Festive Details

I have never been the type for sequins and lace. When it comes time to dress for a special event, I always get creative with what I already have rather than shopping for something new. Color, texture, and attitude can often be combined to create a festive look without shopping.

A red and black combination has always felt special for the holidays. Red and white or red and pale gray are equally beautiful, but only if there is no precipitation.

My holiday look incorporates bright red accents, pearls, and silver, as well as a reptile print embossed evening bag against a background of black.

It doesn’t show, but there is a black cashmere cardigan under the blazer for added warmth. I placed the loop of the scarf between the bust and the tummy so as not to add volume to those areas. The reptile print bag adds interest and contrast.

I was wearing a red sweater and black pants when I met Mr. Mickey at a neighborhood Christmas party fourteen years ago. We returned to the old neighborhood to snap the photos above.

Linda Hoyos is the winner of three Beautycounter products. She chose three items from the Countermatch Collection. Each ingredient in these formulas provides a targeted skin benefit. If your skin often feels dry and dull, you will love your results from using the products in this collection.

Congratulations Linda!

  1. Yes, you can’t go wrong with this combination and I feel there is a red for everyone.
    As much as I like to buy something new, I shop my clothes more than ever these days and I’m having fun with that.

  2. Susan, your outfit is just perfect! The right accessories compliment the ensamble, and make those classic elements Holiday festive!

    Congratulations to Linda, on her win!

    Happy, healthy New Year, dear Susan, and Mr. Mickey too!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions for style. I enjoy the combinations you have shared. Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey. Also, congratulations on fourteen years of friendship.

  4. Congratulations to Linda and to the winners of watches and necklaces!
    Susan, you just sparkle in these winter colours. Lucky me because this is my colour palette (and clothing style) and whatever looks good on you would look good on me, too. I really appreciate the helpful hint about where to tie the scarf. Please keep giving out these helpful hints. So a request for a future blog…any hints on how to style turtleneck and mock turtleneck tops? I live in Canada and wear these all winter. Many thanks!

  5. Love the black with the red as an accent color. such a sophisticated and classy look, Susan. Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays!

  6. Congratulations Linda! If I was to try three BeautyCounter products, which three would you recommend Susan? I’m about your age.
    Thank you

    1. Countertime Lipid Defense Cleansing Oil, Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream, and Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream are the most important products for my skin. I also love the results I get from Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel.

  7. Congratulations to Linda!!
    Thank you Susan, for great tips, color suggestions and food suggestions in your blogs.
    Love shopping my closet. A variety of accessories makes it fun. I’m wearing an Art Deco style brooch tomorrow for an event. It was in the drawer of a wood chest I bought at a house sale in the late ’70’s. Grey stones prong set, costume piece and I loved it then and now!
    The red and black is beautiful and the pearls are perfect!

  8. I think black is a favorite for most of us, and combined with red, looks great. Have you given up wearing other colors in pants? I looked back over the last two months’ blogs and only found two with blue jeans, one with a black and grey plaid, and the rest were black pants or jeans. I find that if I don’t vary my color combinations, I get tired of wearing the same thing all the time.

    1. I wear mostly black and dark wash jeans in the winter since it rains so often. If we do get a sunny day, I don’t mind wearing my white, Malibu punch or olive jeans instead. (I just don’t want to ruin them in wet weather.)

  9. I love red and black, It is very sharp! You look good in red, so stylish and festive! You’re right, I have plenty of clothing items to choose from in my closet, no need to shop for fad clothing! Thank you for your common sense style tips that make a very classy lady! Merry Christmas to you and Mr. Mickey!!❤

  10. Merry Christmas! A fun year reading your blog. Many thanks for great info. Happy 2020 to you and Mr. MICKEY. ❤

  11. I keep reaching for the same black favorites in my wardrobe because they are just so dependable. Black pants, black shoes or boots, black bag, black jacket just always work. I can go anywhere in these pieces but they do vary by the fabric, texture or maybe a different detail. If I had to get up right now, get dressed to go somewhere in a hurry, I’d grab those pieces. Thank God for black. Your outfit looks very festive for the holidays. Amazing what a little red, pearls and silver can do to change the mood of black from somber to sparkle.

  12. Dear Susan, as it is nearly Christmas, I want wish you all best wishes for the festive season and on into 2020. Thank you for all the fabulous inspiration throughout the past year. Your blog has enabled me to radically update my wardrobe and now when I am dressed, I feel confident and good. Kind regards. Bernie

  13. You always look perfectly styled, Susan. Thank you so much for the information you share with us. Merry Christmas.

  14. Susan,
    You know exactly “who you are” (never been one for sequins and lace). I loved it when you said, “I get creative with color, texture, and ATTITUDE.” And you use what you already have! What a lesson for all of us.
    Happy, happy holidays. Sharon

  15. So very happy to read all your articles.
    You certainly have a lovely style of clothes that look absolutely great on you. You always look put together and most important, comfortable whatever you wear.
    Much thanks for all advice you give.

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