Friday Date Night

It is a pleasure to relax and settle into a routine after the hard work and planning that went into selling my house. We enjoyed a delightful dinner at Gourmet and Company on Friday night to celebrate Mr. Mickey’s birthday and all we have achieved this month. Thank you for all your kind wishes and comments on the previous post. Reading them made him so happy!

My skincare routine is here, and the lip color I am wearing is Plum (True Berry) here.

Getting dressed for the occasion is part of the fun for us. We put together looks from wardrobes we have collected over the years. The focus is always on looking appropriate for the weather and occasion and being comfortable.

The elements of Mr. Mickey’s look include a white seersucker shirt under a blue linen blazer and khaki slacks. Tasseled cognac loafers complete his look. His items are more than a decade old, proving that if you invest in high-quality classic pieces, you can enjoy them for many years.

The photos we snapped in front of his home offered the best lighting. However, we did take a few pictures in front of one of the banks along the way. Do you like the jacket better worn closed or open?

As is always the case, the food was impeccable. Mr. Mickey enjoyed the golden-red grouper above, and I ordered his namesake Jilton Vegetarian with pasta. Of course, the menu changes often, but every selection is a delight in its presentation, and the ingredients are always the freshest available.

Since we don’t rest well after a large quantity of food late at night, we always make an early reservation and share an occasional dessert. A white chocolate macadamia nut cookie with shared house-made ice cream was a delightful ending to a perfect meal. (We often write a note of thanks and send a tip to the chef.)

My look for the evening included dark wash jeans since the restaurant is casual. Great fitting neat dark washed jeans can look appropriate in most casual settings. A soft white silk camisole and a tweed jacket took the jeans up a notch. Elongated pearl and silver earrings with a couple of silver crystal rings were enough accessories. The light tan belt elongates a short waist since the tone complements the white top. A dark belt would make the waistline look higher. The elements in my look are from previous years except for the jacket here. Similar jeans are here.

  1. I’ve been eying that jacket online. I regret not buying it now as it looks so great on you and my size is sold out. Chanel style jackets were all over Paris the last time I was there. Before Covid.
    I also enjoy dressing up when we go out for dinner. It’s fun. So many people look like they were cleaning the garage and suddenly dropped everything and went to the restaurant.

  2. I like the jacket open better ( just my personal preference) but it looks good shut as well. I am glad Mr. Mickey modeled his outfit as well. I hope he agrees to continue to model from time to time.

  3. You and Mr. Mickey look smashing! The jacket is pretty both ways but I think I prefer it open. The jacket would be a versatile piece.

  4. I like the jacket open better. You both look wonderful. The food looks amazing! Looks like a very fun evening!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. I believe the open jacket has a more casual vibe and therefore is more befitting of the jeans. If you were attempting a more formal look with dressier pants, the closed jacket would fit the bill.

  6. What a beautiful couple, elegant, sophisticated and timeless, both of you.
    Love the jacket open, very chic.

  7. Glad you can finally get out and relax. I know selling property and moving is a big challenge but once it’s over it does feel good.
    I really like the jacket and since you asked what we liked better open or closed I think it is nice either way. But when the jacket is closed it seems more dressy and when it’s open more casual.
    I always look forward to your posts. Have a great weekend.

  8. You both look great. The jacket looks good either way but I think that wearing it open elongates your legs.

  9. I like the jacket styled both ways.
    But I think Mr. Mickey’s beautiful blue jacket might be stealing the show this time!
    Great lesson on timeless quality basics!

  10. Sigh, you make jeans look fantastic be it casual or dress up. I think the open jacket is great for a more casual look and the closed jacket a more dressy look. But either way it looks great. I guess it just depends on preference and where you are going.
    It must be quite a relief to have the house sold and unpacked in your new place. Enjoy the down town as I have a feeling that won’t last long, grin!
    Clara from Iowa

  11. Beautiful looks! You both look elegant. My personal preference is closed jacket. Do you have a link for it?

  12. Love the jacket both ways for sure. Mr. Mickey looks elegant as usual, such a smasrt dresser. Good pictures as usual.

  13. Love the jacket! I believe I prefer it closed — but honestly you can’t go wrong either way.

  14. Both of you looked stunning. To answer your question, I like the jacket open.

    Mr. Mickey’s shoes are so handsome, my husband would like those.

    Happy belated birthday Mr. Mickey.

  15. Hi Susan. You both look fantastic! I prefer your jacket open and I love Mr. Mickey’s jacket! You are a very handsome couple! Thank you for continuing to share a bit of your lives with us. You always put a smile on my face.

  16. What a relief to have your home sold. You both look terrific ! That is a really sharp jacket & like some others have noted I think it looks dressier closed & a little more casual open but can’t go wrong either way. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  17. What a special evening! I love your jacket and agree that investing in quality, classic pieces means you can enjoy them for years. Many times when I put on a certain jacket or dress, memories come back of previous enjoyable experiences. So, when you purchase that quality item, you are not only building your wardrobe, but possibly your memories as well.

  18. I prefer you wear the jacket open, Perhaps with a dressy pair of slacks closed would look best and change the look.
    Both of you look just right for a nice evening out. I really enjoy your post, The suggestions and explanations you give are very beneficial on putting the right outfit together. I do not think you fully understand how helpful you are to so many ladies. Thank you……. I patiently wait for each and ever post because I know I will pick up a useful suggestion. Grateful for you sharing your knowledge.

  19. Hi Susan, I was interested in your comment about a dark belt making a waistline look higher. I was wondering what you would suggest for a belt if not wearing a white top? What colour and what width size of belt would work? I wear a lot bright blue, mauve or teal coloured tops, with dark blue jeans . I am also a short waisted pear shape so I am always looking for ideas with regards to belts or length of tops, to help even out my short torso length. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

  20. Yes, preparing to sell your house followed by packing/moving are time-consuming & tiring jobs ~ but congratulations, you’ve done it! I just love the jacket and think it looks great both ways depending on the look you want…open/casual, closed/dressier. I just checked and the it is only available in sizes 00 thru 4…darn! Best to you & Mr. Mickey!

  21. I think I like the jacket closed the best….reason it seems to extend your torso length…you look beautiful either way

  22. You both look fabulous. I like the jacket worn open better but either way flatters you!
    Happy Birthday, Mr. Mickey and many more!

  23. The jacket looks great buttoned or unbuttoned. You always look so polished, Susan. And, I love Mr. Mickey’s blue linen blazer. He, too, always looks great but that blazer looks wonderful on him. Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us.

  24. So pleased you are both enjoying life! My husband is 78 and I’m 72 we take inspiration from you both xx
    Love from England!

  25. I do love the jacket! It looks so chic. I’m sure you’ll wear it for many years. Mr.Mickey is handsome as usual. I showed his outfit to my hubs. He has similar shoes bought some time ago. They have certainly lasted and look nearly new. I’m so happy you were able to get so much done. Kudos to you!

  26. It really is nice that you dress up for each other. It also shows an appreciation for the chef and waitstaff. You’re a classy couple. Hopefully others will admire the dressier look and do the same next time! Your outfit is lovely either way. Thank you for continuing to post. It’s always such a breath of fresh air “to hear from you.”

  27. ON YOU I definitely like it closed. It just gives you a more defined and complete look. I bought a jacket similar to the one you were wearing in that particular post. It’ white with a lighter blue trim.. I haven’t worn it yet but now seeing how you wear it with jeans I will.

  28. I like it closed, shows your figure. Open its nice but more casual. Glad your settled and enjoying life.

  29. Hi Susan and Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey!!

    I prefer the closed jacket. I think it provides a really pulled together look. Thanks for all your great advice!


  30. You both look wonderful, and you are such an attractive couple! I haven’t seen the front of Mr. Mickey’s home before – love the brick! I like your jacket both ways, but prefer it closed; I just like the symmetry.

  31. Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey, looked and sounded like you had a wonderful time. I liked your jacket open.

  32. Sounds like a lovely evening! Happy Birthday to Mr Mickey! My husband and I recently sold our home north of Atlanta and moved 5 hours away to coastal Georgia. I can so appreciate how onerous packing and moving can be! So glad to see you are settled and having fun now❤️

  33. You both look fabulous for your night out. I think I prefer the jacket closed due to the slight gaping at the busts widest point when it is left open. Having said this I think you look beautiful regardless and your outfits always look so well put together.

  34. Loved this look. The open jacket is my personal favorite. It looks more casual I think. As always Mr Dapper looks Devine.:-)
    Thank you for the link.

  35. Looks like a nice evening out. If only all of our significant others appreciated dressing for the occasion and put in the care Mr Mickey does.
    Your jacket looks well both open and closed but I prefer it closed with this outfit.

  36. Hallo Susan,
    A belated happy birthday to Mr. Mickey and also to you ofcourse. I hope you both had a wonderful day! What a lovely dinner to celebrate Mr. Mickey’s birthday. You and Mr. Mickey look fantastic and I hope there will be many more years to come! Bless you and thank you.

  37. Great outfits on a lovely couple!
    My question is about jeans. Are dark washed the best choice? There are so many varieties out there that I’m never sure.

  38. Love love love this whole look! The jacket is a real winner and whether worn open or closed makes no difference, it looks exquisite either way. Your jacket is the perfect length on you and a great fit! Really like how you’ve accessorized this outfit!

  39. I love the jacket, either way. What a great piece to dress up a pair of jeans! You mentioned that the restaurant was “casual”. Has anyone noticed how the younger folks today no longer care to dress (at all) to go out to dinner? Shorts, t-shirts on men and women, ripped jeans, baseball caps turned backwards……even to high end (very pricey) restaurants, including with a Michelin star! We went to a multi-course fixed price Japanese dinner last night and after reading your post I was inspired to create my outfit in black and white. I thought it was casual but polished. My husband wore a collared Polo shirt with nice slacks and casual shoes. In the restaurant (which is small and has timed “seatings”) were 2 young couples (both Japanese-American) and they were in T-shirts and shorts, totally unadorned–at 6:00 pm, as if they just dropped in off the street! This has become a regular thing and it’s very disappointing. I have noticed this trend everywhere in the U.S. and even in Europe. This and the fact that the millennials think it is appropriate to bring their undisciplined young children everywhere often decreases the experience of eating out. Dress codes in restaurants seem to have disappeared almost entirely.

  40. Thank you for syling these wide heeled, dressy shoes with your slim leg jeans, I’ve struggled with wide heels since I can no longer wear slender heels. I see your fitted jeans cover your ankles and maybe that is what makes them work. You always make all the details work with style and flair!

  41. I think the open jacket is perfect with jeans. I love your jacket, but unfortunately it is sold out in most sizes. I was, however, able to purchase the Talbots white skinny jeans you modeled recently. I seem to prefer white jeans and shorts this summer. Mr. Mickey’s birthday must be the same day as mine, June 11. You both are dressed impeccably.

  42. I love the jacket open, but would close it for a speaking opportunity. How’s that for undecided?!

  43. You both look like a million dollars!!! The food looks delicious. I like the jacket equally open and closed. It is a beautiful piece. Have a wonderful week.

  44. I love following your journey! I want to send wishes for a happy and healthy year to Mr Mickey!
    It seems our society has become so casual, and sloppiness is accepted and embraced. Putting forth the effort to look nice is something we should all do and you are leading the charge!

  45. Hi Susan,
    As always you are dressed impeccably. Since you asked, I prefer the jacket open as I believe the varying textures add interest. I had a similar jacket but short of business meetings where I wanted to look “buttoned up”, I always found leaving it open more comfortable and attractive. I hope you’ve had a good weekend!

  46. Both of you look wonderful! Add my congrats on Mr, Mickey’s Birthday! What a handsome man! And Susan, I have been a fan for years and you never disappoint! You will always have my admiration! By the way, I like your jacket both ways. Closed looks more neat but open has more of a “classy/casual” vibe!

  47. Personally, I like the jacket open. Just my preference. I so look forward to your posts. You and Mr. Mickey always look great! Polished, yet never contrived. Following your move this year is inspirational and informative. Have a great weekend.

  48. I like the jacket open. It’s casual, has a “friendly look” to it and brings the eye to your face.
    Closed, the line brings the eye straight to your neck and and seems “stiff” (if that makes sense) and less relaxed. Perhaps the black trim is what carries the eye.

  49. You look fabulous! I have been following you for a couple of years (since I retired), getting ideas for outfits and enjoying your lifestyle. I live on the west coast and feel that our fashion vibe is more casual and leans into the warmer weather. Your casual outfits are most helpful to me. I appreciate all your wisdom that you share so freely! And, congratulations on your down-sizing move; that can’t have been easy. Well done!

  50. Susan,
    Your jacket is a good choice either way. Wearing it open gives a more casual look with jeans. It compliments Mr. Mickey’s pop of color with his jacket. You both look very stylish.

    The casual dressers I see in restaurants make me wonder why they made no effort to look nice (or neat at least). These are upscale eateries I’m referring to and other readers have echoed my feelings about this.

    Thanks for the update. You two look fantastic.

  51. Susan,
    I love your simple classic style. I am a woman of 74 & like to look trending but appropriate. Thank you for lovely suggestions.

  52. You both always look perfectly put together and classy. I admire how you both can make an outfit look just right for whatever the occasion. Thanks for sharing .

  53. This looks beautiful! I like jacket closed when standing and open when sitting. The fish entre looks delicious!

  54. You are so beautiful outside and your caring heart for others reflects your caring heart for others.
    Mr. Mickey is very dapper in his attire and, I’m sure, a delightful guy in many ways.
    God continue to bless you both 🙂

  55. I greatly enjoyed this post. They are always very enjoyable and informative. One suggestion please is to show your new purchases as soon as possible while they are still available in various sizes. Thank you.

  56. Susan, I’ve been reading your blog for years and find it so helpful. I recently experienced a burglary in our home when I was not home and lost almost all of my jewelry except for a couple of items that were in the safe and what I was currently wearing. Now, I am trying to decide what jewelry to get as I start to replace some things. The burglar took jewelry I have collected and been gifted with over my 70 plus years.

    I don’t expect to “replace” my collection, but I am trying to decide what exactly would serve me best now? My tastes have changed over the years and I like classic, non-trendy jewelry.

    Idea for a future blog: If you were going to start all over on your jewelry collection, what would be the “must haves” and “nice to haves?”

    1. I’m sorry you had to go through that, Gail. If I had to start over, I would look for pieces in silver with pearls or crystals or else very plain in shiny silver since those are most flattering for me. Thank you for the content suggestion; I will consider the subject for a future post.

  57. You two look absolutely smashing! Your outfits are so appropriate and in keeping with the occasion. I love your jacket; wearing it open looks more casual and so in sync with the rest of your outfit. Thank you for explaining about the use of a tan belt to elongate your upper body. I, too, am short-waisted and so will benefit from that tip. I am 73, but still care deeply about my clothing choices, makeup and exercise.

  58. Hi Susan. I like the jacket better closed since more of the contrasting trim shows up better. If I wore the same jacket I would have to wear open since unfortunately I have a tendency to spill down my front. Seems like no matter how hard I try, there’s always a drop of something ‍. I’m happy to hear that you are settling into your new surroundings.
    Mr. Mickey looks fabulous (as do you) and it seems life is good.

  59. You both look beautiful and happy. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and life lessons with us.

  60. My preference: the jacket worn open! And y’all seem to have many excellent restaurants in a reasonable (and fun) driving distance.

  61. Love the jacket closed up, it looks gorgeous on you. May I add that your style is best in non-flared slacks.

  62. I like the jacket best open,but it looks nice either way. You always look lovely. I appreciate your posts very much.

  63. Looking fabulous as always (both of you). I think I like the jacket open, as it allows the belt and cami to be seen. But it looks great on you both ways. 🙂 Enjoy your day!

  64. What a lovely picture of you both and a wonderful birthday celebration.
    Your jacket looks good both ways, however I think open creates a more relaxed casual look, open would be my answer.

  65. Hello Susan! Both ways are are perfect. I love the hanging wine rack in Mr. Mickey lovely home, hoping to find something similar for my own kitchen.

  66. Beautiful! Why not split the difference and wear the jacket closed except for 8 or 10 inches unzipped at the top?
    I love these Dior-inspired jackets and I’m going to look for one. Maybe a St. John’s Knit on Poshmark?

  67. You both look so stylish and ready for a wonderful evening out! How fun and the food looks delicious! I like you jacket both ways!

  68. So happy you are getting to work with the plants and dirt. It’s good for your soul.
    Enjoy your day .
    One question! How do you keep your jeans from getting washed out?
    Thank you.

    1. If I put my jeans in the dryer, it is only for about ten minutes to get the creases out. I take them out while they are still damp and hang them on pant hangers to air dry.

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