

  29. Oh my gosh! Mr. Mickey is so right! I was raised with a father and uncle that believed the same. A clean car and shined/clean shoes! While my husband is particular about some of his shoes, he totally is NOT about a car.

    A clean car is truly one of my love languages. He will clean my car, or take it to be cleaned, for me, but his car is a nightmare.

    Susan, I tried to teach my children better. They are very fastidious about their clothes and shoes, but not their vehicles. When they came home from college for visits, I would always get their car/truck detailed before they left to go back. But their cars are awful now! At least I can say they get it from their dad. Ha!

  30. Another delightful post! I was amazed at your comment that you felt self conscious in front of the camera. You always come across poised and polished. Thanks for all you and Mr. Mickey do to help all of us eat better, look better, and enjoy life. I love that you call Mr Mickey your adventure partner. What a great approach to life!

  31. If wearing a collared denim jacket, how do you wear a collared shirt? Do you put shirt collar outside on top of denim collar. I am petite, but have been unable to find a tee that looks good on me, even tho I weigh 110 an 4′ 11″. I have tried Talbots and cannot find anything that doesn’t show a small roll at waist. And I do think tees are better with jackets.

    1. I agree that it looks better to wear a smooth tee with a denim jacket. If you can find a tee with a slight A-line or peplum, that may solve your problems. If you wear a jacket with a collared shirt, tuck the shirt collar inside or pop both collars up to keep the look neat.

  32. you and Mr Mickey look wonderful together with your black and white outfit
    the dinner looks delicious
    my in laws used to always dress up for church or dinner even going to shopping malls
    its very uplifting
    thanks for sharing

  33. I’m chuckling over your frolicking action photos! Your fashion sense agrees with my personality. Especially when it comes to color choice complimenting my skin tone and eye coloring. Shopping is a cinch now! Also, the healthy eating tips have been key in weight loss and motivational happiness! Thank you!

  34. Just out of curiosity, what is the oldest item in your wardrobe? Is it wrong to keep a favorite forever?

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